Born From Frustration

From Retired to Managing 300+ Clients and Running 4 Businesses.

This is a blog for you if you have ever been:

Harassed on social media by those guru-esque make money from home Ads?

Had video Ad people tell you that  this fancy lambo is from dropshipping

Saw a FB post about how someone was broke now they own a 90 room mansion

Instagram interrupted by some punk kid telling you he sleeps at night and wakes up with $5k

Stop! Stop! Stop! 🤮🤮🤮 I cant take it anymore either. 

I have seen the Ads and heard the stories and it gets it a bit much. Even for a fellow marketer.

What makes me want to make a difference is that a lot of the “guru’s” are just preying on brand newbies who are just starting out. I went through it the exact same as many of you who are reading this. When I was brand new to online marketing it was horrible. The wolves were in sheeps clothing and at every turn there was a payment to do something.

Straight up I’ll save you the pain, there is no push button make money online trick or hack. Everything requires some work. The work is nothing like a full time job but it is required to build anything of value. There hard work is in the setup and thats where so many people fail because it does take some work. But the good news is once you have the setup in place the work you do starts to compound and money really does come in overnight.

I’m Shenzu and Thats my introduction to this blog.

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I Went Down A Familiar Rabbit Hole

My first ever online marketing experience was by a really slick production video of a now closed down affiliate marketing course called The Rich Jerk. This promo video featured some familiar faces being Dennis Rodman, Nick Nolte, Ron Jeremy and a host of scanity clad women.
The chicks were hanging off a jerk of a guy in mansion, driving a lambo and wearing a silk robe. He was rude, obnoxious and overly confident. The actor played that part very well.


The appeal was simple, he was successful and making money online. He had famous friends and hot lady friends because he knew this one little secret. I could learn what that was for just $997, plus two upsells for done for you and a mastermind group experience.

I cringe now but I am thankful I took that course. The customer journey from start to finish was quite slick and looking back it was very well done. I did’nt go from a zero to a hero overnight as described in the sales video, but I am doing really well after learning the basics in that course and piecing my own success to a system that suited my marketing style.

I do not own a Lambo or a mansion.

Chasing online training courses and shiny software is a common thing in the internet marketing niche. It’s referred to as “shiny object syndrome” and has caused more than 80% of failures in new starters. People have the plan laid out but get distracted by the distractions.

I should know I spent more than $50k chasing knowledge

Let me introduce the original Rich Jerk below.

What Do I Actually Do If I’m Not Wearing Silk Robes?

When I started working online my knowledge of the industry was super green I was a noobie but I know business and how to manage a business. As I got involved in internet marketing I had just  sold one of my largest businesses and was retired for all of 3 months before I was bored senseless and missing some drive and challenge, I began searching around learning how I could help people who had online businesses. Im pretty tech savvy and I learn fast.

I started a freelancing business and quickly built up a client portfolio and great network of existing agencies that I would provide consulting for. This exposed me to a new direction for my path so I could build my digital agency portfolio AND build my affiliate marketing assets at the same time.

I love affiliate marketing and Ill show you how to harness this tactic to build reoccurring income month on month.

I enjoy Agency work not quite as much as Affiliate marketing but I do really enjoy the challenge and the volume of diversity of clients and websites that need help. The learning curve is steep and life moves REALLY FAST! Im an introvert at heart and being client facing is something I don’t really enjoy but I do enjoy having business owner to business owner conversations because you can move mountains by speaking to a business owner on the same level.

Plus when clients pay their invoices its all happy days 😃.

Why Give Me Your Attention?

I started this Click Bucks blog to get my pent up creativity out and to try and help more people change their lives. I really belive in the power of online marketing and building the life that you want. The world has changed and so has how we do business.

My goal is to help people take control of their finances and build online businesses. Its that simple. I give away a lot of free stuff and I’ll promote some paid training for more advanced or focused specialised training. The same types of training I charge marketing agencies Thousands of $$$ for when I train their teams.

I like to create things, businesses, processes and run tests to find out how and why things work. One of the key takeaways for you is Ill post most of these test results and porcess guides for doing a lot of the marketing startegies I do on this blog. This is not a money grab either, I will only ask for payment if something I’m building takes up a lot of my time and its only fair to ask for payment when Ive put in hours and hours of my time into something that will help others. Most of the content, templates and guides etc will be 100% Free because it will be helpful.

If I can give you any knowledge that I have amassed from my online journey and you actually use it and see success, thats all the postive vibes I need from this blog. I have a lot of real life experiences and online success to share so if you want to absorb that I’ll keep creating content.

I’ve worked hard to learn a LOT of different skillsets and experiemented to find the best types of online revenue generating projects that I can really sink my teeth into. From flipping domains, to freelancing and Selling physical products I have had a lot of fingers in a lot of 🥧 pies.

