Take The Opportunity When It Presents Itself

Take The Opportunity When It Presents Itself

One of the biggest mistakes I made starting out in business was chasing money. The focus, the driver and the motivator was money and thats wasnt the best thing to do it alienated a lot of opportunity. The opportunity to grow and expand this one because the numbers werent solid.

Because the direction my business partner and I were considering taking didnt have a proven track record and didnt make financial sense we missed the opportunity to pounce on the emerging gap in the market.
Money as a key metric in business isnt a good stat to be building a business around. Revenue and monthly reoccurring revenue and annual reoccurring revenue are great metrics to use to make data driven decisions for your business. Having the numbers visible is a great motivator when you track the right things.

“I don’t ever recommend just chasing the growth of the bank balance.”
When you make money as your primary metric you may develop tunnel vision on a number a very specific number. If you hit that number or dont come close you become fixated on that number and dont take in other variables that might be more profitable than pursing the magic number.
build a money generating portfolio
I am not a bean counter of the finance guy in any of my businesses. Ive been in more finance and accounting meetings than I have wanted in my time. While extremely boring and hard to focus during these meeting they were really beneficial for me to upskill my finance intelligence.

My experience with money is that outside of the business we dont talk about it with competitors, partners, affiliates and keep our cards to our chest. This helped me keep focus on our goals and not worry about competitor ABC who was chasing $500K MRR or what ever dick measuring number that they had fixed as their success metric.

I honestly can not stand loud mouth marketers or business owners who boast and brag about who much their business makes in revenue. This places a big fat red target on your chest. I also just as a human with good manners be bragging about myself. Be humble and know you are doing well without shouting it across the room.
If you do attend conferences you can look around and see these same people in deep financial substance abuse and trying every which way to find happiness outside their business. They focus on money because they dont have anything else to contribute.

Your business should be your dream hobby that you can not wait to get started on each day. The people you do it with should be your favourite people. Ive built many businesses with this in mind, who do I want to work with and does this fulfil me.
My success indicator is knowing we have a steady flow of money coming in, the number monthly and yearly is increasing gradually. Then when we are stable or growing I dont have money as a motivator because our system to grow that is working. This is where I have time to look for an emerging business or brand and speak with them about how they can do more and pass on some of our tips and strategies that helped push our business into the green.

Thats my success metric, being free enough to share my knowledge with others who are just starting out.
I did’nt come from money and Ive never had big capital injections to buy and start businesses. I would grind and hustle my skills to build momentum and steadily grow a seed money allocation for new ideas or acquisitions. It takes a bit longer but I dont owe anyone anything and I am free to make what ever decisions I need to to grow that business without reporting into a board or a JV partner. This is not the method for everyone it takes commitment and dedication to the goal.
Ever since I built my first company Ive wanted to take an opportunity where I would have a job that provided fulfilment and made me feel satisfied. Ive got this thing where I need to be doing something all the time. I move fast and I am easily bored if theres no movement or anything for me to do. I often found myself after the growth period of a business and things had started to plateau a bit, I would start buying crap that I didn’t need or hiring people I didn’t really need just to keep busy.

I wasnt looking for new opportunities, I got a little com-placement. In one of my physical service businesses I was extremely passionate about building it and we actually grew it to 5,000 employees and one day I just lost all attachment to that business. I felt it had done its dash and I couldn’t give it anything else. I was bored and I was not enjoying the business that last week I was so excited to get to work.

My recap is we were so busy building relationships that we had taken our eye off the ball of business growth and just the day to day operations had worn me down. It was so sad losing all that organic energy where I could do everything everyday sucked down to the bare minimums and I struggled even filling the weekly roster.
The good news was I found a new opportunity and I pounced on it like a leopard catching its prey. I got to help businesses with a specific problem they had online.
Moving from a that physical services business and into online marketing was such a huge shift of ways of working It did take me a good 6 months to adjust. The sale of the services business was relatively smooth and I was out within a month. The opportunity of the next move wasnt on a countdown timer so I had time to manuvere and get my ducks in a  row.
In month 8 I grew that new marketing business 600%+ from $10k monthly reoccurring revenue to over 600% and all it took was focus. I needed a good 6 months to get familiar with how online marketing agencies worked and freelancing and tools metrics, the money verse expenses was so different from physical businesses.

