Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to topics.

In wordPress you have some very helpful organisation features like tags and categories. Using these will help you bundle and organise your niche site content.

This applies to Amazon affiliates, ClickBank affiliates and most types of affiliate content. There is no specific way just for Amazon affiliate content.

One word of caution is to understand how the categories, tags and any RSS feeds work. If you do not understand how these features work seek out a developer for help organising these.

The overview

Pages: Pages are built as permanent fixtures.Pages are static, usually don’t change. You would build pages for topics and content that you want to use as permanent sections of your website.

You wouldnt create a page if you were going to be promoting new offers each month.

Posts: Posts are designed to be status updates from your website. These can be organised in categories and collections to build hubs of topic specific content.

Posts are dynamic, temporary, seasonal, can be tagged, categorized, archived, etc. Interlinking between Pages and Posts has a major impact on SEO. They allow for date and overall more data to show up in the serps.

When you create a blog post it can be replicated or linked from many other places in wordpress even without knowing that is happening. If you setup a blog, Posts are added there. Google recognizes yoursite*com/blog/posts as what they are, blog Posts.

For you when you work with freelance writers or junior team members it makes a big difference. An author can be limited to posts without publishing, but for pages he needs to have additional rights.


I use posts for my affiliate content and organise them in categories so they work together to build and grow my niche site topic authority. Im also having a lot of fun building content hubs with posts.

It all depends on your goals and how the site structure and taxonomy you create achieves those goals. Dont sweat the small stuff and make the real focus on the quality of the content and intent behind the contents answer.


search engine optimisation

Traffic Will Determine Your Niche Site Success


Everyone wants to be have more traffic, there are so many types of traffic that you can when applying yourself get the traffic that you want. I always push on this but consistency is key, use compounding signals to build momentum for your website.

Im in three camps of traffic the organic crowd, the paid traffic crowd and social marketing crowd. It doesnt matter what camp you are in but it does matter if its working for you or not.

With the ‘organic crowd’ deciding that the only way to win is to grow your own tomatoes in the allotments that they call ‘social media’


The paid for traffic crew telling you to spend $$$’s per day to start seeing results.

But, who is right?

All of them are right its traffic and it powers the internet. If the traffic you have is coming to you because you provided the best results for them then you have a good target audience.

Bad traffic is traffic that you acquire that is not interested or relevant to wha it is you are promoting and offering. This traffic will bounce away and waste your time and money. 

Traffic is traffic, there is no way around it, both work really well and both suck as equally.

My advice to you is to find the traffic source that you feel is best suited to your business model. I like paid traffic for my highly competitive niche site categories because it is almost impossible to compete unless you have paid advertising to attract the traffic to my offers. 

As an affiliate you should be all in on SEO to rank your pages & posts high in search engines like Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go.

For as long as you can rank high in the search engines for your target keywords, you’ll get consistent and passive traffic.

Affiliate SEO is about:

  • Understanding what your target customers are searching for;
  • Creating content around those topics (blog posts, product pages, etc.);
  • Taking care of the “technical” stuff to push these pages higher in the search engines and some clever backlink building tactics.

The best way to work out if the traffic method suits you is to do this;

  • Check the audience for the offer you have, where do they hang out,
  • Do they have groups,
  • Do they respond well to emails or certain keywords
  • Do they have online forums,
  • Are they active on social media sites
  • Do they spend time looking on Amazon or Googling a lot?
  • Check the program or the offer you have looked at promoting
  • Do they allow paid for traffic
  • Do they allow or encourage SEO or Social media traffic
  • Do they stop people from keyword bidding, or keyword ranking
  • Look at your own skills and cirumstances
  • Do you know how to target locations or audiences
  • Do you enjoy writing?
  • Are you a creative type who enjoys creating images?
  • Do you have the money to test?
  • Do you understand email follow up or how to build email sequences

See, there are lots of questions for every type of offer and niche and for every type of person. You can take advantage of each traffic channel to grow the volume as you need with paid, organic and social traffic.

The low cost method is going after organic traffic. This traffic type is actively looking for stuff online you know this, all you need to do is make content that helps answer the questions this traffic source has. They actively search help guides, how to guides and even step by step installation guides.

People in the niches I went for, naturally wouldn’t click an ad for that information, they would find blogs.

Focus on creating high quality intent rich content and focus on your own goals and your own products…The traffic will come to yoru offer pages because you are relevant and informative. You will see results in a matter of months unless you need quick results then you consoder using paid traffic.

I honestly think that you should have a diverse pool of traffic sources.

This covers you IF:

  • Facebook changes the game
  • Google destroys your rankings
  • YouTube bans your channel account
  • Google Ads suspends your ad account

These things happen. The only way to stay ahead of these things is to control your traffic sources as best you can. I use email marketing for this because none of the big boys Facebook, Google etc can touch me when I send emails.

Traffic is the fuel for your website and content.

 How To Get More Click Through rate

I noticed some of my competitors in the finance niche doing some pretty clever tactics last October-November and I paid attention so I could replicate that tactic.

What I noticed was that they were updating their page titles so that the SERP result was more eye catching and STOOD OUT more than anyone else’s results.

How they did this is by rewording the title and adding brackets and ( word) on either side of intriguing words. This was a great tactic especially in teh rush into the end of year holiday period. I literally could not beat them over that streth of time because their CTR was so high compared to mine.

They stood out over and above everyone else.

What I did was to go to my pages that I was previously beating them on and to reshape the titles structure and appearance. Below I have some of my best converting title changes.

We will use mainly [brackets] and (parentheses) and + symbols to stand out.

Avoid emojis I get the feeling they are more spammy looking and when I tested this it didnt move the needle but crashed my CTR and in turn my rankings :(.

Here’s an example from my testing:

Secure Fast Online Car Loans [No Fees]

Approved First Application Personal Loans [Checklist]

These worked super well for my CTR and I added some improved rankings as a result.

What I feel when I see these results in Google is a “clear picture of what lies behind the headline”.

This makes sense if you think about it.

When you know that the content on the next page is going to have a  checklist, video, blog post, industry study or interview, you are MUCH more likely to click through to that page.

In case you didnt know, organic click-through-rate is an important Google ranking factor. If lots of people all click on the same result, it sends a clear message to Google:

“People want to see this page!”

And Google will push that page to the top.

Save time writing content and outsource it

Last Christmas holiday period I tested brackets and parentheses on dozens of title tags to try and increase my sites click through rates.

And the results are that they work Superbly.

For example, I recently used this title tag on one of my posts:

Best Email Automation Tools And Sequence Scripts [Templates]

The brackets are a big reason that the page gets such a high click through rate in the search results.

The best part?

This doesn’t just work for blog content.


How about an example?

Let’s say that you run an ecommerce site.

When you search around for products you start to notice most product page title tags look exactly the same:

Solar Powered Video Recording Drone

This title tag is OK. But it’s so generic.

On the other hand, this title tag is MUCH more enticing:

Solar Powered Video Recording Drone   [Discounted]

With that, here are some best converting types of brackets you can add to your title tags:

  • [Template]
  • [Video]
  • [Interview]
  • (Updated)
  • (Case Study)
  • (New Guide)
  • [X% Off]
  • [New Research]
  • [+Checklist]
  • (With Examples)
  • (No Fees)
  • (Trusted by X Clients)
  • [Flowchart]
  • [Visual Guide]

There are hundreds more modifiers that you can use but these work the best.

This is a great starting point for optimising for the click. Teaming this with the data that you get in your Google Search Console should give you all the CTR ammunition that you need.

I hope this helps you decide how to build better web pages and posts and helps you get traffic and convert it. Make money and do good things with it. Peace!

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview

What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media?

The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and totally off the mark.

If you get the messaging right you get the attention and engagement. 


Is Social Media Traffic As Valuable As Other Traffic Sources?

NO. Social Media traffic is some of the lowest converting, lowest quality traffic online. But it has its place in our traffic acquisition strategy.

BUT… Social Media traffic CAN bring us new leads & customers, and at a very low cost due to the viral nature of trending and niche targeted posts. Imagine if your post goes viral how much new traffic you can plant your retargeting cookie on. Its all in how your position your message.

While thsi traffic is not the holy grail of online traffic you should still link to and promote your Social Media accounts anywhere you can.

And… everytime you make a blog post, promote a link to it on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else that’s relevant. Hammer away at the content promotion and over time it will pay off.

How to “future proof” your SM strategy

My first step is to plan everything. I use Notion and Google sheets to plan all my content. This keeps me and my teams organised.

Then this might be a suprise but step 2 is to make a video about your topic. A short 20-40 second video shot in 720×720 on your phone or a specific digital camera.

My aim is to always drive traffic off social media into a lead capture where I can get the email address for future marketing. Here is my fave email tools.

This will be our content that we use again and again. We can recreate this content in 20 different ways. This maximises the content lifecycle and allows us to use the spin offs on multiple channels as new content. 

I like to splinter that main content video into:

  1. Youtube video
  2. Blog article
  3. Quote card
  4. Instagram story
  5. Facebook Story
  6. Snapchat story
  7. Facebook post
  8. Instagram post
  9. Pinterest video

These are my main platforms but there are almost 60 others to be used for syndication.

You should always have a website to host your lead capture forms, pop ups and other list building options. Learn how to build a website for any experience level.

A secret platform for helping me get the words from the video into usable format is a place called a transcribing service. They help by taking the video speech and making text from it, great for adding quotes and subtitles.

Platform Specifics:

Facebook 720×720 dimension

YouTube 1920×1080 dimension

Instagram 720×720 dimension *Max time 59 seconds

Instagram Story 1080×1090 dimension

*Max 15 seconds

What’s the Purpose of Social Media?

To ENGAGE with some of your target market
BRAND your products & services and company To SUPPORT your customers or prospects
PUBLISH some of your content
SYNDICATE and link to your Web Site content To help others DISCOVER your content & products

WARNING: Social Media ‘surfing’ can be a HUGE WASTE of your time and won’t make you money.

Type Of Social Media Posts

Asking A Question Interesting Images Educational Content Entertaining Content Opinionated Content InfoGraphics

Full Content or “Content Teaser” ‘Some’ Sales Promotions & Offers

What The Heck Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag is simply a keyword with the pound symbol in front of it. i.e. #vacation #gotigers #savingmoney

DON’T overuse hashtags! Rule of thumb to keep in mind is to use a maximum of 1-3 highly relevant hashtags. DON’T use any on Facebook!

How To Achieve The Viral Effect?

ASK People To Share, Like, Follow
INCENTIVIZE People To Share, Like, Follow

facebook social media platform

Facebook Tips That Build Momentum

Facebook has been done to death…by crappy marketers. This is still a very viable platform. I am finding Facebook groups to be the a solid source of lead generation and traffic. Start Facebook Groups related to your target market Facebook hates links within posts; Share a link

Getting the messaging right and the targeting is the trick on Facebook. Especially for organic social its harder to get enagement unless you pay for Ads.

Consider OUTSOURCING your Social Media efforts Tell Stories and share ‘real life’ with your audience COMMUNICATE, DON’T JUST SELL

Try to post 2-3 times per week if not more
Post as your Facebook Page on other people’s posts Run CONTESTS!

Talk about “Mistakes people make” in your market Share helpful resources
VISUAL gets most attention – videos & images Post related images WITH content posts

MIX IT UP – post full articles and article teasers Use 80/20 Rule to post more of top engagement Create a SERIES around most popular posts

Try posting late at night or “off” hours and behind the scenes. The behind the scenes works really well when you have more than 2,000 followers. Any less and it doesnt get the engagement. 

The good thing about Facebook is the automation it has with many third party tools. You can schedule a years worth of posts over a weekend. Dont sleep on using Facebook in your traffic strategy.

Instagram Tips To Build A Business

If you have a “visually appealing” product and/or market use it, if not maybe spend your time elsewhere Link to an Opt-in Page in your BIO with a CTA Consider using a URL shorter or redirect for your URL like or Link Tree.

CROSS-PROMOTE with similar companies, brands and category kings (Influencers).

Use up to 3 relevant hashtags but don’t overdo it. You can add more hastgas in teh comments.

Pay close attention to competitors’ posts. Do some competitor research and work out their strategy. This will pay off in the long run.

In your post description “encourage” the CTA in BIO link. People need to be told what to do so make sure you tell your audience you want them to click the link in the bio.

Take a video in 720×720 and add some captions before uploading to your profile.

Post “share-worthy” photos and videos
Once you see conversions coming from Instagram activity, EXPAND your Instagram efforts…
Buy a Sponsored Post from large follower accounts in your market — reach out to them directly
Do deals with “Instagram Influencers”… get them to tag your account in their posts and promote you
If it’s really working well… test advertising on Instagram but be very careful to track ROI

If you need to post schedule you can use something like Meet Edgar or OneUp app.

Twitter Tips To Get Traffic

NOTE: I don’t recommend heavy Twitter usage. no more than 3 tweets a day. 

