New Content Strategies for Affiliates


The Way We Consume Content Is Changing

Late 2022 and early 2023 we all experienced this change in the way we consumed content and created it. The wave of artificial intelligence (A.I) took the world by storm. Thanks to ChatGPT 3 and Chat GPT 4 we have this new second brain thats smarter than us and has the history of the internet in its database ready to share in 4 seconds.

The way I read articles is changing, I skim over the article and then if its longer than a 2 minute read I can now ask my AI assistant to summarise and pull out the key takeaways for me. But we should be planning for this in our content now so we still have a chance to capture clicks and eyeballs.

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How do we as affiliates compete with this shift in content consumption?

We need to innovate or get skipped over by the big money players in the category. Its a fast paced world right now with huge advancement in tech, making many of our old jobs open to disruption. I used to dropship a lot now Im paying people to do it on my behalf while I focus on content and strategy for those brands.

Ive tried staying ahead of the curve and changing the toolkits I use and the process I have to incorporate the new ways of making content and distribution of it.

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How do we as affiliate still get paid when the clicks drop off?

This solution is a little more techy and nerdy SEO related. We need to markup our content if text based in some schema so that bots, crawlers and AI agents can read and understand everything we have on the website and what we reference and link to so that it shows in the output of their command panels.

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Other Content Strategies

Create 1 pager roundups

The best way to retain attention is to use 1 pagers. It can be anything a roundup, a overview of a person or industry, company or product. Canva is your friend for this, create visually attractive info 1 pagers.

You could also email gate this so people had to submit their email to get the PDF version of the 1 pager. This is a really good way to grow your email list and get more downloads.

Add your links to the PDF, watermark it and reference your brand/website where possible.

Create Key Summary Snippets

One immediate way to keep in the game is to think ahead and callout the key insights of your articles so that skimmers and bots can pull your key insights into their view points. If you link to your affiliate products within these key takeaways that link can get pulled in and still become a conversion option for you.

It’s not perfect and may not be the best way to do it, but its better than having no link all together.

I like the TLDR approach for skim readers to get the Too Long Dont Read summary so that your content still gets a look.

You could also present these key insights in new ways like quotes, blocks and infograph cards.

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Take Your Content Multi Format

With all the toolkits that we have right now it shouldnt be ruled out to make your content more than just text based content.

Here are some ideas for making your content do more:

  • Video format short form “shorts”
  • Video format long form
  • Audio snippets
  • Infographs
  • Slide presentations
  • Memes and Gifs

Like this meme below, everyone loves a creative meme. Theres ways to get your brand, website or message in that meme as it goes viral.

Build a Community

You might think this is irrelevant but Id argue its key in keeping a contained pool of readers in your sphere of control. Think about places that you could so this.

My recent involvement in community building content has seen great traction using places like Discord, Skool, Facebook groups, Pinterest boards. You will need a content strategy to keep the audience engaged and coming back.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to create or buy a strong mailing list. To build that list, what you need to do is encourage your visitors to send your their referrals to your website. What better way do you know how to do that than right through your own membership site. You can then market your affiliate offers through mailing list ads which is a method that has been proven to be effective.

This is getting harder though as there are hundreds of thousands of gurus out there flogging various trainings and “authority advice”. You need a way to stand out and get cut through the noise.

Ive written about software that can help you create engaged email lists and memberships sites before, checkout the feature rich low cost software High Level

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How can you stand out from the crowd that’s plastered the company’s faces all over the web?

Know your audience and know your topic of content. Then focus on something small or key to that topic.

Look at the Niche within the niche.

Can you be the go to person for VPNs Or the go to for VPNs for Mobile, VPNs for streaming, VPNs for streaming games. And you see where Im going with this. Be the unique specialist in a big niche.

Some people use visually identifiable things like coloured hair, bright spaces, unique background, insane content, brazen attitudes. They each have a way to trigger the viewer/reader to remember the person. Now how do you do that in content? you tell stories, memorable stories that can connect with the reader.

Or be Dan Blizerian. It works the guy has built a fortune by posting photos on Instagram.

Build an empire with affiliate marketing

But he didnt learn how to build that business on his own, he had help. My point is you need help to scale your online business.

You cannot do successful internet marketing on your own. You need someone that can teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing’s many ins and outs. A reputable internet marketer firm can teach you how to steal your conversions and profits with minimum effort. They will also provide you with proven and tested marketing materials that you can use to get more traffic and more profits.

You should look for an affiliate marketing training program that teaches you how to build the successful mailing list. The best kind of training program out there is the one that coaches you on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

These strategies should be at the foundation of any affiliate marketing marketing program you create. If you truly want to earn multiple streams of income through internet marketing, you need to make sure that each of your streams of income is singer rank and above average.

You are essentially creating a multiple income streams here.

You have to take the time to learn how to market effectively online. Without doing so you will never make any money. Make the investment in your future of having a successful internet marketing business.

Take these steps and you will be on your way. Good luck.