10 Steps To Get New PPC Clients

10 Steps To Get New PPC Clients

Today I’ll share some tips for thoise readers who are looking for new pay per click clients. There is always a way to find new clients and the breakdown today will cover 10 steps to get them signedup.

How Does PPC Work?

For beginners: Pay Per Click PPC, SEM Search Engine Marketing is a method of paying for advertising space hence the name pay per click. Go to Google right now and search buy new car and you will the first 4 or so results will be little PPC ads. This is where businesses pay Google to have their ad show up at the top or bottom os search results. 

This is extremely valuable for businesses especially if they make sales from it. It is also a not so straight forward advertising process, businesses get it wrong so many times. It takes a good online marketer to help them get up and running and making sales.

When I am on the hunt for new clients at the agency I work with I use a tool called ScopeLeads ( no longer for sale) that scrapes Google for companies paying for ads and calculates the position, industry and gives me a list of contacts and data for each results that I can then use to help these businesses get better results.

But today no cheating Ill do it the manual way.

 Quick Note: You can use this 10 step system to get new clients in ANY industry (not just PPC), you’ll just need to alter the steps slightly.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

I dont suggest going broad and searching for anything this will be a huge waste of your time. You should pick a niche and stick with it.

What industry are you going to target?

  • Get an idea by typing some keywords into Google
  • Get ideas by looking at businesses advertising in your area
  • Look at offline options like magazines, mailout papers and newspaper adverts
  • What niches do you already have insider knowledge of?
  • What niches are making money and have high customer value?

Step 2: Find businesses advertising with Google Ads already

If you are going to get clients for this service its a good idea to start with prospects that already understand what it is you will be selling. Not everyone understands online. Don’t try to educate them on something new, instead help them with something they’re already doing.

Look at how they are running their ads and what they doing right but more importantly what they are doing wrong. Now you know exactly what you can do to help them. You just need to exlain to them.

  • Determine best suited relevant keywords from chosen niche
  • Search Google for those keywords and review the results (take notes)
  • Search SEMRush or SpyFu Ad data for those keywords
  • Note down any niche competition so you can use them in your pitch

Step 3: Pre-Qualify Your Prospects

You want to find opportunities where there is some good money to be made. Don’t waste your time with low dollar time suckers. One example is lawters they are very competitive because the money is good when they sign a new client. Think about industries that have high  charges to clients, those are the best for pay per click services.

  • Is your chosen niche spending a decent amount on Google Ads?
    • If not, then move on to another niche
    • Find with SpyFu or SEMRush
  • Gather list of prospects with estimated ad spend > $1,000
  • Gather list of prospects with estimated ad spend > $20,000
  • Remember the low dollar clients are a lower return on your time spent on them
  • Focus on the higher dollar clients as much as possible

Step 4: Complete Mico Ad Audit

You know what they are doing wrong now you need to convey that in your micro audit. This will be used to get you in front of the decision maker. Find the pain and agitate it. The more problems you find the bigger the opportunity.

  • Find problems with their website and ads
  • Does the website load properly?
  • Are they split testing Ad copy?
  • Are they using a call to action in their ads?
  • Are the Display URLs optimised?
  • Do the top three ads contain Ad Extensions (Sitelinks, Call, Location)
  • Mobile optimised website?
  • Are competitors beating them?
  • Are competitors bidding on their brand terms?

Step 5: Engage Prospect Contact

It’s time to reach out to let them know, “You are misisng out on a lot more sales revenue” or ” Your competitor XYZ is getting 5x more than you unless you fix this” type lines will get you responses.

  • Research business to learn of contact info and personnel
  • You wnat to find a decision maker not a receptionist
  • Contact the prospect
  • Start with email and then follow up with phone
  • Always convey that you have more than wha you have told them so that they know you have more to offer but wont give it up unless you get a face to face
  • Get past the gate keeper
    • Did I catch you at a bad time?
    • Who is the best person to speak to about some issues with the Google Ads account?
    • I’m calling/emailing about your Google Ads account and glaring issues that are costing you money
  • Conversion action is a second appointment

Key Takeaway

Prospecting is easy the real struggle is getting in front of the prospect and being given that 3-5 minute window to pitch your professional insights to the right person. You must have confidence in your data and your pitch to get the message across. You want them to sign you as their marketing company.

Step 6: Position Yourself &  Qualify the Prospect

Part I is positioning. Positioning is key to you being the right choice for their business or just some one man band with not many clients. Portray confidence, you did the research you know they are not getting a good return on ad spend.

Part II of this step is letting them know you have other options, even if you dont make it look likk eyou have options. You’re busy and can’t work with everyone, so make sure they’re a good fit.

  • Once they are hooked let them know you can’t work with everyone
  • Tell them you need to ask them a couple further questions to make sure they qualify
  • Verify how much they are spending per month with Google
  • Verify they have access to the Google Ads account (some agencies like ReachLocal don’t allow client access to their account)
  • Set second appointment to review your findings

Step 7: The Meeting

I shouldnt have to give this advice but dress the part. Look confident, smell confident and present like you are the guy that they need to fix their problem. Know your pitch inside out, be sure you know what slide everything important is on and how you will be presenting. Their device or your device and what you need to present on your device.

It’s time to show them what they’re doing wrong.

  • Show up early
  • Dress for the job you want
  • Be prepared with business card, notepad, pad and paper
  • First tell them a little about you and your company
  • Present your mini-audit findings
  • Integrate trial closes throughout the meeting
    • Does this make sense?
    • Do you see why this is important?
    • Did you learn something today?

Step 8: Close the Deal

You’ve demonstrated they could be doing better and you have the knowledge and the team to fix what’s wrong.

  • After you’ve presented your findings sit quite for a moment
  • Give them a chance to speak up
  • With any luck THEY ask YOU “what’s next?”
  • If they don’t speak up, simply ask, “do you want some help fixing these things?”
  • If they want your help, you sell them the full-audit
    • Internal look into the account instead of external like the mini-audit
    • You are going to need to do this work anyways, so you might as well get paid
    • Gives them another hoop to jump through before the big commitment
    • If they want you to jump in right away and start fixing then, include cost of full-audit in the setup fee

Step 9: What Should You Be  Charging?