Use an easy to remember/spell username
Try and use a maximum of TWO relevant hashtags

Like you do with most social profiles remember to link to your domain URL in your BIO. In some cases you can link to the most profitable sales offer or highest converting sales page. Test this method out it can work crazy good.

Share links to your blog posts using compelling copy Engage with other users in your market

Retweet relevant posts from your market
Use Twitter for competitive research

Twitter is a great way to get updates out to the masses. It is underrated and you can get a lot of traffic from Twitter especially if you use moments. 

Pinterest Tips That Build An Empire

The most underrated channel on this list, Pinterest is a traffic goldmine. If you take some time to design Pinterest perfect images your traffic from this platform will surge.

If your marketing and/or products are related to a “visually appealing” market then consider investing time into Pinterest efforts. If not, don’t.

Explore Pinterest to see what types of products are the most popular — if what you sell is, go for it!

Write compelling, keyword-driven, SHORT descriptions Pin items multiple times per day
Follow Pinterest suggestions – no hashtags, no promotional language, no CTA mentioning

Vertical pins work best — 600px wide x 900px tall, 800px wide x 1200px tall, 600px wide x 2100px tall, 400px wide x 2800px tall
Overlay compelling copy onto images

VERIFY your web site with Pinterest. This is huge and it pays off. 

LinkedIn Tips To Grow Your Audience

If YOU are the ‘product’ in your business as an expert, and you sell to a certain industry, consider investing time in LinkedIn marketing — if not, don’t. Network appropriately with others in your industry Attach “Rich Content” to your profile – promote CTA Examine competitor profiles for ideas

Optimize your profile with great copy and keywords Participate in discussions and post GREAT CONTENT

Recreate your best articles as on LinkedIn and publish with a CTA to your original article. 

For affiliate marketers the LinkedIn space might not be the best place to focus on. For businesses that have services and eCommerce businesses you should be on LinkedIn drawing people from that platform to your own sales pages and offers.


Key Takeaways

Build your social profiles out 100% and make sure you keep them active. The golden rule is working on 3 main platforms. Then you can syndicate to the other platforms that are not your main audience targeted platforms.

Track everything, take the time to add UTMs and review your efforts. Get an understanding of how good or bad your efforts are on each channel.

Have some fun with it, don’t always post serious stuff and mix it up. Thanks for reading and put this to action. Peace!

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging

Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires commitment and it requires you to wear many hats. 

Now if you are committed and you want to make this work then the good news is you will see results and you will create a business from your blog. This blog is one of many for me but its one of my more enjoyable blogs to operate.

I suggest for anyone new to this start with 1 blog. If you handle it ok and you can get things done then consider adding another one and so on. Distractions don’t make successful projects. Focus makes for a successful project.

I blog because I enjoy the creative process of taking thought to the web page. Lately, I’ve had a lot of emails and messages from people telling me how the content here has helped them grow their business and start a new business. I love that stuff, helping people create a lifestyle that suits them is one of my main goals with this site.

You can earn money from your blog from a multitude of ways, this article I’ll keep pretty simple but in the end, I have included a few ways that you can monetize your blog. 

If you are serious about creating blogging as a great business mindset. This is just what you need to read, take it in and then apply the steps listed. You can be successful you just have to apply yourself to the goal.


Step 1 – Market Research & Domain Names

The first step on your way to success is to identify the niche where you will be building your niche site in. For me, this is one of the hardest steps in the process because the choices are unlimited. I feel like I need to have something draw me to it before I choose that niche.

I was selling women’s clothing on a dropshipping store before. I know nothing about women’s clothing or how to promote them. My advice is that you choose something you can write about and have an understanding of the audience that would be interested in your niche. It helps.

What to look for:

  • Low to medium difficulty
  • Enough traffic to be profitable 500+
  • Variety of products & offers to promote
  • The quality level of content needed to get momentum

Once you have identified the niche you want to play in you will need to have somewhere to build your website. Start with a domain name and then we can start building your website.

There was a time when keyword-rich domains were all the rage. This still works but it’s not pretty and they often look like this – or something to that effect.

You should be looking at a branded type domain. These domains are much easier to brand theme and then sell in the future. This would look something like this – 

I use, and to buy domains. There are hundreds of domain registrars that you can use, this is what I use.

Use the domain search bar to find the domain that you like. Type away using keywords or your branded name.

Does it matter what TLD you use?

Honestly, I say it doesn’t. I have sites using .plus, .site, .shop. me. io. and this one uses a .xyz pick what you think works.

Once you purchase the domain we can move to step 2.

When you have a successfully gone through this process in full for your niche website you will see results like the one below


Step 2 – Get Website Hosting

Your domain needs somewhere to live and that is where web hosting comes from. You will also be able to create domain name emails like [email protected] that you will need to make your business more professional looking.

Get Website Hosting Here

You want web hosting for either 1 website or future planning for 3 or 4 websites. The choice is up to you. I have recommended a few on this page.

Hosting is best when you have enough resources to run your blog, If you start to get a lot of website traffic and you have a small hosting plan you will have to start increasing your hosting plan so the resources you have can accommodate the visitors who are on your website.

Once your domain is connected you can create some domain emails to use. You can use your name or your pen name if you are using one and you should have a [email protected] or [email protected] type email as well. You can use this email to sign up to tools and business required platforms.

If you need help setting up your website hosting you can speak to the web hosting platform support people.


building your affiliate website

Step 3 – Setting up your blog and installing it

When it comes to the convenience of setting up your blog, your web hosting platform can assist you if you need help. To set up your blog, you can call their customer service department and tell them that you want to install a WordPress blog to your site as well as ask them to talk to you throughout the process.

Once you have done this process a few times yourself you can start to get a site live in just under 10 minutes. It took me a lot of time, failure and long conversations with tech support to get to this place but now I’m gravy baby 

You can use whatever content management system that you want. I like WordPress and Shopify for my blogs. Shopify because I am heavy into eCommerce as well. You can make money online with any CMS it is not restricted to just these two.

Now you have the website connected and your logins you need to start building the pages and theme of the website.

You will need to choose a theme, for anyone on a budget you can easily use a free theme with no negative impact on your website performance. But if you want to have a little more appeal you should look at getting a theme builder like Divi or Thrive Themes.

Get Thrive Themes Builder.

The theme builder will be able to help you custom edit your entire website look and feel. These also have added features now for SEO, Advertising and affiliates built in so you get a little more than just a theme builder.

The next step is to fill out the theme. This involves adding your logo, selecting the theme colours and branding so it looks nice.

To get a deeper look at creating a professional-looking Blog read this guide.

After you have themed the website look and feel you can now push forward with the page builds.

Pages are long term pages that are designed to act as the foundational walls that support the house. Posts are designed to be date-based, they may get lost when you are creating multiple posts.

Pages are for your core money pages

Posts are for quick updates or supporting content that supports your money pages.

The key pages you will need:

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Affiliate disclaimer page
  4. Privacy policy page
  5. Contact page

You will need more pages and posts but that’s for the next step. This is for you to build the core pages.

Add the plugins that you need to add to get the job done.

What I suggest as a starter pack is:

  • SEO plugin I like SEO Framework
  • The backup plugin I like is Backup Buddy
  • Image Optimiser plugin I like ShortPixel
  • Affiliate link manager plugin I like Affiliatly

This is your quick starter pack of plugins. You can add more or use different ones but try to limit the plugin number to 10 so you do not slow down your website.

Step 4 – Mapping Content & Writing Great Reviews

Content is the fuel for your vehicle and you need a lot of fuel to get that starting momentum. In my experience, a blog starts to get moving after you have 25-30 articles live on the blog. These are all pages that have more than 500 words and use unique images where possible but they also link to internal pages to help power each page up.

You should have some market research and keyword research from Step 1. You will use that to map out the content schedule and additional pages and posts. The keywords should be used as a focus topic of each page you create. 

Affiliate blogs usually consist of review type content and recommendation posts about products and services. I suggest you build a sitemap of your website navigation and structure in excel or Google sheets.

Here is a great example:

silos explained

You can see the topic of web hosting and how it has 4 core pages

  1. Reseller hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Shared hosting

You can see the topics attached to each core silo is about something more specific and it relates to that topic silo. Very powerful, very effective and I suggest you map this out with your keyword and content so you have a plan for what to write about and where to publish it.

I write 70% of my content for this blog. It is also very obvious that I write most of this because I have this inconsistency with my writing of the word “the” it often comes out on my laptop, on my mobile, on my Facebook everywhere as “the” and I can’t catch it every time to fix it. Drives me mad.

I love creative writing and educational writing formats. I can’t do it all though, I manage a portfolio of sites and have ongoing work projects meaning I am time poor. You will become more aware of your time as you grow the website.

For some of my other blogs, I don’t write anything at all. You can find content writers on Fiverr, Legiit, Upwork, Facebook groups or anywhere people are looking for work.

Step 5 – Promoting your site

To optimise the earning ability of your blog to make money, you need to promote your blog. And by promoting your site, you need both work and money. If you are writing articles and the content of them are helpful and informative, some of your works will grow organically, meaning, your articles will find its way to generate incoming links. But this will take some time before you rip the benefits of your efforts.

I highly suggest you build out the most popular social media profiles, question and answer websites and forums where you can share your blogs. Joining groups and activity posting to your social profiles is just the start.

I like using DLVRIT social content sharing software you can get a free account to start with. You can also use an app like to promote your content online.

As far as my experience goes, you must be active in generating shares, posts and communicating your latest blogs or pages with your social network and activity growing your syndication networks like Scoopit, Hubpages, Pearltrees and other content syndication websites.

You need to make things happen and not be waiting for things to happen. If you want to get massive amounts of incoming links, you need to use some reliable link building tactics. This involves money, but the rewards will certainly outweigh your costs for getting incoming links.

Backlinks make the momentum happen. Content is what you use to attract the links. You may need to pay for some backlinks especially the powerful ones. The other tactics are outreach with an email to other websites or helping people out online by doing something for them so they return the favour with a link or review of your service.

Backlinks are nitro fuel for your vehicle they push you further ahead. There is a market for buying and selling backlinks is a huge market. Not the focus of this article but I will cover this in a future article for sure.

design library

Step 6 – Sources of income

Now that we have the blog built and have actively started promoting our content we need to add in that money-making sweet sauce. Here are some easy ways to add commission generating elements to your blog.

How To Monetize Your Blog

You need to have at least one of these to start getting paid. 


  1. AdSense


I used to be all in on Adsense but like anything that you don’t own you need to be prepared for a sudden switch in policy or algorithm. I had an active and healthy portfolio of Adsense revenue-generating blogs. Each site was earning me a lot of money, easy money each month until I didn’t I lost it all overnight.

I still use Adsense today but I am very careful with how many sites I have and how many accounts I have active at one time. 

Adsense works by showing banners on your website for other promotions and companies. You get paid based on the number of clicks and type of banner shown. Each banner topic has a keyword style focus and a CPC per click that you get a portion of when people click that banner ad.

What I do is to set ads into a text and image-based ads with a 250 by 300-pixel ads and it works best for me. Not only that, but I also get some shares on their referrals programs and I earn a lot with their normal ads.

2 Affiliate programs

Another effective way for your blog to make money is by promoting several affiliate programs on your site. Now, this is one thing you should not be missing in your site since its the entire reason we are creating a niche site.

Some affiliate networks to join are:

  1. ClickBank
  2. JVZoo
  4. Share A Sale
  5. Join these networks

One of the best affiliate products that I used to promote is the Thesis WordPress theme. In this product, I was earning $500 a week from promoting a theme like the ones we used in the earlier steps in this article. Imagine if you have 5 to 10 products in your blog, then your income from these products will grow like weeds in your garden and soon enough you will have a lot of weeds. A bad analogy I know but it does compound and stacks up.

Make sure that you choose to sell those affiliate programs that are of high quality and good reputation so that you will have a greater chance to sell them and make a profit. I added JVZoo as there can be some gems on there and the software side of the network is pretty easy to generate an income from just using 2 or 3 software promotions. You should stay away from those products that are of low quality since they will do no good to you or your reputation.


3 eBook sales

Selling an eBook is one of the most overdone ways for you to earn extra income with your blog. It still works though even though everyone has promoted an ebook at some point in their online journey.

If you are good at writing then create an informational PDF that you will use to build the ebook. Take, for example, let say you’ve successfully created an eBook on best ways to treat skin problems and have healthier skin, and it is worth 10 US Dollars.

If your eBook is worth $10 and you can sell it to about 1000 people, then you could earn a sweet 10,000 US Dollars for your effort. Not such a bad idea right? Imagine if your eBook is priced at $20 and 5000 or more people all over the world will buy it, you could also add your affiliate program and allow 20% of the purchase price and let other people sell your ebook. What more if you have several eBooks that are priced for more than $20?

This is an option that still works and it does generate good money. You would do this by having a dedicated page on your blog about the ebook and why people need to buy it. 


