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Better Ecommerce Management with Go High Level

So How Does it Work?

Small businesses do not have the time, energy, or resources to filter through all of these marketing automation software options. GoHighLevel has seen the evolution of software adoption over the years and sees that the inevitable next step is the integration of software and marketing agencies into a unified and seamless solution.

Having an all in one landing page builder, CRO app, email marketing tool and order management app makes sense. Go High Level is my choice for ecommerce store management.

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How can eCommerce benefit from GoHighLevel?

The Co-Founder at GoHighLevel, Shawn Clark, makes a point of saying “small businesses just don’t have the expertise to tie everything together, while being busy managing their business. They need the support of marketing agencies. Thus, SaaS plus marketing services equals success for the next decade. This is what is going to define the marketing agency of the future-this is what is going to make the marketing agency of the future successful.”

I had the pleasure of chatting with Shaun about the new features they built in for local stores on Google My Business (now Google My Profile).

A huge benefit to the customers brings the ability to place powerful cost effective solutions in the hands of agencies who can customize it to the needs of their clients and show results with increased accuracy and visibility, is very powerful. GoHighLevel has taken the functionality of the leading software companies and brought it all together. Agencies now have the ability to automate at a whole new level, building forms, surveys, websites, landing pages, membership sites, full CRM functionality, centralized 2-way communication, with features like voice mail drops, and SMS video replies, just to name a few.

Not to mention, the ability to automate calendar bookings for large sales teams, have true attribution tracking from ad to customer, and be able to automate the entire thing through powerful triggers and evolving AI features.

What Features Make Go High Level A Must Have for Ecommerce Businesses:

  • Create sales funnels

  • Incorporate them into your marketing repertoire

  • Automate your workflow

  • Integrate bookings and appointments with your calendar

  • Gain a better conversion rate

  • And maximize your marketing ROI

Then GoHighLevel is the clear winner.

Just like when selling in person, you need to reach the right potential customers, build relationships with leads, illustrate the value of your products and convince them to buy. Doing that in person takes resourcefulness, charisma, and persistence, among other traits.

At its core GoHighlevel is focused on turning leads and abandoned carts into customers. So having a powerful CRM solution is critical in growing your business. What is liked the most is that everything is built for function, visibility and is very customizable.

Build beautiful landing pages and websites right in GoHighlevel. Easily integrated into your sales funnel and duplicate for new clients in the same niche. GoHighLevel was created as an all-in-one tool for marketers, and that means that several interesting features were added specifically for them.

Bonus for buyers is that the Go High Level app will do more than just improve your Shopify operations. The app comes with a full landing page builder kit, email automation feature set, Tracking for Facebook, Google ads and others as a start of the 200+ features inside Go High Level. 

Ive been running ecommerce stores for years and Go High Level and Shopify working together saves me a lot of time and money. If you want to save time and money then give this app a try. Start with the $97 plan and decide if you upgrade later. 

with GHL you can stop these softwares

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