My rules are to always start high, it makes you look more valuable and you can always offer a discount. Remember do not undervalue your knowledge they obviously need help and thats why you picked them out because you know the details. Charge what you are worth.

If you have to give them something to seal the deal, use a loss leader thats a low cost now but can be a higher cost to them once you have their full trust and support.

  • Mini-Audit – Free
  • Full-Audit – $1,000 or more (roughly 5 – 10% of ad spend)
  • Monthly Management – depends on ad spend but roughly 15 – 20% of monthly ad spend
  • Cost should depend on work that needs to be performed
  • Account setup
    • E-commerce site MORE depending on number of products
    • Lead gen site LESS than e-commerce, cost depends on number of services
  • Don’t forget to charge for setting up the stats tracking
    • Google Analytics goal tracking
    • Google AdWords conversion tracking
    • Call tracking
    • Google Analytics E-Commerce tracking
  • Increase value instead of decreasing price
  • Discount for payment in advance (this works great towards the end of year)
  • Don’t be afraid to push back

Step 10: Contract/Agreement

Don’t forget this step, it’s one of the most important. The agreements especially in this COVID crisis these terms and agreements sheets will be a revenue saver but also can help you to defer payments now in way of giving a couple of free months to pay due to COVID or what ever your agreement covers. 

You need to have an airtight contract or agreement in place to cover yourself and your work. Imagine you have just busted a hump putting together a 10 ad group Google search campaign build for a new client and they decide that the leads are too slow. They then decide that you stalled and dont know how to manage the account, they want to leave and they take all your setup and ad copy and bail on you. These agreements cover your butt.

  • 12 month term with 90 day out if not happy
  • Auto renewal if not cancelled
  • Assignable
  • Mostly boilerplate except for Statement of Work
  • Statement of Work shows what you’re going to do
  • Set expectations of meeting times, mediums (in-person, phone, email, skype) and frequency
  • Show example of monthly reporting template

This is not the exact process you should use but its a great starting point that you can add or subtract and really make your own.

The goal is to get you more paying clients and thats what this framework will do for you. Prospecting is half teh battle, picking those higher paying niches can pay off if you can sign them. Good luck and sign them all up.

Business minded marketer with a keen interest in online behaviour and Ecommerce.

Shen Zu

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How To Hold Yourself Accountable

How To Hold Yourself Accountable

How many times have you planned to build that affiliate site in that awesome opportunity niche but you didnt?

How many times did you plan that masterpeice content hub article but didnt?

If you are like me and have a stream of new ideas at every second of the day and take time out to capture those thoughts and plans then this is for you. I also and it is a weakness I know I have, is I do not have enough time in the day or the week to take action on every idea.

This has stalled my growth more often than helped to grow my businesses. As opposite as that sounds but having all these new ideas forces me to take my eye off the prize. I get distracted by these new thoughts and by the time I plan out the last new idea I already had three more new ideas and Ive mnoved on to those.

This was the thorn in my achilles heel when I started out online. I would move from thought to thought and not give the last idea enough attention to get the momentum rolling.

What I did was join an accountability group. This was a group of new and intermediate marketers that I had never met. A friend had suggested I join a forum about internet marketing and web development and taking that advice I joined a forum.

Join a Group and Hold Others Accountable

This was very easy to take action advice. Ill be very transparent that this was one of the biggest success factors that I found working online. Having the power to hold my peers accountable made me appreciate my own workload and to do list.

The rules of the group were pretty simple, we had to meet up online every Tuesday night (for me it was Wednesday morning Im from the future) and present our weekly target list and if we had completed last weeks target list. I got a few comments in my first three meetings for not taking it serious and for not doing the work.

I will say when you get into the routine and prep before hand it is really entertaining to hear how people are doing and the success they are having. It all fell on two things.

1 Planning your week

2 Doing the work

Its that simple, the accountability group members that planned ahead of time were the most successful. The group members that were doing what they had planned were also the same ones who were planning ahead and seeing amazing results.

I’m still in touch to this day with 5 of the 15 from the group. They all have very successful bsuinesses and our timezones are a little more accommodating for the 5 of us.

Once I was on the spot in front of the groupo saying I had 3 thing sto do that would literally take me all of 20 minutes to complete it was clear to everyone I was not planning ahead and just rocking up hoping for it all to work. The advice and telling off I got from the group was great and look no one wants to be told they are slacking off but it was so true I was.

The moment I would prep my week or month in advance and track it using teh tools and standard operating procedures or SOP’s I would see gains on earnings, rankings and visitors on my sites.

Find an accountability group and stick it out. Even if you only take away the behaviours of those getting the results that should be enough to light a fire under your chair and get you working smarter and getting the results you want to change your lifestyle for the better.


What Tools Helped Me Stay On Top Of My ToDo List

I had notebooks and notebooks of ideas, plans, processes and diagrams that I could never find or organise. I knew that I had to take the ideas out of my head and to put them online and for years I bounced between Asana and Trello and also notekeeping with Notion and evernote without finding the one todo tool to rule them all.

The Tools

  1. Asana
  2. Trello
  3. Notion
  4. More recently ClickUp

I want to say that its important that you dont get caught up in the tools. These are just tools and not going to do the work for you.

Special mention to ClickUp this tool has changed the game for me with its amazing feature set. Ive moved over to it in January 2020 and its saved me HOURS!

Image Source: @officialCopHumor

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ive always been very self aware and thats been a big strength for me working in teams or alone I knew my limits and my absolute strengths. I know that accountability and doing everything I said that I would was one area I was slipping. Not in my personal life just my own affiliate marketing work, I would buy these domains with the intention to domainate a market and I would get as far as buying teh domain name before I would move on to something else.


 How Accountability Helps You Get Success:

It gives you a heads up on the bumps in the road ahead, especially if your networking with others in similar positions or journeys. You can learn from their mistakes to optimise your time and productivity.