Dotcom Secrets ebook Russell Brunson

4 Continuity programs

A good way to generate regular income is to have a continuity program. A continuity program is a site where you can gain a continuous source of income from those individuals who are subscribing to service your offer. This works for memberships, SaaS, Service-related or subscription to a thing.

Making your blog a membership site gives you the ability to generate monthly income from thousands of your member. You must have something worthy of people paying you monthly to get access to you or the things you promote.

5 Sponsorships or private ad sales

You can also gain additional income from offering private ad sales in your blog from advertisers.

This is a good thing to do as the money you can gain from your 125 x 125 ads or bigger is direct from buyer to seller with you being the seller. You would need to know your numbers and have a growth plan to make your blog a place that is worth paying to advertise on.

You can use this tactic for selling link placements on your blog as well. The money involved with link placement is decent and you could do a one-off payment or a monthly low-cost rental. A lot of money is exchanged in the backlink market.

6 Ezoic Display Advertising

As of now, Ezoic is one of the better banner advertising options available and has been responsible for helping several of my friends generate life-changing income that they were able to leave their 9 to 5’s and do blogging full time.

By having ads displayed on your blog, you can earn with Ezoic any time your visitor clicks the ads that you have on your site. The more people who click your ads, the more money you can get from Ezoic. So, for example, there are thousands of people visiting your site and assuming at least 200 hundred of them click a single ad that would earn you a percentage of that advertisers pay to Ezoic to show their ad on your blog. 

This would multiply the more visitors you have and the more pages you show these adverts on. I suggest this for all new websites.


amazon registration

7 Amazon associates

With Amazon’s affiliate program, you can earn an increasing amount of monthly income. They have slashed commission numbers this year but the organic conversion on Amazon is insane. The money will be hard work to get substantial amounts but it works and you will see sales.

For each purchase that is made from Amazon through your blog, you will get a commission from it. So if you are part of the program, and you are promoting 5 products or even more and each of those 5 high-quality products is making sales, by the end of the month you will get the percentage of commission allocated to that category that you are promoting.

I do not use Amazon for affiliate marketing but you are welcome to use it because it does work.

amazon affiliates dissappointed at commission reduction

8 Job Boards on ProBlogger

You can also use your writing talent on your blog to help land your client work on content sites like ProBlogger. This is a good way to earn extra income, plus a sneaky way to grow your website is to openly list and promote your blog on your profile and any job applications as people will want to see your work and you might even get banner clicks from a small per cent of people.

Short to the pointed tip.


blogging as a business

Blogging as a business is a reality and it is available to everyone. You can create blogs on just about any darn topic and you will get active visitors and an audience. But the hard work and slow start are what stops many people who try, I stopped first because my targeting was way off.

I picked some monkey poop niche with non-niche related targeting and saw nothing happen on one of my first blogs but as I learned the craft of who my audience WAS and WHAT my keywords should have been it all changed.

It takes 3-6 months to see momentum take place. You need to be consistent through the quiet times so that you are building the momentum. When Google is ready to reward you all that hard work will catch up to you and your affiliate links will start driving commission and the blog will become more popular and more like a business.

I never in a million years thought I would be a blogger. Things change and my viewpoint shifted to a lifestyle that suited what I wanted. Now I own several blogs and I am extremely happy to have made the change.

The concept is simple. Build the blog, fill it with content and promote it. Keep adding content and keep promoting it and the magic happens.

This takes time and repetition just like working out at the gym your scrawny arms need repetition of weight lifts to get bigger. That’s the same thing happening to your blog.

This information will help you and guide you to get that start at blogging as a business. Follow the steps and do the work. Nothing comes from inactivity. I hope you find this helpful and it inspires you to build a blog.

I want you to build your own business and work your hours that’s all a simple request from me to you.

Enjoy the share, thanks for reading and peace.

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires...

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How To Load Value Into Affiliate Offers

How To Load Value Into Affiliate Offers

As marketers we are always competing against someone and getting an edge on the competition is what we do as marketers. This article will focus on crafting the offer and how to load up the perception of value behind the offer. This one thing can be the difference between your biggest payday and your failed attempts. The money is in the messaging. Pay attention….

Your audience will buy from you, there is no doubt about it. But they won’t buy if the offer does not motivate them to buy. What helps motivate a purchase? cost, features, functions and value!

The way we go about crafting our offers, our statements and our wording for offers we want to promote should be value-focused and helping to solve a problem.

We have our offer, we know what it does now our job is to communicate that but change the wording so it adds more weight to the offer. We add perceived value to the statement and the offer.

When you put the below process in place you can start to almost effortlessly promote products for $47 – $147 because you have jammed the offer with value.

You can use this communicating value tactic for eCommerce marketing as well for HUGE rewards.

Being able to create really valuable offers is a twist on the original offer that you promote. This “thing” solves the midnight munchies AND makes you stop doing that “thing”. The offer sounds good, the offer incites the reader to learn more. 

The Problem For Me Was

I struggled with the creation of the backend value. It was hard coming up with creative and unique names that improved my offers without sounding spammy AF. The thing you don’t want to do is sound like you are a pyramid scheme on legs.

I would spend hours making product names, statements and description headlines that I thought were going to burn the roof off. But reading them back I sounded like I was trying to promote a car that didn’t exist to an audience who were in the 5th grade. I needed a better way of doing this.

This 5 step system is what I came up with and it’s here free for all readers to use as they please. No payments no catches or subscriptions.


The key takeaway here is:

  • Create a short sharp punchy headline
  • Increase the perceived value of the “thing”
  • Systemise it for mass production
  • Have a load of fun doing it

People have 2-second attention spans and it’s in that moment before they get distracted or scroll on that YOU need to catch their attention.

Using short sharp and punchy attention-grabbing headlines and statements help to hold the attention of the reader. You can include the value points highlights or even features and concepts. But keep it short and sharp.


I’ll show in the process breakdown below how to come up with an attention-grabbing headline for a before bedtime offer I am promoting. This works extremely well for CPA marketing as well if that’s your poison.


The Process

So here are the 5 steps to quickly build out lists and lists of sharp catchy headlines and descriptions for your promotions and offers. The more you do this the more you improve and before you know it you start evolving it to work for you.

Step 1: The first thing I’ll do is brainstorm all the different benefits my propsect will get

Here’s my list:

  • Stop binging before bed
  • Control cravings
  • Get more confidence
  • Increase energy
  • Stop waking up tired
  • Stop gaining fat
  • Lose fat while you sleep
  • Get a flat stomach
  • Get a six pack
  • Fit into your skinny clothes

Step 2: Next, make a list of all the different ways to describe the function or feature of the product or offer that you are promoting

Here is my list of function and features:

  • Formula
  • Report
  • Flow Chart
  • Blueprint
  • Mindmap
  • Coaching
  • Machine
  • 20 Minutes (can be any number of minutes)
  • 7 Days (can be any number of days)
  • Matrix
  • Generator
  • Templates
  • Guide
  • Handbook
  • Software
  • Course
  • Bot
  • Funnel
  • Robot
  • Club
  • Technique
  • Mastermind
  • Strategy
  • Code
  • Secrets
  • Video
  • Method
  • System

Step 3: Then… look at the list of power words that you can access and find 7 power words that you like…

My example is food based so I will use fast as the example here. I’m going to find 7 power words that mean “fast.”

Here’s the power words that I chose:

  • Speedy
  • Fastest
  • Rapid
  • Instant
  • One-Step
  • Automatic
  • Express

Step 4: Next, use the merge words tool that you can access by clicking here:

This tool mixes and merges all the possible combinations of your power words, functions, features, and benefits…

This tool will reduce time sent manually combining words and free up your creativity to help you see unique and creative combinations that you would not have thought about otherwise…

It’s very simple to use.. Here’s the 101…

1 On the first column of the merge tool, put the benefits you came up with on step 1…

2 On the second colum, put all the mechanism words from step 2…

3 And on the third column, put the 7 power words you chose on step 3….

Step 5: Lastly, skim this list until you find a name that you love and your audience will relate to based on teh words that you have choosen.

For my “no more binging before midnight” headline… I came up with the new angle of:

“The Formula To Crush Cravings Instantly”

Using these 5 steps to create your “new angle” will cause your audience to automatically know what your product does, the most important benefit it delivers,  and why your solution is unique and valuable…

Why did this work?

If you don’t create fresh names for your information, you’ll be saying the same regurgitated lines as every other affiliate out there promoting the same product.

Your main goal is to increase the perception of the value of the product you are promoting. When you send emails promoting your affiliate offers the success rate of the reader to buyer ratio can depend on your communication. The real sign you have the right hook is of the perceived value involved in the “thing” that you are promoting.

Being unique and having a point of difference makes your offer MORE attractive than the others. Creating exciting statements and headlines is fun and when you get the hang of it becomes quite fast.


Most people have no idea how to increase the perceived value of information… One of the main reason is that perceived value is very slippery and subjective… It’s all about how you frame and structure your wording within your content.


Look at this example below from Basecamp. The headline makes it sound very appealing to me as a team leader having people I work with all over the world this appeals to me. The words TOOLKIT make it sound like there is a lot of functionality and the words ALL – IN – ONE make it sound like its the best one-stop-shop and I can cancel subscriptions to other services. Really good example.

Following the 6 step value offer checklist below will increase the perceived value of your information by 3 to 10 times! First, we’re going to create the content for your value-packed hook…

Remember that all the answers to the questions below can be found with a little bit of research on your customers and market… You can use Google, Whirlpool, Yahoo groups, Facebook groups, Reddit and Quora and many other sites…

Just a reminder… You are creating this sales hook for one of your prospects 4 primary problems…

Your value-based hook is going to help them get one step closer to the result they want, by solving just one of their most frustrating core problems.

Don’t try to help them solve all their core problems at once… It’s too much! Make your entire hook about helping them solve just 1 specific problem.

For my example… My entire angle is going to be on the best tips I have for stopping binging before bed… I’m going to annihilate and solve that 1 primary problem.

They’re going to get value from my value-based hook, and only have 3 core problems left to get to their ideal result… That’s when you refer them to a high converting, high-value affiliate program.
So let’s get started…

email marketing platforms

6 step checklist to create mega-high value hook based solutions….


Describe the specific problem your audience is experiencing in vivid detail…

Do your best to enter the conversation that is already going on in your audiences head…

Remember, if you can describe your audience’s problem to them better than they can to themselves… then they’ll automatically stay on your page and credit you for having the solution to their problem.


Describe the specific tangible result that your audience wants… Paint a picture of the result they want… Remind them of all the wonderful benefits they’ll get once they solve this problem…


Describe what your solution does… include the ease and speed of the solution…You can also include a bit of theory, history or science about your solution here if it is applicable.


Mention an insight, trick, or counter-intuitive concept that makes your solution unique and different…Standing out without being spammy or misleading is our goal.

Remember, we perceive new information as much more valuable than things we have already heard before…


Explain how to use the technique step by step… Layout the specific “how-to” action steps of the solution with tips on how to implement and calibrate their actions…


Name your value-packed angle something interesting. The name of your angle or a new solution is your biggest leverage point for increasing the perceived value of your information…


This quick 6 step DIY list has helped me go from 4 and 5 hours of stumbling and fumbling over words to short sharp 20 minute one and done. I rapidly decreased the time spent brainstorming headlines and statements about my affiliate promotions.


The key is to be creating very valuable solutions to your audiences most painful problems…Using value and an outcome are very valuable levers for messaging in marketing. The bare bones of it are matching a problem with a solution, but we are adding some spice to the way we present the solution.

John Rambo wants you to succeed.


Free Ready To Use Affiliate Sales Offer Type Swipe Lines

Feel free to use these swipe lines as you need, they are copy-paste simple. Swap out the words that don’t match your offer and put in your words/offers and affiliate links and make that money.

If you have success with these I’d love to hear about it and if they need work, hey shoot me a mail and let’s craft some better ones for your offers. Enjoy the freebies.

Has this ever happened to you?

{Paint a picture of a typical frustration, problem, or emberassing situation the typical prospect would experience…. Describe problems people are having, and what they have tried that didn’t work. }


Here are some shocking facts you’re about to learn about ending {sticking point1} and why you shouldn’t even think about using {common method 1} or {common method 2}, until you ready every single word on this report!

1) The single reason almost everyone fails to stop {sticking point} PERMANENTLY!

2) Why {Common Method 1} and {Common Method 2} help only

TEMPORARILY (hint: It deals with the effect and not the cause.)
3. A new breakthrough method that will end your {sticking point} in just XX minutes…

If you suffer from {sticking point 1} then reading the following report will be a major turning point in your quest to get {the end result they want}…

Are you ready to discover a breakthrough secret that effortlessly ends {sticking point 1} permanently and in just XX Minutes?

Why Does This Happen? And Why Is It So Hard To Stop?

{Talk about some science, theory or research results here… Wikipedia is your best friend for this section…}

Don’t you think it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results by doing the

Don’t you think it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results by doing the same thing over and over again?