But know this, the more I focused on the business opportunities the more my new business grew. I built a business that I wanted to work in and I hired people I wanted to work with. That was simple backend systems, and for revenue I targeted people I wanted to work with and that was automotive clients and ecommerce stores.
It was that simple!
I targeted people who were doing things I had an interest in and I could talk their language and know their industry. The immediate shift in business from taking that opportunity changed the business. It literally changed the way we worked fulfiling those services for these new clients. Such a breathe of fresh air for me to get that energy back and have that drive and focus to really sink my teeth into business.
The marketing agency was much easier to grow when I was the one calling the shots, making the plays at new opportunities and ultimately the one who was responsible for growth and failure. The business was not new to me but online  was, I had a great finance and accounting system in place and then for me it was learning online marketing.
Now to this day I love this stuff. There is no day Ive not wanted to get up and get online to help my team and my clients or assets grow.
IF you are an entrepreneur you are going to get your fulfillment and satisfaction from these. You will also slowly die inside without them.
  • Build a team of talented marketers
  • Build a service or product that you are proud of
  • Build a solution to other peoples problems
  • Solve the problem for your ideal customer
I know a lot of marketing techniques, tactics and ways of working but I often consult with my sopecialists on super advanced tactics for specific things I want to deliver or we require as a deliverable in business. I hire inelligent superstars at the one thing that they do, this gives me a great database of very targeted specialists.
One thing we do regulary is to look at our competitors and any competitors in emerging spaces and see how they treat their customers and audiences. Do they truly love their audience or are they just applying tricks and hacks to get by. The intelligence we get back from this allows us to exloit these opportunities because we have a system for customer journey and experience. Building for customers and not for money.

“I always build for the customer and towards the problem and solution. This is just how I learned marketing. Sell the solution to people who have a problem and do this with the ciustomer in mind and not the money they give you for that solution.”


I find it really interesting the number of marketers who are still trying to use tricks and indirect methods at trying to hide information around the policies on chargebacks and refunds. Focus more on making amazing things and move away from making crap products and you wont have to worry about your reputation or the payment processors and chargebacks.
This was an early morning post just after a workout so if its a bit shaky to follow along I am sorry for your eyes struggling to keep on track haha. I had a lot on my mind and wanted to press the point of taking opportunity. If I didnt take the opportunity to change careers from physical services to online marketing I think that during cornova virus I would of bene wiped out. I am also so thankful I can do what I do on computers to help people. I never work for cash or chase a pay rise, I am my own boss and I make my own hours.
If you are stuck I want you to start looking around at the next step or a new avenue for you to apply your passion powers to and forge a business around. This is the best time ever to do this. Look at the opportunity in everything that you do and you will never need money.
Thats my thoughts for today. As always if you enjoyed this share it and enjoy yourself. Peace!
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9 Things School Should Start Teaching Kids

9 Things School Should Start Teaching Kids

What School DID NOT Teach Me

Schools don’t teach the basics of adult life. Things we all need to deal with on a daily basis. I found it really difficult to transition from being a student to being a tax paying adult and how to juggle 3 jobs, taxes, debt, money and the expenses in life.

I had a really good chat with my daughter who is just finishing her secondary high school journey and moving into the workforce. We started spitballing some things that schools should have been teaching to get her ready for her transition into adult life.

This was really interesting and we had some similar thoughts about what should make this list.

What school didn’t teach you? Well, there’s a lot that could be taught but are schools ready to mix up how deliver education I don’t think so. At least not at right now. All these young people who have the world ahead of them are getting at times outdated irrelevant teachings from people who may or may not have done what they are teaching at one point in time.

Things change the world keeps spinning. What I did 4 years ago is going to be very different now. I really hope COVID-19 taught you about innovation, how to pivot and adjusting the way you learn heading into the future.

Ive spoken with my daughter about one of her passions and turning it into a business. She is really into creative writing and we explored the possibilities of her turning that passion into an online business. I don’t think she is ready to take that plunge yet. 


What Teachers Should Be Teaching Kids in School

brad pitt money ball money works

1. How Money Works 💵

I strongly believe that schools should be teaching kids how money works and the importance of being on top of your own finances.