It drives the resources you’ll require because of the shared knowledge. One really cool thing that I got from my accountability group was sharing resources with some other group memmbers. We pooled our budgets that we had set aside for virtual assistants and would use the same VA for our work meaning we would all pay a third of his day rate cost. This saved us money and allowed us to collaborate across projects.

We would share other tools later in our online journeys making the group a real valuable asset for me to really learn and absorb from everyone who was involved. 

You come up against a lot of challenges in the online space. Technical or skill related and they can stall your growth until you figure them out. But having a accountability group also doubled as a knowledge share group as well. It was very clear who the operator’s were in that group and how they behaved when problem solving changed my view of the word “I Can’t”. I would listen to those guys talk about overcoming challenges and be in absolute awe. They became my motivators because I didnt want to be that guy in our group who couldnt figure out how to set up his website. I wanted to be an operator. 

How do you figure it out for yourself?

You could try and guess or think that you already know and commit to what you already know.

I would scratch your own self assesment and create a little sheet to assess yourself.

  • First up list out everything that you love doing
  • List down the thing that makes you the happiest in thsi line of work
  • What gives you headaches?
  • What do you really hate doing?
  • Does money motivate you?
  • Does accomplishment motivate you?
  • How do you work alone?
  • How do you work in teams?
  • What do you do when you make a mistake?
  • What do you do when a team mate messes up?
  • What do you do when you encounter a problem?
  • What do you do when a team mate has a problem and asks for help?
  • Ask a friend if you need to (thats cool as well)

You should have a list of things you like doing and really enjoy and a list of things you dont really enjoy and some of your own characteristics.

Take the time to do this before you decide to woerk in a team if you have never worked with a remote team before, and also if you are starting a new business or affiliate business work out your style and how you work best.

This is one of the biggest factors in helping me get over a earning limit because I could be held accountable. 

How To Sell Products While In Lockdown

How To Sell Products While In Lockdown

Being in lockdown is tough the isolation and confinment can get to you. That good news is that everyone else is feeling just like you. Theres all these people stuck at home with nowhere to be and noo where to go.

My focus for the last 7 days has been to jump on opportunity.

“My team and I have been researching products and marketplaces that you can “buy low, sell high.”

I’ve spent the last week scanning the usual suspects trying to understand market demand for this current moment. It was a painstaking task but very important.

My Research Grounds:

  • Marketplaces
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • AliExpress
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Empire Flippers
  • Flippa
  • Gumtree
  • Other domain sales platforms

My research produced some really good results and I want to share some of what I found with you here today. Ive found a lot of business categories where you can buy businesses at an all time low. I know this may sound like the behaviour of a vulture but its just business.

I’ve been pretty keen to shift non essential tasks and projects to the side so that I could dig my teeth into the shift in the market. Theres something unusual and almost once in a lifetime happening right now. I know Ive not been through any other world changing event to the scale of this corona virus.

My thoughts originally were to use this for my own portfoilios benefiet but then its better to share so we all get a slice of that cheese. I know a lot of people are in struggletown with businesses collappsing and money running dry.

>> See post about building a resilient business.

There is a huge shift in how people are using online search now and the daily habits of each user. This is new territory for all of us especially online marketers. Ive seen some crazy stuff growing in popularity and search interest thanks to Google trends. At times like this its important to keep your head on the swivel.

 Below I will list what Ive seen and what you can use to sell more while isolated at home.

If you are looking for something to do in quarantine that can make you online money…

Or if you are stuck inside looking for a new side hustle that will make you teh money you want for your next project this is for you…

Or like millions of people and my girlfriend you just got laid off and you need something right now to keep the lights on…

Then I can help you with a strategy thats stood the test of time the “buy low, sell high” tactic will give you some ideas that start you on your online journey.

Here are 3 things that people are flipping right now for fun and profit:

1. Trading Cards.

In my younger years collecting and trading NBA basketball cards was my addiction. Collecting all the rookie cards of the big players took most of my after hours time when I wasnt actually playing ball.

But the unique situation we are in is that all major sports leagues are in exile sadly. So what type of trading cards can be used in this corona virus time? Suprisingly still sporting cards and battle cards.

Most sporting team cards are still growing in popularity the weird thing is with the seasons suspended these leagues are still growing in populaity. There are millions of people at home and what do you think the TV networks are doing? they are showing replays and sports from the past. This is what is helping propell the rising interest in these trading cards.

>> Buy Michael Jordans 20k pointc club card on Ebay.

Michael Jordans rookie basketball card

Ive never been a magic cards collecter guy, Ive got friends who are huge dungeons and dragons nerds, White Dwarf and Magic The Gathering card collectors. These card collections are exploding right now so how can you pivot to include trading cards in yoru product sales? can you make a set of cards on your industry.

I’m seeing huge popularity spikes in this niche. Think of all the dads stuck at home and the lack of live sport on TV, and then think what is one really great way for parents to bond with their kids? sports of course. With the parents and kids at home trading cards with popular sporting stars is one sure fire way to strengthen a bond by using sports trading cards. Kids also love those battle cards and using pwoerups and level up type cards, this is like old school pokemon but with cards.

PLUS… due to the economic slowdown, a lot of collectors are strapped for cash, which means that you can “buy low” right now. This is a perfect product for our buy low sell high strategy.

Proof is in the search results:

NBA trading cards

Just look at those prices for a basketball card. Crazy money for a trading card.

Trading card money is made in two ways:

This niche is one for collectors so finding and collecting full sets is a valuable focus and also finding those rare cards, limited print cards and the big stars rookie cards.

Another tactic is a little more of a gamble but buying stars that are about to rise as as valuable or popular players. This can be a little harder in oru current now because the players are sidelined. But there is big money in flipping these cards much like stocks the players tsock value rises and falls as their performance reflects on impact.

2. Designer hand bags & Perfume.

Weirdly as we are all self isolating and social distancing so why would someone need a designer handbag it boggles the mind. I’m not a fancy guy I really enjoy thrifty shopping and functionality of clothing and accessories. My girlfriend HATES when I buy clothing and accessories based on functionality 😆.

