Make Money Side Hustles

make money side hustles

Make Money Online Side Hustles

Everyone is feeling the pinch of inflation just a little bit more than they should recently. Everything costs more, no ones getting pat rises like they should be and things are tight.

Having been squeezed hard lately for my hard earned online earned monies I want to share some side business hustles that can make you some extra money.

1. Blogging

Why I want to start number 1 with blogging is that anyone can do this. Even non techy people.No code is real and allows everyone to make a blog. Read my start a blog guide here.

I also encourage niche sites that are very specific to a niche like hiking, fishing, camping, beauty etc they provide focused content for the niche that they serve.

Blogging is an easy win for beginners. It requires your time and energy. It will also require some time roughly 8-14 months to start making decent returns.

If you want to start a blog, there are many platforms (like Blogger or WordPress) that will allow you to set up a website.

There are several things you can use to speed up getting your website live:

  • theme builders
  • plugins
  • page builders
  • Developers 

You don’t even need a domain name! You can just use the free service from Google or WordPress and work from there. Buy a domain once you know what you are doing and find your rhythm.

Once your site is live, it needs time, content and backlinks to get build its value in Googles eyes. Only then will Google send you some free website traffic.

Fun fact, only about 1% of websites make over $1 million per year! The only way for this to happen is by attracting enough traffic through search engines (Google) or promoting with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I dint run advertising on this blog site but others have advertising throughout the website, every click on those ads helps me earn some sweet $. Word of advice dont go clicking ads just to pump your earnings its not smart and wont last.

I started building blogs back in 2015 as a fun experiment and its really been a good creative release for me. Also I have many blogs and niche sites, some winners some losers.

This site gets my leftover attention from everything else as a hobby site more than a project site. I make money from promoting affiliate products that I use. I add my links and people click and buy the things I suggest like this how to make money with website book.

I also found that websites with excellent SEO generally make more income. Tips for affiliate blogs here.

My blogs make me over a healthy income for writing words and adding in affiliate links (and all the other stuff). I can share what I know and how I do things here so you can see how it all works.

2. Social Media Consulting

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram, Mastodon, Linkedin and Twitter all great places to buy sell and promote things Its a easy side hustle anyone can do.

This requires you to know how the platforms work, and have a keen on to see trends shifting and new features.

Key things to note:

  • You must be tech savvy
  • You should have a bit of a following yourself
  • You must be in tune with trends and hot markets
  • You must have time to do this

Becoming a social media consultant will allow you to help your clients increase their business by managing their online presence. You can also increase their earnings and ask for a better rate when your work starts making them  more money.

For this side-hustle business idea, I highly recommend that you have at followers and some experience in the field of social media before trying to become a consultant yourself. 

This is because most people who hire consultants tend not only to want someone who knows what they’re talking about but also someone who has experience working with clients on these types of projects so as not to waste time or money on something that doesn’t work out well for either party involved (that means both sides need to trust each other).

You can make good money here if you leverage influencers, trends, UGC and new features as they come out. This is a easy way to get side income.

3. Freelance Writing

With the ChatGPT explosion of AI text chats writers everywhere started sweating about how they would keep their jobs. Lucky for them ChatGPT is good but not great.

If anything comes out of Chat GPT for writers it would be

  • Providing faster research times
  • Providing the largest database of things at your finger tips
  • Can start the structure of your content for you
  • Allows more time for the writer to finesse the work
  • Provides more ideas faster 

I suggest writers work with ChatGPT and provide something extra special from working with technology.

Now freelance writing is one of the most flexible side hustles out there. You can choose your own hours, rates, so it’s perfect for those who want to work from home. You can also do it part-time or full-time — it’s up to you!

Freelance writing is an excellent way to earn extra money on your terms. Ive been a ghost writer for hundreds of people and worked as a content and copy writer for agencies for years. Writing comes natural to me and is a creative release.

You will be working with a variety of clients and types of assignments, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your writing skills and make some great connections.

Ive made really good income from my writing work and charge higher rates for sales copywriting as it provides sales as an outcome of the quality of my work. This is a solid side hustle to make money on your time.

4. Tutoring

This ones a really easy way to make money for little effort. A little flexing of the brain and some time and you get paid. 