The benefit I can provide to you is my knowledge across a lot of platforms, ad channels and techniques that drive traffic. One of my day to day jobs is providing training to advertising and marketing agencies showing them how to be better well rounded marketers. I love this and want to reach more people and share what I can with likeminded people.

💰 Pay Per Click:
I work across different pay per click platforms.

Ill teach you how to use:
  • Google Ads Platform
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Microsoft Bing Ads
  • YouTube Ads
My goal working on these platforms is to drive targeted website traffic and using a smaller amount of my Ad budget. I also try to reduce the cost of the click and get higher conversions from my Ads. Nuff Said!
🛍️ Ecommerce:
I spent a lot of time in China learning about eCommerce how the manufactuers work, the logistics process and then how to create setup and market an online store. Ive worked with many store owners to help reduce Ad spend and increase sales and revenue. 
💻 Playing Chess with Google:
I have worked in some difficult niches and niches where the only option is SEO or doing search engine optimisation to get free traffic. This is the most complex part of online marketing to understand because when you play chess with Google the rules are not clear. The rules change every month. I nerd the F out when I get into the SEO’s.
🏗️ Websites & Development:
I am not a developer or a web designer but I have made some impressive advancements to learning how to do this better than I did the previous day. Learning how to build my own sites and calculators has helped me generate a LOT of money 💰.

This is not a resume. I do a lot and I get results. I also giveaway WAY more than I should more often than I should haha but thats cool because we are on the same journey now.

What Do I Expect of You?

I expect you to find my content helpful. I would expect that if you liked my content you let me know or share my stuff online.

I would expect that you dont put anyone down who may be less experienced than you. Be nice decent people. I would expect if someone asks for help that people who read this blog give that person some help.

My expectations are open I started this to see where I can take it without considering people following me. Don’t be scared to ask for help and don’t be scared to ask questions.

If you have success from learning anything shared here tell me and I can invite you on the blog or podcast or YouTube channel for an interview or case study feature.

What Can You Expect From Me?

I prefer to treat people how I want to be treated in return. I was raised to use common sense, put in hard work  and be genuine to my fellow man. In short Im a decent bloke and I wont try to pull the wool over your eyes to make a quick buck.

Ill give you some quick facts about me:

  • I am financially secure
  • I have multiple revenue streams
  • I have at last count 36 websites live
  • I have sold more than 8 businesses
  • I have lost count of the number of businesses that I have purchased or joint ventured in.
  • I was retired at 36
  • I now work flexiable hours at a digital agency
  • I am paid to train & develop young marketers
  • I have 2 dogs
  • I have an amazing partner
  • I am an introvert
  • I thrive when i’m problem solving

Thats a short summary of my online experience and remember I started working online in 2015. I’m still new to this in some regards.

What I want to give you is a roadmap to build your own financially independant lifestyle so that you can live the life that you want. I really enjoy helping people and I get huge satisfaction in teaching people how to be successful. I wont be spamming you with crap sales offers and shady courses, Ill promote what I use and  find helpful and I will be creating the same trainings that I teach to hundreds of young online marketers so that you can have a system that works laid out in front you.


In addition to that Ill also be diving into some other activities such as:


🎧 Podcast: Im building the podcast as you read this so if you have an interesting story please get in touch. Ill be focusing on interviewing business owners and marketers and bridging the gap between supply and demand. Ill have some series like an affiliate month an ecommerce month etc etc .

podcast is lie on the air

👨‍🏫 Consulting: I spend a lot of time debugging campaigns, websites and business problems. The natural step here is for me to help people who are stuck. I wont be pushing my agency or my services down anyones throat. This will be a as you need it option for people who have tried to troubleshoot the problem, read my guides and taken courses or willing to take the course to solve these problems. If all else fails Ill be around to help troubleshoot the problem.
Results results results
📚 Training Courses: The way Ill be providing the advanced training to my FREE content on this website will be through follow along training courses. I wont be showing half of the recipe because that does not help, I want to give you A to Z of planning and execution for results. 
I think that some courses have huge impact on people online and I want to pay tribute to some training courses that I have taken as the material was decent but the community within the course and students involved was what helped slingshot me miles ahead of where I actually was and Im forever grateful for the people who have helped me advance my own passion and drive for teaching others.
I wont be charging crazy money either. You can be the judge of my prices when I share the finished products.
Building landing pages
🏨 Google My Business Help Group: 
I started a group after working on a client project where they had 8,000 business locations and the help and guides Google offered along with the tech support was so misleading this project was in danger of being a huge epic failure. I made changes based on what I could see happening in my ecosystem and managed to turn it around and get the results that this client had been asking for after being almost removed from Google for months. 

In short I like to help people, I want to teach people and I love getting paid to work online.

See you online!

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