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The goal of this learning hub is to provide you with the opportunity to make money online. There are a lot of pathways that you can take but it’s important that you learn closely related skill sets that complement each other. 💰💰💰

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Your Online Instructor

Every lesson taught requires a teacher to pass the knowledge down from teacher to student. In this section of the ClickBucks site, I will be that teacher who will share his knowledge and your instructor providing you the tactical know how to succeed.

I was once the student and I understand what it was like learning from someone you have never met. I get it and I aim to be as transparent as I can without compromising my businesses. Everything else is on the table for discussion.

Once retired thanks to some smart business moves I didn't find satisfaction without purpose and have returned to the workforce where I lead an agency, an incubator and investment firm.

I am teaching team members, partners, investors, builders, agencies in house teams, Ecommerce brands and other marketers every single day so this section of the blog is no different. 

I look forward to helping you make that fist ClickBuck!

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A Familiar Story

Does this ever happen to you?

You are interested in learning something new, you search online for the method and click around on different training courses and guru sales pages.

A lot of these courses offer easy to learn material and insane results after 1 month. The offer is enticing high reward low input I like those odds.

To get the magic formula or secret sauce you need to drop $499...$1999...$2999 or in some cases $5,000 to get access.

Proud of your new purchase you set your learning command centre up for success with full intent to absorb every page, video, guide and template and complete this course.

...A week goes past then a month and then 6 months goes past and you have struggled to even log into the training portal 😱.

I know this all too well and I get it. Our lives are busy, social media is a thing, kids, work, calendars and social activities. Thats just life and your important training now has spider webs and dust on it because life is happening.

A strangely familiar experience. It happens to most of us. We drop $2k on a fancy new course that promises to share the secret to 19x ROAS and yet we havent even made it past video 2 out of 62 videos 😱😱😱😱 Yeah that old chestnut!

If this ever happened to you before, you’re NOT alone

…I used to be guilty of that as well. I didnt get better at consuming information until I organised myself into a more structured daily routine.

When I started building out these learning modules I wanted to make the learning experience easier for my students. This is what drove me to create something different. I

Here’s what I mean ...

The scenario is this, Imagine you want to learn dropshipping we can all relate to that.

So you go to YouTube and watch a couple of videos, you find a teacher you like and buy their course. Lets say it cost $299 for this course.

In this teachers course they provide the videos and handbook and a email on boarding script that basically tells you here is the learning material and good luck on your dropship journey.

Now, imagine that there is someone else who wants to learn dropship and they go through the same process as you did to find a teacher and training course.

This person follows a different instructor like me for example and enrolled in my $299 course (I don't have one for that price).

This person enrols in my course and when they join they get the same videos , training modules and guides but they also get shown over the shoulder tactics for each step of building a dropshipping business. They get invited to new review stores that are both Good and Bad examples to observe and learn from real examples not pixelated blurry examples.

The foundation for this student already looks more promising.They can learn visually as well as by absorbing content in traditional format of video and text.

Remember both people have the same priced training course. One student has the materials and a passive teacher, the other has the same learning materials but has an active teacher. The difference is the 2nd person has someone taking them along the journey.

The difference is active vs passive learning.

There are some exceptions out there that teachers do care about their students but in most cases you are welcomed in once you pay and left high and dry. 

Why the 2nd option works best for learning is because its a person who is still doing the method daily teaching you the tactics that work. The second part of why its the better way to learn is because of the interaction, every person brings something unique to the training. I have had the pleasure of having to rewrite the material a couple of times based on conversations with students about new angles or steps in the material that didn't connect point D to point E where most courses will gloss over that.

I try to teach the why, the process, the implementation and then the connecting tactic so that the topic is well covered.

I practice with you. I am always learning and this course always develops with me.

If you join me in the training hub we will be researching products together, building stores together and marketing our products together.

I don't mean we share a store or product I mean Ill be building my store and product set and side by side on your own store you will be following each step for your own store.

When the two students who have been learning these dropship methods come up against each other competitively for the same product audience to sell to who do you think will  be more successful?

It’s gonna be the student who had the helping hand of the teacher, of course.

Having the knowledge is only half the battle.

The other half?

Getting on the trenches and actually researching new products, building stores with new offerings, emailing new sequences and deals and trying new advertising techniques.

When you join me inside the learning hub, I’m not handing you a bunch of videos and wishing you luck on your journey.

I will be side by side with you doing all the things dropship, or agency building , or brand building or affiliate marketing related as this is my business.

You will get to see how I do things, learn why I check this traffic source, why I track things with Google Analytics and how I spy on competitors and more. And you get to see that and how I apply that to a business. You get to apply that same tactic to your business.

Content writer makes bank

The learning paths are simple:

1 Affiliate Marketing

2 Dropshipping Business

3 Ecommerce Brand Building

4 Build & Grow a Digital Agency 

My advice os that you pick your journey from the 4 choices above and stick to it. I do not recommend you try to learn two at once. 

The obvious choice for learning one after the other is Dropship and then ecommerce as they go hand in hand.

My goal is to give you the information that counts in a way thats easy to digest by someone who lives and breathes these tactics.

I’m there by your side, back to back at every step so we get the clicks, the sale, and the methods to grow the business.

You’ll come out of this with the methods to build a successful business over and over again. As a bonus you can ask me about the business operations tactics I use for managing successful businesses. Each tip can shave 2-5% off your expenses and increase revenue in some cases but thats a conversation for once you complete the course.

Now you need to decide if you should train with me and what method of learning is best for you from the 4 above. The learning roadmaps are below.

Choose Your Online Adventure

Learn how to build a website, write content, start a social media agency or build your own pay per click team. Your online journey is a choose your own adventure type pathway. You will learn a very well rounded set of skills right here and all you need to do is to subscribe to each mini-course for free.

Using ecommerce to grow your business

Learn Ecommerce

Learn how to build an ecommerce brand. This is a lot of work and takes the most upfront startup cash to get started. But the most financially rewarding path.  We cover the research phase, competitive landscape, how to spy on competitors, what is a successful product, how to test new products, why categories are important, how to grow the business, what marketing you need to have in play and then finance, logistics, shipping and future growth options when building a brand.

Difficulty: Hard

Learn Web 3.0 - Coming Soon

Learn how Web 3.0 works from the blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrency. Im deep in the space and working with several of the biggest names in the space. You will learn from someone who is actively building on chain. Ill give you an inside track to how it all works and how you can make money or build a business in the space.

Difficulty: Hard 

how dropship works

Learn how to sell products without ever needing to hold inventory or manage customer support. This is the low cash start up where you can start this over the weekend. We cover product research, competitor spy tactics, Apps and plugins, store building, advertising tactics, customer management and store conversion tips.

Difficulty: Easy

how affiliate links work

Learn Affiliate Marketing

You create reviews of products and refer people with your unique link for commissions. You don't need a lot of cash upfront to get started. The money is real but it takes work and we will cover the work required and commitment that it takes to see your first $1k in commissions.

Difficulty: Medium

running an ecommerce business

Start An Agency

Learn how to build a consulting agency and deliver services to clients. Aimed at freelancers and agencies that are wanting to grow. We cover people, systems, processes and the delivery models that help you systemise your products to make more revenue and have less expenses. This path is never a straight line there are ups and downs highs and lows. I aim to make it easier to identify the growth opportunities for your business.

Difficulty: Hard

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