Tutoring has been a great way for me to make money and share my knowledge in a variety of topics. Dont think of it as just maths teachers and piano teachers, I have tutored affiliate site owners, ecommerce brand owners, digital agency owners and employers and other job tutoring.

You will need to know your subject of tutoring extremely well. Depending on the scenario you may have someones revenue or grades in your hands when you tutor.

As a tutor you can choose when you want to work and how many people you want to teach, making this an ideal side hustle if you want more flexibility than what’s offered at traditional jobs.

You can find work through tutoring agencies or by posting ads on sites like Gumtree or Craigslist or You’ll be paid based on the number of hours worked and whether you’re considered “on-site” (meaning that the student comes over to your house) or “online.” Even providing remote tutoring works nowadays as well and great for teaching english in other countries (easy money)

Tutoring can be a great way to make some extra cash, but it’s important to find a niche that you’re passionate about. If you love teaching and want to make tutoring your full-time job, consider getting certified in your category of knowledge, you can charge more 🙂 heres my example of tutoring with text and images.

You can make up to $250 per hour tutoring online, but you’ll need to be qualified and have a degree in the subject you’re teaching. If you have experience tutoring students of all ages, that’s even better.

5. Online Courses

Ive bought so many training courses to improve myself I think Ive funded many peoples side hustle revenue haha. People do buy courses all the time. The last course I purchased was a ASL sign language course so I could learn how to read sign language.

I do suggest you either buy a couple of online courses and study the website of other training courses so you have a fair idea of what to do with your training course.


Now step 1 is you need to know something about something. You can not bluff your way through online courses as a teacher.

  1. Pick a niche that you are passionate about and know stuff on the topic.
  2. Map out your training schedule and how many modules or chapters you will deliver
  3. Look around extensively at others see what they offer and charge and build your baseline
  4. Start making your modules. Be clear and concise and only teach what you need to do not stuff the course.
  5. Film yourself doing the intros and outros of any videos and then create your actual training videos
  6. I suggest a mic of text, image, video and quizz type answer learning content to keep students attention
  7. Put it all together and get some 3rd party reviews of what you have. This helps clean it up before people start consuming it.

If it works and you sell a lot consider doing it again. 

Yje hardest part is always when you decide what you’re going to teach, and how you can make it valuable. 

Finally, don’t forget about listing any prerequisites so potential students know if they need previous knowledge on a subject before purchasing!

7. Selling Your Expertise

If you have a skill or knowledge that can help others, you can sell it online. This is often done through ebooks and courses, but also includes things like coaching people one-on-one or writing blog posts about how to do something — like how to start a business or how to write a book.

People want guidance and a pathway to follow. You know things and you can help coach others to avoid mistakes you have faced. People will pay for this timesaver. You just need to convince them you are the one to help them.

You can also rent out your services for a fee (a freelance writer is another example of this). You may want to share the results of your expertise with the world by writing an ebook or creating an online course.

You might be able to sell your expertise in person if there is demand in your area. For example, if there aren’t any good yoga classes at nearby gyms, then maybe you could teach yoga classes at home! Alternatively, maybe there are no businesses offering dance lessons nearby and so you could be the first one!

8. Renting Out Property You Own 

This last ones not a quick action item but its a side hustle to continue to increase earnings from any real estate that you own. Related here is my aggressive acquisition strategy guide.

Renting out property you own or rent is a side hustle that is often overlooked. You can easily rent out a spare room in your house, or you can rent out your personal home or investment property to make extra money. Air BnB is a good option as well for easy money.

You could also either rent out your car or take up Uber, DiDi and Ola ride share side hustles.

I’m renting out some room in a garage, and I’m making $200 a month from that. It’s not much, but it’s something.  

Im also renting out some special NFTs that I own to people who want the special access that the NFT provides. This is easy passive income.

Everything has its price.

Key takeaways:

Try new things, look for a skill you might not known that you have. Everyone has the same opportunity thanks to the innternet but some dont focus and double down on ideas. 

Pick a niche, pick a side hustle and start planning.  The internet is your friend and so is this blog.

One of goals this year was to do one of the following side hustles

  1. Start a faceless YouTube channel
  2. Start an AI print on demand store
  3. Publish some books

Lets hope I can deliver on my goals and do one of these things. Thanks for reading.