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Building Website Pages & Getting Paid

Building websites has made me a dump truck full of money for partner clients and businesses who needed a slick working website. I want to share my process, what I’m using and how I did it.

I used Go High level for this and it was drag-and-drop simple.

The key for me is finding the right business to speak to about the website build services. The building is simple, the upsell is simple and ongoing money will come when you show them the power of GHL.

Here are some use cases for the landing page builder and website features:

  • An agency could use GoHighLevel’s landing page builder to create landing pages for lead-generation campaigns. GHL comes with powerful online appointment scheduling features. 
  • You could use GoHighLevel’s website builder to create websites for businesses that need a new online presence.
  • You could use GoHighLevel’s website builder to create custom landing pages for specific marketing campaigns.
  • You can use local service website templates, pre-built and easy to load up and deploy for a short turnaround time. This is your unique selling point over big team marketing professional services who take months to build websites.
  • You can also target e-commerce stores that have product pages and sell them high-converting landing page examples of their product. Use landing page designs that would work with their existing brand. The Gohighlevel templates are so easy to edit they won’t take you much time.

Here you can get free access to your own account at HighLevel, you can get started with a lead funnel that should bring you in at least 1 customer who pays for your subscription allowing you to grow.

Building Landing Pages In Minutes

I’ve built both websites and landing pages for money and I’ll say that the landing page build is the easy win. You need to make 1-2 pages instead of a full website. The only intense part is getting the images right and the copy used on the landing page.

Landing Pages are sales and conversion-focused targeted pages. The sole purpose is to make money from people who land on the page. Get your landing page builder for free here.

Landing page builder: GoHighLevel’s landing page builder allows agencies & freelancers to create professional-looking landing pages without any coding or design experience. This includes the ability to add text, images, videos, and forms to landing pages. For example, an agency could use GoHighLevel’s landing page builder to create a landing page for a new product launch.

The landing page builder and website features in SaaS Mode are powerful tools that can help agencies of all sizes create professional-looking landing pages and websites. By using these features, agencies can save time and money, and they can focus on what they do best: helping their clients grow their businesses.

Here are some additional benefits of using the landing page builder and website features in SaaS Mode:

  • Ease of use: The landing page builder and website features are easy to use, even for people with no coding or design experience.
  • Flexibility: The landing page builder and website features are highly flexible, allowing agencies to create landing pages and websites that meet their specific needs.
  • Affordability: The landing page builder and website features are affordable, making them a cost-effective option for agencies of all sizes.

The Go High Level software builds into Shopify natively. This will make your life easier when building landing pages for e-commerce stores on Shopify. Ive been testing GHL with e-commerce stores and Shopify lately and I like the results. Here is a write-up I did about using Go High level for e-commerce.

How Landing Pages in Go High Level Make You Money

This is how I make money right now with GHL: Get your own account.


I identify the opportunities. I want prospective customers who have easy-to-solve problems.

  • Find businesses that don’t have websites.
  • Find businesses that have garbage websites that need updating.
  • Find websites that sell things online.
  • Find websites that take bookings for services.
  • Find businesses that would benefit from improved conversion rates on advertising (they are actively advertising).


  • Use GHL email campaigns to reach out to these businesses.
  • When reaching out to business owners show them some landing page designs and what could be if they work with you.
  • In your emails show an example of a website that you could build for them in the email.
  • Give them an easy-to-understand offer of services.
  • Provide a timeline, rough costs and how you build.
  • Drop the price and make it so valuable that they don’t have a reason to say no.
  • This means selling the website for $1,000-$4,000 and trying to sell-in services on the backend of that. For example, sell the website for $3,000 and then offer them SEO or Lead generation services for $3,000 a month bundled so you get $6,000 upfront and $3,000 recurring from that 1 client.
  • If you encounter any hesitation you can use the wide variety of features in Go Highlevel as throw-in items to make the deal sound more enticing. This creates a sense of urgency and boosts what key elements the client sees as value-adding to the already competitive deal.
    • Example add email marketing features
    • Example add automation for marketing emails
    • For example add in digital marketing agency services at a discount if it seals the deal


