"Move fast and break shit. To find out if we are wasting time or onto something worthy of our focus."

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I started this blog for my own creative amusement but it has quickly grown into something more. This is a new project where I work on publishing helpful content, guides, templates, trainings and guidance for people who are into Ecommerce, Affiliate marketing, blockchain and learning about Web 3.0. Basically people who want earn money online, the future is wild.

My names Shenzu and I am a builder, developer and accomplished business owner with a wife, fully grown daughter and 2 dogs.

My life is simple and I have almost everything i could ever want. I don't want your money, but I do want to share my experiences and help you get to a similar position in life, wealth and knowledge.

The keys to success? I believe success comes from having a routine, focus, breaking things into small tasks, exchanging ideas with colleges and by taking action.

I have had a lot of success, Ive sold several businesses, helped educate and train thousands of people and retired at 34. Yeah I retired early semi moved to Bali, Indonesia but struggled to handle the lack of purpose, I'll touch on that more below.

The Who What Where & When

I’m from a sleepy city on the western coastline of Australia. When I was starting to learn online marketing I didn't know many people who were doing it in my area, heck I didn't leave the house because I was glued to my computer learning testing and discovering the internets.

It took me a solid 6-12 months to understand the how of making it all work. When I was deep in learning phase of ecommerce I actually moved to Yiwu, China to stay there and learn the ins and outs of negotiations, product inspection, logistics and A to Z of ecommerce. This stint in China helped me really hone in on ecommerce and affiliate marketing, the big lightbulb moment was 3 months in it all clicked and I could streamline the entire process.

Ive been running blogs and content sites to promote affiliate offers for years, and adding ecommerce to my portfolio really made a difference. Now I manage a portfolio of stable ecommerce brands.

Ive failed and recovered, and Ill fail again, but Ill recover and come back smarter, stronger and more informed:


-Website infected with malware

-Identify spoofed and customer base tricked

-Wiped out overnight

But I can always rebuild, I can out hustle the next person. The key lesson each time I hit a hurdle is to learn from it and rebuild but build it better than before.

Coming from this state of processes, systems, efficiency, tech and marketing I started developing and going deeper into the IT and computer networking to start building even more functional websites. HERE right here is where I got introduced to Blockchain.

Ive been following the evolution of Blockchain since 2018, I never really got into the crypto currency side of it but I really dug the decentralisation and power that came from using blockchain to build projects and dAPPS. I was lucky enough to become involved in more Web 3.0 projects at my work in August 2021, some real big developments and mergers happened and then my sole focus at work was building Web 3.0, NFT and Metaverse projects.

I am very fortunate to be in the position I am now. This wasn't easy, the sleepless nights, the early mornings and the frustration trying to learn how to code was all for the right reasons. Fast forward to today, I have large teams, multiple portfolios, projects coming out of the woodwork and feel on top of the world.

Some of the biggest movers and shakers in the online world are completely in the shadows. Im very reserved, but also I feel compelled to help pass it forward to others. There are people in more need than me and Id like this blog to help these people get a slice of the internet monies for them selves.

I Like building and empowering teams and the enjoyment of helping others develop their own skillset. Ive trained and developed hundreds if not thousands of online marketers in my time.

How am I doing?

By promoting the 3 products below, I managed to cover my outgoing expenses for this blog pretty quickly. Just 3 products! Affiliate marketing is fun I would really like you to try it. 🤩.

My Manila based team below (with mask add ons)

Changing Industries Knowing Nothing To Guiding The Future

This blog is for you if you have ever been:

Harassed on social media by those guru-Esque make money from home Ads?

Wanted to learn more about NFTs, crypto, Play 2 Earn games, Defi and Web 3.0, Lucky for you I build a lot of projects in this space so Ill help connect the dots for you :)

Had Ads of people tell you that they did $30k a day and brought a new Lamborghini with the earnings all from dropshipping.

Saw a FB post about how someone was broke now they own a 90 room mansion. Huge lols

Had your Instagram scroll interrupted by some punk kid telling you he sleeps at night and wakes up with $5k push-button simple.

Stop! Stop! Stop! 🤮🤮🤮 I can't take it anymore either.

You have seen the Ads and heard the stories and I know it blends reality with fiction at times. I’m a marketer full time and it really bugs me how many people get taken for a ride by this garbage.

What makes me want to make a difference is that a lot of the “guru’s” are just preying on brand newbies who are just starting out.

I went through it the exact same as many of you who are reading this.

When I was brand new to online marketing it was horrible.

The wolves were in sheeps clothing and at every turn, there was an upsell for the latest hot new thing. 

Straight up I’ll save you the pain, there is no push-button make money online trick or hack.

Everything requires some work. The work is nothing like a full-time job but it is required to build anything of value.

The hard work is in the setup and that's where so many people fail because it does take some work.

But the good news is once you have the setup in place the work you do starts to compound and money really does come in overnight. 

I won't be anything like this guy below.

I’m Shenzu and That's my introduction to this blog. 

