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How Go HighLevel Got My Attention

I first came across the company known as Go HighLevel when I was looking at moving away from Salesforce back in early 2019. My focus task at hand was to be reviewing and creating a matrix of potential CRMs to replace Salesforce but I was only a quarter of the way through my task when I stumbled across GHL (Go HighLevel).

 My frustration was fumbling through 6 different softwares, trying to reconcile leads and connect integrations and zaps between softwares it was quite a clunky mess. I move fast and cover a lot of ground, when I need to use multiple software the term fast doesnt make sense. Using Ontraport was a painful experience for such a popular name brand in CRM software it was a clunky dinosaur in my opinion. 

The moment I picked up GHL I was impressed. Ike platform excelled by the sheer ease of use and vast feature set that allowed me to manage every marketing automation that I had stored in other expensive software.

Funnel and landing pages builder software like ClickFunnels and Ontraport did similar but for a high price tag and a buggy ass user dashboard. Call me petty but if I pay for a software the dashboard is where I hang out and I want my sales dashboard to be sexy enough to entice me to come back and use it more. The main players in the CRM, whitelabel, and funnels platform scene are overpriced and offer half the value of a new player in the market.

Marketing agencies at least here in Australia are asleep at the wheel and any up and coming marketing agencies offering funnel builder marketing management can clean up by subscribing to HighLevel. Take note of a software that puts the customers in the drivers seat for feature requests, service building and customer limits. Yea I know thats wild right for CRM and funnels software to step back and listen to the community that actually uses the platform.

The GoHighLevel Review You Need To Read

Why You Should At Least Consider This SaaS Product

The features are aplenty and they cover so much ground you can cancel a lot of now redundant software. Thanks to Go High Level you can run all in one marketing software that just gets sales. A lot of care and thought has gone into this software to make it a full-funnel marketing platform.

Some Key Highlights:

  • Builds landing pages & websites
  • Builds connected integrated sales funnels
  • Email marketing at your fingertips
  • SMS two-way messaging built-in
  • Paid ad campaign reporting 
  • Local SEO reporting and linkbuilding options
  • Lead capture forms & quizzes
  • Intelligent tagging and triggers
  • Inbuilt automation to the likes of Zapier
  • CRM lead pipeline board
  • Sales Funnel visualisation dashboard
  • Sub-accounts for franchises or agencies
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Scale clients with add on phone numbers

There are possibly another 40 features I could rattle off to impress you but these are the main ones that grabbed my attention. Having all this on one easy to use platform is nuts. An entire business can be managed from this software with ease and another win is that you can manage teams in here as well.

I love this feature and how granular the controls are for permissions of access. 

creating brand avatars for better targeting

Customers are limited by what ever plan limits you put in place. Imagine your sales figures when you fully determine the sales prices for subscriptions and add on features to clients on your agency plan of HighLevel. Customers will pay you for the services and management of their funnels. This wont change its too complex. Even if you give away the free version or create funnels that lead to the business signing on to your marketing agency plan you still win.

Leads equals sales. Your system is what builds businesses and you know it. Now you just need to showcase that so leads can clearly see that an account on this system managed by you will grow thier business. It's a win because you will solve their problem for them. All you need to do is show up and manage their campaign either yourself or by using the whitelabel reseller options within the marketplace.

What Does Go HighLevel Cost?

The interesting thing about GHL that many competitors can not hold a candle in comparison is the limitations. For the price of the subscription, a lot of competitors put limits on plans, where Go High Level shines is the lack of limits placed on subscribers. Maximum features and you can create unlimited campaigns and customers email marketing sequences and automations as you want for the monthly fee.

Monthly $99.00 USD or $297.00 USD

What Subscription Plans Does High-Level Offer?

There are several plans available for subscribers to Go High Level.

Light Plan for $99.00 USD per month.

Full Plan for $297.00 USD per month.

Software SaaS Plan for $497.00 USD per month.

There are also some community marketplace subscriptions available as well that make the software even more powerful as if it was not the number 1 software already. No extra charges if you create a website, manage digital service on behalf of clients or use the funnel builder 24/7 this is all inclusive of the monthly pricing.

How Go High Level Compares To The Other Tools

GHL pricing sheet

How Does The Price of Go HighLevel Compare To ClickFunnels?

To be fair ClickFunnels and GHL are on par with each other in terms of pricing per plan. The smaller plans for each are $99.00 USD per month with the next step up plan being a $297.00 USD per month subscription.

The difference comes in limitations. ClickFunnels limits custom domains and email, SMS features but Go High Level does not limit these. The landing pages you can design are pretty much the same only limited by your imagination. The marketing platform that is Clickfunnels is not focused on the tools or leads that the GoHighLevel app is targeting. This is a big point of difference for me, also the funnel features are close enough that you dont really notice a difference.

