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Business Operations & Market Shifts in 2022

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My Predictions for Entreprenuers and Businesses 2022

One of the most fulfilling things I do each year is to look back at my year that was in 1 year view and a 2-3 year view. This helps me see the journey and just how much crap I battled and sorted out. But a lot of people spend their time looking back and not enough time in the new year looking ahead to whats in store for them in the next 12 months.

With that said Ive had a good long look at the world, my market, my team, my partners, network and just took time to look and listen. What I present to you is my own view of the world as it stands and whats coming up on the horizon his year.

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For me a lot has changed and Ive had to really step up another level.

Lets Dig In:


Social Media & Commerce Platforms


1 Social Platform Supremacy


Knowing whats coming I think the social giants are fighting for the scraps of attention instead of focusing on the shift in audience and innovating instead of copying.

Everyones been privacy woke and “my data, my life” with regards to how they see social platforms. Its interesting I was talking about data and privacy back in 2018 and now everyones just catching on.


These platforms responded to social outcry about privacy by updating their privacy posts and changing privacy policies to be even more technical and wordy than they were so we the people get lost. Facebook truly is the worst, they are the Amazon of social media, a absolute disgrace.


LinkedIn: I like this platform (at the moment) they really are trying to break the mould and do something more. They should really pick up steam in the coming year and standout as the leader in professional networking. I love how they have added training and services to their fold. They are paying attention to what their users want.


TikTok will become the platform where you call out big name brands or your workplace for doing wrong by your standards. People will back you based on the huge reach organic videos get and TikTok will grow more and more.


I would love one of these Web 3.0 companies to attack Facebook and steal its user base . I can not stand FB and how it operates but like millions of others I need the network and connections as thats where the eyeballs are right now.


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2 Instagram Sly mention


Ive found Instagram to be so user friendly. I like the layout the UI and UX.

For me just casually scrolling my feed, I pick up a lot of new interests and my feed doesnt become a never ending stream of the same shit. The scroll its actually still a great experience showing me new things and interesting sub niches of my topics. On FB I find I get pigeon holed as a type of user and feed, and shown the same garbage.


Instagram Posting ROI is very difficult to measure and the influencer game is very hit and miss. Theres no real science behind the winning posts and losing posts. Hashtag to your hearts content and live video and UGC away theres just some that do and some that dont work.
I have seen huge success and then nothing with various influencers of different sizes.




3 Facebook Groups Visibility


These free Facebook “Groups” will continue to die and create divides within communities. I see similar issues within LinkedIn and other channels where one bad argument causes a sad individual with a loud voice to splinter off and start picking off group members for their new thing. LinkedIn etc.


I saw several of my groups on FB & LI have weeks of 100’s and 1,000’s of new members to weeks of 30-50 new members, the cause I can not tell you, we analyzed everything and still not sure why.


I personally gifted several groups of various sizes to valued members of my group as rewards so I can offload assets and focus more on my big goals for this year. That in itself was so rewarding for me just gifting someone who is so passionate about the topic their own spotlight to shine in.




4 Podcasts on Entrepreneurial Topics


Entrepreneurial podcasts will increase people see advising training and counselling as the new money maker. This means podcasts that cover this topic will grow while the listeners will decrease as people become exhausted by people promoting the exact same message.

Entrepreneurial content has become exhausting. The difference maker is those that try new things without being weird. I am all for people trying new things and I will support the trailblazers.


Gary Vee – He is way too intense for me, but I will say this he is making 100% clear sense on NFTs. I cant stand him usually but what he is saying about NFT’s is spot on.

Tim Ferris – I like in waves, its hard to carve out 2-3 hours for a podcast.

Patt Flynn – He used to be great. Now does he even do his podcast anymore???


One underrated business brain I really enjoy hearing is Noah Kagan of OkDork, AppSumo, SendFox and his live office hours streams. Thats one dude to watch! he goes behind the scenes shows you real life applications of what he’s teaching people. A true operator.


Most of the guru wizards are saying the same stuff in different ways.

This year I want to hear from the operators, the creators, the doers who make it happen. If someone writes the scripts for these people hit me up. You are the real superstar.




5 Lifetime Deal Software


As a confirmed recovering FOMO addict to SaaS discounts. I know this one may not sit with everyone. But I do think people are becoming frustrated with the sheer volume of no code apps, and SaaS coming out of the AppSumo and its 20+ clones.


I think of it like this, why cant AppSumo connect two or 3 founders of similar softwares or complimentary softwares. Connect them and have them create something truly unique not just a stripped back version of an existing software. Lets really challenge the innovation of what we can do in the space. What they create could be a true game changer and if they did this I would open my wallet with no hesitation. I want software that has multi purpose.