If I keep touching a burning hot stove, I’d be stupid to think the next time I touch the stove I won’t get burnt.

That’s why you need to try something new…

Here’s How It’s Possible To End (Sticking Point 1) In Only XX Minutes…

It’s called {The name of your magic bullet solution }, and it’s the easiest way to end {sticking point 1} . It works so well because {reason why it works, mention insight, counter-intuitive concept, or trick here…}

Here are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Tell Say…You’re Just XX Minutes Away From Never Suffering From {Sticking Point 1 Side effects} …

One: {Proof} Two: {Proof} Three: {Proof}

Here Are The Exact Step By Step Instructions To Permanently End {Sticking Point}

{Step 1} {Step 2} {Step 3}

{Give them tips on how to calibrate their actions as they apply the techniques… For example: Here’s what to watch out for to make sure it’s working. Here’s what to watch out for so you don’t go down the wrong road. }

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Use the information above for XX minutes per day, to permanently end

Use the information above for XX minutes per day, to permanently end

{sticking point}…

Then, If you want {benefit}, {benefit} and {benefit}… and you wan’t to end {sticking point 2}, {sticking point 3} and {sticking point 4} then click here. {Your affiliate link}

Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Ideas You’ll Discover By Clicking Here {Affiliate Link}…

Bullet 1: You’ll learn why the way you’re currently trying to stop {sticking point 2} is completely wrong.

Bullet 2: How to solve your {sticking point 4} problem quickly, easily and in a way you’ve never thought about before.

Bullet 3: The secret to get {end result they want} twice as fast…

Bullet 4: How to get {benefit} with {unique mechanism}. Master this simple skill and {sticking point 2} will be gone for good!

You can get access to {affiliate link} and get {BIG RESULT} tonight! It’s really that simple.

Click on this link and get {end result} and completely annihilate {sticking point 2}, {sticking point 3} and {sticking point 4}!

To your success, {Your Name}

“At Last – A New Breakthrough 10 Minute Solution That Guarantees To End Your Dog’s Barking Permanently… WITHOUT Shock Collars, Negative Reinforcement Or Spending $1,000’s For A Dog Trainer…

Final Thoughts

The templates will help you workshop some angles and try out new ways of communicating your value-packed statements and offers. Try them out, trust in the process and don’t do one and throw in the towel if it doesn’t work. This craft takes YEARS to perfect.

Copywriting is an art form and even now years on from day 1 I still struggle with writing the headline that succeeds first time without competitive tools. I often need to write it and then tweak it over time to get better results. This is the reality unless you are a gifted SOB and can write winning headlines all day long. I am not that gifted individual but I trust in the process outlined here and continue to see success from putting it to work.

I hope this helps you in crafting the sales offer, loading a value into your words and gives you an understanding of taking information and changing it into revenue-generating content. Thanks for reading and peace!

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires...

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How To Craft A Real Marketing Message

How To Craft A Real Marketing Message

Crafting Your Marketing Messaging

If you look at your written marketing for what you do e.g. sell websites, promote affiliate offers, printing brochure etc does it communicate in the same language you would use in person?. For some reason when we write we seem to get all intellectual and forget we are talking to real people with real problems and desires. I always make a point to connect the audience I am speaking to with the message I am using, This is the basis for engagement.

Our written marketing message should be just the same as we would use selling in person. The clarity in messaging can help someone on the fence make that purchase decision at the moment.

Crafting the message can be one of the most important things you do to increase sales.

Mixed Messaging Causes Friction.

Friction in messaging kills sales.

Friction is when something happens to make life harder for someone to make a decision. Ideally, you want to make things as easy as possible. Simplifying the message and the steps involved in taking action from your message.

This ranges from:

  • Too many form fields
  • Too many product options
  • Too many steps between add to cart to payment gateway
  • Very clunky user actions


I often get reminder emails from retailers to do reviews on their product or service after I purchased products. A great example is Australian retailer Harvey Norman, during COVID I purchased a home gym and various bench press and rowers etc. 4 months later this week actually they emailed me to do a customer product review. This was so disjointed to me from the buying experience to the review request. I clicked the link they gave me and it took me to a sign-in/up page I don’t think I even have an account except for the purchase account. Then to get to the product to review I had to search for it to leave the review…..I did not leave a review.

This just felt so clunky and disjointed. It must be hard for people to leave reviews. The harder it is to do something the more likely people will not do that thing.

A solution I can see is to shorten the request window to 2-3 weeks. Make it super simple by providing two links that speak to the user.


  1. A link for someone who HAS an account and knows it
  2. A link for someone who DOES NOT have an account and may be unsure if they do

Takeaway: Try it yourself in your business and websites by doing a friction audit of your business today and fix anything that may be costing you sales. I guarantee there is at least one point of friction in any business.

The Art of Storytelling

Marketing statistics, numbers and facts don’t persuade people to take action. Feelings, emotions and stories do envoke actions. Let’s look at a marketing 101 lesson that should form the foundation of any advertising campaign messaging.

Point 1

Identify your customer avatar or persona. What do they like or dislike and where do they hang out. That’s the basis for EVERY marketing campaign at least every SUCCESSFUL marketing campaign. You have identified as a minimum the people who will be interested in what you have and what you are saying.

Point 2

Now that you have the people you will be targeting you can start forming the message. The message should live within a story, a relatable bit of information that speaks volumes to that audience.

If you get these 2 points in place you will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the success you have with the marketing of your product or service.

Extra points if you introduce emotion into your story. People react to emotion and stories. We all buy into something relatable. Myself included if that message/story falls into my interest categories I’ll spend 30 minutes reading or following the directions of the brand who is engaging with.

So anytime you are trying to persuade lead with feelings, emotions and story but back them up with facts. People buy on emotion but justify their purchases with logic.


How Does Your Message Evoke Audience Feeling?

Feelings are what we are really buying when we give over money for a product or service. We want to feel a certain way, some people play on retail therapy. This retail therapy is a thing, I know a couple people who will do a task that’s not enjoyable in their business and when they complete its head straight out to the shop to spend money as a reward for doing something huge or that was not enjoyable. This is a treat for completing something tactic, it works for someone people.

A classic example is an Apple product. Based on features alone they are typically poor value for money. But no one buys them for the features. They buy them because they are iconic and they look cool using them. Think of the illuminated Apple logo on a Macbook. The stand out white earbuds. Your purchase makes a statement about you.

You feel good owning it. So today’s lesson is to remember you are really selling feelings not just features and benefits. This plays right into the SEO landscape for my example.

People don’t buy SEO services because the website will be in good health and they rank #1 they buy that feeling of being #1 ABOVE their competitors. That’s as simple as it is for selling SEO services, sell the feeling of beating the competitor. The associated benefits are ranking number 1, more traffic, more sales more everything from being #1 in the industry on Google.

That’s it without overcomplicating it. Sell the feeling your product or service gives people.


Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires...

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Insights Into My Niche Store Top Selling Products

Insights Into My Niche Store Top Selling Products

The thing that I love about what I do is that I can take an idea and within a day or two turns that idea into an actual thing. I’m talking about eCommerce dropshipping or other product promotion ideas. It is not uncommon for me to have an idea on Friday and by Saturday night have a website up promoting that idea.
My girlfriend finds this hilarious but I wonder for how long 🤷‍♂️…

haha slightly worried my obsessive thought to idea problem might be too much for some people. If you have this problem let me know.

Back to the point! I got started in this method by buying a business and running with it with no prior experience. That’s not the ideal start for everyone but I’ve helped a lot of people get started by sharing some of my Friday afternoon ideas. I don’t have time to do EVERYTHING! To share my ideas is not a problem at least someone committed can put them to good use.

I want to help you sell your first product! That’s it a simple goal for this article. This is not too ambitious and anyone can do this. What I’ll go over in this is a couple of product niches and the products that I have sold and still sell that make money. These work for the main niche but can be drilled down into sub-niches and highly targeted audiences.


To keep this pretty basic and actionable I’ll suggest we use the marketplace AliExpress as our product source. AliExpress has millions of products at very low rates that you can use to populate the products on your website. The other bonus is because they sell products at such low prices you can dropship these products at a higher price.

I added the product links in this article so you can click through and see how much they cost on AliExpress. You can sell these often 3-7 times the purchase price. Also, I have used some affiliate links on the products so I may get a commission if anyone of you purchases the products through my links.

So we will be selecting products from AliExpress and then showcasing them on our website. This dropshipping method of promoting products you don’t hold works well, but I’ll also show you some alternative methods to sell products once you sell multiple products. This can be your phase II goal once you have momentum.

I share this because it has helped me build a lifestyle business where I don’t need my job. I can happily live off my online money and I want that for you. This type of hobby changed my life. Selling products online can be your life-changing hobby as well.


Enough fluff lets get into the good stuff.

Think of each of this divided section as a Niche category. The niche category can then be split into subcategories where you can segment products into really targeted product collections. These collections will be highly relevant to a section of people. This is one way to provide relevant products to people actually into those products. The rest is marketing 101.

Military Survival Tactical Gear

This niche is highly successful and growing in strides as COVID, rioting and other catastrophes erupt. I do not support any epidemic or race hate crimes or recommend profiting from them but I do support business. Make your marketing focus on the product the problem and the solution and avoid piggybacking off the world events distastefully.

Miltary and outdoor survival type products sell well. This is competitive but not to the point where you can not sell products. I found bags, pouches, kits, helmets, gloves and accessory type tools sell well.


Tactical Backpack For Operators

military type backpacks

Click to see these backpack products.

I have a couple of survival, paintball, outdoors type niche sites that I promote these backpacks. What I’ve found is having a variety of the same backpack is a positive signal. I limit the backpack-type to around 4 types but have 7-9 variations of each backpack. People like the colour variations.

You want to use clean images and some action shots of the backpacks being used. The price of these backpacks can go from $40-$120. This is fully depending on your messaging, the backpack you select and what features it has against the others.



Heavy Duty Pocket Torch


Click to see these torch types.

This style of the torch is very popular. Surprisingly the female audience responded best to this products Facebook ads. You will need to be creative with your marketing if you use this product type. There is a lot of competition and noise, so standing out needs one of your focuses.

Notice the image look and feel? it’s one way to make the product look a bit better than your competitors who just use the AliExpress product image. You need to take an out of the box approach to marketing torches and gadget type products.


Tactical Sling Pouch

tactical medi pouch

Click to see these tactical pouches.

I have a lot of these tactical pouches around my house they are functional and can be used for a lot of things. Most people feel the same way seeing as I’m always ordering these from my supplier haha. My tip is to look at the red cross on this pouch. Think about a couple of variations of this type of patch on the pouch, that’s how you create sub-niches.

What do I mean about creating a sub-niche? well, the cross-appeals to one type of customer now I want to sell the same pouch but to other customers. I would check for pouches or patches for snipers, grenades, skulls demons and so on and so on.

I hope you get the point about how to create a sub-niche now.

Heavy Duty Smart Phone Protector Case


Click to see the phone case on AliExpress.

This is a great example of multi-use products that suit a lot of sub-categories. Everyone has a smartphone, and everyone fears damaging their smartphone. A super-protective heavy duty phone case is a great solution to that fear. Now we are getting to the problem and solution type marketing process.

You could sell these to a lot of audiences. tradies, campers, drivers and more. Everyone wants to keep their smartphone safe and secure.


“The evergreen military tactical and survival product kit. This is an evergreen product that I believe will grow in popularity throughout the year. Thanks to COVID and Mad Max (movie was set in 2021) people have concerns about survival””.


Outdoor Power Solar Off Grid

Leading on from the tactical and military survival gear is this segway into an off-grid living, solar power chargers and outdoor power options. Very popular and growing in popularity. This served me a double positive, it would make me money but I could also buy these products for my old man for his birthday. A great way to get product test data and action shots of the products.

My pro tip: work smarter not harder!



Portable Solar Power Charging Pad

solar charger padcharge pad

Click to see Pad 1, Click to see Pad 2.

I’ll be honest with you I have bought so many of these I really should start white labelling them. They are great gifts for family members who work outdoors. Sturdy and functional they can even serve multiple audience types.

I have used cyclist targeting and crane operators before with success. A little tricky but they sold more than I paid in ad spend, that sweet sweet ROAS.

The problem is people use their phone a lot for music, talking, videos etc and they if are like me most would be terrified the moment their battery hits 10% remaining. How this product helps them is to provide a portable charging solution, that can charge from the sun and they can move around while charging their phone.

An example snippet from an advert I ran “The old way was to sit by a power outlet while your phone charges”.
This was some wording from a past advertisement I ran hitting on that mobility factor. You need to be creative in ad copy to sell products.

I found a positive audience for this product on Pinterest and Instagram.


BONUS Product Solar Charger Panels

Click to see this bonus product here.

These bonus tip bad boys sold WELL! I targeted so many sub-niches audiences. The product is amazing so selling it just requires using the right type of messaging. Fishing buffs and camping audiences were the biggest buyers of this product. I branched off into some out of the box subcategories and found success especially in cross-promoting other survival tactical type products.


