How To Load Value Into Affiliate Offers

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As marketers we are always competing against someone and getting an edge on the competition is what we do as marketers. This article will focus on crafting the offer and how to load up the perception of value behind the offer. This one thing can be the difference between your biggest payday and your failed attempts. The money is in the messaging. Pay attention….

Your audience will buy from you, there is no doubt about it. But they won’t buy if the offer does not motivate them to buy. What helps motivate a purchase? cost, features, functions and value!

The way we go about crafting our offers, our statements and our wording for offers we want to promote should be value-focused and helping to solve a problem.

We have our offer, we know what it does now our job is to communicate that but change the wording so it adds more weight to the offer. We add perceived value to the statement and the offer.

When you put the below process in place you can start to almost effortlessly promote products for $47 – $147 because you have jammed the offer with value.

You can use this communicating value tactic for eCommerce marketing as well for HUGE rewards.

Being able to create really valuable offers is a twist on the original offer that you promote. This “thing” solves the midnight munchies AND makes you stop doing that “thing”. The offer sounds good, the offer incites the reader to learn more. 

The Problem For Me Was

I struggled with the creation of the backend value. It was hard coming up with creative and unique names that improved my offers without sounding spammy AF. The thing you don’t want to do is sound like you are a pyramid scheme on legs.

I would spend hours making product names, statements and description headlines that I thought were going to burn the roof off. But reading them back I sounded like I was trying to promote a car that didn’t exist to an audience who were in the 5th grade. I needed a better way of doing this.

This 5 step system is what I came up with and it’s here free for all readers to use as they please. No payments no catches or subscriptions.

The key takeaway here is:

  • Create a short sharp punchy headline
  • Increase the perceived value of the “thing”
  • Systemise it for mass production
  • Have a load of fun doing it

People have 2-second attention spans and it’s in that moment before they get distracted or scroll on that YOU need to catch their attention.

Using short sharp and punchy attention-grabbing headlines and statements help to hold the attention of the reader. You can include the value points highlights or even features and concepts. But keep it short and sharp.

I’ll show in the process breakdown below how to come up with an attention-grabbing headline for a before bedtime offer I am promoting. This works extremely well for CPA marketing as well if that’s your poison.


The Process

So here are the 5 steps to quickly build out lists and lists of sharp catchy headlines and descriptions for your promotions and offers. The more you do this the more you improve and before you know it you start evolving it to work for you.

Step 1: The first thing I’ll do is brainstorm all the different benefits my propsect will get

Here’s my list:

  • Stop binging before bed
  • Control cravings
  • Get more confidence
  • Increase energy
  • Stop waking up tired
  • Stop gaining fat
  • Lose fat while you sleep
  • Get a flat stomach
  • Get a six pack
  • Fit into your skinny clothes

Step 2: Next, make a list of all the different ways to describe the function or feature of the product or offer that you are promoting

Here is my list of function and features:

  • Formula
  • Report
  • Flow Chart
  • Blueprint
  • Mindmap
  • Coaching
  • Machine
  • 20 Minutes (can be any number of minutes)
  • 7 Days (can be any number of days)
  • Matrix
  • Generator
  • Templates
  • Guide
  • Handbook
  • Software
  • Course
  • Bot
  • Funnel
  • Robot
  • Club
  • Technique
  • Mastermind
  • Strategy
  • Code
  • Secrets
  • Video
  • Method
  • System

Step 3: Then… look at the list of power words that you can access and find 7 power words that you like…

My example is food based so I will use fast as the example here. I’m going to find 7 power words that mean “fast.”

Here’s the power words that I chose:

  • Speedy
  • Fastest
  • Rapid
  • Instant
  • One-Step
  • Automatic
  • Express

Step 4: Next, use the merge words tool that you can access by clicking here:

This tool mixes and merges all the possible combinations of your power words, functions, features, and benefits…

This tool will reduce time sent manually combining words and free up your creativity to help you see unique and creative combinations that you would not have thought about otherwise…

It’s very simple to use.. Here’s the 101…

1 On the first column of the merge tool, put the benefits you came up with on step 1…

2 On the second colum, put all the mechanism words from step 2…

3 And on the third column, put the 7 power words you chose on step 3….

Step 5: Lastly, skim this list until you find a name that you love and your audience will relate to based on teh words that you have choosen.

For my “no more binging before midnight” headline… I came up with the new angle of:

“The Formula To Crush Cravings Instantly”

Using these 5 steps to create your “new angle” will cause your audience to automatically know what your product does, the most important benefit it delivers,  and why your solution is unique and valuable…

Why did this work?

