How To Start An Ecommerce Business

How To Start An Ecommerce Business

I have been consulting this guy who on the surface has it all planned out, he wanted to get my help in expanding his offline store into an online store and then building more sub niche stores to create a self refferring eco system. Great plan when its working.

My call started with so lets check in on where we are at , what is the status of your store and how much more do we have to do before you can launch. He gave me a very soft reply that he had not even started and was actually thinking of calling it off because it seemed like a lot of hard work.

Bruh! You are basically sitting on a goldmine of opportunity and wnat to turn it down to go play xbox out the back of your store and expect people to just find you naturally with no work put in? yes he said. 

My motivator for this post was that damn guy. His lack of motivation was really flattening for my spirits and general enthusiasm for him. He had the plan, the investment money, the know how but not the drive.

His loss is your gain.

I am hoping at least one of you reading this can follow the walkthrough and find success. It is not at all as hard as it sounds, but it does take work to build an actual ecommerce store.

This is not some rinky dink dropship store this is the foundations of a eccommerce brand. You need to build the store first to grow a brand. When the brand comes along you will see the big returns.

Ecommerce is in my veins I love it and while its a challenge at times its one of the easiest ways to make money. Ive made a lot and given a lot with ecom. Today Ill show you how to build a ecommerce store that you can grow into a brand.

The 6 key things

  1. Understanding Finances
  2. Understanding the market, competition and optimisations
  3. Understanding Business Operations
  4. Understanding Where & What to sell
  5. Understanding the Sales Cycle
  6. Understanding Expansion

My stores have been my biggest failures and some of my biggest successes. The flipping of a couple of these stores that were well into the brand phase has set me up for life.

If you do not know where to start your ecommerce store I will help you. I want to make it super clear and actionable for those playing at home.

The sales cycle in a nutshell

  • You have the products and solutions to peoples problems.
  • The customers has a problem and needs a product to solve that problem. Desire is also a big problem to have and so is FOMO fear of missing out. Thanks to Instagram and all the filters FOMO makes me a lot of sales.
  • The search intent that connects buyers with sellers. 
  • The connection of buyer with your product and that understanding of if your product can solve their problem. Very powerful when you get this right.
  • Repeatable business and optimising sales and conversions.

I can not make it any easier to follow. If you get a couple of these steps right your sales will grow, if you get them all right you start to build a brand.

The feeling when you get new sales notifications on your phone is almost undescribable. But when the novelty wears off and it starts to drain your battery, so much so you start getting a second phone just for sales and store servicing it can loose some of the magic.

Do not get stale, stay hungry for success and push forward.

Winning at Ecommerce

Understanding The Sales Cycle

The most important part of ecommerce is the sales cycle. This is how you make your money and how you build the business. A lot of big brands use outdated tactics, or dont give enough attention to their entire inventory. This is your opportunity as a lean start up you can target the opportunity and build towards taking on bigger product markets.

People want to buy from trusted brands, people want to buy where other people are buying and they want to know they are buying quality products. Customers are smarter today they check reviews, they research the brand or the store, they look deeply into the product before they purchase.

To beat competitors you must know your audience.

Those silly notifications that pop up on stores the moment you visit it showing you recent sales do not work. They used to work and show people buying ABC product just now! and 1 mile from where you are. This tactic is cheesy, overused and complete bogus. 

Read these points below, write them down and heck even use them in your business. They work, they have made a lot of moiney and grown some crazy big brands.

This is the sales cycle simplified.

Problem and Solution Matching

You have the products and solutions to peoples problems. Every customer has a problem that they want to solve. Every customer was looking for the cure, the bandaid fix, the cheaper version of x, the best thing and they found you.

Every product you stock or promote should answer a problem. If you struggle to find a problem that the product solves dont promote it dont stock it. Replace that product with another more useful product.

Connect the gap between the problem and the solution. This is where millions of dollers are made every second of every day.

Solving Your Audiences Problems

The customers has a problem and needs a product to solve that problem. Desire is also a big problem to have and so is FOMO fear of missing out. Thanks to Instagram and all the filters FOMO makes me a lot of sales.

We are all on our phones looking at Insta and other people, and analysing everything about them. We look at what they are doing, what they are wearing, what brands, where they are and what they eat and drink. We are really weird like that if you think about it.

curry under armour shoes

My example:

I have 29 pairs of shoes. 17 of them are sneakers. 4 of them are in excellent condition and what I consider to be my “fancy” shoes. Now taking all this onboard, I will go to Instagram and check out the basketball players I follow in the NBA. if one of those guys has a sick looking shoe on Ill be on Google searching for it in seconds.

Ill research the size options.

Ill check out the price and colour options.

Ill be looking at the shipping cost and estimated delivery.

ThenI go on a rabbit hole of research to get more info and decide if I want this shoe. Ultimately I do but I want to be sure. These size 16 sneakers take up more space than you might think.

Thats a problem and solution example of me wanting something because it looks a certain way on a player I admire. I have to have it. You need this happening in your stores marketing.

Connect The Search Intent

The search intent that connects the buyer with the seller. The search can happen anywhere, Google, Bing, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube. 

My question to you is are you there on those channels when they need you? You should be. It might cost you some time to do it organically and it will cost you ad spend if you start running paid advertising but you need to be on these channels where the buyer is.

Blogging, Q&A sites and of course social media and search engines. Its the backbone of the sales cycle without buyers you wont be making sales. Be where they are and be saying all the right things.

Starting a store? start here learn how to build a store from A to Z.

Guides for Ecommerce stores.


Messaging Clearly Wins Sales

The connection of buyer with your product and that understanding of if your product can solve their problem. Very powerful when you get this right.

When you communicate effective problem solving messaging you will have the reader in your hands. Ready to buy they just need to know the price. This powerful connection to the story or the problem solving benefits list is what will drive sales. 

Cluttered messaging fails, clear short sharp messaging works wonders. The exception is story telling and on what platform you are using it to promote products. 

Keep the sales messaging simple, clear and speaking to the audience its meant for.

Repeating Sales Success

Repeatable business and optimising sales and conversions. When you start seeing traction from all these points combined you should be thinming how to do it for every product in your store. 

You may also start to think about a second or third store. This is where the repeatable business model comes in handy. You want to cut down the learning curve and testing phases by using what you know already works.

Document your processes. Create guides, templates and systems for your team.

Speaking of team build the team you want to work with and who you hired because they inspired you. Dont settle for average demand something more and inspire your people to react to your brands values. This is one really powerful growth element is the people behind the brand.

Now you have the winning formula you just need to find and build an audience. When you do build the audience put some focus on email marketing, list building and controlling your traffic sources.

“Making your first sale of your very first product is a magical feeling. You get the butterflies in your stomach and a tingle in the back of your throat confirming that you are doing it. You know what to do and you are a success. Until you see the sale amount and its like $9.20. For me that was a huge motivator to go hammer & tong on my sales process, the product copy and my pricing strategies to get consistent sales and of a much higher revenue target than $9. Anyone can do this, if you follow a plan.”


Add Value Make More Sales

One method I used when I was stuck for some products was adding sweeteners and deals. When I started doing this I didnt know it was called bundles, upselling and all that jazz. I wanted to make it more attractive for my customers to pay for products on my store. 

I would do buy 2 get 1 free promotions, buy 2 get 25% off next purchase and promotions where if you spent over $100 you got a extra mystery gift. These all worked really well. It was hard to keep track of all the deals and promotions until I simplified it.

The value add should be used on the bigger priced items only. I use it mainly on any product over $100 and it still works. The numbers are different and the offer is a little different but the concept works,

Knock yourself out with coupons and spinner wheels and what ever the cool kids are using today for this tactic. 

Power up your value add promotion with a tailored email campaign for abandon carts and then have one for new customers and the email newsletter (or what ever you use). This will be another revenue source.

I like a 2-3 email sequence for abandon carts. This reminds them we have the product, they can have a perk of some sort. The aim is to bring those slippery visitors back to your store. If you have to give away discounts and coupons then you can but know your margins.

My top picks for email marketing software to make this really easy for you.

Newsletters should be always on. What I mean by that is that you should be scheduling in a monthly newsletter. This is one very easy way to get people engaged with new products, ne wpromotions and coming back to your website.

Always on means this activity is always running. The abandon cart email sequence should be short 2 or 3 emails with an end date. This is the difference between a campaign and an always on activity.

New customer email welcome series. I like these because you can set the tone and expectations with the customer. You may be suprised but some customers expect a welcome series to learn more about the brand. If you win them over in this series you have just earned a loyal supporter.

My Example:

If you visit mens underwear brand Step 1 they do this so well I now own 30 pairs of Step 1 jocks. This is a great product doing something different. They use humor and the solid product quality to win over customers.

One word of advice is to not spam the crap out of your list. If you want to see this in action visit Anthony Morrison he is a Shopify guru and he will email you into submission. I emailed his team to ask if there was a reason behind the super active and aggressive email and they said yes. We email until we get the result we want. 

WOW! This is the wrong way to email your business promotions. This guy is a huge earning ecom guy I expected better from him but hey man do what works for you. 


stressed by no conversions

I wouldnt want to communicate more than once a week with my list. This allows me to stay relevant while keeping some breathing room between emails. I also want to have great content in my emails and that takes time to build out as you learn your audience.

You should consider the content you want to use in your emails. Will you go product and collection  focused meaning a very transactional focus. Or will you go down the informational and value add road where you engage, delight and entertain your audience with tips, guides, tactics and deals.

The mix is up to you. if you know your audience you will get results. This is a test and invest step where you learn how aggressive to be or how much value to add before the reader converts into a sale.

Track your emails, track all links you have in your email with UTM’s on the links so you can see the results of engagement.

Email marketing software guide that shows you the best tools, tactics and how to get more from emails.

brad pitt money ball money works

Understanding Business Operations

Lets not sugar coat this. Running any kind of business is hard work. You will have product issues, website problems, compliance with Google or manufacturers and then we havent even touched on selling or customers and building a team. It takes a lot of time, money, paitence and resources

At every step of the journey you will face new challenges. When you win at something and just settle in feeling really happy with how everything is going BAM! another business challenge hits you in the face. Especially as you get started, if this is your first business you will encounter a number of hurdles your business will need to jump over to suceed.


Running A Business is Hard Work

Stay focused and commit to the plan.

Many people shy away from starting an online store because of the initial start-up costs. But imagine if someone offered to pay your up-front inventory costs on thousands of items and manage all your shipping and fulfillment operations for you. It’d be much easier to get started, and you could run your business from anywhere in the world. Sound too good to be true? in most cases yes it is a fairy tale, but it does happen if you know where to find the investors.