Bonus tip: Sometimes getting the visitor to your website is just about being able to cookie them for any retargeting adverts that you might have running. This works well for discounts and coupon promotions of your product as well.


Multi Function Tactical Pens

tactical pen

Click to see what this pen can do.

These multi-function products like tactical pens work well in waves. I found it challenging to get consistent sales from promoting these pens. I would create an ad set after ad set to promote these products and win for a couple of days then routinely fail.

My tip for promoting these products is to select months of the year to run 6-week promo and ad campaigns and then at the end of the 6 weeks cut the campaign.

This was the only I could get traction promoting these. I do think they are over-saturated. But if they are saturated that doesn’t mean we can’t sell them we just need to be creative in how we sell them.


Security Lighting LED Bright Light Bars


LED bar

Click to see this light bar product.

One of the top-selling products in my outdoor camping niche store is a bright light LED bar. These are multi-purpose and not just for outdoors they also suit suburban security fittings. I like these type of products because you can play on the home alone, intruder alert type fears factor.

These make great perimeter lighting and are so helpful after dark when camping.

This is a marketing tactic and I do not suggest people go around scaring people into buying these with horror stories.

Steampunk Clothing & Accessories

Yet another segway into outlander type Mad Max scenario is the steampunk genre. People are getting into this trend and dressing as they walked straight off the set of Mad Max or Tank Girl. Steampunk mixes industrial factory with military-style dress code while looking very unique. I do not get why people dress like this outside of comic con but hey all the power to you if this is your dress style.

The Steampunk Trench Coat

steampunk trench coat

Click to see the product.

The trench coat is a starting point for most people starting to make a fashion statement. It also helps act as a security blanket for the first-timers stepping out as a steampunker. They practically sell themselves.

When you do sell these trench coats include women as well. A lot of the steampunk style is unisex where anyone can wear it and you don’t need to be a man to have it. Unisex clothing is a thing and it makes sense…..if we live in a future where the supplies are limited.

Steampunk Glasses / Goggles

glasses for steampunks

Click to see these glasses.

Could I wear a pair of these and look as cool as this guy? Nah probs, not my friends but some people are going nuts for these type of glasses and speed demon goggles. The style is unique a little vintage a little retro and something modern.

I would have a handful of style types and then 2 or 3 colour variations for each pair of glasses. You could use these as a bundle offer or as an upsell in the shopping cart.

Steampunk Patches & Badges

steampunk jacket patch

Click to see these patches.

The next product set that sells pretty quickly is the mix of badges and patches that can be added to any article of clothing. The patches can represent factions or groups. The growing popularity in games like Fortnight and league of legends is factions and groups.

The patches and badges help people express their allegiance just like people wear their fav NBA team jersey these patches are like wearing a Chicago Bulls patch for steampunks.

Chains & Chokers for Steampunks

steampunk chocker

To see this product click here.

There is a need for chains in any steampunk store. Why chains? there is always chains in Steampunk and these are cheap to drop ship or Whitelabel. They are not too heavy to ship and they are a staple of the dress code.

Think also about those rock punk wallet chains that attach to the belt. A nose ring and earring chains and this can expand on even more and start leading into the fetish niche. The sky is the limit.

Apocalypse Mechanical Watches

mechanical watch

To see this watch click here.

People like these watches. I don’t wear a watch but these sell pretty much like …wait for it…clockwork! 🤣

I would suggest having 10-20 watches and then 2 -3 colour variations per watch. You could make a website just themed on steampunk mechanical watches. Again do not leave out the female steampunks, think unisex for steampunk targeting.


Key Takeaway

The online retail space is exploding and it is not going to slow down. I highly recommend getting a start with some type of eCommerce method. I broke down the top 4 methods below where you can get started.

The tabs below will tell you what each method

  • What is each method
  • Who each method is for
  • What you need to get started
  • Earning potential

Check it out below!

What is it? This is a method where you promote a product without having it. When someone buys that product from you the money they pay you will be used to buy the product from the supplier. You use the money from your customer to buy the product. You never have any leftover stock because you don’t ever touch the product.

Who is this for? Everyone. This is easy to test the waters method. You can get started quickly and the overheads are quite low. You should be able to get this set up for $500 bucks. The return on this investment can be double triple or higher than the $500. You will need to understand how emails, shipping and ordering works.

What do you need to get started? the minimum is a website, an email address, a bank account, some form of product to promote usually found on AliExpress or eBay.

Earning potential? $-$$$

What is this? You take a product you like and design some changes to the product to make it better. This can be minor tweaks or some fundamental design or feature changes. The manufacturer makes you a product that matches your new design. You now own a product YOU created.

Who is this for? People who have sold products before. People who understand market needs. You MUST have done some market research. You MUST know the demand for what you have.

What do you need to start? You need an idea. You need to validate your idea that it will have demand for it. You need something to piggyback off and create your private label product. Then you need a website, email account, bank account and then starting capital to order, ship and store the products. You will need to physically stock these products.

Earning potential? $$-$$$$$

What? This is a method where you join up to programs to promote products on behalf of brands or networks. When people buy the product from a link you’re promoted you get paid.

Who is this for? Everyone. This is an easy way to test the waters. You don’t ever touch or hold products, you will just promote products you like.

What do you need to get started? As a minimum a bank account, an email and somewhere to promote the products. This could be a website, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Earning potential? $-$$$$$

What is it? This is one of the toughest roads to take in eCommerce. Compared to the other methods this one requires the most physical involvement of creating, shipping, storing and housing the products. You will be building your product from scratch. You will need to ship the products to your warehouse and store the products until they need to be shipped to customers. BUT you own the product and you can take it where ever you want in sales revenue.

Who is this for? NOT for starters. You should have some sales experience and business experience under your belt first. I would suggest starting with either dropshipping or affiliate marketing first.

What do you need to start? You will need significant investment capital to start this method. You need to create prototypes, design specs, shipping and logistics, storage facilities ( I started doing this in my garage and dining room lol) then manual shipping and promoting the products to get them moving.

In short, this is not an easy method. Why should you do this? well in 12 months this will be a LOT easier and it will be making you a great income. The time to build momentum takes time but it can steamroll into something huge.

Earning potential? $$-$$$$

I got a start in eCommerce by buying a business from Gumtree, it was a really simple mobile phone case store. This was back when mobile phones could only play the game snake and people would clip the phone cases to the outside of their belts.

ANYONE can do this but like any business, it takes time and commitment. If you don’t put in the work early on, you won’t see any rewards. If it was push-button easy EVERYONE would be doing this.

I hope this has helped you see the opportunity and get some momentum towards selling your first product. If you liked this comment below or like it or share it with someone who might make use of the information. Peace!


Read more on the Clickbucks Blog!

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Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

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How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

Here’s a powerful way to make your marketing stronger.
Write out an offer that your dream clients would love and be hard for them to say no to. Then see how close you can get to creating it. Once you do launch and promote it everywhere.
This sounds simple but so many sales are lost due to weak offers. Note when I say offer I do not mean price discounting. I mean a real sales offer.
Do you know what the only asset that matters in your business is?
  • It isn’t your Facebook page.
  • It isn’t your Instagram followers.
  • It is not your people
  • It isn’t any of your physical machinery or facilities.
So what is it?
It’s your client database and the relationship you have with them.
When businesses are sold this is ‘really’ what the purchaser is buying.
Clients pay for everything and you must treat them as gold. If you don’t have your own client database set up and actively market to it the best time to fix that is right now!
“I’ve always been intrigued by the reality where some clients are happy to pay more for essentially the same thing. The reason is because of how the value is postioned in teh service. I always ask this question.
Have you taken time to look at all potential clients for what you sell?
Have you identified those who can:
  • Benefit the most
  • Benefit the fastest
  • Pay the most
One of the easiest ways to grow sales and reduce headaches is to sell to the best clients you can. If you will do the research now your future self will thank you for it.”

Help Your Clients Discover Their USP

A USP is short for Unique Selling Position. This is a great way to identify the why and how the business is better than its competitors. An example may be that store A& B can deliver in 14 days but store C can deliver in 7 days that is a USP for store C.
Do your clients know the answer to this question?
Why should I buy from you over anyone else AND instead of buying something else with my money?
It’s a profound question and your answer must contain one key thing.
That thing is something they can only get from your company. Now this requires some digging and work but the rewards are there for you if you do it.
Once you can say you are the only one with X you immediately separate yourself from the competition and become THE choice for the clients you want.
So take 15 minutes right now and come up with your list of what clients get only from you.
Then review it and see what would be most powerful from a client perspective. Most importantly start using it in your marketing NOW.

18 Techniques That Improve Advertising Efforts

The purpose of all advertising is to take people’s existing desires and direct them towards your product or service. The old problem and solution pairing is a great way to start running ads with copy that calls out pain and provides the segway to the solution.

If you want to make your ads better you need to understand psychology and copy writing. But I know not everyone has time so to save you time here are some of my favourite advertising approaches.
All have been used effectively over many years. choose what you believe will work best with your clients.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and test different appeals.

Here are 18 Quick Fire Tips

1. News. If you have something genuinely new and different then use a news angle in your ads. Words like announcing, introducing or finally now you can XYZ.      
2. Arouse curiosity. Once a curiosity loop opens in someones mind most people feel the need to close it. I had a great example recently a Facebook ad asked me if I knew the one question to get more sales. I didn’t but was curious and clicked the ad to find out.
3. Tell a story. It seems widely known now that stories sell. So use them in your message. Especially if it’s a story of success for someone just like the person you are aiming the ad at.

4. Add scarcity but make it true. A risk something will end or run out triggers fear of missing out and makes us take action.

16. Sell it well and then take it away. If you can get people wanting what you have and then say who it’s not for this adds more motivation to purchase.
5.Create a common enemy. You can bring people across to your site by sharing a common enemy. A few examples that people use are ‘big business’, ‘the banks’, ‘big pharma etc. Notice how the labels predetermine you viewing them as bad.
6. Take a contrarian position. A simple example of this could be telling people not to use Facebook ads whilst everyone else seems to be telling them to use them. You can go really strong on this one if you’re comfortable with it. Be aware though you will get some flack so you need to be able to deal with that.
7. Create controversy. This is a strategy that has been used in Public Relations a lot. Brands like American Apparel have also used it to gain greater exposure. It’s not for everyone and again has risks of flack you need to be aware of.
8. It’s not your fault. If you can absolve potential clients of any responsibility for making mistakes in the past then they can embrace your solution. If they feel as though it was their fault it can be hard for them to move to something new.
9. Social proof. The more people who testify to the fantastic results they get with your business the better. It’s far more credible than anything you can ever say. Aim for video testimonials if you can with specific results they got from your business.
10. Risk reversal. In any purchase there is a perceived risk of making a mistake and this fear reduces sales. You can limit this ‘perceived risk’ with a powerful risk reversal guarantee.
11. Small yesses. If you can get someone to say yes to something in your ad and keep them agreeing along the way it makes it easier for get the main yes to your product or service.
12. Offer a magic pill. People want the magic pill. As much as I hate this it’s the reality of the market. You need to present your offer like a magic pill to get the most people saying yes.
13. Sell to their want not need. It’s amazing how there is always money for what people want. Even if you know what they need sell to their want first or you won’t get the chance to help solve their true need.
14. Offer a sense of community. We are all looking to belong in some way if you can add community to your ads and offers it can bring more people in.
15.Use the Zeigarnik Effect. In psychology, the Zeigarnik effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. The easiest way to use is to give part of the information and then the rest can only be gained by clicking to another page or opting in for something. Don’t make it too hard though.
17. Enter the conversation already going on in their mind. If you can write your ad to what they are thinking about right now then they will click your ads in big numbers. But you need to dig in and really understand your market to do this.
18. Ask a compelling question. It’s really hard for us to ignore questions especially if they are on a topic we are interest in. So you could ask a question like ‘Do you know the one question all clients want answered?”. If they don’t they will very likely act to get the answer.
In summing up all of the above we are always communicating to the ad viewer self-interest.
If you keep even that in mind at all times you’re on the way to creating better ads and growing your business faster.

Bonus Tip For Clear Messaging

Are your words easy to understand?
The words you use to promote your business matter. If you use big words you lose people. If you use regular words then almost anyone can read your message.
The more people who read or hear your message the more clients you can get.
There is a simple set of tests you can use to make sure your message is well understood.
Yesterday I ran the profile a popular marketer in LinkedIn through these tests.
This person failed the tests.
In fact the writing requires a post-graduate education to understand it.
This is not an unusual case.
If you try and read it you know immediately it makes no sense.
So the solution is to get a Flesch Kincaid grade for all your writing.
You want a grade level of 7.5 or under and a reading ease of at least 60.
For the record this post has a grade level of 4.5 and reading ease of 84.9.