2. Bank Accounts — This flows on nicely from learning about money. Where should they keep their money? in a bank, under the mattress or in a bitcoin wallet. These now more than ever are very important.

2. How Tax Works 🧾

Understand all the types of income tax that affect your money. What a valuable life lesson for young people who will be joining the workforce. The worst thing you can do as a hard working community member is to find out while you worked hard and made good money you did not pay the tax man and now you actually OWE MONEY!

This happened to me so many times and it feels like crap. You bust your back to make a decent living and the tax people want their cut of your money. This is soul destroying if you don’t stay on top of it.


3. How Tax & Money Work Globally 🌎

Combining both points 1 & 2 makes sense to expand on teaching young people about how the rest of the world handles tax and money. What type of money is used in Europe or Thailand and how does currency conversion work. The expense of living in other countries verse Australia.

I find it amusing watching people in Bali struggle to currency convert on the fly. A smart traveller would have a conversion bible/guide somewhere handy at all times. Know your money and have the power to avoid bad purchases or jump in on great investments.

Knowing the different taxation policies in the popular countries would be great. I would also like to see modules taught on how earning money internationally should be handled and what needs to be documented for tax purposes.

This right here would have been very valuable for me early on working with people all over the world. If I do work for a business in Toronto and they pay me the Canadian rate for that job, what does that mean for me when the 💰💰 hits my bank account and what tax should I be paying or not have to pay. What is this mystical tax exclusion zone and how does it apply to people who work online who do business with people all over the world

What if I want to sell Ice to eskimos? do I need to pay tax? or is that ice selling money tax free? just make it super simple and people will do more international business.

4. Property 🏠

Understand the basics of how to buy property for investment purposes. Why buying property is a way to generate income and how best to make this a focus goal for the immediate future.

Teachers may not be the best to educate on this topic, why not bring in specialists who do this every day to educate on the pro’s and con’s of real estate. Buying a house is expensive and the average loan goes for 30 years, THAT IS A LONG TIME!

Teaching students some fundamentals around this would help shake up the housing market. It would also help

Side note – Imagine if people coming out of high school understood money and the housing market. The banks and finance brokers would be losing out on buckets of 💰💰💰 this might have a bigger impact on the economy than expected.

5. Starting an online business 💻

The number 1 thing I teach people in my training sessions is to take ideas and stress test them as startup businesses. Particularly starting a blog and taking it from there. I like to problem solve and create new opportunity. The age old saying about throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks does apply here.

On a daily basis I have 3-6 NEW BUSINESS ideas that I can pursue. The reality is I do not have time to put these ideas through their paces. My good friend Gabriel has 200 times more start up ideas a day and he acts on 1 of these a day. He is also spread thin and can not give these ideas the effort the need to grow into something sustainable.

Young people are the future and they have something most successful business people do not have …..TIME. If startup was a module taught in the education process the world just might be using Tony Stark Ironman type technology right now.

tony stark technology

I really think teachers would struggle teaching this because they may not have experienced it themselves.

Id like to see a class dedicated to exploring the types of online businesses people build.

  • How they pick the industry category
  • How they take the business to market
  • How they project and maintain the business
  • How to staff the business and when to expand
  • How they build revenue streams into the business
  • Looking at the growth potential

That in a class would be fascinating and I would say right now that I for one wouldn’t be caught skipping class if this was the type of learning material we had.

“I am a big believer in making online businesses as soon as you can. The ability to take an idea and build a business opens up a world of opportunity for you.”


6. Types of investments 🏘️

Know the different types of investment opportunities available when they have some money. Imagine a world where your kids are planning how to manage their finances before they graduate.

I would love to see my daughter having knowledge about taking her savings and having the insight to invest in a money generating asset coming out of high school. That would be a really valuable finance lesson.

I chatted with my daughter about how to invest in teh future and one of my all time fave methods of buying websites and growing them. We spoke anout her buying a small established website that makes a couple hundreds bucks a month. We talked about taking a thousand dollers and buying a small site making about $50 month or so and buying that to keep as a money maker. The reality is this is new for her and so many others it can be hard to believe that websites can make money unless you live in that world.  

I cover my expenses involved in running this blog and how its more of an investment than an expense. Its not all rainbows and butterflies.