  • I hate logging into multiple apps
  • I hate multiple email onboardings then promo emails from a name I dont know
  • I bought a $49 software I dont care about upgrades
  • I find tools clunky AF or not ready to deliver the core function yet (in some cases) but they have a beta working
  • The it would be nice to have another function or connectivity to other tools so that this one if more well rounded and complete


Just a couple off the top of my head, but if AppSumo can be the match maker for SaaS growth as well as a deal site and hub of affordable SaaS Im in!!!! All day I am in. I hate thinking of something Noah Kagan built as the Wish of software.


AppSumo PLUS: Ive never been tempted to even try it because things are so cheap as it is. But I see that this conversation about its worth and place in the market have a heated audience on both sides of the fence. Maybe the AS guys need to do some market research on why theres problems and what is missing.




6 The Success Screenshot


You see it all the time, some punk kid who started a Facebook profile 2 weeks ago posting mad flexes with their Shopify store and crushing it hard. Trillionaire gang bruh.


It starts with them making bold claims and then posting screenshots about “their results”. This will become exhausting and repetitive. What they should do is engage with the readers help answer some questions and really be part of the group. Then once they have some cred and have reached out to the admins and mods of these groups for approval then drop their results. This method has been done to death and I see it as a pure cash grab usually they link to a training course or affiliate offer. This is old news now.


Now my comment to these people is basically for them to man up and show that it is their actual store and not a client or someone they work for. Refresh the earnings tab live on screen and not hide the name of the store so everything is transparent. If they can not do this then its a fake ass post and no one should pay attention. Thats my stance.


The ones truly crushing it… will be posting less about “what they are working on” and banking more $ and this will continue as the blockchain helps people validate proof of work concepts theres no longer a need to showcase Shopify dashboard results or blah blah.


You buy a Bored Ape NFT and thats the new flex. Bye bye Lambos and Hello BAYC NFTS. This is the new level of success for true ballers is buying a Bored Ape Yacht Club Ape NFT joining the likes of Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Yat Sui, Justin Beiber and so on.




7 Storytelling & Your Message


Storytelling will be more powerful than Search Engine Optimisation. The great creators and copywriters will become very sought after talent.


Those who can make something out of nothing will shine. The new internet is coming and it needs new creators and people who are not tarnished by Google Facebook and the old tech giants it needs creators who can help tell the new story.


Copywriters will forever hold a job in everything we do it just may shift from text words to script dialogue and video scripts.




8 The Office & Remote Work


Im all for work from home, having hot desk offices where teams can go in and they choose when and what office they attend. But the traditional office should take a good hard look at itself and try to become V2.0


Less time in the office or no return to the office. Offices will become a “nice thing to have” for corporate clients but not linked in anyway to productivity. Theres so much distractions in big offices that taking a side pod room or putting the headphones on to drown out the noise is where the real work gets done.


I would like to see offices establish new rules of attendance and provide the ability to work from home and create varied schedules to suit their workers, the ones providing all the talent.




9 The Conference Wheel


People will go back to conferences to realise that conferences are a thing of the past. The person to person engagement is missed and the after event activities have always been the drawcard.


Im not one to attend conferences and the ones I have usually it was all business get in do your thing and get out. But I see why these are coming back based on lockdowns and isolation its one Id like to see reimagined another V2.0 project




10 Trust In People & Brands


Part 1 Reviews and fake reviews


This ones cray cray right now, people are doing so many bad things with reviews. Destroying a business on one bad experience or going all guns blazing and bombarding businesses review platforms because they didnt get a discount or refund. Its nuts


This also comes from business owners deploying shady tactics to get 200 review listings. When a fake listings goes live people see it and believe it but if that fake listing is fake then what do people expect when the service or product doesnt match the fake review. Its running rampant right now and I expect it to continue to grow into a big problem this year.


Id like to see platforms that allow review to take more of a proactive approach to combatting spam and fake reviews.




Part 2 Brand Trust Building


Trust will be build via micro forms of content. The days of 30k worded articles on how to do the perfect fart are fast becoming outdated. I like to read short sharp summaries of what topic I research, if there is a long form article/


I generally save it to a list of reading material that Ill never touch again and forget about even if its the best darn article on the topic. I dont have time to read endless SEO content unless the graphics that are being used really entice me to read more.


The content must be relevant and unique in an age of AI content generators I want an opinionated author to tell me this product fa#$ing sucks or its the next Bitcoin. Building trust with readers is what we will see this year as millions of online communities start to form headed into web 3.

Agencies Freelancers & Consultants

1 Working with Specialist Talent

If you are good at something do it at scale is my thoughts on this. Companies will have to accept that the best talent will have their own side hustle going on. Smart companies will encourage this and allow this talent to develop their skillset by having a side business.

Personally when I am hiring for ecommerce paid media buyers for the agency I run I ask if they have or have had their own ecom store and what their experiences were no judgement just to get a feel for their skills and commitment. I almost expect the people I hire to have had a side business before I hire them.

2 Skilled VA’s

Hiring unqualified virtual assistants will be a thing of the past…We want talent that just gets it and can do it without hand holding.