Keeping Your Marketing Message Clear

Your marketing message will be ignored unless…
The very first line contains one of the big 3 elements that grab attention.
Here they are in reverse order of power (my ranking):
Coming in 3rd is curiosity. You see this with click bait headlines if you’re curious enough you click. But what you click to can often be disappointing.
If you use it make sure you genuinely reward the persons curiosity.
Coming in 2nd is news. Especially anything to do with threats to our survival and loved ones. We are hard wired to tune in to any potential threats.
Coming in 1st is self-interest.
That is something that is relevant to what I most want right now.
It’s been said that we need to enter the conversation going on in the minds of our potential clients.
I’ve never seen better advice than this.
All three work and you should test them all in your market.
But if you choose one might as well start with the most power self-interest.
If your marketing messages, websites and social media profiles aren’t already applying these then the time to fix it is right now.
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Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

The most underrated marketing channel is by far email marketing. Almost every business can benefit from running email campaigns, there is also the repeat customer factor involved in email campaigns. I am a huge believer in email marketing and this article focuses on the best ways a small business can use emails to increase revenue.

The best email marketing software can be measured by various factors but ultimately my key factors will be different to yours and the next person after you. I like email marketing service features that allow landing pages, email templates, forms, email automation and a drag and drop builder for ease of use. These are the key features I look for in an email marketing platform.

How I would approach this would be to pick 3 key things you want from your email software and stick to that as your must-haves. Do not get caught up in all the shiny things an email tool can do, these are nice to have not mission-critical. When you get started with email marketing you can get a free trial before buying paid plans on the email software to test drive the software.

Most email software will sting you based on your list size, how many emails you plan on sending, and based on your number of subscribers. The alternatives listed below do more for your buck. Each has it’s own free email marketing free trial period where you can test the waters and email out to your subscriber list for an example. Great way to see if that platform is right for you.

In this article, I will provide you with an overview of email software that I have used and would recommend for small businesses.

Why Choosing The Best Email Marketing Service is Important?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for small businesses. I would argue that the biggest return on investment is from sending emails. It takes a little time setting them up working the sequences and trigger points but you can build a new revenue stream when you get it working.

This is because email marketing is easy to manage, gives you full control, and allows you to establish direct contact with your customers. There are a lot of ways to harness emails to attract and retain new business.

Read my article on the importance of building an email list.


I do not think that the success of your email campaigns is dependant on the email software you use. They all do very similar things. Do you sacrifice having a nice dashboard and analytics view because the delivery is really solid or do you sacrifice solid delivery to have a nice clean dashboard view with easy to see analytics? that’s a question only you can answer.

My top 3 Features

  1. The numbers what are limits (subscribers & send rates)
  2. Deliverability 
  3. Sequencing & tagging of the emails


There are more but if I narrow it down to the key 3 things I need it is the above. All the other fancy features are nice but you can get them elsewhere if you needed to.

Secondary advanced features wish list for email marketing software:

  1. Forms
  2. Landing pages
  3. Email templates
  4. Drag and drop email builder editor
  5. Send rates per month
  6. Subject A B testing
  7. Allow affiliate and transactional email


What to Look for in a Good Email Marketing Tool?

A good email marketing service should enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface (ideally drag-and-drop editor).

You should be able to easily send bulk emails that are personalised and targeted without a lot of work. This is also known as marketing automation. Good automation features include auto tagging, link click triggers, event based actions and features like A/B testing.

You must have some feature that allows list segmentation to split groups up based on where they signed up or what actions they take like for example this group all clicked the link to the PDF download and so on.

email sequence

Most importantly, a good email service provider ensures that your email campaigns do not end up in the spam folder. Deliverability is key or you will see very diminished returns on email if you can’t get the email in front of the people.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the most popular email marketing service providers and how they stack up against each other.


I think that Campaign Monitor is absolute garbage and that their support team are not nearly as helpful as a lot of the smaller email marketing services out there. I have had a constant issue with a Shopify form and emails from Campaign Monitor. The support was almost robotic and I kept getting sent in circles. Enough on that , let’s talk about some of the great email marketing service providers available to you.


MailChimp is one of the most well-known email marketing service providers in the world thanks mainly to their heavy brand awareness campaigns and a forever free email marketing service plan.

MailChimp comes with an easy drag-and-drop email builder, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking for analytics. It also allows you to set up delivery times based on user’s timezones, and you can setup segmenting based on geolocation.

The best thing MailChimps offer besides the FREE plan is the ease of the connection between your website and the MailChimp platform. This is made very easy through an on boarding checklist.

You can integrate MailChimp with:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify through Zapier
  • Magento
  • and many more

I do not rate MailChimp as a contender in the marketing automation category. I will acknowledge they have a reliable email automation sequence feature but it lacks the creativity and insights other platforms have in the basic plan like Automizy.

While there are some features included in MailChimps “Advanced” plans when you dig into the guts of them you can see that they are not as advanced as advertised. This is not a dig at MailChimp but more of a realisation that MailChimp is aimed at more beginner level and medium-skilled users. That is great for you being a busy business owner you won’t need to stuff around with all the intricate details and functions just to send an 8 email series.

The support offered by MailChimp in my experience has been top-notch. I never had to wait longer than a day to have a problem resolved. I love the knowledge base and how-to guides they make it even easier using the platform.

MailChimp offers a free plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. As you would expect this is a very limited plan restricting you to the most basic of features. The emails you send will include MailChimp branding.

Using a scale as you grow subscription plan common in most email platforms MailChimp is very affordable starting their paid plans at $10 a month. This allows up to 500 subscribers and then as you grow that you can increase the subscriber count.



Read How To Grow Website Traffic Guide.


Wishpond Emails & Social Media

There is a real thought for the user in how Wishpond showcases the campaigns and allows you to build the lead forms and the process of IF this THEN that type of functions. Featuring a drag and drop editor and one of the best form builders for email marketing software as far as design and usability goes.

If you manage emails newsletters and social media contests and campaigns then Wishpond is a great choice for your business. I really enjoy using this email marketing tool because of the deliverability rates, its so easy to use, the campaign features and once again sheer ease of use.


Wishpond’s marketing automation suite makes it easy and affordable to nurture your website visitors and leads to sales. This is a REALLY powerful set of tools and it will enable you to automatically score and segment leads into lists based on activity and personal details, send personalized emails based on behaviour, and much more.

You will find A LOT of features packed into Wishpond.

  • Email Automation
  • Online Forms
  • Website Popups
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Contests & Promotions
  • Referral Suite of tools
  • Leads Database
  • Marketing Automation

You won’t find personalised content or any dynamic content features in Wishpond but considering everything else this tool does I would be happy to miss out on those.

Who is Wishpond Best For?

Wishpond is focused on business owners of small and medium-sized businesses as well as marketing agencies who want to offer an afford marketing automation platform to their clients.

Most small businesses could make this work for their business I have no doubt.  I highly rate this email marketing software and put it so high on my list because it is easy to use for any one just starting or seasoned professionals.


Wishpond can integrate at the time of writing with just over 300 of the most popular platforms and I imagine this will continue to expand over time.


Wishpond offers multiple tools to enhance your online marketing efforts. It lets you integrate different features on your website to make it spectacular and attractive for visitors. You can build and publish mobile-responsive pages in minutes and integrate different forms with them. These forms pop up when a visitor is on the landing page.

You can easily run contests and promotions on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms with WishPond. Also, it helps you to send personalized emails to the leads. It offers an efficient lead management system which monitors a lead’s activity on the website. This activity is later used to create a list which online marketers use to track their leads’ behaviour.

Lead management is the main feature of Wishpond as it offers multiple ways not only to attract leads but to keep them busy with product-related feed. Just as the website visitor knows more about your product or shoots an inquiry to ask a question, an invisible relationship develops between you and the customer. With each minute spending on your website, the visitor is more and more convinced to buy from you. This willingness is monitored through navigational patterns of the lead which are recorded by Wishpond.


I was very lucky to have picked up a great price on a lifetime deal but for those who missed the boat and do not have any wishes left haha bad joke.

The price points are split into the following:

  • Basic Plan $49 month.
  • Most Popular Plan $99 month
  • Growth Plan $199 month

There is a free plan but very limited.

I like this platform for small business. Wishpond is great for small businesses because it can do a lot of what you would need in everyday marketing campaigns.




Automizy Real Automation & AI

I want to highlight that I LOVE Automizy and how easy they made the entire process of signing up to getting something live.

features of automizy emails

Create engaging newsletters with the Drag & Drop Editor, making the procedure a lot of fun. There’s a bunch of proven templates to maximise the engagement of your emails. Build forms and email campaigns with either template designs or drag and drop email designs making the designer one of the best email marketing options for you to get started at any level of user skillset.

Subject Line Tester

The AI predicts the performance of your subject lines, even before you distribute you’re emails. Subject lines play an essential role in view rate (indeed). The advanced features in this email marketing software are amazing I am so impressed with the ease of use for such advanced features. The automation sequences are so easy to build with a very popular layout and upcoming AI so you can make more from your email campaigns.


Visual Automation Builder

The automation builder is a great way to map out your campaign visually. You can schedule & send emails, based on the list the subscriber is on; link clicks in your previous emails, webpage visits, plus much more.

There are also ready-to-use automation templates that you should get started. This is hands down the best email marketing feature on this list I love this part of it so much. I can get lost in the sequences when they get a bit more complex and conditional so a visual design showing you what is happening is a sweet addition to an already super powerful email marketing tool.

Automatic Resend

Resend the unopened emails to customers, with some other subject line & without having to redo the entire process.

Several clicks so you reach out to individuals in the event they missed from your previous emails!

A/B testing

You can article 4 subject lines for your emails & set them up for automation.

Automizy’s machine learning algorithm will optimize and send the variation that guarantees the highest open rates for your emails.

Website Behaviour Tracking

You could send automated emails predicated on the visitors’ engagement (visits, clicks) on your website.

Think about sending a contact to the subscriber who just visited your pricing page with a discount coupon? Charlie, now that’s the way you close a sale!

Advanced Filters

There is an endless amount of Filters to build your automated emails campaigns better.

You may filter your subscribers & customers based on the tags, lead score, email opens, clicks, the date they subscribed, UTM parameters, bounce rate, activities &, etc.

By merely applying these filters, you’re sending laser-targeted emails to the right person, at the right time.

Campaign Analytics

With the detailed analytics, you can get a bird’s eye view of how your campaigns are performing.

You can see the open rate, click rate, delivery rate, hard & soft bounces, no. of unsubscribes, best-performing links, plus much more.

If you’re running A/B tests, you can also check how each one of the variations is performing.


Automizy integrates with most of the industry-standard tools like Slack, Zapier, Salesforce, Mailchimp, LeadPages, and even more. Plus, there are a lot of zap templates for you to plug & play.

To hook up with other tools, you’re using; there is an open API from Automizy and I am super pumped about that.

While you are going to give attention to your content & marketing efforts, Automizy will look after engaging and converting your subscribers/customers.

Get Automizy AI Email Platform.



This is my pick for a small business email platform that won’t break the bank and gives you enough features that you can grow your business. The best thing about SendFox is the simplicity of the platform. This platform was built with the end subscribers in mind, using a features called a smart page it showcases your best work and is the most easy to use software on the list.

I spoke to David Kelly at SendFox about some changes to their forms and he had some plans for making them more appealing. He acknowledged that the forms were basic at the time but he has been hard at work building this platform out. The UI on the dashboard is very smooth and I am finding the minimalistic design to be a productive environment to work in. Another email tool using simple drag and drop editor you cant go wrong with SendFox.

sendfox is awesome

I like the smart page feature as a way to manage your presence online. This is my smart page, SendFox Page.

Pricing is your friend with SendFox with a lifetime single price payment of $49 this is a no brainer. You can send up to 50k emails per month and most small businesses will not be sending 50k emails a month. 

To upgrade from this plan it’s $10 for every 1k additional you want to add on. Although you could pay $10 monthly for 70k email sends per month if you needed to. Build your plan as you increase and build your email list.

This is hands down the easiest platform to set up and send emails. You should not need a developer to help with any setup. 

This is my pick for the best email marketing platform for small businesses. I just want to thank David and his team at SendFox for making something so easy to use at an affordable price. They are still building out the knowledge base and customer support hub. With pricing based on your needs it really does fill the hole in the marketing as an affordable option for sending emails to your subscribers.


Improve Your Email Deliverability

All the email newsletter tools that I shared in this article have great email deliverability rates.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your marketing emails always get delivered.

Use a Professional Email Address

Email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and others have algorithms that look for spammy behaviour. One of them is the sender address.

You should as a business be using a professional email address like [email protected]. If you are not and possibly using [email protected] or other free email address it does look a tad tacky and makes the business feel very man in a van small.

This also hurts your email marketing BIG TIME! You need a domain verified email address to get better deliverability.

Send Targeted Emails Based on Interests

I think this is the number 1 thing local businesses fail at with email marketing. As someone who invests in local business heavily, I am amazed at some of the emails I get from local businesses.