This brings me to should you have a business partner? Maybe. This will be an answer that you should consider if it is your first business or you know that finances is your weakness. I have several JV partners where we have complimentary skillsets. This works for me and them and we are successful because we have experience, resources and processes in lace.

Systems and Process management

I dont build a business unless Ive mapped out the plan. I want to know what the first 12 months will look like and how much will be required to get traction.

Using a project manager tool helps me map out the roadmap at a high level and then the granular month by month to do list of tasks. If the calculations have been done, the forecasting is complete and I can weigh up time vs reward and see clearly the way forward then I am all in.

As I do something in the business I document it, record the steps and build a database or wiki of processes and SOP’s. I need my team to be able to do these steps at scale as we grow. My CEO hat tells me I will not be processing sales orders in 10 months time, so I build the task guide and process manual for this task. 

If you have this mindset you wont encounter as many issues as you grow the business. It will take a little more time to do the tasks but you will be in great shape when you hire and when you start growing. The aim here is to keep you as the business owner out of the weeds and sitting at the chess table moving the peices on the board.

Learn Ecommerce Business.

somehow i manage by michael scott

Somehow I Manage (By Michael Scott)

One thing I do that helps me split my focuses on the business and know where to be at what time is a bucket list. Before I built a framework to manage my time I would get stuck on low value low impact tasks becuase it had to done. When you know the big picture as show here you understand where to spend time. Lets look at the list.

Here is how I break down an Ecommerce Business:

  1. Research
  2. Planning
  3. Building
  4. Soft Launch Quality Review
  5. Go Live Launch
  6. Sales & Marketing
  7. Assessment and Optimise
  8. Research Phase 2
  9. Expansion

From our list above where would I as business owner spend my time assuming I had myself and a assistant working on the store. I would focus on the buckets highlighted in red. The rest can be done by the assistant or a specialist freelancer or contractor.

If Im working with a 2 person team I only want the high value and high impact buckets in red. We should as a business be able to brief out the low impact work to someone who is much better at doing that thing.

Each bucket here can have up to 10-20 sub buckets to create the bigger bucket. Like a book using headings and sub headings the buckets are jam packed with to do lists, tools and technology as well as people within teh business needing tasks to move the business forward.

This can take you from forever planning and researching to we are live and just made our first sale. 

Most Common Question When Starting Off With Ecommerce 

How much does it cost to start an ecommerce business?

Resources and equipment needed for an eCommerce startup

As a bare minimum, you will need a domain $10, Hosting $10 or a Shopify plan at $29 monthly and then the website store that you will use to sell from. If you can build it then you might get away with costs as low as $800 but if you are not a coder then you may be up for anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for starter store builds.

Then you need to factor in inventory, advertising, apps if using Shopify and any other knick knacks to run your store.

Is ecommerce business stress worth it?

For those who like challenge and putting in effort each week yes it can be very rewarding. For those who shy away from hard work you may want to partner up with someone or choose another business option. Ecommerce takes work.

How can I start an ecommerce store?

The first thing you should do is start here.

Then you can head over to this page for more guidance on building an ecommerce store.

Ecommerce is Easy Money

I love ecommerce because you can make money very quickly. You can build a brand in 12-24 months that has stable consistent sales. The work is tough its not easy because ecommerce requires some involvement so for our affiliate and dropship readers this is nothing like what you are doing.

I say its easy because I pay attention, I push the pedal to the metal and try new things. You can see some store results from just one store in month 18 pulling in some amazing results.

My aim early on is to get approval from as many big brands as spossible to have them listed and advertised on my store. I can piggy back on their brand name and bring in traffic, much easier than not having the big name brand.

You must set up the collection pages so that your highest revenue generating products are first and your most popular products are on the 2nd line of products shown. These should all be on the same page.

This is simple sales techniques. You want to make it easy to make money and easy for customers to find the products they want.

Use Paid Advertising

The next thing to do is to start a paid ad camapign with either search engine or platform. Where can you run product advertising campaigns?

  • Google shopping ads
  • Microsoft Bing shopping ads
  • Pinterest catalohue ads
  • Facebook cataloue ads
  • Instagram Shopping ads

The campaign will cost you money there is no avoiding it, but think big here with me and understand if something costs you $2 for a click and you got 10 clicks thats only $20 cost to you. Now 20 people landed on your website and roughly 2-4 will convert as an average. If your advertised product is $60 then we can use the model that 2 people purchased your $60 product making a combined sale of $120. Its only cost you $20 so far. Now you will prob be having a 30 or 40% margin on your products so lets go the lowest at 30% profit

Lets run a scenario:

  • You advertise a $60 product with ads
  • You are being charged $2 per click
  • You get 20 clicks = $20 expense
  • You now have 20 people on your website
  • You can expect 2 to 4 people to convert on average. lets say 3 people converted = $180 in sales
  • You now have $180 sales from a $20 ad spend thats a win
  • You just earned some positive ROAS return on ad spend

Thats your front end costs and revenue. Now lets look a the backend finances and what the end of day total is.

  • You made $180 from your sales
  • You should have 30-40% profit margin per product. We will use 30% for this
  • Your expense to buy the products is $126
  • Your profit is $54
  • You now have positive ROAS on the back end as well

If you know that you know that you can put more ads out and make more on the backend. The front end sale matters but not as much as the backend where you make that clean profit.

What you do next after you have the numbers is to use the compounding effect. The more ad campaigns you have the better as long as your finances permit. Then you run ads for your higher profit margin products. This is the starting point. Then you add more products as you have the finances in place. The ad cost may fluctuate and you will need to pay attention or hire a marketer to help you keep this running like a well oiled machine.

Paying for customers is fine and it works. In some niches this is a must to pay to play.

You Must Do Free Organic SEO

I say this because nothing beats free traffic and free conversions. Instead of paying Google and Facebook for customers with SEO you just do it yourself or hire an SEO Specialist to help set this up. 

SEO is an ongoing activity. This helps push your product and collection pages higher in the search engines. Really really powerful for growing an online store. The competition is less competitive and you can get results in 3-9 months. When I say results I mean really highly visible pages in Google search where people can search and see your website. 

Im keeping this one super simple but I do urge everyone to invest time or resources in SEO its such a powerful marketing activity. 


CRO ecommerce store
CRO for ecommerce prod
Pay attention and maximise results

Understanding Where & What to sell

When Im wearing my operations hat I want to know what products will make my store money and what products are taking up primary screen space. I only want products that have sales history, when starting out that is harder to expect but I want products that have peoiple actively searching for them. There should be only products that people are interested in being promoted in my stores.

It is not uncommon for me to cycle products in and out of the store depending on the performance. I do not expect you to do this as its more manual. But at least know your product performance. This helps to know where to showcase products and what will convert vs what wastes space.

Shopify Is The Better Ecommerce Platform

Get a Free Shopify Store

The number 1 ecommewrce platform is Shopify hands down and its only going to get better. I am a WordPress man but Im moving all ecom to Shopify everything. Ithelps me simplify the selling process and it has very robust security. I want a slick platform that can grow as I grow and this describes Shopify.

Additionally, if you’re using Shopify you can access a variety of apps in the app store that will connect you directly with reputable affiliates or manufacturers saving you time.

They have free and paid plans available.

How To Find Products To Sell

How to use Google to find wholesalers. Google can also be an effective tool for finding brands to promote, but you need to keep a few things in mind.

Here are some tips you can use to find a wholesaler through google. The first thing you’ll want to do is Search Extensively. Wholesalers and manufacturers are notoriously bad at SEO and marketing, and usually aren’t going to pop up on the first page of Google for a term like “handbag wholesaler.” Instead, you’ll need to dig deep into the search results, often going through 10 or 20 pages of listings.

Additionally, you should use lots of modifiers: As you hunt for suppliers, don’t stop with a search for “wholesale” – make sure to use other terms, including

  • “distributor” 
  • “reseller” 
  • “bulk” 
  • “warehouse” 
  • “supplier”

It’s also important to note that suppliers also tend to have outdated, late ‘90s-era websites. So don’t be scared away by abysmal design and layout. While a sleek, modern site could signal a great supplier, a low-quality one doesn’t necessarily indicate a bad one.

Now, despite my glowing recommendation, this method isn’t ecommerce nirvana. Like all models, it has its challenges and downsides, which I will quickly go over now.

One – There will be loads of competition and weaker margins. It’s true. Products that can be drop shipped will spawn a lot of competition. Usually this will lead to cutthroat pricing and diminishing profit margins, making it hard to build a viable business.

Two – syncing inventory is difficult and leads to out-of-stock items. The best way to mitigate this problem is to work with multiple suppliers with overlapping product lines. It’s inherently dangerous to rely on a single supplier. Having two suppliers doubles the likelihood that an item will be in stock and available for shipment.

Understanding Finances

Make Money Money

To be successful, you typically can’t compete on price. Instead, you’ll need to offer value in a different way, usually through top-notch product education, service or selection.

You want to find those hidden gems most big stores have overlooked but you can easily sell them. The product matches your focus audience and its affordable, great quality and best of all going to make you a metric tonne of money.

You can Use AliExpress for product Research and finding Manufacturers.

Many sophisticated suppliers offer a real-time product feed, and you can use a service like eCommHub to easily sync your Shopify website with the warehouse. Eventually, you’ll sell a customer an out-of-stock item. Instead of canceling the order, offer the customer an upgraded product or discount. You might not make much – if any – money on the order, but you’ll likely build a loyal brand advocate.

Three – It’s hard to sell products that you never see, however In today’s world, it’s possible to become an expert in just about everything through information online. Selling products from manufacturers with detailed websites will allow you to become intimately familiar with a product line without ever having touched a physical item. And when you do need to answer specific question about a product, a quick call to your supplier or manufacturer will give you the answer you need. You can also buy your most popular items to get acquainted with them, and then resell them as “used” or “refurbished,” often recouping most of your investment.

Four Third party errors. Involving a third party will result in more fulfillment errors, mistakes, and logistical problems. Even the best dropshippers make occasional mistakes, and mediocre ones make a lot of them. Suppliers are fairly good about paying to remedy problems, but when they’re not, you need to be willing to spend what’s necessary to resolve the issue for your customer.

If you try to blame your supplier for a fulfillment problem, you’re going to come off as amateurish and unprofessional. Similarly, if you’re unwilling to ship out a cheap replacement part to a customer because your supplier won’t cover the cost, your reputation is going to suffer. One of the costs of drop shipping convenience is the expense of remedying logistical problems.

