Print on Demand Australian Suppliers

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List of Australian Print on Demand Suppliers

The print on demand industry is growing rapidly world-wide and also in Australia. Print on demand allows printing of small quantities of items not normally economically viable for traditional offset printing. With the growth in technology online print on demand has grown exponentially and the amount of suppliers available to us rises every day.

In this blog we are going to share with you our top 6 Australian Print On Demand Suppliers that you can literally get started with today. These 6 suppliers are in no particular order, and the advantages and disadvantages of each one will be outlined for you.

Print On Demand POD Business Model

The print on demand business model is great for starting out. The idea is that you have a design or picture that you want to print on clothing or other goods, a company that can do the printing and also holds the clothing materials will handle fulfilment and manufacturing for you.Printing your designs on demand. This is genius who ever created this business model I would like to buy you a drink buddy. Thanks for the business. This is a low ticket dropshipping business but it can build into consistent revenue if you market right.The way to use this business model is by creating a store and connecting one of the many apps or plugins out there that allows you to connect your store to the design platform. This allows you to create and edit designs within the manufacturers platform and import designs into your store.You then market the products to get customers, people buy your designs and you get paid, in the background the print on demand company builds the customers order and ships them the finished product. They the customer are none the wiser and everybody wins.You can build a brand from doing this POD business model.

List of Print on Demand Australia Suppliers

Lets start the list with one of my fave providers of POD clothing.

  • OGOThen the next supplier is The OGO Print On Demand is a small business print service provider that offers digital printing of up to 15,000 units on demand. They use a digital inkjet bi-tone ink process with UV coating delivering high quality colour prints on demand. The OGO Print On Demand offer competitive prices and full digital printing solutions from design to finishing.

  • 2.The Print BarThe first supplier is, they use an Air Ink printing process that has environmental benefits. This is a new way of printing and the reason they are listed first in our blog is because this technology offers a whole new level of environmentally friendly print medium, with the accompanying benefits to be outlined below. The Print Bar offer a complete end to end service including design work, marketing, copy writing and distribution of digital content on demand to their customers.

    3. Tee JunctionAnother great Australian print on demand suppliers is They are a printer in Melbourne, helping customers all over the world print and ship their products from the print shop via their website. Tee Junction offers the highest quality T-shirts with vibrant colours and full print designs. All their garments are made from 100% cotton, which is of high quality.4. Make MerchandiseNext we Australian POD supplier we have is that offer print on demand products in Australia. They are a full service screen printing and digital printing company that offers custom printed products.Make Merchandise specialises in clothing including T-shirts, hoodies, caps, tote bags and more as well as a wide range of other items.

    5.Create ApparelLastly a new comer when it comes to Australian print on demand companies is . They have a very wide range of products including mugs, magnets, posters, pins, keychains and many more. They are constantly adding new products to their database. All of these print on demand suppliers offer consumers a great alternative to high street shops with the same products at a cost effective price.6.Drop ShirtThe next Australian print on demand supplier I give a shout to is Drop Shirt is a seamless one-stop online solution for your custom print offers thousands of designs spanning across many categories including Apparel, Home & Office, Digital Goods and many more. I found the prices a little high and the website design a little confusing to navigate but still worth having on your supply list. I think they draw their inventory from the same pool of the others just with a higher markup.NOW A WORD OF WARNING!When you enter the world of print on demand there are some rules to follow.You can not just grab any picture from the internet and slap it on a Tee shirt and start selling it. There are licensing and royalty fees that may need to be adhered to. Before running wild with your ideas do a little research into what is and what is not allowed. If you think that it is ok to grab old mate Johnny Lawrence here below and slap him on a shirt and start flogging it you have more homework to do. That exact thing will land you in hot water.

    All of these Australian print on demand offer the same advantages and are again in no particular order when it comes to what you should choose. Why not have a look at each one, get some samples sent your way and make your own mind up. I really like the POD business model its low touch and mostly hassle free, as long as you have good suppliers it should all run like clockwork with you just needing to focus on marketing the business.I covered some cool names that you could use when building a print on demand business here.These suppliers listed here will give you a great starting point for building your print on demand clothing business. Good Luck!