7. Debt Management 💳

Let’s face it not everyone has surplus money, there are people who are born into debt. Why don’t schools teach kids how to manage debt.

I had a bit of debt in my younger years because I didn’t understand credit cards, loans and interest enough to manage that. Funny that this might form a similar story for many people reading this. It took me a little bit of trial and error before I understood how it worked, gee if only I had a guide or mentor to help me navigate young adulthood.

Teaching kids how to manage debt makes so much sense. Rolling on from learning money, bank accounts and investments this is the natural next step. Educating on the impacts and makeup of credit and why the credit card is not a great idea no matter how attractive the deal is upfront.

im sorry sir meme

If people were not in so much debt they would have more capital to build the startup business that they could pursue their passion. This would be like moving money away from the credit and loan companies and putting that money into other business that HELP BUILD the economy.


8. Stress Management 😤

This could play a huge part of helping the transition from student to adult. The stress of family, expectations, earning enough money, and just the daily grind of life all build stress.

There should be a stress level indicator test or chart or something that shows them the different levels of stress and what impact it has on your body or brain.

Today I handle stress very well, Water in a glass . I don’t let anything or anyone impact my day. My day will go as planned with slight deviations dependant on who or what I interact with.

Some stress management techniques that have helped me:

  • Breathing
  • Routine – Gym, walking, house chores
  • Lately Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Video games
  • Writing content

9. Eat healthy & exercise daily 🥒

Make sure you are eating healthy, as a young adult nutrition is vital to the growth and development into a healthy adult. There is a very very basic overview of this in schools at the moment but not to a level where kids know 2 cans of Coke A Cola a day are bad and that swapping a Snickers bar for a apple is the better choice

I would really like to see a basic fitness routine laid out for the class so they can leave school and have a routine they can take with them everywhere they go.

I would also love to see a basic meal plan for them when they leave school and move into their college dorm or first apartment. This is one of those most basic things that you need, I know Im a terrible cook but I learned how to make healthy food the hard way.

This just makes so much sense to me to provide these young people with the life skill to know what meals to prepare when they are looking after themselves.

Extra: The Art of Being a Man 👨‍🏫

They could also do one for the ladies but being a man I think it’s something that is fading as we move further and further away from the 1900’s. The more I see the young men of today the more I shake my head in confusion. How did we go from building railway lines and roads to wearing shoulder sling purses and skinny jeans and not opening doors for women? I am bamboozled at times.

undertaker is bamboozled

Not everyone has a father to pass on knowledge and teach them the art of being a man. Manners, attitude, hard work, trust and integrity the basics of being a great human being. The schools could take this on as a extension module to help educate in various life skills and good human traits as a basic preparation from school to workforce.


Thanks for reading and I hope this provoked some thought about what your kids are learning. This really opened my eyes to what I should be teaching my daughter myself because it wont be taught at school. I have shown her this blog and she gives me feedback often about topics I could write about and things she see’s in her world. If you enjoyed the blog please take a moment to like and share it :).


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Insights Into My Niche Store Top Selling Products

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How To Hold Yourself Accountable

How To Hold Yourself Accountable

How many times have you planned to build that affiliate site in that awesome opportunity niche but you didnt?

How many times did you plan that masterpeice content hub article but didnt?

If you are like me and have a stream of new ideas at every second of the day and take time out to capture those thoughts and plans then this is for you. I also and it is a weakness I know I have, is I do not have enough time in the day or the week to take action on every idea.

This has stalled my growth more often than helped to grow my businesses. As opposite as that sounds but having all these new ideas forces me to take my eye off the prize. I get distracted by these new thoughts and by the time I plan out the last new idea I already had three more new ideas and Ive mnoved on to those.

This was the thorn in my achilles heel when I started out online. I would move from thought to thought and not give the last idea enough attention to get the momentum rolling.

What I did was join an accountability group. This was a group of new and intermediate marketers that I had never met. A friend had suggested I join a forum about internet marketing and web development and taking that advice I joined a forum.

Join a Group and Hold Others Accountable

This was very easy to take action advice. Ill be very transparent that this was one of the biggest success factors that I found working online. Having the power to hold my peers accountable made me appreciate my own workload and to do list.