If you accept it as cost of doing business – and always make sure to put your customer first – it shouldn’t be a long-term issue. Is drop shipping the path to overnight ecommerce success? Of course not. As with any successful online store, you’ll need to invest over time in a quality website, marketing, and customer service. But drop shipping does provide an easy way to get started and the ability to leverage other people’s capital without having to invest thousands of your own.

build a market analysis plan and stick to it

Understanding the market, competition and optimisations

You’re looking at data, you’re looking at your pages. You have to know exactly what is going on with trends, best sellers and any promotions that you have running. You also need to have some idea on what the competition is doing and what they are running so you can compete or avoid any crossover with their promotions.

It is not just about the product. It’s about your customers, visitors behavior and spend trends, right. And when you have got some products that are selling well, you need to have the insight to feature them in a more prominent position on your website to further increase their conversion.

That’s Key Insight #1.

Key Insight #2, you need to have a content strategy ongoing all year round. This along with a solid paid advertising strategy will grow your store like it was pumping iron and taking steroids.

When my content is developing Ill be spending money on pay per click ads to get traffic to the website. This comes in from Google search ads, display banner ads, Google shopping ads, Bing ads and Pinterest advertising. 

Once Im seeing some signs of life in the content so it is ranking and attracting traffic I can cut startegically lower my paid ad spend on different platforms. I dont ever completely cut it off thats not smart but I keep a toe in the paid advertising waters just in case something happens with Google.

I spent a lot of brand awareness advertising just to pump up the hype for the store.  So many marketers discredit brand awareness campaigns, but they work and they work really well with a hot content campaign where you have new content daily.

Key Insight #3 The Optimisation Phase

My entire focus once the content and paid advertising campaigns are running and driving traffic to my stores is to focus on user expereince and sales conversions.

Just to keep it simple its two parts

  1. Optimise the customer experience
  2. Optimise every conversion element on the page

My go to is to make the search to advert click through as customer centric as possible. I lower my page load speed as much as possible so the poages load super fast. Ill remove any other advertising from my pages so its just the page with the core message and the visitor.

This is the customer experience phase 1. The next step here is the add to cart, abandon cart and shopping cart experience that all ties into the customer experience.

If I can win this I can have a repeat customer and possibly a customer that keeps coming back again and again.

Page by page CRO 

CRO conversion rate optimisation is critical to all stores doing over $500 a day in sales. To grow them to be making even more you will need to invest in conversion adjustments. This might sound a bit wanky but when you see the statistics before and after a proper CRO audit and optimisation you may have a changed opinion on the importance of this tactic.

ecommerce shipping meme

How To Run A Relevant Store

  1. Know your market
  2. Know your audience
  3. Know your competiton
  4. Know your optimisations

So, in the beginning what’s interesting is 90-somewhat percent of the sales were coming from paid. Pay-Per-Click, we were spending a ton of money, right, To get some traction. But later on, my entire focus shifts to organic growth.

All the revenue increases coming from SEO efforts get the focus for at least 4 weeks for maximum growth potential.  The surge in new sales will come in from your organic search traffic, free traffic. Well, I wouldn’t say they’re entirely free because I invest time and money creating media, creating content and reaching out for promotion of my content for them. But, only 48% comes from paid.

The paid advertising requires a constant review to make sure i am not overspending or wasting budget on extremely high CPC keywords and to make sure competitors have not screwed up the bidding on my target keywords.

I dont over bid, over spend or get eaten alive in ad position. I set up my campaigns myself and then hand over to my paid ads team member. You may not have this option to start out so try learn the basics of PPC and how to setup ad campaigns. When you master this you make sales a lot of sales. 

Inventory kills. What would kill you the most is you have way too much inventory of products that you don’t sell. Depends on what kinda products you sell, do they expire? Assuming your products don’t expire you’re gonna sit on a lot of products that don’t sell. And, you’re sitting in a lot of cash, right? So, you’ve gotta be very, very careful when it comes to inventory management.

So, to do E-commerce I believe if you have your own store, meaning you’re not selling through Amazon ’cause Amazon already has all the traffic. But let’s say you’re not selling through Amazon, you have your own E-commerce store. I believe you need to have a very good organic strategy as well as a paid strategy. And, last lesson I wanna share with you when it comes to E-commerce is, inventory kills.

Number one, when it comes to E-commerce conversion matters a lot. Conversion matters a lot. So, you should be constantly measuring your conversion rate on different pages.

Your bounce rate, meaning people hit your homepage.

Where are you seeing people exiting from your site?

Where are you losing people?

Now, one of the things that we notice when I was running an E-commerce business that we were losing a big chunk of the customers at the checkout, right? At the checkout page, we’re losing a big, so they like the product, they click the product, they add to cart by the time they get to buy, we lose a whole lot of people.

There is a lot involved just to stay competitive.

So, I was saying to myself, okay, this is not good. What could we do better? So, then the team sat and reviewed our entire process added a lot of different things.


  • We added actual testimonials during the checkout process.
  • We streamlined it and simplified the checkout process.
  • We changed the look of the collection pages
  • We made big visual changes to the products and content on those pages.

So, in the beginning, back then I didn’t know the inner workings of CRO when I started. Now I feel like a gun at it, Ive also shared this knowledge with my lead developer so we can brainstorm best converting page template designs and using the best converting elements in the right place.

My checkout was clunky it used multi step  and not everyone made it through. This hurt sales so we fixed it to a two step form hats condensed and fun to use. The output is a direct increase in cart process completion goals. BooYa!

So, conversion matters. You have to measure everything.

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running an ecommerce business

Understanding Brand Expansion

Now, before I really understood how the nuts and bolts of the sales cycle worked I was a HUGE risk for my brand. I would be sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollers of product and product that was not being sold just being held.

Holding inventory I didnt need to be holding cost me more than I am willing to admit. Yes I could sell it all. At the time I didnt have the orders coming in to back the amount of inventory I had in stock.

Actually Running an Ecommerce Business

Test before you invest. My rule of thumb is to know the audience, how often they purchase, niche events that may soike sales, hot products, stale products and invest when you know the results of the test.

My advice is know your sales numbers, know your hot selling products and frequency of sales. This helps you know how to run the inventory ordering much better.

If you suck at inventory try dropshipping its much easier and less work involved. The money is not the same and its even more competitive because the barrier to entry is so low.

Consider buying smaller businesses to merge their audiences, assets and market share into one bigger brand. This works time and time again. If you plan it to perfection you will see a snowball of momentum in your revenue from online.

Review your finances weekly. Schedule at least one session where you just review the incoming revenue and outgoing expenses. Give yourself a clear picture of business financial health.

Key takeaway: Have the document or software you use to review the finances easily to access in 2 clicks or so. The harder it is to access the more forgotten it becomes speaking from personal experience.

The next item is teams. Build your team around 2 or 3 A players and then hire B players until you are at a level you need all A players on your business. This will make or break your momentum.

From teams comes processes and systems. Building a solid set of SOP’s standard operting procedures or a wiki for team members to perform processes in the business empowers many people to do the work. Then freeing up the high value on the business thinking.

It takes many hats to be the person behind the ecommerce business and it doesnt just happen overnight. Ive failed fast and learned from each mistake. At every intersection of failure record the reason why and the solution to move forward. Now you dont need to fail at that again because you have the process.

I love talking about business and ecom this has been real fun. If you like this type of content let me know and Ill focus more on some operational techniques and tactics. Hope you found this useful. Put in the work, Peace.

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High Ticket Dropshipping vs Low Ticket Dropshipping Products

High Ticket Dropshipping vs Low Ticket Dropshipping Products

Let’s talk about high ticket dropshipping versus low-ticket dropshipping products. Ill also go over my predictions, these are the top 10 best products for high ticket dropshipping in 2020

I am a big fan of high ticket dropship because the reward is so much sweeter for putting in the same if not less amount of work. Just saying 😉

Definition of high-ticket dropshipping

the definition of low-ticket dropshipping, the pros and cons of both high-ticket dropshipping and low-ticket dropshipping, some of the additional benefits that come along with high-ticket dropshipping.

So the definition of high-ticket dropshipping is selling products for over $250. Now, there’s really not a price ceiling here. I’ve have sold products for over $5,000, but in general we’re looking at anything above $250. So that means low-ticket dropshipping, you are selling products at a retail price, meaning what you charge your customers, for less than $249. Thats a nice starting point at $250 to keep your minimums at.

How does Dropshipping work?

the process of dropshipping

How to transition from low-ticket e-commerce

I’ll show you how to transition from low-ticket e-commerce to high-ticket e-commerce dropshipped products, and the best products for high-ticket dropshipping.

You will need a Shopify store or at least should be using the easiest CMS to build a store on. Shopify is a smooth way to host and grow your dropship store.

So let’s talk about why we do high-ticket dropshipping and the pros and cons of high-ticket dropshipping compared to low-ticket. And the best way I can just show this to you is, let’s say I was gifting you an actual store, like a retail storefront, and let’s just say I gave you an option.

The example

You can have a Dollar Tree, which is a store that sells everything for a dollar, “or you can have a Design Within Reach store,” which is a high-end furniture store where I would have to assume their average order value is over $3,000. So if you could choose one, which one do you want? Well, if you think through this at all, you would choose the one that has an average order value of thousands and thousands of dollars. Now, why is that? Because it makes more money.

When people come in and buy something, you get paid. It’s a much more profitable business than having a bunch of people come through your store every day, buy 20 items and give you $20, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one. No, you’d rather have a few customers come in, spend big money, where you actually can earn a real profit. So this is the idea.

Whats The Risk With High Ticket Dropshipping?

This is why we want to focus on high-ticket things. And you may be thinking, okay, but isn’t a negative thing with high-ticket dropshipping the fact that it is just a more expensive business to get into? I could see myself possibly selling low-ticket products because where’s the risk?

Whereas high-ticket products, it’s a different game. And that’s true, but this is the beauty of it. What I’m giving you right now in education is basically the option of telling you you could have either of these.

Both will cost money to start, heck look at my basic expense log for building this brand the ClickBucks brand.

If you’re going to do this, if you’re going to build a dropshipping store, and you’re going to put your time into actually making one of these, why not put your time into the one that has a bigger potential, that has a bigger upside, the one using high-ticket dropshipping? ‘Cause remember, the beauty of dropshipping is you’re not laying out any money before you actually get sales.

meme christmas tree looks

You’re not buying this inventory until the customer pays you. So again, you have this choice and I am giving you this decision, for which one you wanna build, and why wouldn’t you choose the one that has a higher profit potential? Now, when you think of it a different way, with the pros and cons of high-ticket dropshipping versus low-ticket dropshipping, we can just compare and contrast two different products.

My Top Ecommerce & Dropshipping Products List

On the left we have cellphone cases and on the right we have a stand up paddle board. Now let’s look at each of these in a little more detail and let’s just say you wanted to dropship low-ticket products, being the cellphone case. Well, with cellphone cases, they’re easy to ship, there’s a huge demand, and there’s lots of styles and variations. So that could be thought of as pros to dropshipping low-ticket products.