Designer Handbags and Perfume are spiking to all time highs right now. Ive seen post after post after post around these items being hunted online. I get that all the stores that sell these are closed except pharmacies or chemists but they sell knock off garbage perfumes not designer.

When shoppers cant get hold of products they want that product goes into high demand. There are still a lot of people who have excess money that they want to offload and dont forget about people pre corona virus who were excessive shoppers who now have to commit to getting their retail therapy online. 

With designer handbags and name brand perfumes being a huge interest all you need to do is know where to look to find these items at wholesale prices. There is so much fraud in the space that finding real, authentic fragrances can be a challenge so dont just go to AliExpress and get that channels perfume because its a knock off and can get you into all kinds of problems. This does present a real opportunity for selling the real brands and NOT cheap immitation handbags and fragrances.

My advice is to take 2 angles for this and present yourself as a wholesale buyer, liquidator and bulk buyer of goods and look for auctions, liquidations and wholesale places for opportunities. Most people who do this normally may be laid off or on leave.

The second angle is as a seller and store owner of a store that sells these things.

The overview of how this works:

  • Know where to look for these products
  • Know what brands are in demand
  • Buying at a low price
  • Know what marketplaces to be promoting that you have these products
  • Negotiating and promoting your webpages where you will sell these items
  • Sell product at a higher price than you paid for it

Some search terms you can optimise your web pages for:

  • Designer handbag
  • [name brand] handbag
  • Handbag [name brand]
  • [name brand] perfume
  • perfume [name brand]
  • buy [name brand] online

There are entire markets and buyer types to flip high end colognes, designer handbags and perfumes to. I am far from the target market so this niche was new for me to be diving into but the riches are in the niches and as far as I can tell this niche is ripe for the picking. There were so many people searching for and asking for these products that it would be hard not to make money if you have the actual products.

This right now presents a very rare opportunity for you to buy low priced items and sell high on your website to an already hungry to purchase audience.

THIS is a perfect product for our tactic of buying low and selling high. I hope you can start to see the shift in perspective of how Im looking at the markets now.

This bag is a Christian Dior designer handbag that retails for $6,462 see actual handbag here.

3. Buying Businesses and Websites.

I love domain flipping and business flips. These have been a huge part of my income over the last 3 years. In a nutshell I buy a website or business at a low investment price and perfrom some work to these websites using my onlien marketing skills to create a website that now functions as a high converting store or lead generating website.

>> If you want to work with me on a website or business you own contact me here.

This is the perfect time to start looking for investment opportunities. A lot of businesses have closed or are closing their business down. There are also a lot of websites that people who used to have employment that no longer do and c an not sustain teh fees for running and managing websites. This is a sad reality of what this virus has done to the economy. 

I would look at Flippa, Gumtree, Shopify Exchange or FE International and look for businesses for sale. The filters will help you navigate to the most relevant opportunities for you. I set filters ranging from $3,000-120,000 so I have a range of business types.

Now this is a longer play and not a buy today and flip tomorrow unless you work very fast. This takes me riughly 2-4 months to get my hands on teh new purchase and make some cosmetic edits and some backend changes to get that site healthy and looking good. I also like to track activity on teh front end of the website buy adding Google Analytics and reviewing any affiliate programs, ecommerce settings or existing CRM type sale systems.

My process revolves around taking something that is not working for someone else and refining what they have on the front end. It needs to look nice for people using the website. I like to then focus on backend adjustments to make sure the website is Google friendly and in good health. Once Ive done these two steps my entire focus on the UX and conversion rates of the website. 

When I am happy with the data I have and the visitor engagement is looking healthy I will start to get the site ready to flip for a much bigger payday.

This is my 3 tips for selling online while locked down and self isolating but still making money. I use the buy low and sell high method in dropshipping and site flipping all the time and its made me a lot of money 💰💰

I’m focused on businesses that are fun to build, regardless of what the economy is doing.

Ill be setting up a mini course on how I do this so people can see the step by step process to take control of their lifestyle and finances. Stay Tuned. If you want to do this on your own, you can totally do that too.

Take note take action and take advantage of the market. If you liked this drop a comment, share it or show me your results in a month or two ✌️.

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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

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How To Make Money With CPA

How To Make Money With CPA

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Why You Should Be Setting Goals

Why You Should Be Setting Goals

Setting Goals is Your Big Picture Plan

You SHOULD be setting business goals for success

Are you setting the wrong type of goals?
Goal setting is one of the most underrated activities that you can do to grow your business. My partner and I take an annual retreat to Bali Indonesia at the end of each year to unwind and recharge for the year ahead. Here in this tropical paradise we will schedule a morning where we will focus on our goals. This is one of our fav activities we do together.

In our couples focus goals session we will cover the following:
1 Couple goals > how are we doing as a loving couple, are we having enough date nights, do we give each other enough attention.
2 House goals > we are saving to buy a block of land and build a home that has everything we need as very tall people
3 Finance goals > are we tracking on target for savings, do we have good money management and where are we wasting 💰
4 Family goals > are we seeing each of our families enough, are we being great family members, do we contribute.
5 Work goals > we want to be seen as professionals in our fields, are we being successful, do we get satisfaction from this
6 Business goals > we focus on our business ventures, results, new things, money and satisfaction

7 Individual project goals > we both have individual projects we work on and we update our goals for these and share with each other what we want to achieve this coming year. 

You can do your own goals session but this is what we do every year to align ourselves as a team, as a couple and as business owners. You don’t need to wait a year to do this or visit a tropical island. You can do it anytime you want to and where ever you want to. Thats the beauty of owning an online business.

For this post we will focus more on the business goals and finance related goals.

What would you say looks more attractive to you?

Making $10,000 per month or making 3 sales per day?


Most people would say $10k monthly is the best option. But why do you think that is? well lets say that 3 sales sounds like 3 small sales, and $10k monthly sounds like a lot of sales and is a decent return. 

Now you have $10k in mind as a goal, let’s run with $10k as one of your goals. Now how will you get that $10k? do you have a plan? break it down and tell me what you would do step by step to get there. In my consulting calls when I ask these questions I don’t hear very clear steps from the person Im speaking to. The most common answer is “Ill run ads to get the sales and thats how ill get to $10k mo”. 

