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Types of Blogs You Can Use and Best Use Case Examples

As affiliate marketers we make a lot of our money from review type content, but what else can you use to to make money on your blog. Let’s go through a few examples and how you can best use them.

Types of Blog Posts That You Can Use
1 The Review
2 The Controversial Post
3 The Behind the Scenes
4 The How-To Guide
5 The Personal Experience
6 The Seasonal Time Based Post
7 The Practical Motivation Post

8 The Listicle Roundup

My Types of Blog Post That Can Make You Money 

Lets expand on each point listed here so you get a clear understanding of how important each one is and the best use case for them on your money webpages.

1 The Classic Review & Recommendation Article

The goal of these blog types is to build confidence in the product or service by reviewing what it has on offer, the features benefits and drawbacks. You can review or recommend ANYTHING there is no limit to how much to review or what you can review.

Works really well when you know people may be on the fence about shelling out if the sales page is a bit vague of detail. The opportunity is then showing the readers what it looks like when you get it when its a physical product. If it is software or digital based readers love to see what it looks like after you log in. You can then show them any really cool features or really crap features like freezes often or does not do what it said it would.

Best Use Case: ANYTHING 

2 The Controversial Article 

As people we love a little bit of drama to distract us. We enjoy it even more if it’s someone else’s drama and when theres a controversial headline, claim or statement we seem to pay close attention to it. The goal of these types of articles is to generate discussions and debates from people either for something or against this is no place for fence sitters.

How does this work?
It works by taking something or someone that has an audience or a following and writing about something that will get the followers attention or get the haters attention. Once you have the attention of either side the article will be shared and engaged with by members of one side of the statement, this will then get the attention of the people from the other side of the statement and a debate between the various standpoints or features takes place.

Example: Why I Think Google Sheets Is Superior to Microsoft Excel

In the above example Im calling out all the Microsoft excel fans and waving my opinion of how much better Google Sheets is as a tool. This will make excel fans want to state how bad my choice was and how inferior Google sheets is in comparison. But the Google sheets lovers will add their feelings about how amazing Google sheets is and why its better because of XYZ features. 

Best Use Case: Promote only the strongest  offers in these articles. You need to be careful that this does not backfire in your face because of the opposing statements and left wing comments from the against camp.

My Secret Sauce Tip: Don’t promote any offer and use this article type to build your list and link in to your other pages that have offers for both of the products or services you wrote about in the controversial article.

Other examples might include
> Challenging popular opinions
> Sharing unpopular statements
> Highlighting shady or outdated industry practices
> Write about things that were hyped up but didnt actually work
> Write about changes you want made
> Write like your writing a letter to the person who peeved you off

3 The Behind The Scenes Post
I really enjoy these types of posts and think they really do grab your attention. When someone you follow online reveals more about their home life or gives you a tour of their office as an example you get drawn in because you want to know what is that persons life really like. We live in an age where AI, VR and a lot of special effects can be anywhere at any given moment so seeing some REAL behind the scenes stuff is highly entertaining.

Ive posted before about showing the storage containers for my ecommerce businesses and the packaging order process. I also showed what my studio looks like with all the mess of thousands of packets of product everywhere. The readers really enjoyed that article and the short video. This showed that I am an actual ecommerce store owner, I do order product and inventory and do have a storage facility. This works towards building more trust that I do what I say and am on the journey with the reader.

Best Use Case: Promoting training courses, masterminds and templates, how to guides.

Other Examples:
> Whats in your backpack
> Whats your phone look like
> Whats on your computer desktop/laptop screen
> What video/podcast recording gear do you use
> What does your garage look like
> What does your house look like
> Morning routines and rituals

4 The How-To Educational Guide Article
Another of my fav types of blog posts because they can really help people overcome obstacles. These are great for beginner audiences and medium level followings to get the roadmap to success or the final pat of the puzzle. This can also help you to generate really good case studies when the readers follow your steps and take action. You can promote more here because your audience is invested in learning and are hungry for information.

