How To Write Affiliate Product Reviews

How To Write Affiliate Product Reviews

Rethinking the Effectiveness of Affiliate Product Reviews: Challenging Assumptions

The way that affiliate marketers create product review content has changed significantly with changes with Googles policy, Artificial Intelligence and competition between other affiliates.

To set the scene, a product review or product comparison article is where you compare a product against other products highlighting its features against the others, or you do a in depth review of a single product. You create this on your niche blog and then promote the post across your network.

Here are some examples.

What I used to do:

I would find products that had a high commission, great images and reviews and I had some knowledge about and promote that through a product comparison article between 3 or more other products.

How Ive changed my strategy:

Over the last couple of years the strategy has become more personal and focused on products that I use and want to promote. Im not rolling out a high volume of products and reviews, the strategy keeps a tight focus on a handful pf products per niche blog. I make personable content in text, video and with custom images for the reviews. I may also speak to someone at the company about the product as an extra add on for my review. Its a little more manual but this helps the reviews standout.

How to Write a Product Review


  • Briefly introduce the concept of affiliate product reviews and their importance in the world of online marketing.
  • Highlight the dominant narrative surrounding the positive impact of affiliate product reviews on sales and conversions.
  • Introduce the product landscape and any name brand alternatives

The Illusion of Objectivity

  • Discuss how affiliate marketers often struggle to maintain objectivity due to their financial incentives.
  • Share examples of reviews that may be financially compensated or be a competitor bagging the product for other reason
  • State your stance, are you financially motivated to review this product or do you use it everyday. This is key in setting the ground that your review stands on.
  • Challenge the assumption that all affiliate product reviews are unbiased and trustworthy.

The Bandwagon Effect

  • Explain how the popularity of certain affiliate products can lead to a bandwagon effect, where reviewers promote products solely based on their popularity.
  • Do not just copy whats out there, competitors may have copied it from another source who got it elsewhere making your review source 5 reviews deep of copied material. Know your true competitors
  • Provide examples of instances where subpar products received glowing reviews due to their trending status.
  • Encourage readers to question whether popularity equates to quality.

Manipulation of Social Proof

  • Discuss the influence of social proof on readers’ decisions to trust and purchase products based on reviews.
  • Highlight the potential for manipulation through fake reviews and inflated ratings.
  • Encourage readers to critically assess the authenticity of social proof.

Overlooked Negative Aspects

  • Present a counterargument to the prevailing notion that affiliate product reviews solely focus on the positives.
  • Discuss the importance of highlighting potential drawbacks and limitations of products to provide a balanced view.
  • Share examples of reviews that downplay or omit negative aspects, potentially misleading consumers.
Man making it rain money

The Role of Affiliate Commissions

  • Dive into the financial aspect of affiliate marketing and how commissions can impact reviewers’ opinions.
  • Explain how higher commissions might lead to more positive reviews, regardless of product quality.
  • Challenge readers to consider whether reviewers prioritize products that offer better financial rewards.

Reader Empowerment Through Critical Thinking

  • Advocate for empowering readers to become more discerning consumers by approaching reviews critically.
  • Encourage the user to click through and try the product if possible, software works really well this way but physical products are much harder to do trials with. How to pack value in offers.
  • Provide tips on how readers can identify potential bias, distinguish authentic reviews from fake ones, and make informed decisions.
  • Emphasize the importance of reading between the lines and looking for balanced perspectives.
Make money or do right thing


  • Recap the key points discussed in the content, emphasizing the need to question assumptions about affiliate product reviews.
  • Encourage readers to engage with reviews more thoughtfully, considering both the benefits and limitations of products.
  • Highlight the potential for more transparent and trustworthy affiliate marketing practices when both reviewers and readers are more discerning.

This thought-provoking content challenges the commonly held assumptions about affiliate product reviews, encouraging readers to think critically about the content they encounter and make more informed decisions as consumers.