You can break down clients and customers into their own sub accounts and dashboards. Clickfunnels wasnt built to run clients digital marketing and funnels. GoHighLevel was built from day one to help clients digital marketing and grow their business without leaving the platform. Management of clients compared to Clickfunnels is a breeze, you switch customers with the click of a button.

Client funnels stay within their own subaccount but can be shared throughout your HighLevel marketing campaigns with a tag or snapshot. I don't think Clickfunnels comes close to the user friendly UI of HighLevel.


How Does The Price of Go HighLevel Compare To Active Campaign?

The price of GHL compares quite well when you weigh up the limits that Active Campaign enforces on its plans. The more list size you have the more you pay and that's fair but Go High Level has said it does not matter how many list size you have it's an unlimited number within all plans.

Active Campaign hasn't budged on the limits. The only innovation on their behalf is they have finally released landing pages as a feature as of December 2020. Access is managed by you, limits and pricing set by you. The pricing for a stand alone feature is your choice or maintain policies across company accounts. The businesses that subscribe to your agency plan pay you not HighLevel.

Active Campaign offers a reseller feature but it is no where near as unlimited or customer friendly as the system and tool you have access to with Highlevel. Active Campaigns features for Facebook messenger are crap, they don't even register Google My Business or messaging on GMB. Marketing agencies go mad for AC but really its outdated when it is supposed to be a multi channel marketing automation software but leave out the core lead driving channels.

I would highlight that I was using Active Campaign to manage clients email marketing, CRM, funnels and customers before deciding to migrate to GoHighLevel after adjusting to the 2019 learning curve. A little time spent on the platform and I was sold.

How Does The Price of Go HighLevel Compare To Ontraport?

I won't even bother comparing the two platforms. My experience with Ontraport is that it's an elephant in the CRM jungle. I say elephant because I found it big, chunky also clunky and slow-moving. Yes, it has some powerful features but while you wait for them to load in just about any other software you could have done 2 to 3 more things while waiting for Ontraport to load.

I've moved away from Ontraport and to be fair they were the main reason that I went all-in on Go HighLevel. I was using Ontraport at the agency and it was a huge headache for all people involved.

After some testing with GHL I put the product pitch to my CEO who was all in and we started migrating away from Ontraport. We now get more done in less time with more options at a fraction of the price.

The CRM function inside Ontraport has to be the worst CRM I have ever worked with. I need a platform that loads fast, has solid email marketing functionality, SMS marketing, customer review management, smooth client dashboards and voicemail drops for my sales teams. Sadly Ontraport is not this and instead GoHighLevel is that.


How Does The Price of Go HighLevel Compare To HubSpot?

You will be pleasantly surprised that Go HighLevel is more customer-friendly on price points than HubSpot and it provides far more features. Funny that a smaller lesser-known software like Go HighLevel can take the competition right to the big boys like HubSpot and do what they do just as well but put the customer at the forefront of their product.

HubSpot is not whitelabel. The CRM platform does cover multi channel campaigns as you would expect for the price tag, but its lacking funnels, reviews, useful tools, review generation and a reputation management builder like the folks have using GoHighLevel.

This is the missing pieces from HubSpot and it presents an opportunity that GoHighLevel fills the gap nicely as shown with simplicity below.

with GHL you can stop these softwares

HubSpot is the marketing automation & CRM all in one that marketing agencies ram down the throats of unsuspecting clients. In my city its almost like all the wankers whop think they are crushing it only work with clients on HubSpot. Cheers boys for neglecting 90% of business Ill take those businesses that you are too good for.

In all honesty HubSpot is a smooth CRM and its customer support and client onboarding are super slick. You cant have HubSpot without a onboarding experience with one of the platform specialists. Customer support is required for this CRM as its quite robust and feature rich.

The platform is focused on dealflow, sales, pure CRM play with social media built in, marketing automations are lacking in HS but they have a basic set that does what it needs to. The tools inside HS are helpful but bare bones and designed for one task and one task only. The tools in HighLevel are designed for multi channel marketing automation and sales.

Go High Level Is Built For Lead Generation

The defining function of GHL is that it was built by lead generation marketers for business to master their own lead generation campaigns. With all the bells and whistles that it has the primary function is to make driving leads to an appointment form or calendar super simple.

The scheduling system is quite robust but retains simplicity for all levels of expereince to implement the form and calendar. Using a tried and tested process that looks like this:

  1. Traffic campaign
  2. Landing page
  3. Lead form
  4. Calendar schedule booking system
  5. Email follow up system to remind people to show up
  6. Followup emails post attending the appointment

Not rocket science but the number one growth factor for lead generation is this exact step by step approach. What I found really interesting is that the guys behind Go High Level Shaun Clark & Chase Buckner had a lead generation marketing agency and became frustrated with the CRMs and funnel builders on the market. This led them to develop their own platform that was purpose-built to help people do lead generation better.