Every ecommerce guru with a course

Source: @OfficialCopHumour



I Went Down A Familiar Rabbit Hole


My first ever online marketing experience I was retargeted with this ad for a super slick promo video of a affiliate marketing course called The Rich Jerk.
This promo video featured some familiar faces being Dennis Rodman, Nick Nolte, Ron Jeremy and a host of attractive women in bikinis……………………….of course I stopped.
The chicks were hanging off a jerk of a guy in his (obviously fake) mansion, driving a lambo and wearing a silk robe.
He was rude, obnoxious and overly confident, classic lead actor syndrome. The actor played that part very well.


The appeal was simple, he was successful and making money online. He had famous friends and hot lady friends because he knew this one little secret. I could learn that secret as well but it cost just $997, plus two upsells for done for you and a mastermind group experience.

I cringe now but I am thankful I took that course. The customer journey from start to finish was quite slick and looking back it was very well done. I didn't go from a zero to a hero overnight as described in the sales video, but I am doing really well after learning the basics in that course and piecing my own success into a system that suited my marketing style.

do not own a Lambo or a mansion.

Chasing online training courses and shiny software is a common thing in the internet marketing niche. It’s referred to as “shiny object syndrome” and has caused more than 80% of failures in new starters. People have the plan laid out but get distracted by the distractions.

I should know I spent more than $50k chasing knowledge and on scammy sales pages trying to make this online thing work. I caught on pretty quick to what was real and what was pure sales page hype.

I actually did make a sheet tonne of money from promoting one of his affiliate programs. I was promoting Gold stocks. Check it out real classic internet marketer type stuff. But it actually works and paid for a lot of stuff. Thanks, Rich Jerk.

Let me introduce the original Rich Jerk below.

the rich jerk

What Do I Actually Do If I’m Not Wearing Silk Robes?

When I started working online I was super green and a complete noob. When I look back it is easy to see why these internet marketing gurus target the new guys. There are some real wolves in sheep's clothing in the online space.
I was a noobie but I knew the business and how to manage a business like a well-oiled machine.
As I got involved in internet marketing I had just sold one of my largest businesses and was retired at 34 for all of 3 months before I was bored senseless and missing some drive and challenge in life. 
What life had become:
  • Waking up at noon
  • Wearing the same clothes for 3 days
  • All night gaming sessions
  • Going to cafe catchups with anyone that was available
  • Endless gardening  because I had no other goals in life
I started a freelancing business and quickly built up a client portfolio and great network of existing agencies that I would provide consulting for. I was working with the likes of Subway, Dominos Pizza, Papa John’s and EastBay as freelance clients.
I was pinching myself. 

This exposed me to a new career path and direction. What it allowed me to do was build my digital agency portfolio AND build my affiliate marketing assets at the same time. This was pure genius, why didnt I do this sooner.

I love affiliate niche marketing, and I'll show you how you can reproduce my success step by step. I share the process I take, my templates, guides and S.O.P (standard operating procedures) for how to harness this tactic to build reoccurring income month on month.

The learning curve is steep and life moves REALLY FAST! I do enjoy having business owner to business owner conversations because you can move mountains by speaking to a business owner on the same level.

Plus when clients pay their invoices it's all happy days.

Meme client paid the invoice

What Can You Expect From Me?

I prefer to treat people how I want to be treated in return. I was raised to use common sense, put in hard work and be genuine to my fellow man. In short, I'm a decent bloke and I won't try to pull the wool over your eyes to make a quick buck.

I have lost count of the number of businesses that I have purchased or joint ventured in and number of people that I have trained. I want to give you a roadmap to build your own financially independent lifestyle so that you can live the life that you want.

 I won't be spamming you with crap sales offers and shady courses, Ill promote what I use and find helpful and I will be creating the same training that I teach to hundreds of people who work online so that you can have a system that works laid out in front you.

What Do I Expect of You?

I expect you to find my content helpful. I would expect that if you liked my content you let me know or share my stuff online.

I would expect that you dont put anyone down who may be less experienced than you. Be nice decent people. I would expect if someone asks for help that people who read this blog give that person some help.

My expectations are open I started this to see where I can take it without considering people following me. Don’t be scared to ask for help and don’t be scared to ask questions.

If you have success from learning anything shared here tell me and I can invite you on the blog or podcast or YouTube channel for an interview or case study feature.


Contact Me


Why Give Me Your Attention?

The world has changed and so has how we do business.

Everyone is online and you should be as well.

I started this Click Bucks blog to get my pent up creativity out and to try and help more people change their lives. I really believe in the power of building your own assets to power your own income online.

This is not a money grab either, I will only ask for payment if something I’m building takes up a lot of my time and it's only fair to ask for payment when I've put in hours and hours of my time into something that will help others.

Most of the content, templates and guides etc will be 100% Free.  This will be a help to you in starting your online business.

If I can give you any knowledge that I have amassed from my online journey and you actually use it and see success, that's all the positive vibes I need from this blog.

I have a lot of real-life experiences and online success to share so if you want to absorb that I’ll keep creating content.

From flipping domains to freelancing and Selling physical products I have had a lot of fingers in a lot of 🥧 pies.

The benefit to you is I can provide to you is my knowledge across a lot of platforms, ad channels, NFT projects, Metaverses and techniques that have real value.

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