If I signed up for updates about a vegetarian pizza range at my local pizza shop I want to know about all the veggie ranges of pizza that this store has. What I DO NOT want is constant updates about the exclusive meat range of pizzas.

There must be personalised targeting based on user behaviour as a minimum. Segmenting users into buckets based on behaviour and tagging users by the actions they take when you send emails is a must-have for your email software.

If you get this right your email marketing campaigns will see improved open rate and click-through rate which is a big factor in future email deliverability.

Email Marketing Software FAQs

Having helped thousands of users pick the best email marketing software, we have answered quite a lot of questions. Below are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about email marketing platforms.

Can I do bulk email marketing from my Gmail or Outlook?

You can but why would you want to do that? You should be using your primary domain associated email for better delivery and brand association.

The free options like Gmail and Hotmail etc are not designed for bulk email sending campaigns.


Which is the best free email marketing service?

If I was on a budget I would start with Mailchimp or Moosend for the free account services. These will be limited and feature the platform branding but as you grow you should be moving to a more pro version where you have more control.

This is not free but at a one-time price for lifetime access I highly recommend SendFox emailer at $49 one time. Get SendFox.

How much does email marketing cost?

Your email marketing cost will entirely depend on the number of subscribers you have, the number of total emails you send per month, and the email platform you use. On average, a small business email marketing costs is around $20 – $300 per month on email marketing given that they manage their campaign. If you use an email marketing agency, then your cost might be closer to $500 per month or higher.

Are there other email marketing platforms that are not listed here?

Yes, there are hundreds of email marketing services out there, but we have not listed them all here. We believe that creating a full email platforms list would create more confusion and cause choice paralysis for non-techy readers.

We have tried all the top major email marketing service including many that are not in our email platform lists above such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Ontraport, Mailjet, Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft Klaviyo, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot by Salesforce, Sendloop, iContact, Moosend, Emma, TotalSend, SharpSpring, MailPoet, and so many more.

The top email marketing services that we have chosen to include in our list provide the best features for the best price and features.


Key Takeaway: The Best Email Marketing Service

In reality, email marketing platforms are a dime a dozen but there are some champions among the dirty dozen.

My Top Picks:

  1. SendFox
  2. Wishpond
  3. Automizy
  4. Mailchimp

My goals may not match your business goals so this is based on my needs and wants. I love how quick and easy to setup SendFox is and the functionality that Wishpond allows especially around contests and promotions. 

If you are a one-man in a van type business I suggest SendFox based on simplicity, time to set up and pricing.

For a local business, I suggest Mailchimp or Wishpond for the baseline features.

For eCommerce stores, I suggest either Wishpond or Automizy. This will help with store growth and engagement campaigns and product launches. With features like form embed, landing page, tagging and event based actions this is a must for ecommerce store email campaigns.

You should select an email marketing software that can scale as your business grows. I say this because I’ve been in that horrible position where my email software was great for small below 5k email lists but extremely expensive when scaling to 20k email lists. The migration from one to the other was a very stressful and draining experience. Some platforms now offer migration services between platforms and I think that’s been a long time coming.


I hope you have found this useful and now have an idea of what are the best email software options for your business. As always if you enjoyed this article and found it useful please give us a like share or comment below and thanks for reading.


How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

Here's a powerful way to make your marketing stronger. Write out an offer that your dream clients would love and be hard for them to say no to. Then see how close you can get to creating it. Once you do launch and promote it everywhere. This sounds simple but so many...

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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

The most underrated marketing channel is by far email marketing. Almost every business can benefit from running email campaigns, there is also the repeat customer factor involved in email campaigns. I am a huge believer in email marketing and this article focuses on...

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How To Make Money With CPA

How To Make Money With CPA

What Is CPA and How To Make Money With It

In uncertain economic times many people are looking for new ways to make some additional cash. Thus it is not surprising that many people have flocked to internet marketing. There are a wide variety of ways of profiting online, from selling your own products to selling ad space on a website you own. One way that may people make significant profits online is through affiliate cost per action (CPA) programs.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing whereby a contracted sales force of affiliates sell a particular product for a vendor, in return for a commission on the products. These are often called cost per action programs because affiliates are paid whenever an action is made. Usually this comes through the purchase of a product or the submission of a lead. This is in contrast to cost per click (CPC) advertising programs such as Adsense where a person just gets paid for driving traffic to an offer whether the offer converts or not.

Since the person displaying CPA offers is taking some risk in sending traffic, they stand to get paid more over the long term if they are promoting a well designed offer. It is not uncommon for CPA profits to represent a full 50%-75% of the purchase price for information products, with lower commissions for physical products. However, one only gets paid if an action is taken. Therefore one could send 100s or 1000s of clicks to an offer without being paid a dime.

For this reason, it is very important to chose the right CPA offer. Often affiliate managers can help you chose the right offer for your site on the basis of what offers are selling well at the moment. Many affiliate platforms will also allow one to sort various offers based on several metrics such as earnings per click or the number of sales made by affiliates over a span of time. The gravity statistic within the Clickbank information product marketplace is an example of the latter and is often used to scan for great offers to promote. View each sales page yourself and ask yourself if you would buy the product based on what is being said.

It can also be useful to presell on offer. For example you can offer a review of the product highlighting the positives and negatives of the product in an objective tone, concluding that the product is worth purchasing. This extra validation can help push people towards a product purchase as many people will assume that the actual sales page is biased. If you can find good customer testimonials to include, that can also help to increase the chances of a specific offer being bought.

“CPA is a real opportunity but for anyone beginning I think your time would be better spent learning the basics of affiliate marketing or PPC before you dive into CPA. It really is a different world and to have the fundamentals down first will benefit you much more when you do dive into CPA.”


The 3 Ways To Use Twitter For Maximum CPA Profits

I was slow to use Twitter because I just couldn’t see the value in people sharing 3 lines of random information at a time. It took Twitter’s popularity and the traffic that I was missing out on to draw me back into the Twitter universe. I’m on Twitter because tons of people are on Twitter. Where people go, is where the money goes.

Many Internet marketers struggle with making money on Twitter. These struggling affiliate marketers suffer because they think adding a ton of people and dropping an affiliate link is the way to the Twitter goldmine. What they fail to realize that good marketing is all about engaging your audience. They run very vanilla Twitter marketing campaigns and end up with spoiled milk. They are bad marketers! For the savvy Internet marketer, Twitter is a goldmine and it is a great way to build a brand, engage an audience, become a well known expert and an awesome tool to make a lot of money. In this article, will explain how to use the above examples to dominate Twitter and make a ton of money. This is an article for doers and not people who sit on information.

Build A Brand

The problem with affiliate marketing is that it automatically gets us into the frame of an affiliate and not as a business owner. As an affiliate, our mental frame is to take someone else’s product, market it and make some money. This is often done by making keyword businesses. What I mean by “keyword business” is that many marketers own dozens of micro sites that are geared just towards what they are selling. They run utilitarian campaigns where their audience has to sell themselves on the product and buy into the content of the website.

Engage You Audience

The best way to market is to become a brand, become an authority in the industry, relate to your audience on a human level, don’t just talk ‘buy this’ with them but show them that there’s a human behind the products that you market. I am of the frame work of sell yourself, then your product. Other Twitter marketers want to add as many people as they can and drop affiliate links. I think that they are going about it all wrong. Social media is all about connecting and people don’t come to social media sites like Twitter to buy products. Make them buy into you, believe in you and then they will buy from you. It is all about build rapport and a relationship with your audience.

Get A Name In The Game

You are not successful on Twitter due to obscurity. No one knows who you are! People don’t want to buy from a nobody. You need to ‘Get A Name In The Game.’ Building a name is quite easy on Twitter but you have to be willing to spend a little bit of money. Twitter has a very good Pay-Per-Follow Advertisement program where they will plaster your posts for people to see. You can use this opportunity to build a name. Let people get to know you through your ads and they will follow you. I find this much better than trying to add thousands of people then trying to market to them. The spam approach is what classless marketers do who really don’t understand that real marketing is all about specificity and engagement. You have to build a name for yourself and you have to build a brand presence. When you have done these things, you can sell from a place of power.

Is you might have noticed, this article isn’t a lockstep instruction guide but a way to teach the reader how to think about marketing on Twitter or on any social media platform. Many of you aren’t really marketers, at least you don’t have a true marketing background and are products of the internet. I don’t say this to put you down but to simply say that you don’t have any real marketing training so the flood people with links method and playing a numbers game seems perfect to you but you eventual realize that doesn’t work on social sites.

This is great information and I hope you put it to good use.

Key Takeaway

CPA marketing is a great way to monetize websites. While there is a lot more work that goes into selecting the right offer to promote versus a method of monetization such as Adsense, the long term profit potential if done correctly is much greater. Learn teh basics of pay per click FIRST, then take the plunge into CPA.

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

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How To Load Value Into Affiliate Offers

9 Ways To Grow Website Traffic

Every online business needs targeted traffic ñ whether it is selling a product, service, affiliate marketing site or Google Adsense site. An affiliate marketer may have all the things needed for him to be able to succeed in a business such as affiliate marketing.

He/ she may have the necessary drive, diligence, passion and perseverance to be able to understand how the system works. He/ she may have all the tools necessary in maintaining the business, including a really unique and interesting website which could earn him/her a fortune if only the whole world could see it.

However, all these would prove useless if he/she does not know how to drive traffic to his website.

Getting people who matter to see oneís website is a difficult undertaking if he tries to consider the fact that there are rivals everywhere waiting to pin him down.

The immensity of the internet as well as the internet business world has given birth to the fierce competition between online businesses, each of whom has his own great product to offer. With all the websites piling on top of each other, how would one be able to stand out?

Here are 9 ways to drive targeted traffic

1 Newsletter Signups & List Building

Newsletter subscription: Creating a list of subscribers that one can refer to every so often, because they are those which would prove to be valuable assets for the marketer concerned. The use of autoresponders and personalized newsletters is one way of keeping track of them all, and holding on to them by letting them know about new products and services is an essential task that should be done by the affiliate marketer concerned.

You should always be trying to build a list as it brings in a secondary money method with email marketing.

2 Participate in Question & Answer Forums

Discussion forums: Participate in discussion forums of your area of expertise and respond to someoneís question. A discussion forum may user of all levels ñ beginners to advanced users. There are many questions that newbies ask. Make sure you respond to it. After this invite them to visit your website. Make sure your signature file has your links with a very good caption.

Find things you know you can answer inside these Q&A forums. I would go in to these forums and answer questions on ecommerce, dropshipping and AliExpress and answer these questions.

3 Backlinks Exchange & Guest Posting

Link Exchange: Contact other webmasters for a possible link exchange partnership. Locating websites that are related to oneís own website is the primary task. Once there, he should be able to establish communication by personalizing everything as much as possible. It is then possible to make reciprocal link exchanges between webmasters whichever way the affiliate marketer prefers.

Join link exchange programs: This is the new way of linking. This can drive targeted traffic. There are many free link exchanges services. Paying for a link exchange program is also worth your money.

4 Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search engines: What they can do for the affiliate marketer concerned. Because they are popular for driving free targeted traffic, they should not be ignored by all means. Having top search engine rankings is vital in building popularity links, and the use of the right keywords is important in attaining this goal. Once a website is on top of the list, it is easily accessible to anyone who wants to see it for himself.

5 Content Marketing

Write your own articles: This is an effective way in promoting a website, because good content that are appreciated by readers will lead them to visit the writerís very own website out of sheer interest.

You can expand this further by guest posting or publishing content on other websites like Medium, like LinkedIn and like sites like Buzzfeed yes you can start your own accounts on all of these sites. This is a great way to grow an audience through content marketing.

6 Joint Ventures 

Joint venture marketing: This is one of the most effective ways of promoting a product or a service. Having a partner through ad swap or link exchange is beneficial to both parties as it allows them to reach a wide customer base in a short amount of time.

You will find if you have done any of teh above points that this will become easier and easier for you and you may get people reaching out to you to JV together. This is a great way to grow your exposure and build a partnership.

7 Create PLR Lead Magnets

Give unrestricted rights to Ebooks and reports: Create Short ebooks and reports branded with your website link on the footer of every page. Give them away on their website or to your mailing list also give them rights to sell it on their websites and auction sites.

You can make a lot of money from PLR content but you will also get a lot of traffic especially if the people who buy your PLR content do not change the links and references in the content meaning you can create links inside that content that oints to your preferred web pages.

This is a great way to make money from yoru blog if you sell these from your website.

What can be better than this for driving traffic to your website? If you give resale rights, come of them will sell it to others and in turn you get more visitors!

8 Market Intelligence Reports

Knowing your market through and through. It is important for traffic to be targeted to those who might have a special interest in the theme or topic of oneís website. This way, a solid customer base is going to be created. Once a potential customer shows an interest in a particular website by paying it a visit, one must not waste time in trying to show him that his effort is worth it.

Keep contact info (atleast name and email address) of your customers is critical. Once someone is interested in your product, it is easier to promote other products including affiliate products.