The most successful business are spawned from people who built the new company product or software to solve their own problems. This means that Go High Level was built to fill the gaps that the bigger software had. I really like the story behind GHL and from all my dealings with the company owners, these are people who care about the future of this software and the community. A really refreshing sign. 

automated sequence marketing tools

Selling & Using GoHighLevel For Your Agency Service

The ability to create funnels, lead nurtue campaigns, unlimited accounts and sub accounts is attractive to me as a business owner. Most tools are limited by seat numbers and domain limits but not this tool. I have played with a lot of different tools that try to do 30% of what GoHighLevel is doing and I can hand on heart say that this app is miles ahead in terms of features and support.

Just a taste of why this app is a game changer for your service agency and what these micro service retail for in my area that you can sell into clients who sign up to your agency plan. Your account unlocks services that will appeal to every type of customer, other agencies, existing clients

You can sell these services by themselves or package them as plans for clients:

  • The Free Trial - $0
  • Facebook Messenger Live Chat Bot - $20-$60 monthly
  • Funnel Builder Features - $299 monthly
  • Call Recording - $69-$160 monthly
  • Voicemail Drops - $80-$299 monthly
  • SMS Marketing $60-$699 monthly
  • Lead Routing - $49-$120 monthly
  • Pipeline Management Dashboard - $49-$199 monthly
  • CRM Toolkit - $19-$1,200 monthly
  • Project Manager Task Lists - $19 monthly
  • Zapier Aletrnative Triggers - $19-$299 monthly
  • Google My Business Messenger Manager - $60-$220 monthly
  • Website Live Chat Widget - $49-199 monthly
  • Website Builds - $2,500-$10,000 develoipment fee
  • Landing Pages - $1,500 per page
  • Memberships & Training Courses - $1,999-$4,999 development fee
  • Reputation Management Features
  • Google Review Toolkit -
  • Multi Channel Toolkit -
  • Mobile App - $1,500-$3,500 development fee
  • Twillio Phone Numbers & Credits - custom per account but a great way to markup calls.

If this is not enough to excite your sales mind then think about changing tactic and selling one or two of these quite cheap BUT charging per user added, charging per phone number, charging per funnel, charging based on limits. This now gives you opportunity to make money anyway you want to sell these products and services.

But Wait! You can also resell done for you services for design, creatives, social media, SEO, Google Ad campaigns, Facebook Advertising and more. The marketplace inside GoHighLevel provides a market where you can hire providers to white label services or hire direct to fulfil the services you sell.

Mind blowing I know the ability to make money here is endless.

appointment setting and calendar

After using this software for over a year I would say to the creators the following statement:

“The CRM and sales funnel industry is vast and very competitive. For a small lesser known software to gather as much momentum and positivity as Go High Level has means something special is being created here. I really went all in on this software moving everything over to GHL and Ive saved time, money and team resources because of how simple they make it. Thanks Shaun & Chase you guys have some real solid SaaS at High Level.”

The customisation is ingrained in the marketing software from start to finish. The platform that manages most of the day to day marketing functions can be white labelled as your own platform. This provides a big entry into SaaS just from subscribing to the GoHighLevel plan.

The next item you can white label is the GoHighLevel mobile app. When you present to client you have an ace up your sleeve by showcasing your very own complimentry marketing mobile app that will show as Lead Connector or your customised brand.Your agency will stand out against the next one from having your very own marketing software that is purpose built for funnel builder, reputation management, and marketing automation. All that AND a white labelled mobile app make you a more attractive choice to a client. I love that element of tool support from GoHighLevel.

My Key Takeaway

This software is best for anyone who drives paid traffic, runs an appointment setting business or provides marketing services for clients. The ability to do everything in one platform is what most marketers dream of.

Saying that yes it is designed for marketers by marketers but that doesn't mean business owners can not make the most of this. For any business owner who depends on appointments and providing services, this is the software that will grow your online business and referrals again and again.

I am still tinkering with the best way to use this for eCommerce businesses but no doubt it will be just as useful for a store as a service provider. The marketing overview dashboard gives me everything business focused at a glance. If I need to dive in deeper to specific dashboard I can get that customers specific dashboard in a click.

For the price, you pay this is hands down over delivery by the creators. I don't think its the peak either as new features are being developed and the community as it grows so does the integrations and endless feature set.

I hope you have found my Go High Level review useful. The power for me is in teh white label offerings and all in one functionality other funnel builders do not have. I also want to highlight that customer support has been top notch I always get my problems resolved. Thanks to the support who help my account on teh back end and solve technical problems in my account and my clients marketing platform. I always leave positive reviews for my support guys they help me so much espoecially when the learning curve was real.

I'm very happy with the software, the development team behind it and the future roadmap of where they want to take Go High level as an organisation. My final words are if you are serious about growing your online business give GHL a try at the very least and see if you can pay for one subscription software to do it all. Thanks for reading I value your feedback.