If you don’t create fresh names for your information, you’ll be saying the same regurgitated lines as every other affiliate out there promoting the same product.

Your main goal is to increase the perception of the value of the product you are promoting. When you send emails promoting your affiliate offers the success rate of the reader to buyer ratio can depend on your communication. The real sign you have the right hook is of the perceived value involved in the “thing” that you are promoting.

Being unique and having a point of difference makes your offer MORE attractive than the others. Creating exciting statements and headlines is fun and when you get the hang of it becomes quite fast.

Most people have no idea how to increase the perceived value of information… One of the main reason is that perceived value is very slippery and subjective… It’s all about how you frame and structure your wording within your content.

Look at this example below from Basecamp. The headline makes it sound very appealing to me as a team leader having people I work with all over the world this appeals to me. The words TOOLKIT make it sound like there is a lot of functionality and the words ALL – IN – ONE make it sound like its the best one-stop-shop and I can cancel subscriptions to other services. Really good example.

Following the 6 step value offer checklist below will increase the perceived value of your information by 3 to 10 times! First, we’re going to create the content for your value-packed hook…

Remember that all the answers to the questions below can be found with a little bit of research on your customers and market… You can use Google, Whirlpool, Yahoo groups, Facebook groups, Reddit and Quora and many other sites…

Just a reminder… You are creating this sales hook for one of your prospects 4 primary problems…

Your value-based hook is going to help them get one step closer to the result they want, by solving just one of their most frustrating core problems.

Don’t try to help them solve all their core problems at once… It’s too much! Make your entire hook about helping them solve just 1 specific problem.

For my example… My entire angle is going to be on the best tips I have for stopping binging before bed… I’m going to annihilate and solve that 1 primary problem.

They’re going to get value from my value-based hook, and only have 3 core problems left to get to their ideal result… That’s when you refer them to a high converting, high-value affiliate program.
So let’s get started…

email marketing platforms

6 step checklist to create mega-high value hook based solutions….


Describe the specific problem your audience is experiencing in vivid detail…

Do your best to enter the conversation that is already going on in your audiences head…

Remember, if you can describe your audience’s problem to them better than they can to themselves… then they’ll automatically stay on your page and credit you for having the solution to their problem.


Describe the specific tangible result that your audience wants… Paint a picture of the result they want… Remind them of all the wonderful benefits they’ll get once they solve this problem…


Describe what your solution does… include the ease and speed of the solution…You can also include a bit of theory, history or science about your solution here if it is applicable.


Mention an insight, trick, or counter-intuitive concept that makes your solution unique and different…Standing out without being spammy or misleading is our goal.

Remember, we perceive new information as much more valuable than things we have already heard before…


Explain how to use the technique step by step… Layout the specific “how-to” action steps of the solution with tips on how to implement and calibrate their actions…


Name your value-packed angle something interesting. The name of your angle or a new solution is your biggest leverage point for increasing the perceived value of your information…

This quick 6 step DIY list has helped me go from 4 and 5 hours of stumbling and fumbling over words to short sharp 20 minute one and done. I rapidly decreased the time spent brainstorming headlines and statements about my affiliate promotions.

The key is to be creating very valuable solutions to your audiences most painful problems…Using value and an outcome are very valuable levers for messaging in marketing. The bare bones of it are matching a problem with a solution, but we are adding some spice to the way we present the solution.

John Rambo wants you to succeed.


Free Ready To Use Affiliate Sales Offer Type Swipe Lines

Feel free to use these swipe lines as you need, they are copy-paste simple. Swap out the words that don’t match your offer and put in your words/offers and affiliate links and make that money.

If you have success with these I’d love to hear about it and if they need work, hey shoot me a mail and let’s craft some better ones for your offers. Enjoy the freebies.

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Here are some shocking facts you’re about to learn about ending {sticking point1} and why you shouldn’t even think about using {common method 1} or {common method 2}, until you ready every single word on this report!

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Final Thoughts

The templates will help you workshop some angles and try out new ways of communicating your value-packed statements and offers. Try them out, trust in the process and don’t do one and throw in the towel if it doesn’t work. This craft takes YEARS to perfect.

Copywriting is an art form and even now years on from day 1 I still struggle with writing the headline that succeeds first time without competitive tools. I often need to write it and then tweak it over time to get better results. This is the reality unless you are a gifted SOB and can write winning headlines all day long. I am not that gifted individual but I trust in the process outlined here and continue to see success from putting it to work.

I hope this helps you in crafting the sales offer, loading a value into your words and gives you an understanding of taking information and changing it into revenue-generating content. Thanks for reading and peace!

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