Im very scared for the success of the person when I hear this. I need to know that the plan is in place and often it is not and the person has a very clear vision of $10k a month but no clear plan how to get there. 

Here are some guiding questions to help you define the steps:
Q1 > How much are you selling your product or service for?
Q2 > What are your margins from cost to sale?
Q3 > How much are you prepared to spend on Ads to get a sale?
Q4 > Are you using the best product or service as the focus sale?

Why i would ask these questions is because when you break it down it can be A LOT of work that you are doing instead of looking at the path that is most rewarding. The plan can help you get to the goal, if you chunk it down you can get to each milestone of your goal much easier. While it’s good to have the $ figure in mind, sometimes it’s a LOT easier to think of the number of sales that get you there.

What value is there for a customer to buy with you instead of Amazon or Target? If you can answer this then 5 points to you. If you stutter and fumble around for an answer you really need to work on your USP. That is your Unique Selling Position, why you are the go to for this product or service. Then I would ask you to know what your USP is and to review your page sales copy to see if your USP is reflected in the sales copy. Often I see direct copy and paste from a manufacturer or a catalogue 😥, PLEASE use unique and brand or USP focused sales copy. This will directly increase your sales because you went the extra step and created sales copy that speaks about your brand and your USP.

Here are some real world examples

This is Donny’s Goal:
Your goal is to sell $10k of product You are selling a product that retails for $10  Each day you must sell 30-40 products per day to get to 90% of your target goal This is a grind and will be hard work Donny should increase the price of this product or use this an an upsell to a higher price target product where it is easier to sell higher priced items.Ultimately I would suggest Donny try and find a higher priced item he can sell to his audience.

This is Tara’s Goal: Your Goal is to sell $10k of product  You are selling a product that retails for $100  Each day you must sell 3 to 4 products to get 90% of your target goal This is an achievable goal.

Tara should include an upsell in the checkout that helps bump up the average order value.

With the above she is almost at her goal and just needs $1k to hit it where she can add a order bump product that will help her get that missing $1k.

What Steps Should You Take?

Here Are The Next Steps To Hit Your Goal


Now the steps to start getting those sales so you can get to your goal.
This is how you start getting traffic to your sales pages:

* Find your audience. Who has a problem you can solve with your product.
* Build your store/product list/sales pages.
* Build your audience by running Ads that gather the right data.
* Build your site out, use SEO to get your pages ranking organically.
* Plan your sales funnel, pricing and sequence of events.
* Build a sales funnel and pay for Ads to drive traffic to your pages.
* Reach out to people who need the solution.
* Make content, images and videos and demonstrate the solution.
* Leverage from others who have an audience.
* Supply and demand being the middle man/person.
* Nurtue your audience and bring people back to your sales pages

Maintain this approach to keep that sales cycle on repeat. THIS helps you get traction and moves you closer to that monthly goal of $10k. You might not get that in month 1-3 but stick with it and you will see results, even if you make $5k thats more than you had last month. Keep your work ethic up and that $5k  will grow in size month on month.

Maintain this approach to keep that sales cycle on repeat. THIS helps you get traction and moves you closer to that monthly goal of $10k. You might not get that in month 1-3 but stick with it and you will see results, even if you make $5k thats more than you had last month. Keep your work ethic up and that $5k  will grow in size month on month.

Why One of Your Goals Should Be Opportunity

Retailers are going under left right and centre due to a number of reasons and some of it is a lack of ability to adjust to the market. For people like us working online we move fast and adjust very quickly. Big brands are going down in value because the competition by the smaller to medium sized alternatives. Software and processes are always evolving making it cheaper for businesses to do things. This makes more competition, and being aware of these changes and having goals GIVES YOU THE POWER to make moves. 

The moves you can make are seeing the gaps and taking action. Your goals should include a growth opportunity of some sort. The openings you see in the market are where you can make that small sprint towards your goal, lets say for example this very website is made with GroovePages a Click Funnels competitor

>> Get your Groove Pages lifetime deal here! <<

The market has been dominated by ClickFunnels for so long as they have GREAT marketing. The competitors only get any traction because ClickFunnels does not fulfil some function that the people not using ClickFunnels need. 

You hear these stories every day. A new competitor has emerged and is getting new interest instead of the industry leading platform in the example here its Click funnels. There are a lot of people who really dislike Click Funnels because of the aggressive sales tactics and highly priced monthly fees for what they get.

Groove Pages is a direct competitor of Click Funnels and partly G Suite by Google. They created the platform to take back some of the market from Click Funnels and while they are just about out of beta testing phase they still have a pretty decent product. My site is 100% built in Groove Pages. 

So how this plays onto goals and why it matters. Using opportunity as a goal to grow your business is a must. What Groove Pages did was to identify an opportunity where Click Funnels past users had complained about features and pricing. Now Groove Pages can slide into filling that gap in between what the users want and what the company was offering. 

This has allowed Groove Pages to gain a lot of traction by offering a more well rounded tool suite and a one time price point of $497 with several upsells if you want to expand on what your standalone product can do. They are creating a full kit of apps to fit into Groove Pages like mail, videos, webinar, automations, affiliate manager, cart, meetings, calendars and way way more.

>> Get your Groove Pages lifetime deal here! <<

This gap in the marketplace has allowed them to start moving towards their opportunity goal. The only thing they needed was a shot, now they have the voice and can raise more people to try their product and sign on as paying customers. The founders have openly said that they wanted to create a long shot goal of being seen asa rival to Click Funnels and by making a superior product. I say well done chaps the beta rollout has been very exciting with so many apps added already.

This should serve as a warning that all you need is a shot. Business will remain the same but the players will adapt and change as trends hit the market. A hot tip from me is to find businesses so set in their ways that its almost impossible for them to pivot or adapt to change like Banks they are so shaken by crypto they dont know what to do although now they have solidified themselves it took almost 4 years for them to adapt.