Whereas with high-ticket dropshipping and a product like a stand up paddle board, they’re large and heavy to ship, they’re expensive, and there’s a smaller market, meaning that there’s a lot less people that wanna buy a paddleboard than the amount of people that wanna buy a cellphone case.

And because of that, most people gravitate towards the low-ticket products when they’re getting into e-commerce and dropshipping, and they choose something like cellphone cases to dropship. And here’s the thing. That is not what you want to do because high-ticket dropshipping actually gives you the ability and the ease to sell less and earn more. And it comes down to a very simple equation that I call units sold versus profit. This is very important.

When I first realized this it totally changed my business. I was busting my hump to sell these $7 and $9 doller trinkets when I switched to selling $499 products boom! everything came together”


Dropshipping Comparisons: The Nuts & Bolts of it

We have cellphone cases and stand up paddle boards. Then we have sale price, and we’ll just use round numbers here to make math easy. And for cellphone cases, average retail sale price is $10. stand up paddle boards, closer to $1,000.

Now, if you do this right, if you build a dropshipping store using my methods here you can get decent profit margins of 25-40% on most orders.

Again, we’re gonna use round numbers for simplicity. So we’re gonna say net profit of 30%. That means profit per sale, every time you sell a cellphone case you would keep $3 as that profit, and every time you sell a stand up paddle board you would keep $300 as net profit for the same amount of work.

And understanding this concept and using it in your business, again, dollar store versus Design Within Reach, once you can leverage this and you can make your whole business about high-ticket dropshipping and high-ticket products, you will be well on your way to being successful with this whole business model.

Let’s just do an example here, and we’ll use these same two products. And let’s say you’re brand new to all this and you say, “You know what, mate? “My goal for my target monthly profit, “net profit, is just $3,000 a month. “I want an extra $3,000 a month in my bank account.” Okay, well, let’s look at our examples.

I havent even touched on building email marketing lists for your store. This just explodes the earning potential.

More Indepth with Drop Ship Numbers

If you want that with cellphone cases, you make the $3 a sale, and if you make 300 with stand up paddle boards, how many units, how many sales, would you need each month to reach your target monthly profit? Well, with cellphone cases, you would need to sell 1,000 every single month, whereas paddleboards, you would only need to sell 10 units.

That’s like one sale every three days. And if you’ve ever been in sales or customer service before, you know that 1,000 customers a month, it’s enough to make you pull your hair out. It’s enough to have a headache.

It’s enough to need a team to support. On the other hand, 10 sales a month, a sale every few days, you can easily handle that on your own, and again, you’ll be making the same amount of money as the person doing low-ticket dropshipping that’s pulling their hair out, thinking, why did I even get into this business? Go with high-ticket dropshipping.

You will make more money per sale.

Imagine all your competitors doing as much or MORE WORK than you and getting a quarter of teh profit margins that you get. INSANE but reality. If you stick to the maths and stick to the method it works. Plain and simple.

It’s pretty obvious that high-ticket dropshipping is better than low-ticket. And here’s just a few of the main reasons. The first is that there’s less customer service, and that’s because you’re having less customers, and less customers is a good thing.

You’ll have less orders but make more money. You also have less orders to process, so again, it takes less time to run the business, and one of the huge benefits is that it’s easier to buy paid traffic.

I’m a huge fan of paid traffic, and when you’re not making much money per sale, it’s almost impossible to do this profitably. Let’s look at this example where we have our cellphone case and our paddleboard again, and we’re looking at how many units we would need to sell.

So 1,000 cellphone cases or 10 stand up paddle boards. Again, this is to reach our target monthly profit. Now, our conversion rate with a hard focus on ROAS and our conversion rate of approx 2.5% (minimums) mean you would need 40,000 people to visit our website every month to get 1,000 sales. Whereas with stand up paddle boards, we would only need 400 targeted visitors.

And if you have to spend money on 40,000 visits, you know how expensive that is. You know it’s gonna be next to impossible to have a profit at the end of the day. But 400 targeted visits, anybody can get that to their website.

sales by numbers

It is not that hard if you have a system to follow.

I hear from a lot of readers about the store they own doesnt convert, it doesnt work, the layout is wrong and it just might be. Who knows what the correct most 100% foolproof layout looks like? not me no one does. This is a unicorn.

BUT! We can work towards optimising for success.

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Some even more common problems:

  • My store’s not profitable
  • Facebook Ads profitable.
  • Customers aren’t happy
  • Shipping’s taking too long.

What can I do? Well, the good news is, if you already have a Shopify store set up, you can transition from low-ticket to high-ticket.

My advice is, if there is a higher-priced product range with what you sell, move up the ladder and aim for higher margins and higher sales numbers. Focus on the more expensive products and phase out the low-ticket ones.

Now, maybe you can’t do this. Maybe what you’re selling does not have a high-ticket price range product line. And if that’s the case, then my advice is just go ahead and build a brand new Shopify store using your knowledge for how you built the first one, but focused on a high-ticket niche, and focus on going with where the real money is and where the real opportunity is.

Now, if you wanna know more about the best products for high-ticket dropshipping, the products that fit my niche criteria for high-ticket dropshipping, follow this article further down and get more insights on profitable niches. The riches are in the niches. 

Read: How to run profitable paid ad campaigns because of targeting.

sell more dropship products

Best Drop Shipping Products

I tried hundreds of products, bizarre products, very obsscure products and mainstream products to bring this niche guide to you. I failed on 7/10 of the trials but by no fault of my own than saturation and lowest prices being my biggest competitors. It turns out obscure niches and bizarre products have competition as well.

I didnt pick my battles. I was doing this in my limited spare time. I also couldnt give the ad campaigns enough love for them to out perform competitors. A damn shame because it was really fun working on some of the creative for these weird niches.

The products and niches Ill run through now are not the absolute must use niches or products but stable and opportunity is there in all outlined below. The key is finding the best trageting, the best messaging and then standing out against a lot of competition.

I also love the opportunity of the upsells and cross promotion. You can flog the base models and then make that paper by upselling accessories and add on attachments.

What I mean by base models is that a big complicated product is gonna have quite a lot of different complications so having that it’s a simple base model in other words the customer can order just one easy to understand product without having to  know how to choose a bunch of different upgrade options in order to buy it in the first place that makes the buying process a lot easier.

Simplify everything in your sale sprocess.

okay so you want simple base models and you want upgrade options as well so you want to have like three to five upgrade options and you can find all this through competitor research okay just look at your competitors sites especially the older sites and making sure that they have simple base models with great potential in other words there’s not upgrades that are required to be chosen in order to purchase

okay next recognizable brand names a lot of people like to sell generic brand names but the problem is that there are a little bit generic sometimes the keywords can mix in with generic keywords and as long as the brand name is a unique word it’s not a generic word then that’s good that’s enough to use.

For the SEO nerds you may want to get that naming convention dialled right in for maximum SEO juice and visibility for your product.

We want those unique words so that we can target those with SEO target them with paid advertisement next we want to make sure that the niche has model names and SKU numbers for the products.

Doing this is key for targeting with SEO and for paid advertising because you will be targeting the bottom of the funnel traffic but those the SKU numbers in various methods in order to get those buyers to your website to make that work.

Ecommerce Brands & Dropshippers LOVE Shopify

shopify store plan

Generics and Extended Product Opportunities

The best high ticket product sales will invlve both simplicity and complexity in the product function and customisation, weirdly they are different but work together for this example so well.

You should be looking at this next step with two lenses.

1 how simple is this product

2 what extensions, add ons and accessories can I bundle

You want a simple product because getting started simplicity is everything. Keep it super simple the KISS method. Make some sales understand the sales cycle, your buyers, the support requests and returns etc so you are all over your simple products.

Then when you have some experience with the product, the supllier, the customer and all the parts involved in the sales cycle you can start pivoting.

The pivot is crucial in your stores revenue growth. 

When you pivot you start looking at that simple product with fresh eyes. You will start thinking and looking out for these following questions.

  1. What can I customise [with| on| for] this product?
  2. What can I add to extend the use of this product?
  3. What can I bundle this product with for more sales?
  4. What accessories does this product best work with?

All really good questions and are contributors to making you more revenue per sale. These can help play a role converting those more seasones buyers and those who may be on the fence and want a little more value or usability.

Common problems with extended functions, addons and more are the supplier policies, supplier warranty, supplier chargeback and the sales cycle.

With extended products with attachements, extensions, add ons and what not they are more difficult to learn to sell and to serve to customers. Understand that complicated is not necessarily bad, complicated products can be good electronic products can be very good.

To master the sales cycle you have to learn about them you have to read buying guides, and have to read manuals.You have to you know & understand the suppliers websites and how the products work together and they’re gonna be more difficult to learn how they work and to be able to sell and obviously to be able to serve with customer service support and warranty support.

What You Can Do To Keep Customers Happy and Buying More?

Start by identifying who your real target market is and really focus on the target markets you want to serve. Some are going to be willing and able not just able but willing and not just really but able right with you.

You can target and convert both but they got to be able to pay with either a credit card or a debit card for your product so you get paid right away that way and there’s no confusions the target market that is in the baby boomer generation is the best.

You don’t want to sell young people because they’re very fickle they don’t have a lot of money usually and they’re very impatient. This leads to negative reviews and chargebacks.

My Mantra is sell products that have high margins.

One key element to keep watch on when finding suppliers is if they use MAP policies. You really only want to work with suppliers and niches that have Map pricing okay ideally higher priced products will have lots of suppliers at Map pricing.

MAP stands for minimum advertisement price and that’s what you’ll see in the ads and on the product pages okay Map pricing evens the playing field especially against bigger older retailers so you’re gonna have a hard time competing with.

Having a database of suppliers and potential suppliers is what will fuel your stores growth. If you can offer more brands, more products you have MORE CHANCE of getting sales.

If the niche you are targeting has limited suppliers then you should plan for that and the possibility that thats the limit of suppliuers you can engage with. I would also consider if it is a small number what happens with COVID round 2 and so on will you still be able to operate? great question. Plan ahead.

