Expense Log For Click Bucks

I started the expense log to help anyone considering getting into affiliate marketing. I think it is really helpful for beginners to get a real world glimpse at what blogging can cost. Im doing this with a shoestring budget and nothing large scale. This site is more of a creative outlet than my sole focus, this may change later down the track. For now the site is in startup mode.

When it comes to your website you need to be organised with your finances. The expenses verse revenue will also help you keep on top of how much you are actually making and not discounting your expenses to operate. The list below is every expense I have for this website.

Here Are My Expenses So Far:


Domain: $0.99 yearly

Hosting: $4.20 monthly

Theme: Divi $89.00 yearly

Plugins: Gravity forms $59.00 yearly

Content: $30.00 total

Graphics: $15.00 total

Links: Nil

Email Marketing: Automizy $49.00 total

Once you are all setup the real things that you can expect to pay for are content, backlinks and any software you use. I use Automizy for email marketing but luckily picked that up for a one time price sweet. I moved to Automizy after being with Mailchimp and using a paid plan.

As I keep moving the site along Ill keep updating the expense log and detail the costs that I pick up for building and marketing the website.

I hope to help you pinpoint the areas where you might be overspending. The last thing you want is to be held hostage over software prices. 

Theres plenty more good content on the blog. Take a look

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