“Opportunity is everywhere”.
To strengthen your position for growth in your business consider taking a deeper relationship with your customers. Get a deeper understanding of your market and its competitors especially those ones that are so small they are just making a mumur because as things become more available those are the ones that will be coming out of nowhere. Your clients can spend their money on anything and they will, but you need to be the one that has the advantage.

A goal I set for myself under my business objectives, is to make spending money with me more attractive to potential customers. I would rather they spend the money with me where I can write them a value packed email and enjoy them becoming a customer than with someone else. I think you would agree with me on this that the money is better in your pocket.

Look, there’s a tonne of ways to hit your $ goal but if you structure your goals and plan how you’re going to attack it then take MASSIVE action – you will do it! But make those goals easier to achieve by breaking them up into the number of sales it will take to get you there so it’s not as daunting or that out of reach feeling. Again, easier said than done but definitely possible if you put in the work 👌.🍻

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

Here's a powerful way to make your marketing stronger. Write out an offer that your dream clients would love and be hard for them to say no to. Then see how close you can get to creating it. Once you do launch and promote it everywhere. This sounds simple but so many...

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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

The most underrated marketing channel is by far email marketing. Almost every business can benefiet from running email campaigns, there is also the repeat customer factor involved in email campaigns. I am a huge believer in email marketing and this article focuses on...

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How To Make Money With CPA

How To Make Money With CPA

What Is CPA and How To Make Money With It In uncertain economic times many people are looking for new ways to make some additional cash. Thus it is not surprising that many people have flocked to internet marketing. There are a wide variety of ways of profiting...

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7 Tips To Sell More SEO Services

7 Tips To Sell More SEO Services

These Tactics Make You More SEO Money 


When I started freelancing and fending for myself in this new industry of online marketing I was primarily selling pay per click, web design and SEO services as my core offerings. My goal was to always sell the prospect exactly what they needed and not what made me the most money and that they may not of needed but was nice to have. 

I am by no means a salesman, I hate selling and Im not a big fan of meeting new people and pitching them something they don’t really understand. That just seems awkward to me, and me selling face to face is awkward enough I do NOT look like the typical digital sales person being a large tattooed, bearded man I get a few strange looks when I meet people the first time in office settings haha. Fun Fact you will never see me in a business suit ever! I made a pact with myself that if I ever had to wear a corporate suit again I was doing the thing for work.


My goal was to sell $100k of marketing services for the year . I created myself a large database of businesses in my area that needed help with marketing thanks to help of a lead scraping tool called SCOPELEADS. This tool would let me put in locations, service types and some keywords and would go and bring back hundreds of results that matched my exact request. I spent a couple days building this so it got to a nice fat figure of businesses. When I had 200,000 businesses in that database I now had a playground I work in.

My Main Methods of Contacting these Businesses:
1 Email prospecting with website audits, seo audits and more
2 Cold calling getting the manager or owner and highlighting the areas of improvement
3 Walking in cold to the physical business and trying to get the owner and manager

This was some time ago and I was starting out, when you start out the hustle is different you try to attack everything. These methods don’t scale well when you get bigger and bigger but for a one man show these were all I had to get the conversation started with these businesses.

What I learned is all of these methods really really SUCK! no one wants to talk to you or hear how their pride and joy website is missing all of these things they don’t understand. I had a of doors slammed in my face and was a hung up on a lot. But I did learn so much about what these business owners do want to hear and what hooks actually got them to take interest in what I was saying. I believe in  failing forward, so I may have lost 2,000 of those leads from my database but after 2,000 interactions I started picking up on what was working or at least intriguing the interest to take the conversation down other paths.

My confidence grew after figuring out these little 1% signals that I would use to compound and get the business owner invested in the conversation. I hate selling I really do but when it was becoming easier and easier I did kind a start to enjoy turning a no into a yes. A very weird turn of events but this sick little addiction to winning the conversation turned into sales and a steady stream of them closing me a nice little portfolio of new clients. I signed on 45 NEW clients over the span of 3 months. This got the attention of a bigger marketing agency who at the time was losing a lot of client (thanks to yours truly) so they made me an offer to sell my business to them for a nice little payday. I didn’t intend to be el solo while running a 47 client agency so this timed perfect with me scaling and then onboarding my new portfolio into their system and account manager team.

My sale of business was agreed on with one clause. That clause was that I work with the purchasing businesses sales and prospecting team to help them turn around their slump of no sales. I agreed of course I love training and developing talent. That was a no brainer. 

I don’t tell you this to impress, big note or get attention, but hopefully, motivate some people who may be starting out to take real action.Now Ive got the 7 tips below to help you level up with selling more SEO. Also because I know what it’s like selling SEO, it’s not an easy task the competition is fierce and the cowboys have made it damn hard to sell.

Seven Tips To Selling Premium SEO Packages
1. Only Target Businesses That Are Already Established And Have An Existing Investing Mindset.

2. Your Success Of Setting Clients Expectations, Will Be A Direct Reflection Of Your Retention & Revenue Success. 

3. Frame SEO As A Long Term Growth Plan & You As The Vehicle That Can Only Take Them There. 

4. What You Charge For Your Fees Should Be Directly Related To The Potential Value You Bring & The Size Of The Problem You Solve. 

5. The Deeper & More Involved In The Client’s Business You Are, The Harder It Is For Them To Operate Without You. 

6. Always Give & Deliver Value First. Give Your Best Stuff That Will Help Them Now Before You Ever Ask For The Sale. 

7. You Are The Prize, Back Yourselves, Back Your Prices & Be Willing To Walk & Want Nothing! 

This forms some of what Ive taught the sales and prospecting team at the agency I consult with thats helped them net $3.4 million in new business.

If you have an existing sales team ask yourself about how they sell and how good are their sales. You should be always reviewing your sales process and communications from sales person to business owner. Do you use the right language, do you highlight their pain points and then your solution all of these really simple conversation points play a pat in getting the conversation turned towards signing on for your services.

What ‘simple things’ can you do to improve sales?
Regardless of what is going on in the economy there are always simple things many businesses can use to improve their sales and profits. Sometimes making more sales is as simple as talking to more potential customers about what you sell. And there are a huge number of simple things you can do to attract more customers.

