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Get Fit with the Best Dropship Suppliers in Australia

The fitness industry has been on the rise for the past few years and as the world changed in 2020, people started looking for ways to maintain their fitness from home. This caused a surge in demand for fitness products, and dropship suppliers emerged to provide efficient supply chain solutions for fitness enthusiasts.

I was extremely lucky to get in on that catapulting trend very early with fitness product drop ship that you can learn about here.

If you’re looking to start a fitness business, dropshipping with Australian suppliers is a great option. These suppliers offer a vast range of fitness accessories, sporting goods, and apparel to cater to all major categories.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 3 Australian fitness dropship suppliers that can help you get started with your fitness business today. From yoga mats to water bottles and more, these suppliers offer a wide variety of products to help you achieve your fitness goals. Let’s dive in!

The List of Fitness Equipment Dropshipping Suppliers

Supplier Number 1 – Morgan Sports

Another great Australian equipment drop shipper is

They are a family owned Australian business that has been providing products to the fitness industry since 1996. Morgan’s Sports is your one-stop shop for all your sporting gear, safety gear, and equipment needs, there is no job too big or small.

Morgan Sports is featured in several of my online stores.

They have a wide selection of products including Weights, MMA gear, boxing gloves, punching bags, Fitness mats, dumbbells, cycling equipment, climbing accessories and more. They are based in Melbourne and provide excellent customer service and fast turn around shipping times.

Supplier Number 2 – Eagle Sports Sydney

The first supplier have is The Eagle Sports is one of the biggest suppliers in Australia. The brand was established in 1995 and offers a huge selection of fitness equipment and supplies for all ages, genders and sporting abilities.

They have more than 60,000 items on their website which gives them access to a wide range of products from over 80 manufacturers. What makes eagle sports stand out from other companies is that they have dedicated teams for every sector which are responsible for managing the logistic issues involved with buying the products.

Based in Sydney, Eagle Sports have more than 30 years of experience in the Australian market.They offer standard and express shipping to the customers

Supplier Number 3 – Dropship Zone

The third and final Australian based fitness equipment supplier is . They have over 16 years of experience in the online market and offer an impressive range of products.

They have a great range of sporting equipment and accessories including dumbbells, elliptical machines, home gyms and more dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats and more. Dropship Zone also cater to the needs of commercial gym’s and fitness studios as well as private fitness users.

Dropship zone has fast and reliable delivery options and they also have a really great range of customer service offering after sales assistance, returns management and other eCommerce services. I think they are ok for a supplier with large inventory but not amazing, they could always be better and try to offer more unique product sets, it feels very Ive seen that before  when browsing the catalogue.

All three companies offer an impressive range of products and great after sales support services for their clients. They also all offer fast shipping and support in the event you need assistance or advice, this dropshipping industry is really beginning to mature, and each supplier has different products to suit different needs. With the help of one or more of these suppliers you can make your Australian drop shipping business grow quickly with fitness equipment and apparel and related products.

Profit Margins for Dropshipped Fitness Products

Since COVID there’s been a  fluctuation in the fitness industry with physical coaching, home gyms, and DIY gyms, Kmart now sells weights and workout gear and more retailers are cashing in on the lucrative fitness industry.

I observed trends early on when COVID was rolling out way back in 2019 around lockdown restrictions and personal fitness and started buying up a lot of home gym equipment especially the lighter weight for shipping cost reduction and started targeting women and older men as the demographic. 

This worked out for me in the end as fitness equipment became so scarce to buy that profit margins were around 80% for a good 12 months. 

Now though with no restrictions and all the extra competition you can expect profit margins between 15-20% conservatively. Please note that you should monitor Google shopping and competitors religiously as pricing fluctuates so much it’s hard to give a static number.

*Tip: I use a Chrome extension called Profit Genie for reviewing Google Shopping it gives me excellent data.

Final Words

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