If I could hire people who just get product research and deliver results I would hire 40 of them right now and assign them market segments. Like right now lets go. 

Hiring the VA that needs a 42 page brief to do a 2 step task is dying. No one has time to upskill a contract resource. My stance is you are on a platform presneting as a specialist but then I need to training you get the F outta here.

2022 – Here is my brief and repeat back to me what your goal is and how you will do the work to reach the goal? if they answer correct hired if they don’t I move on.

This sounds harsh but at scale if its not done like this you waste hours on untrained unskilled resources.

*I hire talent that I get along with and can deliver results direct hire and reward based on output. In my world you are only as good as your last job.

3 Agencies Vs Consultants

Consultants will win vs Agencies. Having been in both boats consulting is a lean agile machine where you can provide much higher quality services to clients where agencies are big fat whales with often misinformed specialists.

The agency team is 9-5 commitment with no extended thought to the job. I must get a certificate, I must hit this target, I should template everything so its faster for me to do my tasks.

Bad Bad and Bad. Ive sen so many problems come from other agencies when I onboard a new client, the domain is not indexed, the campaigns are running traffic to 404 pages, the Facebook Pixel is not installed or the Google shopping feed has been broken for 6 months. Like what the F are these people doing. Its sad because they take the money but do not deliver the service.

Enter the consultant. They make recommendations, they do not do the work (some do) but they then recommend a agency that they work with and then the work gets delivered and client sees results.

I honestly think agency model is going to die out or need to have a massive transformation to continue to be viable. Rant over.

4 New Outsourcing Hotspots

We will see less outsourcing to India / Philippines and more outsourcing to Eastern Europe, Africa, South Africa, South America.

Personally I outsource some work to the following

Design & Creative – Ukraine and Serbia

Developers & Programmers – Vietnam, Ukraine.

Advertisers Google Ads – Philippines

Facebook Media Buyers – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore

The shift is happening and Im not saying abandon Philippines but diversify your teams. 

I have a teams in PH and I had concerns around them leaving me because if GameFi opportunity earn to play called Axie Infinity where they get the same amount of money playing games as they do from working and the team is good they play after hours so they can earn all day. Smart and Im watching how this plays out.

5 Gary V’s Mantra

Mr Hustle 2022 will be same same but different. Gary Vaynerchuk will tell you to be grateful, to work 90 hours per week, not to bitch and to spend all your time with your family, because family is first + while he reminds you he is the real deal. Until he pushes you into his Vee Friends NFTs.

Take it with a grain of salt. The guy has a hustle army doing 95% of his work for him. Work as much as you find reasonable and then spend time building your side hustle while maintaining a healthy social relationship with your friends and family. 

6 RevOps Diversity in $

Im a big believer in this, by having multiple revenue streams keeps me safe in the event of another COVID outbreak or variant.

One source of income will become reckless, more and more entrepreneurs will work on leaner ways to increase their income streams.

Im getting more and more into JV’s, Investing, Training young founders and consulting on due dillligence. Heck I even picked up my old SEO and PPC auditing gig to help some people out last year and have a few new requests based on my findings in those audits.

Just another rev stream. I want to narrow down on crypto staking and yield farming more and to purchase and trade more NFTs this year.

7 Talent Productivity & Hour vs Reward

People being held over a barbell to work 40+ hours or be replaced will be phased out. Right now in the market here in Australia if you can not get a job you must be handicapped because businesses are screaming out for talent.

I anticipate people to move around  more and more this year where the money is the people will go regardless of culture. Then towards the end of 2022 I expect workplace culture to get a real spotlight after the jumping of ships that people who went for the money will now be hunting workplace culture.

I hold workplace culture higher than renumeration I really do having worked with some complete tossers I want to work with people who get it, They are on the bus riding towards our goals. Money matters and as long as you get a good enough package culture is my deciding factor

Working more than 40 hours per. week will showcase lack of productivity vs bragging rights. Those forced to work late into teh night to get it done will have teh power to push back. Bad workplace culture and practices will be forced to change in 2022

Ive seen more than enough TikTok videos of company tear downs from employees who have had enough. Right on, if a company is doing bad things they should be called out. Amazon last year forced workers to stay on production line while a tornado hit their factory and it resulted in people dying like WTF how are they still operating? 

If businesses are shady they will be called out. 

Final Words

The world has been kicked in the nuts for the last 2 years with this COVID problem but it has not stopped us moving forward, Ecommerce has accelerated forward to mainstream more than many anticipated. The same can be said for Crypto and NFTS.

I watch and listen to markets, leaders within communities and trends. Ive always found the best summary of something by entering that market, engaging with the community, poking teh leaders with questions and assumptions for a pulse check and then sitting back and observing it as it functions.

The above are my predictions and observations, I may get this horribly wrong and you can point and laugh at me or I might get it head on and then Ill release a course on trend hunting….jokes I am not releasing a course. But this was my 2022 year ahead trend and market shifts analysis and projections I hope it serves you well.