Your key point of difference is to provide factual real world reviews of products over pumping and dumping content that has no value for people who buy the product. Theres enough scams and rug pulls out in the world as it stands. be thoughtful and strategic with your affiliate choices.

FAQ: Challenging Assumptions About Affiliate Product Reviews

1. Q: Why do some affiliate product reviews appear biased?

A: Some affiliate marketers have financial incentives tied to the products they promote, which can influence their reviews. They might prioritize commissions over objectivity, leading to biased or overly positive assessments.

2. Q: What is the bandwagon effect in the context of affiliate product reviews?

A: The bandwagon effect occurs when the popularity of a product leads to a surge in positive reviews due to its trending status. This can create an environment where the product’s popularity overshadows its actual quality and performance.

3. Q: How can social proof be manipulated through affiliate product reviews?

A: Social proof, such as positive reviews and high ratings, can be manipulated through coordinated efforts to post fake or overly positive reviews. This can mislead consumers into trusting a product more than they should.

4. Q: Why is it important to consider negative aspects in affiliate product reviews?

A: Comprehensive reviews that address both the positives and negatives of a product provide a more balanced perspective for consumers. Focusing solely on positives can lead to incomplete decision-making and potential dissatisfaction.

5. Q: Can affiliate commissions impact the recommendations in reviews?

A: Yes, some reviewers receive higher commissions for promoting certain products. This can lead to recommendations that are financially motivated rather than based solely on the product’s merits. Consumers should be aware of this potential bias when reading reviews.

10 Ways To Monetize A Blog

10 Ways To Monetize A Blog

What is the trend with people building websites and then making a living from them? You may have asked this question before. Its a real things.

Is it to share some knowledge that we have or is it to make money? People build websites for many reasons. I like to provide my visitors with good quality content so that they will come back to my website.I also love to train and educate people about how they can change their lifestyle by working online.

We all would like to make more money, and you can learn how to monetise your website to do that.


Here are 10 ways that bloggers can monetise their websites:

1. Google AdSense


This is a form of banner advertising where you allow websites to place their advertising banners on your website through the use of the Google display network.

You are paid per impression or per click on each banner. Google AdSense is one way you can monetise your website. Once you have your website up and running, go to Google AdSense and sign up for an account. You will have the chance to make some good money. Let’s say that your website is getting traffic every day; you could easily make a dollar a day.

You can then expand that to 20 pages and easily turn into $20 a day. That would come to $600 a month of extra income into your pocket. What if you did this two, three, five or ten times? Meaning, you have ten websites with targeted traffic every day.

Can you see the potential? That’s $6000 a month. This is not going to be easy and will take you some work to get it set up. I do need to let you know that this is going to take time. It might take you a year to get this all going, but once it is done with all your blood, sweat and tears, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and labour.

Learn how to monetise your website, and you could make some good money. Lots of people are doing it, why not you?



2. Display Advertising

Very similar to Google Adsense but different in the sense that you dont involve Google. If your website deals with a unique topic, you might find it hard to attract contextual advertisements. In such cases, you could try display ads. These ads pay per view, and not per click. While using multiple ads and service providers could help you make a respectable amount of money, you should make sure that you don’t use a lot of display ads.

Too many, and it could affect the load time and overall look of your website, lowering some visitors it attracts. Display advertising now offers advertisers more opportunities to more clearly define who will see an ad. With behavioural targeting options, you can have your ads served up to consumers who have visited certain other websites or performed certain actions online.

With psychographic and demographic targeting, you can serve ads only to people who fit specific consumer profiles regarding age, household income, gender, and many other variables.

3. Contextual Advertising


This form of promotion and hype is known to the web market as contextual advertising. More than a simple publicity strategy, contextual advertising is aimed to relate directly to the gist of the page on which it is posted. Being a targeted marketing sub-form, promotions and ads are placed to reach the most number of site viewers and customers.

