Catchy T-Shirt Company Names


Get Ready to Launch Your Catchy Named T-Shirt Business with Print on Demand Software

Do you dream of starting your own T-Shirt and clothing company with a catchy name and designs that people will love? Maybe you’ve even tried it before but didn’t have the time or resources to make it a success.

As someone who started a clothing label back in 2016, I know the feeling all too well. That’s why I’m excited to share with you how you can make your dream a reality with the help of print on demand software.

With print on demand, you can create custom designs and have them printed on high-quality apparel without the need for inventory or upfront costs. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

So if you’re ready to commit to building your T-Shirt business and making it a success, join me in exploring the world of print on demand software and creating a brand that people will love.

When I was building my first print on demand store I had good intentions, but I had a very low commitment to the building of the storefront. I didnt have the time focus or interest at that particular time, as I was growing another handful of businesses sadly.

I personally find picking business names to be really hard and I way overthink them. I also wont make a business name unless I have purchased the domain name and have some form of a logo to use.

Now I have come so far and I dont think its relevant to trouble you with my problems when starting a business. but you should know the struggle. Back to it. I want to have something catchy and attention grabbing. I thought it might be helpful to outline how Im researching the brand over the next couple articles.

The business will be to start with a print on demand store until I have the data to start building targeted collections and have my manufacturer in place. I really want to go back to creating designs for the shirts like I had before, I actually worked with an Italian artist to create the designs and the story around the brand. Back then I didn’t really have focus on this venture to give it the focus it deserved.

Creating The T-Shirt Company Brand Name

Printing custom t-shirts for businesses, clubs and teams can be a very profitable venture to get into to. I am thinking about using the feature where customers can upload their images or add personalisation to the shirts.

Starting your own business may be a bit scary, but choosing an effective name is a great place to start. I think instead of going general to anyone and everyone you can highlight a specific market and build your T-Shirt company to be a solution for them for example gym gear and workout gear would be a good entry for a start up clothing company.

Here are some T-shirt company names I used to spring board my new brand name. I hope these will help get your mind thinking about your version of your new T-Shirt company.

3Nuts Ink.
Absolute Graphics Cartel.
Action Design Collective
Action Screen Graphics
Affliction Ward
Almost Famous
Awesome Merch
Band T-Shirts
Black Cat Merchandising
Black Market
Bleeding Star Clothing
Blood is the New Black
Blue Ridge Graphics
Born & Thread
Brew City Brand Apparel
Bull Shirts Inc.
Busted Tees
C.C. Creations
Chestees T-Shirts
Choice Image Inc.
Clockwise Tees
Clothesline Creative
Cotton Bureau
Cotton Connection Inc.
Crazy Dog T-Shirts
Create My Tee
Creature Creations
Deadbury Dead
Design By Humans
Designed in Ink
Detour T-Shirts
Digital Print & Imaging
Dirty Coast Collective
Dos Chico Tees
Earmark Design
Eleven West Inc.
Elite Screen Printing
Epoch Threads Custom T Shirt Printing
Fresh 2 Def Clothing
Fresh Milk Clothing
Garment Decor
Geek Bouteek
Gleenz Tees
Go Big Tees
Go West T Shirt Company
Gold Star Graphics
Graphic Impact
HomeBrewed Tees
I Am The Trend
I Love T-Shirts
Image Market
Imaginary Foundation
Imprint Revolution
In My Short Sleeve
Ink Images Custom Apparel
Integrity Ink Apparel
Jimmy Jam
Last Exit to Nowhere
Legacy Merch
Liquid Blue
Midwest Impressions Inc.
Mother Falcon
Non Factory
Obey – This brand started my love of T-Shirts so just added for Inspiration
Outhouse Designs
PalmerCash Tees
Peace and Cotton
Prestige Tees
Promo Planet
RetroDuck Custom Screen Printing
Round Rock Screen Printing
Shirt Bakery
Shirts Illustrated
Stitch Me
Superior Silk Screen Inc.
The T-Shirt Mill
Threds Inc.
T-Shirt Safari
T-Shirt Warehouse
Twisted Image, Inc.
Underground Printing
VS Tees
Wallflower Merch
Woven Inc.
Write On T-Shirts
Zen Threads

That list HAS to have something you can start with. Take a word and run with or combine multiple words. I look for the buzz word and the feeling. Like OBEY gives me just a sense of pride in their story and journey but to start that same thing new with no skin in the game I need to think harder about the name.

Think like this: Buzz word + Thing

I like also to use TOPIC and a word that describes the brand like Group, Collective, Clan, Herd and so on.

You can take any words and build on them until you find something that resonates with you. I also like to review existing brands – OBEY and see whats working for them, ideas that they have and words I draw from the brand to use in my branding excercise.

Im giving myself 1 month of research and prep before launching. You can go much faster but I have commitments and I cant waste time on a flop. Have a good think about the type of business as well, will you just be print on demand business or an actual Brand that you work on to scale.

Second Idea Print Store if this Works Well

I also tinkered with the idea of building a print on demand physical store

Catchy Printing Company Names
A Bright Printing
All City Printing
Alpha Graphics
Beast Printing
Busy Bee Printing
Color & Creation
Elite Flyers
Everyday Printing
Fancy Bee
Green Press
Influence Print
Kwik Kopy
Life in Colors
Minuteman Press
One-Stop Printing
Overnight Printing
Print Express
Print Road
Rush Flyer
Shore Printing
The Color Group
The Paper Boutique
Total Printing Systems
Village Print & Media
Where’s The Party

I am still thinking if I move towards a print store because COVID is still a real thing.

Owning a t-shirt business sounds like a lot of fun and if I set it up right It will be hands off management. It can be if the business starts on the right foot, but Ill need to do a little more research to make sure I am not building ANOTHER business that needs more of my time.

Here are some print on demand softwares to help you start your own printed Tshirt business:

  • Shopify – The number 1 store building software for ecommerce. 
  • Printify – the best print on demand supplier in the game.
  • RedBubble – a design marketplace of creativity that you need to bookmark.
  • Etsy – A marketplace for a whole lot of stuff. hidden gems here.
  • PlaceIt – easy easy to show off your designs in  the real world on models.
  • Appsumo – All the software you want in one place for design and editing
  • ThriveKart – for starting a sales and product page with a checkout.

Browse through the best ideas above to come up with an eye-catching, meaningful name for your business. The key is to take something from the list and ADD your own twist to that name. The name should speak volumes about your brand. If it doesn’t, your business may not make it out of the startup phase. The key to success is to build brands, not stores.