How To Find Good Domains for Affiliate Marketing

Designing business building blocks

You need to have different types of domains for different use cases. I like to buy domains when I come across the them. I buy for a rainy day or for an idea I had when food shopping. They stack up and I suggest reviewing your domains once a year to cull the ones you don’t use.

Types of Domains:

  • EMD Exact Match Domain
  • Branded Domain
  • Expired Domain
  • Dropped Domain
  • Alt TLD like the .gg .xyz.

Domain Tools, Registrars, Tips for Finding Names

It’s very important that you choose the right name for your business. This is because your business’s name will lead customers to your business. You’ll also learn what a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is and what your USP options are.

Important factors to consider when choosing a domain name:

1) Use your main keyword in your domain name. If your niche topic is rose gardening, you want to get the words “rose gardening” into the domain name.

2) Don’t cut corners. Register extensions other than .com.

3) Make your domain name as short as possible. Long domain names are hard for people to remember.

4) Avoid using dashes in your domain name. If the name isn’t available and you buy, you’ll likely be paying for advertising to send YOUR customers to the guy that has the domain name without the dash.

5) If you find a good domain name, buy it, and also buy the dashed version simply to keep someone else from getting it.

6) When you’re choosing a domain name, be sure to print it out exactly like it will be used in the address bar and see whether any double meaning can be attached to it.

Other factors to consider that can make your domain name memorable:

  • It should suggest the nature of your product or service.
  • It should serve as a strong trademark. This prevents competitors from using your business name or buying a domain name similar to it in order to steal customers.
  • It must be free of legal conflicts with trademarks belonging to other businesses.

Great Tools for Helping you Pick a Domain Name

Google Adwords Tool – – The Google Adwords Tool will help you see which keywords are getting searches.  Take the strongest performing keyword in your niche and put it in your domain name!  Can’t buy the one word your looking for?  Switch to phrase matching and see if you can find a short phrase that isn’t taken.

DomainsBot – – Allows you to see the availability of all the extensions, all in one search.


There are many places to register your domain name.  Here is a list of just a few of them!

  1. GoDaddy –
  2. Namecheap –
  3. –
  4. –

View my toolkit for where I buy domains myself –

If you are not sure what type you need it pays off to review your competitors and a Google search to see what else is floating around in your niche. The domain is a big part of your online success.