Using ecommerce to grow your business

The Best Industries To Dropship

Older industries and technologies are much better than younger ones okay younger industries newer technologies can be very difficult to serve they might be easy to sell because it’s super exciting and trendy but the serving on the back end of it can be quite difficult I have a lot of issues with the product quality and the suppliers aren’t as established so they aren’t ready to really provide that service and they’re gonna fall on you more and of course you don’t have the backing of high amount of investment upfront capital to cover products that are defective you know so just keep that in mind it’s always better than the older industry’s older technologies things like that where the spires are more established if better warranty processes and they’re ready to serve their retailer base

Best Places To Advertise Dropship Products

lastly products that are able to be advertised on Google Shopping to Facebook kind of goes without saying right but one of our biggest most profitable ad revenue platforms is Google Shopping and Facebook ads as well so you just want to read through the Google Shopping terms and make sure that an issue you’re considering is actually able to be sold through Google Shopping.

one of the newest revolutions that came out was that electric bikes are actually quite difficult to sell through Google Shopping know you have to be very careful with them because they don’t allow them to be sold um you know if they’re over a certain speed with pedal assist so with that said you have to maybe provide some sort of disclaimer on your product page no nevertheless it could be the same in multiple industries so just make sure you understand the policies if you want to find those just type Google shopping policies and at Google and you’ll find that pretty easily and same for Facebook okay but just do a quick search and you make sure

ozarks circle of the money

The Hottest Product Predictions For High Ticket Dropship

I’ll now go over the top ten niches just searching them in Google so you kind of get an idea what they look like and the different websites that are selling them so here we are the number one niche that is pretty popular right now meets all those criterias and what not.

Golf Simulators

golf simulator so the opposite in others are quite interesting because look there’s a lot of high priced products here and definitely high margins so let’s take a look at few of the competitors here yeah this is a niche store shop fly right there can I trust him cut it stuff here all right and then we have four sites sports it’s like a niche store custom theme Four Seasons golf shop the furniture store and shop demise things even Shopify and then there’s top-shelf golf which is definitely a store lots of good things here and great niche to look into


are quite good you’ll see here on the organics you have beverage factory kegerator comm from people on Amazon are selling the best five and more beer comm what you should do though when you’re looking at Asia is go to shopping and look down below here you see the brands and you’ll see the sellers and what I usually do is I look for sellers that are specifically about cakes okay kegerator sellers are the ones I usually go for so cake factory looks like one right now so you just kind of take a look at their website and see okay looks like a pretty niche website yeah so here we go and do they have a physical store somewhere I don’t think so cuz they would have listed it somewhere here hey visit our showroom side assuming they don’t just great so check out this website and look into cakes I think they’re really profitable

Apollo steam shower curved blue

Steam Showers

I really like this one not just because I have one but because of the end result that you can use to leverage the sales messaging. These showers are amazing.

steam showers are pretty cool similar to saunas but of course quite a bit different so with your shopping alright I’m deep oh I love peanuts not sure exactly that that is Samus calm I’m an old e-commerce store so let’s look more at the sellers here maybe sticks out I think bath fault I know these guys and let’s see here I’ll just show you their store really quick they’re not just one product they’re multiple products let’s take a look at other stuff here bath parlor let’s see what that is you might find niches like this that are not in niche specific stores but are in multiple categories stores only so you have to get an idea like okay I might have to do that myself then let’s see our Samus and beyond sounds like a niche store I’ll just take a look at these for you right now alright so yeah bath fault this is bath fault and quite a successful store that’s a great history so you can take a look at this bath parlor definitely on the shop demise theme and yeah these guys are so I have a pretty cool website going on here let’s take a look at some be on another Shopify store definitely so these are some great store selling these

Electric Fireplaces

fireplaces are pretty cool they fit all the the criteria so let’s take a look at a few niche stores here like two fireplaces depot fireplaces are s might be but it’s not electric so I’m gonna skip it now you fireplace door maybe but the fireplace is direct it’s really looking for like newer ecommerce stores not the older ones that’s alright I know the people that make modern toys that’s pretty good website I like that a lot well there’s something directly uncivil that’s funny so these guys are doing something smart here they’re not putting people in their store that actually set up with sign directly through Google that’s like the marketplace which is kind of cool but you can take a look at their store anyways and let’s see you let your fire misdirect I think there’s an older ecommerce store so I definitely want to just take it you know get an idea that like these guys might be owned by some other their kalam Rhett but I’m pretty sure these guys are a smaller ecommerce store all right and yeah this is on shop to my so I’m gonna definitely consider this one a good one to go so electric fireplaces Depot


Infared Sauna

Infrared saunas are quite popular, expensive and profitable. This is a great niche to get into where you can sell a couple and make great money.

You will have a lot of competition, but generally its competition thats static and not dialled in. You will learn how to really dial in your ad targeting and messaging to beat these static vendors every time.

These are big products that serve people with specific pain points or desires. You would craft messaging around these pain points, desires and the solution. It will be a big purchase and will take some convincing so be prepared to have a really informative sales page to help get your message across.

Electric Full Body Massage Chairs

Auto electric massage chairs are awesome, I have one of these and it really does get you relaxed or treated if you have some aching muscles. I love it and Im using mine about 5 nights a week.

These are big expensive and easy to buy at various price points. They also have various marketing angles you could sell them with messaging for a lot of different customer avatars.

These will have niche sites pop up and look like they are highly competitive but really the ones you will come across wont be amazing, optimised or doing solid audience targeting.

These will need to have some more touch points than just advert to landing page and a conversion. This needs warming up, social proof, info articles and maybe even guides before you get the sale.

Restore+ Massage Chair

Massage Tables & Accessories

This is a slow creeper trending niche. COVID gave it an extra push and now its really taking off.

Massage table is very similar to massage chairs but a little bit different target market here. These are popular for several markets and avatars if you can find messaging that connects with the audience these sell themselves. They also allow you to have a bunch of accessories and bundles.

These are easy to transport, can be stored easy and have multiple moving parts. Unless you buy the sturdy table types. 

I really like this as a evergreen niche because everyone needs relaxation, pampering and no better place to be pampered than in your house.

Wine Coolers

wine coolers are definitely profitable they’re a bit more competitive but it doesn’t mean you can’t compete so it’s stupid some of the websites right here that seem like niche stores one quarter city differently a new store and Shopify with the bats and sounds like yeah but but why enthusiasts I believe is actually a manufacturer or distributor or something direct so thanks for that fact this is actually one of my clients stores they’re good for clinic back in the day they sold it and something else no you can adapt adjust it all right


humidor is are pretty unique product and may or may not know that they make it good I take a drop shipping eesh what they do if you’re looking this one first passing the doors wanna see too many other humidor specific stores but it’s a grind florist.

There are heaps of accessories and bundles that can be added to this product and the real enthusiasts will be all in on having the best setup for their buddies.


Games Room Sports Tables

One niche thats never been a focus of mine is games room tables. I spent a lot of time in arcade gaming tables, arcade games but never the actual games room tables.

After some looking around it really does have its own opportunities. I think with COVID forcing millions of people to stay home and with TV entertianment drying up the games room is now a very popular place to keep entertained.

These are big heavy tables. They dont require a lot of touch points in teh sales cycle, this one is where someone knows what they want and you need to be there when they make the decision. Google Ads will be a great way to get in front and center for this product promotion. 

Types of Tables:

  • Poker tables
  • Ice hockey rink tables
  • Ping Pong tables
  • Beer Pong tables
  • Foosball tables also soccer
  • Arcade gaming tables
  • Life size chess floor covers
  • Tiny model train or action figure tables

Theres hundreds of gaming table top combinations. These sell really well and they are trending so I would keep this niche in your mind. Its not over competitive but there are some huge sporting stores who will be in teh SERPs keep that in mind.

that’s the top 10 list of niches just gonna go over them again really quick first is kegerators and infrared saunas steam showers massage chairs electric fireplaces golf simulators massage tables wine coolers humidors cigar humidor game room tables alright guys I really hope you enjoyed the guide and now have some ideas for niche selection for your high ticket dropshipping store.

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How To Make Money Blogging

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How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

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Ecommerce Targeting Guide Products and Ads

Ecommerce Targeting Guide Products and Ads

One of the best ways to get sales fast on your ecommerce or dropship store is to run paid ads to the product pages. I love that free traffic with SEO but I also want some quick wins with sending targeted paid advert traffic to my sales pages to get data faster. This guide will be focusing on the paid advertising and targeting of adverts for ecommerce stores. You will find a lot of value in this guide, Take notes and put an action plan in place to get those sales.

Product & Niche Research

I try to avoid trademarked or licensed products just because the legal headache is just not worth it. Selling in trademarked niches is asking for shut downs of your ad account, your profiles and sometimes even your website. So stay away for these type of products.

Marvel, Star Wars, Pokemon, Harry Potter. Lord of The Rings. Batman. Spiderman. The Hunger Games. Etc etc.

I prefer getting into evergreen niches that are long-term niches. If you want to sell Harry Potter products and make money quickly, then possibly facing legal trouble down the line as you grow your store, then be my guest.

But that is not my style. Building a sustainable long-term business is what i am all about. Churn and burn is such a waste of time.

So make your own decision which side of the fence you sit on, but if you get in trouble because you’re selling in trademarked niches, then I am not responsible for your actions.

Sell at your own risks.

Product research with AliExpress

If you’re already sure of a niche you’d like to get into and want to see if there are a lot of products available to sell, then head over to

This is the site I use to sell products from China at a really low cost.

So, let’s say for example that you’re into the dog niche. What you need to do is simply type in “dogs” in the search bar.

Then what you could do next is sort by price, orders, free shipping and 1 piece only.

Ideally, we want to look for products that are under $4, have free shipping, and have a lot of orders from a reputable seller with lots of good feedback.

If you find 10+ products that we could add to the store from AliExpress, then it looks like you have a winning niche. The only step then would be to make sure there’s an audience for it on Facebook (very likely since there’s people who are buying these products online).

Page research on Facebook

We will get into much more extensive research on Facebook in the “Audience Insights” video, but have a quick glance on Facebook and look for pages in your niche.

If you can find 10-20 big pages in your niche (100k+ fans), then looks like you’ve got a potential winning niche with a large passionate audience!

A sales funnel

List The Target Product On Your Shopify Store

Adding Products + Theme

How To Add A Product and Collection To Your Store

Once you find products that fit the criteria we covered in the last PDF, head over to Google and look for a higher quality version of the product (bigger size, no watermarks, etc)

Then head over to Shopify and go to add the product: PRODUCTS -> PRODUCTS

Product display

Then simply fill out all the details for the product: Name, description, variants (if any), shipping, pricing ($0.01), suggested price ($19.95).

REMEMBER: If the product is below $3-4 on AliExpress, then we will enter 8.0kg for the shipping weight, which is equivalent to $9.95 shipping that we created in the previous shipping module.

To add a collection to your store, head to: PRODUCTS -> COLLECTION The video is pretty self-explanatory on how to add a product to the collection.

Collections in Shopify

How To Add A Theme on Shopify

To select/customize your new theme, head to: ONLINE STORE -> THEMES

Theme in shopify

Then you can head to the Theme Store to look for a better theme. Once you’ve picked a theme, you can simply customize the theme.