If you create market intelligence reports this will explode your website traffic and backlinks 100% you will notice a change.


9 Do Affiliate Style Reviews

The power of reviews for your website is huge. You can really rack up those Google rankings with targeted content focusing on reviews.

You find products, softwares, Tools or services and create reviews around that thing helping people who may want to use this thing and give them more info on what they may be looking for. Great way to get traffic and rankings to your website.


BONUS Press Releases

Receiving backlinks from trusted news sources can greatly increase your TF.

Some things to consider when using PR:
a.) Not only link to your money site, also consider linking to other proerpties such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
b.) Linking to your GMB or Google My Maps is greatly encouraged as well.
c.) Be sure to list your NAP from Phase I above in the PR as this can be looked at as a citation many times.

Don’t go directly to places like PR Web to get your PRs done because the price is too high in my opinion. The free PR services suck as well in my testing.

Traffic generating strategies are important in trying to make oneís affiliate marketing career inch forward. It is always advantageous to plan oneís moves in any business that he might undertake. This is particularly so in affiliate marketing. If one knows how to get people to see what he has to offer, then he is on the right track.

Last but not the least, have some scripts/ tools to perform these actions and bookmark this page. Thanks for reading if you liked it share it. Peace.

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires...

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How To Use AliBaba For Dropshipping

How To Use AliBaba For Dropshipping

If you’ve made up your mind about who your overseas source is for products you’re selling online, then it’s probably Alibaba that you’re doing business with. According to the numbers, Alibaba is the biggest eCommerce company worldwide. That means bigger than even Amazon and eBay put together.

So what is Alibaba? It’s a very comprehensive directory connecting buyers and suppliers (mainly Asian suppliers) all across the world. They have millions of products to choose from and tons of suppliers ready to fill your orders.


Start Your Search

Purchasing items on Alibaba using their directory is pretty well self-explanatory. It is not so much different from a marketplace like eBay. You can browse through the categories or perform a more ‘item-specific’ search to find what you want.

You have 2 options when performing a search on Alibaba. One is to utilize the product descriptions for your search, like with ‘dog collars’. That will bring up lots of results in the dog collar category.

The second option is to utilize their drop-down menu and search for suppliers rather than for products. That way you can find the manufacturers who specialize in whatever type of products you’re looking for.

How to Use the Product Pages

Before you begin searching around on Alibaba you should know a few things about those product pages. As our former example was ‘dog collar’ we’ll keep that as our example here as well.

Unit Price

This will be one of the first pieces of information you’ll want to have. Price is always a good place to start. We can see that this listing has a price of $2 – $3 FOB. The ‘FOB’ is the abbreviation of ‘Free on Board’, which means that the seller is also going to pay the costs associated with getting this product to the marine port (For Asian products this is the cheapest way to go) and you (as the buyer) will pay costs associated with the actual transporting of your goods across the ocean blue to its final destination.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

The next source of information you’ll need is the MOQ, or ‘minimum order quantity’. This is the smallest number of items this particular manufacturer is willing to sell on one order. The thing to remember about MOQs is they’re not chiselled in stone and are usually negotiable. The MOQ in our ‘dog collar’ example is 200 units. When we multiply that using the high-end side of the price, which was $3.00 we are looking at an overall figure of around $600 plus the shipping if we choose to go with this supplier. This is a good thing to know going in so you have a starting place for your negotiations.

Payment Options

Once you understand how the MOQ and pricing work, you’ll probably need to know how to make payment to a suppler. There are pros and cons to the methods of payment available, so you would decide to choose the one that works best for you.


Alibaba verse Amazon

Both platforms serve millions of customers and have a staggering amount of product listings. You can get lost on each platform. Amazon does not like drop shippers whereas Alibaba and AliExpress serve drop shippers very well.

Each platform has a very intelligent CEO overseeing the operations making sure that their platform is at the forefront of eCommerce. You can use whatever platform makes sense to you to sell on or buy from to resell.

I have a strong dislike for Amazon as a selling platform because of Amazon FBA and the sad affiliate percentages that Amazon pays its affiliates.

How To Use Alibaba To Dropship

One of the best ways to fill in gaps in your product line is the dropshipping business – learn the ropes and you won’t be disappointed.

Although I would never use drop shipping as the sole base for my online store, the top platform for locating quality drop shippers is a service known as Worldwide Brands.

Dropshippers get pre-vetted by Worldwide Brands so that you can rest assured that you won’t get scammed.

I suggest using a mix of Alibaba and AliExpress for dropshipping because you can get a better mix of products and suppliers/manufacturers.

How To Dropship on AliExpress

  1. Sign up to a product automation software like OBERLO
  2. Connect OBERLO to your website and connect your AliExpress account
  3. You search the AliExpress platform for your product
  4. Review the products that catch your eye
  5. Review the number of orders they have
  6. Review that sellers reviews 
  7. When happy go into OBERLO platform and find that product
  8. Setup your product details and then import this product into your store
  9. When you have products on your store you need traffic. Visit Learn page to learn how to do that.
  10. Once you make a sale you will have the money to now buy that product from the AliExpress vendor. Go ahead and do that.
  11. Use your new customer’s details as the shipping address and complete the AliExpress order.

And in a super summary that is dropshipping on Alibaba and AliExpress.

To learn more about how dropshipping works you can check out this mini course on ecommerce.


Purchasing Wholesale Goods Domestically

“Wholesale” is a word that I hear often. A lot of people reach out to me about wholesale prices and they want to know where they can buy products wholesale. “Wholesale” apparently means purchasing items at the lowest possible price.

Do you want to hear something surprising? This could not be further from the actual truth. When I shopped vendors for my online sales, every US wholesale dealer had incredibly high prices. They had high minimum quantity orders that didnt match my numbers.

Yet, these companies were less costly than MSRP, but their prices were still so high that I wouldn’t have been able to attain or maintain a high-profit margin on any of the items that I was interested in selling.

Given that very few things are currently being made in the US, wholesalers can handle all of the problems in importing and storing items from product manufacturers.

It won’t be necessary for you to go to a foreign location. There is no need to deal with customs or shipping. You simply submit orders and wait for your merchandise to arrive. I prefer to order some example items from the manufacturer in the research phase and run my assessment on them as a partner. I monitor shipping time, invoicing and then quality of products when delivered.

Another benefit gained by buying wholesale is the ability to sidestep time-consuming quality control measures given that your wholesaler will have made these checks on your behalf.

Buying Direct From Manufacturers Overseas

Purchasing from the manufacturer direct is by no means the holy grail of this industry, but it additionally requires the greatest amount of dedication, work and time. Currently, nearly all products are being made overseas due to cheaper labour costs.

My general rule for textiles and other goods is that if you’re working with a US vendor, you probably aren’t going to get the absolute lowest price. I will even say that if you’re working with someone who speaks excellent English, the prices aren’t likely to be good (All right, that may be pushing things a bit too far).


Tips When Opening Your Online Store

The #1 question I get regularly from readers interested in opening up their online stores, is what methods to use to locate suppliers and vendors. They want to know if they should buy wholesale or should they give Dropshipping a try as well?

In my early days of online commerce I had this exact question as well. To be honest the entire dropship model was confusing until I actually got my hands dorty and did it. I spent hours assessing vendors and products, but when I decided to push ahead I just followed the data of the top selling item.

I always order the product I plan to sell first. This lets me assess the vendor, the shipping times and quality of the product and its packaging.

Most of my experiences deal mainly with clothing, appliances and gadgets. I have diviersified a lot since then and have my hand in many categories of product. However, the principles should be the same regardless of what your topic or product may be.

Drop-Shipping Explained

Lots of people fall into the old trap of having everything dropshipped when they first start their online store. Well, it’s hard to blame them since it sounds so good when you first hear it. Not having to keep many items in stock yourself is a big load off. All you do is pay for the item and pocket the difference between your wholesale price and your customer’s price.

You have no inventory to keep track of and no obligations of fulfilment, it’s all done for you by the drop shipper. Sounds great huh? Until you have to start dealing with other types of customer problems that you do not fault in.

Many new store owners fail to realize that those profit margins are not so good and if they should screw up your order or ship something too late – it’s YOU who gets to deal with the customer. You also don’t want to be dealing with a drop shipper who makes a habit of shipping faulty items. These kinds of problems become YOURS once you put yourself in that position.

Add in the fact you have very little wiggle room in the profit margin and combine that will all the stress and headaches you have to go through, suddenly things regarding dropshipping just don’t look so good.

Even when you manage to locate a reliable drop shipper, your customer issues are still going to be popping up and when you have little control over regarding your products things can get difficult.

To sum it all up, you are putting your online store’s reputation into the hands of a 3rd party, who more than likely DOES NOT have your store’s best interests at heart.


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Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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How To Make Money With CPA

How To Make Money With CPA

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Build A Huge Email List In 6 Easy Steps

Build A Huge Email List In 6 Easy Steps

6 Steps To Build A Bigger Email List


You will see this advice time and time again. People who make a lot of money on the Internet always say that the real money is in the list. Some of these successful online marketers say that whenever they need to generate more income, they simply have to turn to their huge email lists that contain the email addresses of thousands of subscribers.

Build Your Huge Email List in 6 Easy Steps

Consider these simple steps to take to have your own traffic and revenue generating email list with hundreds or even thousands of active and interested subscribers.

— Choose a mailing platform.
— Figure out a hook to gain lots of subscribers.
— Develop the content that will provide that hook.
— Integrate your email list with your website or social media sites.
— Test out different marketing messages.

–Add your email signup page to your profiles and email signature.


Read my 101 Email Marketing Guide.


Which mailing platform should you use?

There are several good email platforms you can use. Aweber, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact are some popular ones that you might have seen advertised. Many of these have free trail offers, so you can take the time to compare the features of each system.

Your other choice is to keep your subscribers on your own servers with your own mailing list software. This is also a common choice, but you will probably notice that most marketers do use a service. Large companies might lean more towards using their own software. The right choice depends upon your unique situation.

What can you use as a hook?

Figure out how to develop a hook to attract subscribers to your mailing list. Lots of popular sites offer a free newsletter, report, or even a series of informational videos. They offer this free information as a way to attract subscribers. Your own choice will depend upon your audience and the kind of product you eventually want to sell.

Have You Developed your hook’s content.

Now you have to develop some actual content, so you can retain your subscribers. This content could consist of informational articles that you develop out of your own experience. You can also make a video, and this is not that hard to do with today’s tools. If you do not want to develop your own content, you might be wise to outsource this task to professional content developers.

Make sure you give people value. You want your subscribers to want more, so they do not cancel their subscriptions.

Integrate your list with your website and social media sites.

I think as a minimum you should be adding your email signup pages into your social media profile bios or about sections.

Of course, you want to make it as easy as possible for your subscribers to sign up. That is the advantage of some email systems that provide tools to integrate your list forms with your existing website, blog, and social networking websites.

Make sure that you concentrate on letting your visitors know why they should sign up for your list. You should promote your free report, educational videos, or other bonus offers. Make these people know that they will get something that has a value for free if they just give you their email address.

You need to work hard to let your visitors know that your offer has value even though they can get it for free. In other words, the point of your list marketing efforts should be to sell the value of what they get for free! It might seem like you are losing money by giving too much away, but you should profit in the end with upsells and other offers that you can promote with your list.

Are You Testing Your List?

Successful email marketers are made, not born. Hopefully, you have good information to share with your list for free, so they will stay on your list. But even then, you really need to test the frequency of your emails. Many good marketers find that they keep more subscribers when they only send out emails every week, and they lose subscribers when they bombard them with emails every day.

You also need to test the quality of your paid upsells. This is true if you are selling your own product or promoting CPA offers from other advertisers. Once good way to find out more about your subscribers is to send them a survey. You could even offer a bonus to subscribers who take the survey, and this could be worth it because information is valuable.

Is Your Email List Huge Yet?

Hopefully, you will soon enjoy the luxury of owning a large list of interested subscribers. These are people who signed up because they like what you have to offer, and they want to hear from you. Once you have developed a large base, you can continue to fine-tune and test your email marketing program in order to improve your returns, grow your subscriber base, and make more profits.

To learn how to make use of emails in your business read this guide.

There are lots of ways to profit from a large list of email subscribers, and it is worth it to invest some time, money, and effort in its development.

“I  find adding my email signup page to my email signature as a great way to add people into my email list. This sounds backwards if I am already emailing someone but for business that person my not be on my list and we are just doing business. I also like to switch up the email signup page over the month to mix it up.”


Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Pages or Posts For Your Affiliate Website

Posts vs pages for your affilaite site what is better? I hear this a lot and it doesnt really matter. But I prefer posts for affiliate sites because I can manipulate them into collections of posts and build my own category of posts that help build topical relevance to...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media? The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and...

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Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Building A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

How To Make Money With Blogging Blogging is a great way to build a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. That sure does sound amazing, but it doesn’t just happen you have to put in the work. Blogging requires...

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