  • Use GHL software to manage the processes.
  • Use GHL software to automate most of the work.
  • Build yourself or hire a specialist at Go High Level Builds.
  • You can charge extra for custom code and specific functions in your builds (Clients love custom features).
  • Provide an additional marketing strategy and throw in additional Gohighlevel Website Templates as a bonus if they sign.
  • Hand over the build to the client.
  • Get paid.
  • Rinse this method and repeat it 24/7.

It’s that simple. Rinse and repeat and you will be on your way to regular income-building drag-and-drop websites for clients with the option to sell in services with the website. There are hundreds of stories like this in the Go High-level community of people starting to get 1 client then 10 then 30 and then exploding their client book.

*Bonus setup of the full automated workflow for an extra $$ after the build. This is easy money because it’s complex to normal people but simple to techy online people.

**Bonus is to sell in sales funnels for all of their products or services. This provides the client with done for them beautiful landing pages with connected lead generation automation making it super simple for them to close sales.

close sales all day long

Go Highlevel Website Builder

GoHighLevel’s website builder allows agencies to create custom websites for their clients. This includes the ability to add pages, sections, and content to websites. For example, an agency could use GoHighLevel’s website builder to create a website for a new client.

If you’re an agency that’s looking for a powerful and affordable way to create landing pages and websites, SaaS Mode is a great option. With its easy-to-use features and flexibility, SaaS Mode can help you create professional-looking landing pages and websites that will help you grow your business.

Use Cases for GHL’s Website Builder Features:

Here are some additional use cases for SaaS Mode:

  • A web design agency could use SaaS Mode to create a SaaS product that allows businesses to create their own websites.
  • A marketing agency could use SaaS Mode to create a SaaS product that allows businesses to manage their social media marketing.
  • A sales agency could use SaaS Mode to create a SaaS product that allows businesses to manage their sales leads.

SaaS Mode is a powerful tool that can help agencies of all sizes create and sell their own SaaS products. By using SaaS Mode, agencies can save time and money, and they can focus on what they do best: helping their clients grow their businesses.

ghl website builder

Page Builder & CRM A Powerful Combo

The CRM features in SaaS Mode when combined with the landing page builder and websites you can make with GHL are absolute Fire in the palm of your hand. If you take this to a potential client you have a very value-driven proposition for them.

Data is what every company craves, more customer data, more leads and more sales. You are bringing the data with the GHL forms.

Then when you add the automation workflows that come native to High-Level software you can replace on average 1-2 employees that would be doing lead handling manually. In my experience, there are about 2-4 manual handlers of leads in a business.

The data automation from website leads can be captured and sent wherever you want, however, you want. Automated, I’m saying with no handling by a human. Crazy powerful 24/7 on autopilot.

GHL landing page designs

I’ve used this at an agency and solo for my own consulting business. This works it just works, for small businesses, and medium businesses and I’ve seen it blow large enterprise businesses up by removing the roadblocks that they usually have at the lead entry points.

I’m a believer in Shaun Clark (Co-founder) and the Go High-level software as an evolving lead-generation platform that will make the life of online marketers easier. Having used most CRMs and lead gen platforms most were overpriced subscriptions with a lack of features that matter and fancy buttons that did nothing. Give me Go High Level any day of the week and Ill make money with it.

Get your free access here.

While using GHL at the agency I worked at we were able to have our salespeople out on the road meeting, greeting and signing up clients.

Building Websites for local services is an easy win, but when you stack the landing page with a powerful CRM like High Level you have a powerful advantage over agencies and freelancers. This is easy money.

Below is an example of a local services website (I did not build or design this one) that uses the GHL page builder and the lead generation forms making for a smooth lead capture funnel.

Example Landing Page Design from Go Highlevel Page Builder