Each theme has its own elements that you can edit, so there’s not much teaching to be made here. It’s basically just a matter of taste and testing based on how you like the look of the theme.

Now you have the research complete and the products and collections setup we move forward. This next section is all about advertising targeting for your products. This is super important because when you get the targeting correct you make more money.

Traffic with Facebook Ads

How To Create The Perfect “Native” FB Ad for E-Commerce

When you first log in to Facebooka Ad Manager, make sure to setup campaigns with ad groups inside them and then the single ads. This will load all your previous ads, campaigns, pages that you had previously on this ad account. If it’s a brand new account, then you won’t have anything to load.

Perfect Ad Type: 800×800 (square image) Photo Ad with Website Conversions

  • Make sure you add the conversion pixel into your Shopify store (we show how in the video)

  • You will always use the SAME conversion pixel for all your ads for your store

    Perfect Ad Image: Image of the product ONLY (no text, no price tag)

    Perfect Ad Copy:

    Grab Your LIMITED EDITION “product name here” for ONLY $0.01! Not sold in stores. Order yours now! >>>

    Perfect Ad Audience:

    USA, Canada, Australia and above 1 million audience

  • I usually like to target mostly women, but men do buy also

  • Make sure you find at least 50+ interests to target

  • The more interests and the bigger your audience, the better

  • Take your time and find as many interests as humanly possible, it’s worth it! (can take 1hr+)

    Perfect Ad Budget:

    $10-15 test budget per day for the first 2 days, then if you see sales after 2 days, then now you know it’s a product that can sell. I’ve found that $5/day budget does not give me enough data to make decisions on whether to continue or stop with the product.

    Now it’s just a matter of optimizing and scaling accordingly (we will cover that in the next PDF)


– use a low quality image
– use a watermarked image
– use a different image than the one you’re using in your store (no misleading images)
– photoshop any fancy images for your ad
– use a re-direct on your link
– use a link to your store homepage, MAKE SURE TO USE A LINK TO YOUR PRODUCT PAGE! – mention shipping on image or text
– mention the words free anywhere

The whole goal of a Native Ad is so that it looks like a normal post on the newsfeed and not an ad. People are self-taught not to click on ads, so we want our ad to look like a normal image on the Facebook newsfeed. Hope that makes sense.


1. Your conversion pixel will not work until it gets its first sale, it will remain red until then. 2. Use the link to your product page for the ad, not the homepage

3. To save time, save your audience that you created (1M+ audience) so that you can easily make more ads in the future without manually typing each interest every time.

4. To save time, you can also DUPLICATE the ad sets! That way, you won’t have to add the conversion pixel, add the audience. All you will have to do is change the “ad” (picture, text, etc) assuming that you are selling a different product for this new ad set.

When you make any changes inside of ads manager, make sure to “Upload Changes”

that facebook moneihs

Audience Insights

Deeper FB Audience Research with Audience Insights

The video is self-explanatory, so I will make this PDF like a step-by-step cheat sheet.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select your locations (USA, Canada, Australia)
Step 3: Select your gender (Women only or Men + Women)

Step 4: Select your age (18-65)

Step 5: Enter a very general niche keyword (ex: Dogs, Horses, Poker, Swimming, etc)

Step 6: Enter a few more keywords off the top off the top of your head that go a bit deeper into your niche research (ex: Border Collie, Bulldog, Petsmart, I Love Dogs, Chihuahua, etc)

Step 7: Once you have a solid 10-20 keywords off the top of your head, head over to the “Page Likes” tab. This is where you’re going to be able to find even deeper keywords that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

Step 8: Enter 50-100 more keywords to target in your ads. This will ensure that you get to 1 million audience for your ads, which will make this a much more long-term cash cow for you.

TIP: If you’re unsure if the page name is related to your niche, you can always click it, which will generate a new window showing you how the page looks. You’ll then know for sure if that audience is related to what you’re trying to sell with your ads.

Step 9: Click Save to save your audience. This way, you can easily use that audience in Power Editor, without having to manually enter those 50-100 keywords each time!

And that’s really it people! Super simple. Audience Insights is an amazing tool to help you scale and find a broader audience to target. I push to get as many people as possible until I really really can’t find any other keywords to target.

TIP: Google is your friend. Be creative. If you’re in the Dog Niche for example, keywords you could search for are: different dog breeds, dog magazines, dog brands, dog charities, etc.

facebook ads scaling and split testing

Scaling and Split Testing Your Ads

Basic Scaling (Very little risk)

So once you see that your product is selling and that you are still in profit, you can begin slowly increasing your budget by 10% every couple days.

Make sure to constantly keep track each day of your profit with each budget increase.

Once you find your sweet spot for daily budget, you can basically just let it keep running on auto-pilot while keeping the same ad set running (this is why we wanted a 1M+ audience to run ads to).

Intermediate Scaling/Split Testing (A bit more risky)

So after you do your basic scaling and see that it is still working even at higher daily budgets (ex: $25/day is still making you profit), then you can look into more “intermediate scaling”.

What I like to do is separate the original ad into different ad sets. Let’s say the original ad set was:

So what I could do to scale this is to scale just the countries and see which country is buying my stuff.

USA, Canada, Australia

Women, Men


Interested in: German Shepherds, Chihuahua, Border Collie, I love dogs, dogs are better than cats


Women, Men


Interested in: German Shepherds, Chihuahua, Border Collie, I love dogs, dogs are better than cats


Women, Men


Interested in: German Shepherds, Chihuahua, Border Collie, I love dogs, dogs are better than cats


Women, Men


Interested in: German Shepherds, Chihuahua, Border Collie, I love dogs, dogs are better than cats

By doing this, I will have a better idea of which country is more likely to buy.

Here are some of the intermediate ways I scale:

1. Countries (USA vs Canada vs Australia) Will tell me which country is buying

2. Gender (Men vs Women)
Tells me which gender more likely to buy

3. Age (Ages grouped by every 5-10 years)
Tells me which age group is into my product

4. Interest keyword (German Shepherds only for example)
Tells me which interest keyword is producing BUYERS

Each ad set that I split test will start at a low budget like $1/day. Do this for a few days, then have a look at the numbers.

If the cost per conversion is low (below $3-4 cost per conversion), then increase your budget for that ad set slightly from $1 to $2 for example.

If the cost per conversion is high (above $4) after a few days, or is not producing any sales, then turn off the ad.

If you want to become successful with FB ads and e-commerce, then it will take some micro-managing of each ad set to see which ad sets are working and which aren’t.

Meaning, you will have to look at the cost per conversions of each ad set every couple days to see what’s converting and what isn’t.

Ex: “Okay, so I see that Canada’s cost per conversion is only $1.66 while USA is $7.81. I need to increase the budget for Canada to see what will happen the next few days, and decrease USA’s budget.”

Once you find a winning product, a winning audience, then you’re set. But initially, it will take some monitoring. Don’t get discouraged.

TIP: Remember, for split testing, it is much much easier/faster to just duplicate your ad sets inside of Power Editor so you don’t have to constantly manually enter the pixels, the audiences, the ads, etc.

WARNING: When split testing and scaling, do not increase your budget too fast too quickly, because this will cause your ROI (return on investment) to go down and your cost per conversion to go up. Scale smart, scale slow.

“This is an easy product research guide that you can follow along to and upload products to your store. Once you get that done its all about targeted advertising and optimisation. The real gravy of ecommerce is that sweet spot with ads and sales.”


How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

We are going to be using our blog as A marketing tactic to grow our list and audience size. This allows us to create a following and platform for which we can then promote offers and services to said audience. Most online businesses work like this 1 Visitor ready to...

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How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer? Really its quite easy you build up a website that you intend to use for the hub of the promotion and then apply to the affiliate networks that you wish to join. There will be some requirements on your side for each network byt...

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Shopify Apps That Help Make Your Store More Money

Shopify Apps That Help Make Your Store More Money

Owning an ecommerce or dropshipping store is very empowering. The ability to have a vision and then the power to publish and promote products that really do help solve problems. Now the kicker is that you can increase the profitability of your store with a few simple apps on Shopify and a few small tweaks to the theme and settings of your Shopify store.

I also want to be clear that just adding the Shopfiy apps will not make you money. You will need to connect them, integrate them and set them up to do what it is that they do. A little configuration and then you can see some returns.

What you are going to need to start making money

1. Shopify Account (obviously) 2. PayPal Account

to collect money from people paying directly with PayPal

3. USD Bank Account
this is important because your store will be ran on USD currency, so in order to link your store

to a bank account, it MUST be a USD currency bank account

NOTE: Even if you don’t live in the USA, you can get a USD bank account at your local bank usually.

4. Facebook Ads Account
Go to to create your Business Ads account with Facebook

5. Facebook niche page

  • This is the page we will use to run your ads from
  • We will NOT be constantly posting content on your page, it’s simply for your ads
  • Should be branded with your store name, etc

    6. Domain + Branded Support Email Address

  • Go to to buy your branded store domain
  • Reason is because it looks more professional than just
  • Using a Gmail for your support email is fine for now
  • But eventually we want to look more professional, customers to respect your store more

    7. An “About Us” page

This helps build customer trust when they land on your page

8. Legal pages

  • Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy
  • This is to protect yourself legally

    If you are struggling with setting up your account, linking your bank account, or linking your GoDaddy domain to your store, then visit Shopify’s Live Chat Support:
    They are AMAZING!

shopify store plan

Apps that will make you a lot more money on Shopify

Yes, some are free, and some are paid apps. Most of them have a free trial so our goal is to make your money back from that app in the first week or so.

These are some of the basic apps we use for our store that have helped us make even more money:

1. Contact Form
Customers need to have some sort of easy way to contact you, and sometimes there are

problems with ordering, so by having a simple contact form, you can help that customer FAST!

2. Notify

  • Can’t speak highly enough of this app. It shows a pop up in the corner of your store showing a recent purchase made on your store.
  • Visitors will have no choice but look at the pop up and see what others have bought
  • Boosts conversions and builds legitimacy to your store
  • “If others are buying on this store, then I need to also!”


3 Abandonment Protector

  • Another VITAL app to your success with Shopify
  • Whenever someone “adds to cart” but doesn’t purchase, they are sent an email sequence
  • You can edit your sequence however you like
  • This has helped me bring back a ton of sales that I would have otherwise lost 

4. Receiptful

  • Sends sleek-looking receipts to your customers after they buy.
  • Builds customer trust RIGHT AWAY after they buy
  • Tons of customization features

5. McAfee Secure a social proof signal

  • Anti-virus security
  • Safety when purchasing
  • Customers feel safer browsing on your store knowing there’s an anti-virus

6 Email Marketing

  • Klaviyo for Shopify
  • Sumo for opt ins and pop ups
increase store revenue and sales

How To Add A Product and Collection To Your Store

Once you find products that fit the criteria we covered in the last PDF, head over to Google and look for a higher quality version of the product (bigger size, no watermarks, etc)

Then head over to Shopify and go to add the product: PRODUCTS -> PRODUCTS

Then simply fill out all the details for the product: Name, description, variants (if any), shipping, pricing ($0.01), suggested price ($19.95).