Best Use Case: Training, Masterminds, Guides, Templates, Scripts, Roadmaps and over the shoulder style offers.

5 The Personal Experience Article  
You can really use this type of blog post to your advantage because its coming from YOU and YOU are putting your face behind something. There is no higher trust signal than YOU holding the new backpack you are promoting saying how amazing it was on your recent trip to the Gold Coast. People see YOU and they see the product in your hands meaning YOU actually used it and YOU give it a 5 star rating.

Best Use Case: Anything will work with this type of post because you used it, and you can show how it helped you.

woocommerce revenue wins with seo-work-smarter
6 The Seasonal Time Based Post
You need to be quite active online and have a good reading on your niche for this one to work well. Having your finger on the pulse of your niche can help you get a headstart on others. You want to be using time based or season based activities and events to base topics around them, Black Friday is the most obvious choice for online marketers as its a HUGE money grab.

I do like the year ahead predictions or looking back at the year reviews of what worked what didnt. These are really good for people following your journey and walking in your footsteps so you can make recommendations and lead into your review posts that then promote specific deals and offers. 

If I was to use online marketing as an example the easiest wins for me would be keeping tabs on Google Updates and promoting software and tools to help manage this problem better or Facebooks ever changing algorithm would be an easy recommendation to join a specific training course or mastermind that deals primarily with Facebook Ads.

Best Use Case: Building a calendar of events, holiday and seasons that you can promote offers using one of them as the reason or feature topic of why you are promoting the offer.

Other Examples:
> Deals per season
> Viral trends and why these worked articles
> Holiday & Event based posts
> Year month week predictions
> Be the first to release industry news

7 The Practical Motivation Post

Good marketing is really just clever storytelling if we were to break it down to the nuts and bolts of it. These do work very well especially if you have got results doing it or using the system and what not. You can use long form when its a more personal recommendation, allowing you to build a story into the content to help get your reasons across. 

If you have had anything inspire you, motivate you and just make your life easier then you can 100% promote it because it has helped you do something better. Mentally, physically and emotionally. These offers can get a lot of engagement especially from likeminded people in your audience.

Best Use Case: Promoting training courses and mastermind type offers.

8 The Listicle Roundup Article 
This is a really good way to cover off multiple affiliate offers in one post but not come across to aggressive in your pitch. If every recommendation and listed item has an affiliate link listed it may be overbearing for readers.

You would gather up roughly 7-10 of the best things, things being products, services, tools basically anything and create a list. You then review your list to what makes the best sense to be 1, 2 and 3 and why you are promoting them first these are your main money makers. The listicle works really well and you can use a similar principle with roundups and summaries to make some offer promotions. The really nice thing about listicles is you can break them up very easily so readers can digest the parts that they want.

Best Use Case:  Top 10 VPNs, These 7 Email tools or We selected these 5 finance coaching programs can work wonders. Use good content and high quality images. Identify the ones that have the most brand name traffic or search volume and highest payout and you can use them as the ones that you use your affiliate link on. 

My Secret Sauce Tip: Don’t link every listed item, only list the top 2 per category and only mention the brand name of the others with no link. Some companies have an SEO outreach team who monitors brand name mentions and may reach out to you to get a backlink listed. You can use this as an intro to people in that company or to get listed on the company website however you negotiate the deal.

Just having these different types of blogs wont be enough to make you money each blog still needs some basic SEO love. You will need to add some focus keywords and search intent analysis to get them ranking high enough for people to find and click on them.

I also suggest typing in similar topics, keywords and seeing what actually shows up first so you know the type of content to make and if you need more video content or meme based images. This really helps you know what is working and what people want to see. The best thing you can do is to get that posts live on your blog and come back and optimise them later. I do this on this blog and publish often with no images and then come back once Ive picked the images and decided where I want to internal link to so that the page makes sense and the layout is easy to read.

Pick some types of blogs write them out and make some money. Get those Click Bucks.