Here’s an interesting way to attract new customers that was both fun and extremely effective:
A hardware shop increased the number of people coming into their store with a fun competition. They put up a big sign in their window that said: “
We guarantee that if you come into our store one of our people will professionally greet and welcome you within 15 seconds. If they don’t we will give you $50.00 worth of hardware of your choice free” People would walk down the street and read this sign. They would stop for a few seconds and then mentally say to themselves “That sounds interesting; I think I will check it out.” So they would walk inside the hardware store to see more about what was going on.

The store had a bell and buzzer on their door that sounded as soon as you went in. One of their salespeople would excuse themselves if they were dealing with a customer by saying something like “Can you just excuse me for 10 seconds” and then walk over to the person and welcome them to the store. 
“Thank you for coming in today, I’m just with someone else so please free to look around. I’ll be with you in a moment”.

This way the customer was always greeted professionally within 15 seconds of walking in to the shop.Now once the people were in the shop guess what many did?They said to themselves, “Well now that I’m here what can I buy that I might need?” Sales increased dramatically.What ‘simple things’ can you try this week to increase your own sales?
The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is ‘look under foot.’
The great opportunity is where you are.
 John Burroughs

If you want to sell more of something I highly recommend taking stock of the following:
> your unique selling position
> your customers pain points
> your sales messaging and language
> your sales teams method for getting the actual signing of a sales contract/agreement

The sale is an important part of the process and your USP, your sales people and language even down to how they go for the handshake to confirm the deal are all compounding signals that can be improved by just paying attention to them.

I really hope this was helpful and you are able to implement some changes in your processes and business that result in you getting more sales and higher retainers for your services. If you liked this post please share it. Thanks.

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

Here's a powerful way to make your marketing stronger. Write out an offer that your dream clients would love and be hard for them to say no to. Then see how close you can get to creating it. Once you do launch and promote it everywhere. This sounds simple but so many...

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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

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How To Make Money With CPA

How To Make Money With CPA

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Building An Agency: Service Pricing Models

Building An Agency: Service Pricing Models

Service Pricing Options for Everyone

Agency Pricing Has Caused Me So Many Headaches In The Past.

How do you price your agency or consulting services? I’ve tried so many different models its been a real journey working out what my customers find the most attractive model. There’s really no right answer for the best agency pricing model depending who you ask.

This article will review every agency pricing method available to you and break down the pros and cons of each.At the end, I’ll detail the system I use to determine the best pricing model that suits me and my client portfolio.

 Why is this such a headache for agency owners?

Here are the most popular agency pricing models.

Project Based Pricing.
This is when there is an agreement on pricing for a term based campaign for a client project. There will be a sheet of deliverables that everyone is aware of and a term sheet with start and end dates or at least a renewal date.

Pricing in this method is calculated per hour to deliver and calculated over the monthly deliverables and added up to form the yearly project cost. As an example my base rate is $150 per hour.

> 12 month SEO campaign charged per month at $1,500 for a local websites.
> $2,000 for a website technical health audit
> $450 for a landing page build

Key Takeaway:
Project based pricing is great to get quick contracts moving, these can be low cost up to very large project fees. Best use case is web design or sales funnels building where you are building things with end dates and not ongoing work. Ive found that the biggest killer with this model is scope creep where the agreed deliverables keep changing and the amount everyone agreed on becomes less and less as more changes take place.

Fixed Fee Pricing
Flat fee pricing charges a flat amount for your service. I generally look at this as an ongoing scope / engagement (i.e. monthly fee), not a one-off engagement. Calculate your pricing here by either productising your services so its clear or by calculating the hours to complete this deliverable.A lot of agencies start here because it’s simple to quantify, both from an agency management and client understanding perspective. Very popular pricing model if you deliver done for you jobs.

> $100 Keyword research 50 pack
> $150 Done for you onpage SEO
> $150 Website tracking review

Key Takeaway:
Great for starting your agency and taking on smaller jobs. The pricing model is very clear everyone understands the outcome. Deliverables can be ticked off and hard to mess up. Best use case is smaller jobs and jobs for set budgets. A let down is that is fixed per job and hard to grow into monthly retainer, hard to get your team to invest focus into projects that are ending and not ongoing.

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Performance Based Pricing

This method I don’t recommend for new agencies its best suited for seasoned agencies and especially those running pay per click campaigns. Lead generation is also a really good use case where you can really demonstrate the phone ringing or the products selling. That then justifies your service fees and enables you to get paid no questions.

> $40 per phone call or email lead
> $80 per phone call actual booking
> 20% of each sale from referral traffic
> Free SEO if we don’t rank you for Criminal lawyer Sydney in 90 days

Key Takeaway:
If you do perform the client will be very happy. If you get the targeting wrong you wont get paid. Very highly profitable method if you can produce the leads and sales, can take up your time setting thing sup with risk of no payment if it fails. While you have the traffic you may depend on the client to convert the lead to sale. Very hard to build reliable ongoing income especially if Google updates algorithms and Facebook bans advertising for face masks or supplements lol. You don’t control the traffic delivery channels.

Value Based Pricing Model

I really don’t use this method anymore because there are better cleaner pricing models that you can use. This method swap the time resource factor for a perceived “Value” that your work can attribute to the client campaign. This is best suited for agencies that have a great network of influencers, really good developers or programmers who can build custom tools.

I like to take the stance that working with me is the value. That might sound cocky but Ive worked pretty hard to build my process library and read markets. This in itself is my value add to any campaign I put my hands on. Clients unfortunately do not understand this, and rightly so they know their product and in most cases don’t understand what we do in online marketing.

I want to stress that this is for perceived value that you can be attributed for. There is no clear tracking where you can say that you built the Ad, got the click and then the visitor signed up for the product you cna report you were responsible for that sale. This method does not work like this.

Taking a finance calculator for example, Ive been contracted to build finance calculators before and I did my part that was to code up the loan repayment calculator and include a form of lead capture so that users were turned into leads. This was the easy part but figuring out the actual value took me some time to then track users actions and how that user turned into a lead or a sale and how much $ revenue that lead was worth. This is an absolute HEADACHE.