REMEMBER: If the product is below $3-4 on AliExpress, then we will enter 8.0kg for the shipping weight, which is equivalent to $9.95 shipping that we created in the previous shipping module.

To add a collection to your store, head to: PRODUCTS -> COLLECTION The video is pretty self-explanatory on how to add a product to the collection.

How To Add A Theme

To select/customize your new theme, head to: ONLINE STORE -> THEMES

Then you can head to the Theme Store to look for a better theme. Once you’ve picked a theme, you can simply customize the theme.

Each theme has its own elements that you can edit, so there’s not much teaching to be made here. It’s basically just a matter of taste and testing based on how you like the look of the theme.

How To Setup the Settings in the shipping rates tab


1. Remove any shipping rates that are already there. 2. Use WORLDWIDE when it asks for location

traffic will come from USA, Canada and Australia because of FB ads location that we choose 3. For products that are below $3-4, we will be selling them for $0.01 + shipping

Normal shipping will be 8.0kg
4. For products that are above $3-4, we will be selling them for “double the price + FREE SHIPPING”

Free shipping will be 0.0kg
You may be confused right now, but this will make sense when we start doing product research and

adding products from AliExpress to our store.

So, to begin entering the shipping rates, go to: SETTINGS -> SHIPPING Then enter the following rates:

Shipping settings 1

and these rates as well:

Shipping settings 2

As long as you enter it exactly as you see it, then everything should work.

Essentially, we want to have a limit of items that customers can buy from our store. If they end up buying more than 20 items from our store, then we may actually be LOSING money from the transaction.

No need to worry. This is to protect yourself and always make money from each order 😉

If you have any issues with shipping rates, then head over to Shopify’s Live Chat Support. They are amazing and will definitely be able to help you with any issues you have with regards to creating shipping rates.

Live Chat link:

Increase Store Revenue with Outsourced Staffing

Where To Find Outsourcers


Yep, as simple as a FB status asking if anyone is looking for a job has been able to get me a couple of very reliable workers. You would be surprised how many of your FB friends could use the extra income!

Fiverr (short-term tasks)

This is mostly for little tasks here and there, or something like logo creation, FB page covers, etc. Definitely not for someone who would work for you 4-5 hours each day, but rather a task you would need every now and then.

UpWork (aka oDesk)

If you want to find some really loyal and inexpensive workers in different timezones, then UpWork is your go-to!


This is especially if you’re looking for local workers to help you out with your day-to-day business.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your worker speaks proper English. Have an interview with them on Skype, or a casual conversion on FB message. If you can’t communicate in English, then you will run into many problems. Imagine having a non-English speaker handle your email support. YUCKKK!

Tasks To Outsource In Your E-Com Biz

1. Order fulfillment

  • Someone who will fulfill orders on AliExpress as they come in each day.

  • Probably the most important task by far!

    2. Email support

  • Someone who will reply to customer concerns & questions

  • Make sure they are very good at writing in English

3. Facebook page admin

  • Someone who will reply to messages on your Facebook page

  • Someone who will engage with people who leave comments

  • By replying to comments of people who say “I want this”, you are recovering potential sales!

    4. Product and niche research

There are always new products you can sell to your niche, pay someone to find them for you!

When you use the AliExpress dropshipping App you can automate order fulfilment. Its very easy to make that process a seemless one.

How to fulfill orders

Pretty simple process.

You get a sale, you buy the product from AliExpress and ship it to the customer. You’re basically the “middleman/middlewoman”.

When you get your order, head over to shopify and go to ORDERS -> ORDERS
Then you will click on the blue order number, which will take you to the order details.
There, you will see which items the customer bought, along with the customer shipping address.

So then you will head over to AliExpress and go to the product you are selling, and you will simply buy as if you are a customer.

Then it will ask you for shipping address, and it’s as simple as copy pasting at this point.

IMPORTANT: Once you check out, make sure to leave a note asking the supplier to have
NO RECEIPT with the package. We don’t want the customer knowing that the product cost less than what they purchase it from your store.

That’s pretty much it for this module. Very simple.
Receive Orders -> Copy Paste onto AliExpress as if you were the customer -> Pay For Orders then you keep the profit 😉

Key Takeaway

When you build the right framework for your store you can then use the right mix of apps to create a profitable store. The bonus is creating a very organised store collection, using outsourced staff to fulfil orders and store maintance so you can focus on growing your ecommerce business.

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer? Really its quite easy you build up a website that you intend to use for the hub of the promotion and then apply to the affiliate networks that you wish to join. There will be some requirements on your side for each network byt...

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Go High Level Marketing Software Changing The Game

Go High Level Marketing Software Changing The Game

  How Go HighLevel Got My Attention I first came across the company known as Go HighLevel when I was looking at moving away from Salesforce back in early 2019. My focus task at hand was to be reviewing and creating a matrix of potential CRMs to replace Salesforce...

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How To Build A Social Media Strategy

How To Build A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview

What’s the PURPOSE of Social Media?

The goal of social media is to connect people to other people. When 90% of businesses do it you could be forgiven for thinking it is as awkward as teenagers kissing for the first time. Cringeworthy and totally off the mark.

If you get the messaging right you get the attention and engagement. 


Is Social Media Traffic As Valuable As Other Traffic Sources?

NO. Social Media traffic is some of the lowest converting, lowest quality traffic online. But it has its place in our traffic acquisition strategy.

BUT… Social Media traffic CAN bring us new leads & customers, and at a very low cost due to the viral nature of trending and niche targeted posts. Imagine if your post goes viral how much new traffic you can plant your retargeting cookie on. Its all in how your position your message.

While thsi traffic is not the holy grail of online traffic you should still link to and promote your Social Media accounts anywhere you can.

And… everytime you make a blog post, promote a link to it on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else that’s relevant. Hammer away at the content promotion and over time it will pay off.

How to “future proof” your SM strategy

My first step is to plan everything. I use Notion and Google sheets to plan all my content. This keeps me and my teams organised.

Then this might be a suprise but step 2 is to make a video about your topic. A short 20-40 second video shot in 720×720 on your phone or a specific digital camera.

My aim is to always drive traffic off social media into a lead capture where I can get the email address for future marketing. Here is my fave email tools.

This will be our content that we use again and again. We can recreate this content in 20 different ways. This maximises the content lifecycle and allows us to use the spin offs on multiple channels as new content. 

I like to splinter that main content video into:

  1. Youtube video
  2. Blog article
  3. Quote card
  4. Instagram story
  5. Facebook Story
  6. Snapchat story
  7. Facebook post
  8. Instagram post
  9. Pinterest video

These are my main platforms but there are almost 60 others to be used for syndication.

You should always have a website to host your lead capture forms, pop ups and other list building options. Learn how to build a website for any experience level.

A secret platform for helping me get the words from the video into usable format is a place called a transcribing service. They help by taking the video speech and making text from it, great for adding quotes and subtitles.

Platform Specifics:

Facebook 720×720 dimension

YouTube 1920×1080 dimension

Instagram 720×720 dimension *Max time 59 seconds

Instagram Story 1080×1090 dimension

*Max 15 seconds

What’s the Purpose of Social Media?

To ENGAGE with some of your target market
BRAND your products & services and company To SUPPORT your customers or prospects
PUBLISH some of your content
SYNDICATE and link to your Web Site content To help others DISCOVER your content & products

WARNING: Social Media ‘surfing’ can be a HUGE WASTE of your time and won’t make you money.

Type Of Social Media Posts

Asking A Question Interesting Images Educational Content Entertaining Content Opinionated Content InfoGraphics

Full Content or “Content Teaser” ‘Some’ Sales Promotions & Offers

What The Heck Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag is simply a keyword with the pound symbol in front of it. i.e. #vacation #gotigers #savingmoney

DON’T overuse hashtags! Rule of thumb to keep in mind is to use a maximum of 1-3 highly relevant hashtags. DON’T use any on Facebook!

How To Achieve The Viral Effect?

ASK People To Share, Like, Follow
INCENTIVIZE People To Share, Like, Follow

facebook social media platform

Facebook Tips That Build Momentum

Facebook has been done to death…by crappy marketers. This is still a very viable platform. I am finding Facebook groups to be the a solid source of lead generation and traffic. Start Facebook Groups related to your target market Facebook hates links within posts; Share a link

Getting the messaging right and the targeting is the trick on Facebook. Especially for organic social its harder to get enagement unless you pay for Ads.

Consider OUTSOURCING your Social Media efforts Tell Stories and share ‘real life’ with your audience COMMUNICATE, DON’T JUST SELL

Try to post 2-3 times per week if not more
Post as your Facebook Page on other people’s posts Run CONTESTS!

Talk about “Mistakes people make” in your market Share helpful resources
VISUAL gets most attention – videos & images Post related images WITH content posts

MIX IT UP – post full articles and article teasers Use 80/20 Rule to post more of top engagement Create a SERIES around most popular posts

Try posting late at night or “off” hours and behind the scenes. The behind the scenes works really well when you have more than 2,000 followers. Any less and it doesnt get the engagement. 

The good thing about Facebook is the automation it has with many third party tools. You can schedule a years worth of posts over a weekend. Dont sleep on using Facebook in your traffic strategy.

Instagram Tips To Build A Business

If you have a “visually appealing” product and/or market use it, if not maybe spend your time elsewhere Link to an Opt-in Page in your BIO with a CTA Consider using a URL shorter or redirect for your URL like or Link Tree.

CROSS-PROMOTE with similar companies, brands and category kings (Influencers).

Use up to 3 relevant hashtags but don’t overdo it. You can add more hastgas in teh comments.

Pay close attention to competitors’ posts. Do some competitor research and work out their strategy. This will pay off in the long run.

In your post description “encourage” the CTA in BIO link. People need to be told what to do so make sure you tell your audience you want them to click the link in the bio.

Take a video in 720×720 and add some captions before uploading to your profile.

Post “share-worthy” photos and videos
Once you see conversions coming from Instagram activity, EXPAND your Instagram efforts…
Buy a Sponsored Post from large follower accounts in your market — reach out to them directly
Do deals with “Instagram Influencers”… get them to tag your account in their posts and promote you
If it’s really working well… test advertising on Instagram but be very careful to track ROI

If you need to post schedule you can use something like Meet Edgar or OneUp app.

