Australian Furniture Dropship Suppliers

Best Furniture Dropship Suppliers

Australian Furniture Dropship Suppliers

Australian drop shipping suppliers can be hard to find, but these 3 companies are great, you can choose from a variety of furniture ranging from beds, sofas, dining, upholstered furniture and more, get solid wholesale prices without leaving your home! All three companies offer easy and fast shipping, fantastic return policies, and hassle-free customer service. Don't miss out on these opportunities to add some fantastic products to your store.

This guide does not cover using AliExpress or AliBaba for furniture dropshipping, you can read about that here on our AliBaba dropship guide.

Why You should consider dropshipping furniture:

- You can get great furniture at low prices.
- Choose from a wide selection of items.
- Shop online or in your local store.

-Cut down shipping times shopping local

-Dropshipping furniture is highticket sales

Dropship Zone

One of our go to suppliers is they have one of the most extensive product ranges in Australia and are our top dropship supplier for small to medium sized businesses. They offer a wide range of products from home décor such as rugs, cushions, tables and chairs as well as accessories such as lighting. It's so easy to get started with them with no minimum order or monthly stock fees. They deliver FREE for most products to anywhere in Australia! Dropship zone cater to both the consumer and commercial markets. They offer wholesale prices once you have set up your dropship account with them. If you would like to see what has to offer, then take a look at their site.

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Eternal Design

One of our other Australian dropship suppliers we recommend is They offer an impressive range of super high quality furniture ranging from sofas, dining, beds and much much more with most of furniture available for immediate shipping. Just like the other two suppliers they also offer free shipping Australia wide and no minimum order required. Eternal Design is the choice for businesses that want to show off their commercial products on multiple sales channels such as Amazon and eBay. Eternal Design is a great option if you are looking for wholesale furniture that's both instantly recognisable and royalty free.


Another great Australian drop shipping supplier is They have a huge range of products and some exclusives on their website. They have a wide range of products such as sofas, beds, tables and chairs. When you initially sign up you must name your business and choose a title for your dropshipping store. A good thing to do to establish credibility on the site is to promote their affiliate program with your linking code and start earning money right away by referring new potential customers. They also offer free shipping within Australia and have no minimum order required. They have a stunning range of high end furniture and home decor items that would a great addition to any store.

Australian Office Furniture Dropship Suppliers

3 Australian Office Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers. Ive spent a fair amount of time and money vetting furniture suppliers and at the end of it all I have these companies as my go to for office furniture that I dropship.

There were some real lemons but these listed below are reputable and get the job done. After reading this blog, I hope that you will find one that is perfect for your office furniture needs. I think you will find some succes here with the suppliers listed below.

If you are not familiar with the dropship business model, it is basically where someone finds a product or service and then contacts the supplier directly for purchase. In other words, you are essentially working as a middleman.

The best part about this business model is that you do not have to store or manage any stock. In addition, it also lets you pocket the profit margins on each sale that you make because you do not need to pass on your overhead expenses to the customer.

So here are 3 of the better Australian Office Furniture Dropship Suppliers:

SK Designer Living

The second drop shipping supplier that we want to share with you is . This is a very reputable supplier and we highly recommend them. They have a huge variety of products and are perfect for office furniture dropship suppliers. Based in Victoria, they service customers all over the world. Furthermore, they also offer an array of products including furniture, lighting and accessories. They offer fast free delivery and great customer service. If you are interested in purchasing from this supplier then visit their website:

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Dropship Zone

The third office furniture drop ship supplier is they offer a variety of styles and colours that will match your office decor. office furniture available includes desks, chairs, storage and more. Furthermore, they offer fast shipping Australia wide. Their professional sales team is available 24/7 to answer your queries. They provide FREE next day delivery on many items to Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane (other cities please contact for availability). Dropship Zone is one of Australia's biggest suppliers of office furniture, and all products ship directly from their warehouse.

Calibre Furniture

The first Australian office furniture dropship supplier we want to share with you is We have used them in the past and get the job done. The deliveries were on time, there have been no issues with quality. Furthermore, they offer different types of office furniture including storage units, cabinetry and desks. Based in Brisbane they offer a delivery service as well that allows you to pick up the furniture in-store. The best thing is that they offer great after sales service and fast shipping.

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I hope that you have found some of the best Australian office furniture drop ship suppliers on the market. Ive sold a lot of stuff and you can read about some of my products that I have sold on my store insights guide here.

If you would like to contact any of these suppliers then please do so via the contact details given in this guide. I can not share my contact details with you as its the relationship I have created with the contacts at these companies.

If you have any questions on dropshipping shoot me a mail and I'll give you some tips. I hope this guide helped you find some useful information.


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