> Influencer marketing campaigns
> Promoting press releases
> Building calculators and engagement tools

Key Takeaways
I don’t really do this anymore except when I include this in with an ecommerce services retainer. It’s very hard to clearly demonstrate you’re direct or attributed impact. This method relies on something you often cant track 100% and someone else or something else. When questioned by a client it can be hard to show your value that you directly contributed.

Retainer Based Pricing Model

This is my preferred agency pricing method. You get a retainer that is paid a month in advance and you can bank on these. If you start stacking clients this money adds up real fast. But this is great for forecasting revenue it feels more controlled from an operational level knowing every month this is the figure I get in retainer fees.

This works best when you can clearly demonstrate to the client that if they pay xxx monthly and you will do AB & C each month for them.


> Local SEO $1,500 monthly for 5 hours 
> Social media marketing $2,000 monthly for 10 posts a month on 3 platforms
> Facebook Ad management $1,100 monthly to manage Facebook Ads with media spend of $4,000 monthly

Key Takeaways

I find this the best pricing model that works for me. If I understand what it costs me per hour to do the work and I know how long my team takes to deliver the work I can start to see per month what my expenses are verse what my ideal price point is and calculate the revenue. Boom Im now able to understand how my business is financially if I build this model and scale my client base. 

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Hourly Pricing Model

This makes a lot of sense to use hourly pricing IF you have a very systemized service list. Understanding your services as products will help you charge for these by the hour.  This compliments the retainer model.

I want to know for every person in my team, how much do I need to pay them per hour. Then I need to know what their output is per person like 6 hours a day or more. Then how many tasks they can do in 6 hours and then how many services can we deliver x team members x hour  x day and so on. This helps me clearly see what I have to pay internally and what I can deliver on verse what I can charge and fulfil.


> Website Audit takes 8 hours each hour charged at $150 
> Build local website 25 hours of development charged at $170 per hour website sale cost $4250

Key Takeaway:

This works for me and works really well along side the retainer model. I am a processes nerd and need to itemise my services so that I know how long it takes to deliver and then how many I can deliver per day. The hourly pricing model is the smart way to price up your agency services. But the upfront work of listing and documenting your time to deliver so you can calculate expense verse revenue. 

What Pricing Model Do I Suggest?
I am a big fan of combining the hourly pricing model with the retainer model. I need my services to be listed like ecommerce products because I can list the features and how long it takes me to fulfil these per month and tell my client that this is the hours we put in and how long it takes to make this work or deliver this work. The delivery plan is clear includes what I am going to do and how long it takes me and its very easy to see my hourly rates and how long it will take to do everything and the price makes sense based on hours. 

Clients have all the information they need in front of them and can make the call if that suits them. I also offer a MacDonalds style small medium and large hours package that the client can choose the hour allocation that fits their budget or their need to feel that their campaigns are getting attention.

Now I want to give you some more reasoning why I like this combo so you can really understand and build this into your agency. I want you to build a financially strong agency and still be here in 2 years.

I have experienced alignment issues between my sales team, my finance/admin team and then my service delivery teams and the root cause of this alignment issue is pricing.

> Universal billing and sales systems: You want to use a sales system thats simple. Everyone needs to understand the pricing model and how it’s being billed. It’s common for sales people to throw in freebies or decrease sale amount to get the sale signed, this is often not communicated to the person who will be billing the client.
> Using hours to scale: When you use hours package its very easy to ask clients to increase the hours per month. Its also a common question from clients “why does this take so long?” well perfect mr client if you could increase the hours I can spend working on this campaign I can give you more attention and do more for you. Very easy way to turn a client on the small hourly package to a large hourly package.
> Adhoc client requests: You wouldn’t be an agency if you didn’t get those adhoc client requests with tight deadlines. This works so well with hourly pricing because all you need to do is say ok mr client that will take 3 hours thats 4150 per hour to do this do you agree with this, I’ll send you the invoice and BAM! extra 3 hours work added accounted for and managed.
> Transparency: The agency model has such a black cloud hovering over it because of the cowboys doing things with shortcuts, making a quick buck and just being shit in delivery of actual marketing services. When you can come to a meeting with a client have a marketing plan laid out, how many months estimate to hit target, how many hours per month to deliver the work and how much per hour that will cost to get the end results YOU look like a superstar because everything is in the open. 
> Resource tracking: hours are the best way to track your agency resources. If you have a process that is eating too many hours you can review it and decrease time to deliver. If you have a team member who is really slow to deliver you can identify why and try and improve productivity. Ive applied some CRO to my delivery when Ive identified a task that was eating delivery hours once we looked at it then we could optimise it. Reduce time spent to deliver increased productivity and the expense to deliver.

I think it’s critical that you know your cost per seat of team members and then time to complete tasks so you know how to calculate delivery. This removes the unkown you will have a plan for when to add new team members or hold hiring and when to look at outsourcing verse keeping it all in-house for delivery.

“Maths Don’t Lie!”.

To truely scale your agency you need clients and its not so easy to just add more clients. Why I pay attention to my internal systems so closely is because by doing some simple optimisation of my people and systems. Knowing when to make strategic moves can be the difference between you making $5k a month or $20k a month (more if you follow this blog).

The biggest takeaway you should have from this is
1 Itemise your service list
2 Know your cost per seat
3 Build those delivery estimates
4 Use hourly pricing model with retainer model

Use the agency pricing model that best suits your business and don’t just blindly follow me here as I dont know your business. Take stock of what you have currently and identify if you need to focus on anything before you start to grow. If you have an agency already this is aimed at you review your processes, review your team members hourly allocations and then look at your pricing models.

New agency owners this was built just for you to help select the methods you use to charge for your services. I hope this helps you make a successful agency that ranks and banks.

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

How To Build Better Marketing Messaging

Here's a powerful way to make your marketing stronger. Write out an offer that your dream clients would love and be hard for them to say no to. Then see how close you can get to creating it. Once you do launch and promote it everywhere. This sounds simple but so many...

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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2020)

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How To Make Money With CPA

How To Make Money With CPA

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