Twitter Tips To Get Traffic

NOTE: I don’t recommend heavy Twitter usage. no more than 3 tweets a day. 

Use an easy to remember/spell username
Try and use a maximum of TWO relevant hashtags

Like you do with most social profiles remember to link to your domain URL in your BIO. In some cases you can link to the most profitable sales offer or highest converting sales page. Test this method out it can work crazy good.

Share links to your blog posts using compelling copy Engage with other users in your market

Retweet relevant posts from your market
Use Twitter for competitive research

Twitter is a great way to get updates out to the masses. It is underrated and you can get a lot of traffic from Twitter especially if you use moments. 

Pinterest Tips That Build An Empire

The most underrated channel on this list, Pinterest is a traffic goldmine. If you take some time to design Pinterest perfect images your traffic from this platform will surge.

If your marketing and/or products are related to a “visually appealing” market then consider investing time into Pinterest efforts. If not, don’t.

Explore Pinterest to see what types of products are the most popular — if what you sell is, go for it!

Write compelling, keyword-driven, SHORT descriptions Pin items multiple times per day
Follow Pinterest suggestions – no hashtags, no promotional language, no CTA mentioning

Vertical pins work best — 600px wide x 900px tall, 800px wide x 1200px tall, 600px wide x 2100px tall, 400px wide x 2800px tall
Overlay compelling copy onto images

VERIFY your web site with Pinterest. This is huge and it pays off. 

LinkedIn Tips To Grow Your Audience

If YOU are the ‘product’ in your business as an expert, and you sell to a certain industry, consider investing time in LinkedIn marketing — if not, don’t. Network appropriately with others in your industry Attach “Rich Content” to your profile – promote CTA Examine competitor profiles for ideas

Optimize your profile with great copy and keywords Participate in discussions and post GREAT CONTENT

Recreate your best articles as on LinkedIn and publish with a CTA to your original article. 

For affiliate marketers the LinkedIn space might not be the best place to focus on. For businesses that have services and eCommerce businesses you should be on LinkedIn drawing people from that platform to your own sales pages and offers.


Key Takeaways

Build your social profiles out 100% and make sure you keep them active. The golden rule is working on 3 main platforms. Then you can syndicate to the other platforms that are not your main audience targeted platforms.

Track everything, take the time to add UTMs and review your efforts. Get an understanding of how good or bad your efforts are on each channel.

Have some fun with it, don’t always post serious stuff and mix it up. Thanks for reading and put this to action. Peace!

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

We are going to be using our blog as A marketing tactic to grow our list and audience size. This allows us to create a following and platform for which we can then promote offers and services to said audience. Most online businesses work like this 1 Visitor ready to...

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How To Make It Easier For Customers To Buy Your Products

How To Make It Easier For Customers To Buy Your Products

In this article Ill be showing you some ways to make shopping online easier for your ecommerce store customers. The COVID pandemic gave an incredible boost to e-commerce almost forcing mainstream businesses to adopt online retail. Many brands have fully switched to...

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How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer? Really its quite easy you build up a website that you intend to use for the hub of the promotion and then apply to the affiliate networks that you wish to join. There will be some requirements on your side for each network byt...

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How To Use AliBaba For Dropshipping

How To Use AliBaba For Dropshipping

If you’ve made up your mind about who your overseas source is for products you’re selling online, then it’s probably Alibaba that you’re doing business with. According to the numbers, Alibaba is the biggest eCommerce company worldwide. That means bigger than even Amazon and eBay put together.

So what is Alibaba? It’s a very comprehensive directory connecting buyers and suppliers (mainly Asian suppliers) all across the world. They have millions of products to choose from and tons of suppliers ready to fill your orders.


Start Your Search

Purchasing items on Alibaba using their directory is pretty well self-explanatory. It is not so much different from a marketplace like eBay. You can browse through the categories or perform a more ‘item-specific’ search to find what you want.

You have 2 options when performing a search on Alibaba. One is to utilize the product descriptions for your search, like with ‘dog collars’. That will bring up lots of results in the dog collar category.

The second option is to utilize their drop-down menu and search for suppliers rather than for products. That way you can find the manufacturers who specialize in whatever type of products you’re looking for.

How to Use the Product Pages

Before you begin searching around on Alibaba you should know a few things about those product pages. As our former example was ‘dog collar’ we’ll keep that as our example here as well.

Unit Price

This will be one of the first pieces of information you’ll want to have. Price is always a good place to start. We can see that this listing has a price of $2 – $3 FOB. The ‘FOB’ is the abbreviation of ‘Free on Board’, which means that the seller is also going to pay the costs associated with getting this product to the marine port (For Asian products this is the cheapest way to go) and you (as the buyer) will pay costs associated with the actual transporting of your goods across the ocean blue to its final destination.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

The next source of information you’ll need is the MOQ, or ‘minimum order quantity’. This is the smallest number of items this particular manufacturer is willing to sell on one order. The thing to remember about MOQs is they’re not chiselled in stone and are usually negotiable. The MOQ in our ‘dog collar’ example is 200 units. When we multiply that using the high-end side of the price, which was $3.00 we are looking at an overall figure of around $600 plus the shipping if we choose to go with this supplier. This is a good thing to know going in so you have a starting place for your negotiations.

Payment Options

Once you understand how the MOQ and pricing work, you’ll probably need to know how to make payment to a suppler. There are pros and cons to the methods of payment available, so you would decide to choose the one that works best for you.


Alibaba verse Amazon

Both platforms serve millions of customers and have a staggering amount of product listings. You can get lost on each platform. Amazon does not like drop shippers whereas Alibaba and AliExpress serve drop shippers very well.

Each platform has a very intelligent CEO overseeing the operations making sure that their platform is at the forefront of eCommerce. You can use whatever platform makes sense to you to sell on or buy from to resell.

I have a strong dislike for Amazon as a selling platform because of Amazon FBA and the sad affiliate percentages that Amazon pays its affiliates.

How To Use Alibaba To Dropship

One of the best ways to fill in gaps in your product line is the dropshipping business – learn the ropes and you won’t be disappointed.

Although I would never use drop shipping as the sole base for my online store, the top platform for locating quality drop shippers is a service known as Worldwide Brands.

Dropshippers get pre-vetted by Worldwide Brands so that you can rest assured that you won’t get scammed.

I suggest using a mix of Alibaba and AliExpress for dropshipping because you can get a better mix of products and suppliers/manufacturers.

How To Dropship on AliExpress

  1. Sign up to a product automation software like OBERLO
  2. Connect OBERLO to your website and connect your AliExpress account
  3. You search the AliExpress platform for your product
  4. Review the products that catch your eye
  5. Review the number of orders they have
  6. Review that sellers reviews 
  7. When happy go into OBERLO platform and find that product
  8. Setup your product details and then import this product into your store
  9. When you have products on your store you need traffic. Visit Learn page to learn how to do that.
  10. Once you make a sale you will have the money to now buy that product from the AliExpress vendor. Go ahead and do that.
  11. Use your new customer’s details as the shipping address and complete the AliExpress order.

And in a super summary that is dropshipping on Alibaba and AliExpress.

To learn more about how dropshipping works you can check out this mini course on ecommerce.


Purchasing Wholesale Goods Domestically

“Wholesale” is a word that I hear often. A lot of people reach out to me about wholesale prices and they want to know where they can buy products wholesale. “Wholesale” apparently means purchasing items at the lowest possible price.

Do you want to hear something surprising? This could not be further from the actual truth. When I shopped vendors for my online sales, every US wholesale dealer had incredibly high prices. They had high minimum quantity orders that didnt match my numbers.

Yet, these companies were less costly than MSRP, but their prices were still so high that I wouldn’t have been able to attain or maintain a high-profit margin on any of the items that I was interested in selling.

Given that very few things are currently being made in the US, wholesalers can handle all of the problems in importing and storing items from product manufacturers.

It won’t be necessary for you to go to a foreign location. There is no need to deal with customs or shipping. You simply submit orders and wait for your merchandise to arrive. I prefer to order some example items from the manufacturer in the research phase and run my assessment on them as a partner. I monitor shipping time, invoicing and then quality of products when delivered.

Another benefit gained by buying wholesale is the ability to sidestep time-consuming quality control measures given that your wholesaler will have made these checks on your behalf.

Buying Direct From Manufacturers Overseas

Purchasing from the manufacturer direct is by no means the holy grail of this industry, but it additionally requires the greatest amount of dedication, work and time. Currently, nearly all products are being made overseas due to cheaper labour costs.

My general rule for textiles and other goods is that if you’re working with a US vendor, you probably aren’t going to get the absolute lowest price. I will even say that if you’re working with someone who speaks excellent English, the prices aren’t likely to be good (All right, that may be pushing things a bit too far).


Tips When Opening Your Online Store

The #1 question I get regularly from readers interested in opening up their online stores, is what methods to use to locate suppliers and vendors. They want to know if they should buy wholesale or should they give Dropshipping a try as well?

In my early days of online commerce I had this exact question as well. To be honest the entire dropship model was confusing until I actually got my hands dorty and did it. I spent hours assessing vendors and products, but when I decided to push ahead I just followed the data of the top selling item.

I always order the product I plan to sell first. This lets me assess the vendor, the shipping times and quality of the product and its packaging.

Most of my experiences deal mainly with clothing, appliances and gadgets. I have diviersified a lot since then and have my hand in many categories of product. However, the principles should be the same regardless of what your topic or product may be.

Drop-Shipping Explained

Lots of people fall into the old trap of having everything dropshipped when they first start their online store. Well, it’s hard to blame them since it sounds so good when you first hear it. Not having to keep many items in stock yourself is a big load off. All you do is pay for the item and pocket the difference between your wholesale price and your customer’s price.

You have no inventory to keep track of and no obligations of fulfilment, it’s all done for you by the drop shipper. Sounds great huh? Until you have to start dealing with other types of customer problems that you do not fault in.

Many new store owners fail to realize that those profit margins are not so good and if they should screw up your order or ship something too late – it’s YOU who gets to deal with the customer. You also don’t want to be dealing with a drop shipper who makes a habit of shipping faulty items. These kinds of problems become YOURS once you put yourself in that position.

Add in the fact you have very little wiggle room in the profit margin and combine that will all the stress and headaches you have to go through, suddenly things regarding dropshipping just don’t look so good.

Even when you manage to locate a reliable drop shipper, your customer issues are still going to be popping up and when you have little control over regarding your products things can get difficult.

To sum it all up, you are putting your online store’s reputation into the hands of a 3rd party, who more than likely DOES NOT have your store’s best interests at heart.


Thanks for reading and as always if you like this and found it helpful drop a like a comment or give a bro a share. Peace!

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