The rules of the group were pretty simple, we had to meet up online every Tuesday night (for me it was Wednesday morning Im from the future) and present our weekly target list and if we had completed last weeks target list. I got a few comments in my first three meetings for not taking it serious and for not doing the work.

I will say when you get into the routine and prep before hand it is really entertaining to hear how people are doing and the success they are having. It all fell on two things.

1 Planning your week

2 Doing the work

Its that simple, the accountability group members that planned ahead of time were the most successful. The group members that were doing what they had planned were also the same ones who were planning ahead and seeing amazing results.

I’m still in touch to this day with 5 of the 15 from the group. They all have very successful bsuinesses and our timezones are a little more accommodating for the 5 of us.

Once I was on the spot in front of the groupo saying I had 3 thing sto do that would literally take me all of 20 minutes to complete it was clear to everyone I was not planning ahead and just rocking up hoping for it all to work. The advice and telling off I got from the group was great and look no one wants to be told they are slacking off but it was so true I was.

The moment I would prep my week or month in advance and track it using teh tools and standard operating procedures or SOP’s I would see gains on earnings, rankings and visitors on my sites.

Find an accountability group and stick it out. Even if you only take away the behaviours of those getting the results that should be enough to light a fire under your chair and get you working smarter and getting the results you want to change your lifestyle for the better.


What Tools Helped Me Stay On Top Of My ToDo List

I had notebooks and notebooks of ideas, plans, processes and diagrams that I could never find or organise. I knew that I had to take the ideas out of my head and to put them online and for years I bounced between Asana and Trello and also notekeeping with Notion and evernote without finding the one todo tool to rule them all.

The Tools

  1. Asana
  2. Trello
  3. Notion
  4. More recently ClickUp

I want to say that its important that you dont get caught up in the tools. These are just tools and not going to do the work for you.

Special mention to ClickUp this tool has changed the game for me with its amazing feature set. Ive moved over to it in January 2020 and its saved me HOURS!

Image Source: @officialCopHumor

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ive always been very self aware and thats been a big strength for me working in teams or alone I knew my limits and my absolute strengths. I know that accountability and doing everything I said that I would was one area I was slipping. Not in my personal life just my own affiliate marketing work, I would buy these domains with the intention to domainate a market and I would get as far as buying teh domain name before I would move on to something else.


 How Accountability Helps You Get Success:

It gives you a heads up on the bumps in the road ahead, especially if your networking with others in similar positions or journeys. You can learn from their mistakes to optimise your time and productivity.

It drives the resources you’ll require because of the shared knowledge. One really cool thing that I got from my accountability group was sharing resources with some other group memmbers. We pooled our budgets that we had set aside for virtual assistants and would use the same VA for our work meaning we would all pay a third of his day rate cost. This saved us money and allowed us to collaborate across projects.

We would share other tools later in our online journeys making the group a real valuable asset for me to really learn and absorb from everyone who was involved. 

You come up against a lot of challenges in the online space. Technical or skill related and they can stall your growth until you figure them out. But having a accountability group also doubled as a knowledge share group as well. It was very clear who the operator’s were in that group and how they behaved when problem solving changed my view of the word “I Can’t”. I would listen to those guys talk about overcoming challenges and be in absolute awe. They became my motivators because I didnt want to be that guy in our group who couldnt figure out how to set up his website. I wanted to be an operator. 

How do you figure it out for yourself?

You could try and guess or think that you already know and commit to what you already know.

I would scratch your own self assesment and create a little sheet to assess yourself.

  • First up list out everything that you love doing
  • List down the thing that makes you the happiest in thsi line of work
  • What gives you headaches?
  • What do you really hate doing?
  • Does money motivate you?
  • Does accomplishment motivate you?
  • How do you work alone?
  • How do you work in teams?
  • What do you do when you make a mistake?
  • What do you do when a team mate messes up?
  • What do you do when you encounter a problem?
  • What do you do when a team mate has a problem and asks for help?
  • Ask a friend if you need to (thats cool as well)

You should have a list of things you like doing and really enjoy and a list of things you dont really enjoy and some of your own characteristics.

Take the time to do this before you decide to woerk in a team if you have never worked with a remote team before, and also if you are starting a new business or affiliate business work out your style and how you work best.

This is one of the biggest factors in helping me get over a earning limit because I could be held accountable. 

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