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Learn Affiliate Marketing

Everyone wants that passive income laptop lifestyle it’s very alluring. Sadly less than 7% of people who attempt this as a career actually learn how to sustain a passive income. Some more bad news there is no such thing as passive income but there is a way to get as close as possible to building a passive income affiliate money-making revenue stream. 💰💰💰

Take The Bootcamp

If all this sounds a bit much and you don’t really know where to start I would highly recommend the affiliate boot camp 100 days to sustainable lifestyle income.

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Learn: Affiliate Marketing Money.

Everyone has heard of the dream where you go to sleep and wake up with money in your bank account. That’s affiliate marketing when you do it like this. Ill teach you how to build the asset that you will promote affiliate offers from and where and how to find great offers.

There is a fair bit involved in the setup but once you do that you can count on the compound effect to start kicking in and momentum building as you get sale after sale and start seeing that passive income.

Now nothing is truly passive especially with Google and Facebook getting smarter and smarter the 100% automated passive income most people advertise is not real. You need to put in the work but you can do it 1-2 hours each day and get paid.

You can expect to start making money with this type of online business in week 2 or 3. There are some key things you need setup first but you can definitely start seeing money coming in quite quickly.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Section 1 Focus on how affiliate marketing works and where to find networks and offers to promote. Everything you need to start setting up your passive income stream.

  • Section 1A: What Affiliate Networks To Start With
  • Section 1B: Where To Find Affiliate Offers
Build niche website lifestyle businesses

Focus on what you need to start doing affiliate marketing. The basics you need and where to get them so you can start promoting offers and getting paid

how to start building your platform that you will be promoting the affiliate offers.

Then Introduce the importance of content marketing. Learn how to use content to build interest in your affiliate marketing offers.

Getting your first web page live and adding your affiliate link. You will also learn how basic tracking and conversions and how to optimise your efforts.

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Have You Tried To Build A Profitable Affiliate Business But Failed? 

Are you trying to make affiliate marketing work but struggling?

I know that bitter taste of failure all too well. My first attempts to build a affiliate authority site crashed and burned, actually to be honest my earliest “best” attempt got hacked the moment I got any momentum and that set me back months.

That speedbump set me back but did not stop me. I came back again and again site after site and Im confident with the results.

It’s no secret – most people fail to hit their income goals with affiliate marketing.


The list is basically endless, but here’s a few main reasons:

  • No clear plan to follow each day to build a brand, audience & monetise
  • Chasing quick wins & not focused on building a real business for the long term
  • Selling the wrong products & focusing on low ticket because it’s ‘easier’
  • Not crafting a unique offer to stand out from the crowd
  • No plan or system to routinely convert leads into buyers
  • No way to get fresh leads every day (so their business just dries up)

If any (or all) of these sound familiar, you aren’t alone – it’s VERY common.

Thankfully there’s a better way that allows you to overcome all these issues quickly.

I’ve outlined it all in my new 100% Free 3 Step Affiliate Blueprint Guide.

This guide walks through the 3 step process my students & I use to grow our brands & audiences while monetising with high ticket affiliate products.

This works even if you’re a beginner, it’s just a matter of following the steps & implementing.

The information in this guide has generated me & my students multiple 6 figures in the last 18 months.

Please only download it if you intend to read it & actually use it – otherwise the information is wasted.

Learn Affiliate Marketing With Helpful Blog Articles & Guides

How Much Money Can An Affiliate Marketer make?

Thats like asking how long a piece of string is because everyone will have a different journey. I like to think of it like this, what you put in you will get back.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

If you have some experience with websites, digital marketing and business then yes it can be quite easy to get started. If you are a complete novice then it will be quite a steep learning curve, but there is also some success stories with people who are new to affiliate marketing doing quite well 12 months in.

I think in my experience and working with new and seasoned marketers that those that carve out the time to do the work, have the focus and drive to make something from nothing generally do quite well.

If you are easily distracted by courses, tools or friends and family it may take you some time to get some traction.

💰 Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

I hear this one all the time and most of the people asking fall into two categories:

  1. They generally don’t know and are asking out of interest
  2. They watched a guru YouTube video and are dipping their toes into the fast money lifestyle

While you can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing many successful marketers will use profits to either invest in long game stability offline or invest heavily into their digital assets to continue their growth. Both are very wise moves and will help you no matter the way you want to go.

Yes affiliate marketing can make you rich. This comes with a disclaimer that you need to put in the work upfront to get the backend payments. It wont happen overnight, it wont happen because of one promotion and it wont happen if you outsource everything.

But it can happen if you apply yourself to your goal of earning $10k a month in 14 months of hard work. Thats a realistic goal with some commitment.

💰 What are the best affiliate programs to join?

This entirely depends on your niche you want to target. In some cases Amazon is a great choice for you but for others they are the worst option as private merchants will pay 10x more than Amazon.

💰 What percentage do affiliate programs pay?

Every program and merchant has their own terms. You can expect 5% to 40% as the main bracket most will payout. There are unicorns that allow 80% or so but the medium is 5-40% commission.

💰 How do affiliate marketers make money as beginners?

This is a very easy answer and its been repeated above several times. Set your goals, keep focus and committed to reaching them through the use of momentum. I dedicate a little time each day to my work and making sure the affiliate machine is working as planned. It’s not rocket science but it’s not easy street.

To make this super easy to understand heres the key steps:

  • Organise your banking documents and accounts
  • Organise your business documents and tax particulars
  • Build a simple website to use as your portfolio base
  • Apply to affiliate networks
  • Build out your landing pages with the best affiliate offers
  • Monitor the performance and optimise as required
  • Get paid

Thats the nuts and bolts of it in a few short steps. Each step can be broken down into its own set of tasks to complete but you get the picture.

This page was purpose built to help educate and share an understanding of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I trust I have answered your questions about this career path and if I have missed anything please do get in touch with me. Go out there and make some Click Bucks!

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Start With The Basics

What is affiliate marketing
How affiliate marketing Works
How affiliate marketers get paid
A day in the life of an affiliate marketer
How much money can you earn as an affiliate marketer


How To Find A Niche

How keywords work for affiliates
How to do keyword research for affiliate sites
How to Find Trending Products
How to find unsaturated niches
How to make money in saturated niches
How to research your niche for competitors

How To Pick Keywords

How to do basic keyword research
How to do in-depth keyword research
How to do competitive keyword research
How to rank keywords and answer user problems
Best keyword research tools
How to pick keywords that make money

Things You Will Need in Your Toolbox

Domain name for affiliate websites
Website hosting for affiliate websites
Website themes for affiliate niche sites
Keyword research tools for finding niches
Best affiliate marketing programs


How To Create Affiliate Content

What type of content to create
How to rank keywords and answer user problems
How to do product comparisons and reviews
How to review products that you haven’t used
How to not be biased in your content

How To Build Affiliate Niche Sites

How to build a website
How to structure your niche site for SEO
Step By Step guide for affiliate marketing websites
Building a high-converting affiliate website from scratch
How to set your website theme up for niche sites

What to consider when building niche websites