In contextual advertising, advertisements themselves are sorted and served by programmed software and systems based on the displayed content of a particular web page. If you happen to view a site about health and you come across ads for weight-loss programs and food supplement products, it is more likely that the page is utilising contextual advertising.

For this modern form of advertising strategy to complete, a contextual advertising system performs thorough automated scans of website texts, highlights keywords and then returns ads to the web page based on perceived content.

These advertisements can either be automatically linked to an on-page layout, or it could also take the form of pop-up ads. To prove the success of such platform, even search engines also make use of contextual advertising to put on-view promotions and ads on search results pages.

Based on the user’s query, the system automatically delivers the information along with the ads promptly, the reason why this marketing form is dubbed as a cost-effective and efficient technique.

This is in a way a combination fo teh first 2 points. This is an effective method for advertisers to get more focus targeting for their offers.

4. Affiliate Marketing


Using affiliate links is one of the oldest ways of website monetisation. No matter what your site or blog is about, there will be companies which sell complimenting products. Internet marketing is one of the best ways to reach a very diverse audience.

Years ago, you were limited as to who you could reach with your product advertisements. With so many people from all over the world online, you can now market your products, literally, to the ends of the earth.

Stay focused on the content offered on your site. Do not compromise your content to better cater to the affiliate programs you are using because it will cause you to lose your readers.

If you lose the readers, you lose the opportunity to make any money off of the ads that you have on your site.

Read more:

5. Product Reviews


Integral with any high-performance product review is how well it can presell the reader, and that is completely different from selling the reader. The biggest advantage of effective preselling is that you won’t face the typical objections that are usually faced with prospects as you’re not doing any direct selling.

It is not difficult at all to create killer reviews, and you just have to be willing to learn them and do some work. We have put together a few essential facts about creating product reviews using solid preselling methods. Understand that a product review is not a sales pitch; you can’t fill in all the hype and drama into your product review and expect it to work.

You can review these product types:

  • Digital products
  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Physical products
  • Services
  • Locations & destinations
  • Entertainment
  • All the things 😉

Your review’s job is to convince your target audience that the product is right for them without actually selling to them. You can make a better impression with the reader when you add your honest feelings including anything you found that is less than positive.

Every good product review that focuses on the needs of the reader will perform better in the long run. We recommend that you discuss the negative aspects of the product in addition to the obvious positive ones. Don’t just sugarcoat things to make the review highly positive as that may look misleading to your readers.

So many people and marketers are afraid that if they talk about the wrong things, then that will hurt sales. We think you will be surprised to find that folks love it when they find someone who is willing to be open.


6. Whitelabel Products and Sell Your Own


You could sell your products to make money out of your website. Selling items such as eBooks, DVDs, etc. is a great way to make money since you get a full income from them. At the same time, such merchandise also helps promote you as an expert in the field.

However, it takes time and effort to create quality products and effectively market them.

You can speed up the process by working with a whitelabel vendor who already has mass volume of teh product but needs some help selling their stock. They will work with you on some minor customisations of their product so it feels more like a new “version” of their main product. This is a fantasic way to get sales without having to spend months in R&D.

I love whitelabel it saves a lot of time and with some imagination you can take a winning product customise it and sell it as your own.

7. Using in Text Advertisements


You’ve likely seen these on different websites while browsing. Rather than putting up ads on your site, these ads are randomly placed within the text of your site’s posts and pages.

There are a few different high quality in text advertising networks out there which make it simple to start making money from in-text ads as all you have to do is add a line of code to your site and tell them where you want your checks sent. The most profitable way to monetise your web page or blog is to know your customers and create products that help them.

Learn how to monetise your websites and use all the tools available so that way, you will have a better chance at success. You would be missing out by not taking advantage of these paid advertisers.

8. Banner Advertisements

Banner ads have existed for almost as long as the Internet has. Banner ads give a great return on their investment as long as you don’t make the mistakes that many marketers are making.

