Websites That Make You Smarter

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Websites That Make You Smarter

My Internet Usage is NOT in Question Here

I spend waaaaay too much time on the internets browsing new tech, weird ecommerce sites and doing a heck of a lot of R&D. That time is questionably well spent, and in my journeys I come across some website gems that I want to share with others who will enjoy what I am sharing.

You can take what you see today away and be instantly better armed than the next person by knowing these website exist.

Lets crack on.

Competitor Research

I have almost 50 emails I use semi regular when I can, with 10 Minute Mail I can use a burner email to get my competitors emails and login experience without giving up its me. Ive also included a remove paywall site for getting through any paywall gated content 🙂 thank me later.

Design & UX

Looking for some extra design fire when putting decks or catalogues together for your business? well we got you with this one. The Visualize Value database of searchable design assets is straight dragon fire for powerful images.

Find any Movie or TV Show

More for personal life but its a heck of a find. When you dont know what streaming service to find the movie you wanna watch this is your go to website – Just Watch.

Productivity & Teams

My productivity increases 10x when using these tools. Loom is a video recorder software I use extensively, Its so easy to use. Lucidchart helps me get people aligned by using stunning visual plans and Tango helps me make streamlined training docuemnts recording my every step automated.

Time Wasting

I love when talented developers showoff, and thats exactly what this next website does by providing you several mini games that will drain hours of your day. Its fun. Also another helpful time wasting site is AppSumo heavily discounted software and pay once own for life deals.

The End

And thats the list of websites that will make you a little bit better than when you started reading the list :). Some gems in there and some that draw me in everytime to emerge hours later. Thanks for reading.