If you read on, you will discover some ways to optimise your results and build an excellent banner ad campaign. As someone who works with websites and blogs, you should always remember to make sure your advertising banners represent your blog or site, matching up perfectly with it in every way.

Your banner ad must be persuasive as your site should be; it’s not a minor point. Having the design of your ad be compatible with your site means you won’t have to change the look of it every time you put another new banner ad up on the web.

All you should need to do is create new text, and you should have a fresh new banner ad. It also will assure the fact there’s a flow to your ad. When you choose to work with banner advertising you don’t want to allow them to be outdated, so to continue to have a great traffic flow you must keep your banners fresh. A perfect example of the negative effect on customers of an outdated banner would be the promotion of a sale which already is over.

Quite simply, they will stop coming to your site to purchase anything. It’s pretty basic thinking; if you don’t care enough to keep your ads current, nobody’s going to trust your products or service either. Regularly updated banners allow you to drive more traffic to your site, promote new products and get better overall results from your efforts. An easy way to keep your banner ads fresh looking is to switch colours or designs once in a while.

There are those who choose to change their ads monthly, and those who do it less frequently. The point is the more frequent changes are made to your ads, the more you’ll be receiving conversions. Usually a change each month will be adequate to freshen up your banners.

Don’t forget that you can use your banner ads,in social posts, forums, emails and many more places. All it takes is a little imagination.

9. Targeted Content Ads

This method aims to take conventional advertising a step further wherein an ad is triggered by the consumer’s search. A typical keyword has a title (of about 25 characters) and a text (that has about 35 characters). Within the short space that’s provided, the advertiser explains the benefits of his products over his competitor.

Using content-targeted advertising has the advantage of generating more revenues for the advertisers. This is due to the fact that targeted ads increase its relevancy. So even if the number of ads is decreased or limited in frequency, it can still influence more people.

Another advantageous benefit of this form of advertising is the immediate showing of data and content that is otherwise limited by time and geography in traditional advertising. The ads can also be easily customised so it can quickly adapt to a changing audience demand or preference.

Content targeted advertising matches the context of the ad or the interests of the users to that of the advertisement. This allows more interest to be generated for an advertised product or service which in turn generates more sales conversion.

The utility of targeted advertising can further be enhanced by dynamically linking the most applicable contents which are taken from various sources such as YouTube video clips, RSS feeds and Wikipedia articles. At present, many businesses have profited from this form of advertising that it has made this Google creation very popular throughout the internet.

No other platform enables small businesses to compete with multinationals and Fortune 500 companies.

10. GoFund Me Type Donations

If you have a large, dedicated fan base, you could consider asking for donations. However, it is important to ensure that you don’t come across as greedy. I really like how Patreon, Indigogo and some Go Fund Me campaigns are setup where its super clear for funders to see the roadmap or the plan for the donation.

Place your donate button out of the way and avoid it altogether if you already have a lot of ads on your website. You have to get people to visit your site first, or that donate button is useless.

And before you do even that, your site’s donate button and donation form has to be designed in such a way that, once inspired, people will follow through with the donation. Great stories, emotional writing, and amazing media are not enough to get people to complete the donation process if your donate button is hidden, or your donation page a confusing mess.

I know Ive spent a bit on Patreon and Indigogo helping businesses take the next step with crowd funding. I do want to stress that having a worthy cause is a must. I might make a off the shoulder comment that it seems more and more people are putting up donations pages with no clear purpoise why. This worries me that people are just cashing in on the opportunity.

If you see a Go Fund Me on this blog it will be to buy a small tropical island away from all the noise of big cities.


Key Takeaway

Use your imagination to think a little diufferently and try new things on your blog. These 10 tips are tried and tested they work and they allow you to get paid while you build a bigger asset.


Well thats the end of the 10 tips but thats not the end of the opportunities available to you. I hope you have enjoyed this list of website money making tactics. As always if you have enjoyed this content like it share it and help me spread the word.


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