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How To Make It Easier For Customers To Buy Your Products


In this article Ill be showing you some ways to make shopping online easier for your ecommerce store customers. The COVID pandemic gave an incredible boost to e-commerce almost forcing mainstream businesses to adopt online retail. Many brands have fully switched to the online model, and customers have started trusting the online shopping experience more. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce popularity has also caused a rise in the competition among online businesses. The race to the bottom price wise for desperate stores and a constant bid way on the paid advertising platforms.

As any store owner will tell you, it is every site owners dream to rake in maximum profits. Having to hire a new team for regular marketing activities can be critical for an e-commerce store, while making your mark in your industry as the go to destination for your primary product is an uphill battle with a lot of noise to distract potential customers. How you can stand out is by making the transaction journey easier for your customers.

My aim is 3 to 4 steps maximum if possible. From viewing the product to going through the shopping cart and checkout.

While you can always make changes to the items you are selling on website, making changes to the shopping cart and checkout is a risky move unless you know your off peak hours. The easier it is for someone to spend money on your site the more they will do it. A very simple lesson here is to start where the money is for fixes and optimisations.

The goal of my stores is always to provide an unmatched browsing experience coupled with really simple navigation where you can find any product in 3 – 4 clicks. I want to be providing the best products at the top for the users to get to them quickly. The stuff I don’t have much care to sell goes down the bottom.

TIP: Watching trends allows me to move products to better locations as they pick up some popularity. Big tip there for increasing sales value using trends.

Here are some of the methods you can use to make buying your products even easier:

1. Being effective and concise:

For example, one of my friends ordered two Fully automated watch from my site. The description that describes the product, it cost her $3000, and it took 3 seconds to arrive at her hands in a car after delivery. Sounds really de-closable isn’t it? However, the delivery took a week to get the goods. I have to admit that this site has the right strategy. I got her paid through her site, sent her the money without a penny bothered her. Small stuff from a large company right?

Generally, people are really hasty at going out for their shopping. Here is the good news. You can sell more items right in your e-commerce store. Don’t be hasty. Start to list the items that sell more on your store.

owning a newsletter

2. Owning a newsletters

Some people like to buy and sell resource informpive products. A publisher who chooses to sell informational products (like subscription) should love it. You need to give a bigger distinction to the paid content and free content categories. Just the other day, I bought from a directory submitting site and the product that I purchased was a bonus from the directory submission site. Every day a bunch of new categories pop up by the site. If your site has web log or visitor analytics data, you can take a peak at the products that sell for you site. And right after the product purchase, you can ask the customer to take actions like referring the site to a friend or clicking your advertisement to share in comments.

3. Expert Review

ere is a great example of employing staff in the online marketplace. I recently bought a product from a site that sold lot of books and movies that I read. This company is not all books based, and it allows you to order movies too. When you buy the movies online from them, the product will be shipped to your house, and you can watch the videos online. They also have option for subscription, which you can follow your favorite movies that are related to the site with a subscription.

The real thing here is that they have talent and you can earn a fortune in the process. F.E.C Company’s management team were really smart. They came up with a way to effortlessly entertain the site visitors. They also papers the post-sale sale process for you. It allows the customer to reach for a live person personally at any time. So couldn’t you have used a pad and pen to write some notes about the movie or the book that you buy from them?

Take note: the company just created a way for you to jump the bandwagon and get hold of more products from their site.

4. Create & Promote Store Cards

They also provide a shopping card that you can print and mail to their customers in an auto-response. Perfect! As a customer that purchased a product online, you know that you have a bad time on handling it! However, I am not a person to trust blindly with my credit card information. I am not going to make a purchase today and take the hit in the parking lot. So, I always felt like taking inventory copies before I make the online transaction.

Also, what’s the worse than going back to the store and making the purchase there again? L educate affiliate marketers, it still is the Import of the Free Trade, and as an e-commerce store owner it is best to be knowledgeable about the workings of the industry(ies) as well.

A twist on this method is to network with fellow store owners to create an alliance of sorts to forge a network of stores that shoppers can spend and save. This creates natural synergy between the network of stores.

5. Professional Design and Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that there are legal distributing some professional hosting, bandwidth, virtual office and a whole lot of support on web. To hire someone to build a professional web pages is a bit costly. Should you be looking out for this kind of assurance from your online merchant? Don’t you think you should look into this? Your web site must be professional, and well designed. It’s not the feeling that you would get when you buy something from a little lettering shop in a mall. There is a difference. Check the “feel” of your e-commerce store copies out.

website design for online ecommerce store templates

6 Broken Links:

When a customer finally makes a purchase from your store, there should be no broken links in the system. Broken links will have a negative impact on your brand. nobody wants to purchase products from a store which will lead them to believe that clicks on the lone link are all that they need and they will come back an hour later to buy something else.

This is the most precious, most important part of the ecommerce process. Just because one or two links may not work in your online store doesn’t mean that every single one of the links in your store will also be lost. Herein lies the tricky part. Way too much links bounce to the home page. There could be links to the products within the page, or the links could be within the product descriptions.

7 Pictures need more explanation:

While it’s true that statistics do not make any sales, it’s your responsibility to inform the customers and help them make an informed decision. Selling pictures online is a different scenario from selling them offline; customers need services like, “before the pictures”, and others before taking the pictures.

The products you sell online may be a lot more elaborate, but most of the important information is covered by the pictures you show other customers.

The last thing is that you must not place the customer in a cycle or in a short-cut type of scenario. Never direct them to the homepage as they will have no choice, whether the product is at the top of their search list or not.

Shopping online is not at all different from any other form of shopping. One can only trust the web design outfit when it is trustworthy. The design of your site will add to your company image as a whole. Greatly designed web pages and web stores will add more value to your reputation. Security measures, graphics, content, your links placements all deeply affect your reputation. While there are many elements responsible for your image, the key elements include customer addresses, privacy policies, payment gateways, FAQs and maybe special deals offered to customers.

How do you go about designing a site that will work well with the customers? Make it interesting and informative at the same time. Maintain a site that is easy to navigate and is customer focused. The content and the graphic designs should be meticulously planned with passionate and paying customers in mind, rather than on the basis of popularity alone. Therefore, if you only take care of your design team, things will go fine. So the key is to make customer-centric elements while also making the site user-friendly.

clickfunnels sales checkout

Testing the Shopping Cart:

The following are important aspects to be given full attention when you are developing the technical side of your web site. Testing, Development and Testing of the e-commerce features are phases that should be taken very seriously.

i. Navigation.

ii. Check-out

iii. Shipping/Distribution/ returns

iv. Messages

v. Options

vi. Products

The database of the shopping cart should list important information related to the system being used such as the number of products, descriptions, payment options, shipping costs, discounts offered, and so on. Putting in information about the data stored in the database such as existing order information will help the customers to use the database in making regular changes to their order.

Think of your shopping cart as the most important part of your business and know that its where the money comes from that powers your business. This should now have raised your eyebrows or at least made you think twice about what it actually looks like for customers. I can tell you I go through my sales process and checkout at least once a month so I know its working and its not horrible. This routine has allowed me to pick up on broken stages and wording that doesnt make sense.

Some slight changes to the wording and boom! increase in sales

Some changes to the transition page by page and boom! dropoffs decreased and sales increased. It’s not maths but the numbers start to stack up.

In essence you can say that the e-commerce store can use this information to enhance the conveniences of the customers.

The Check-out is a crucial section of a good e-commerce site. People like to be assured that the web site is secure, and all information passed on is encrypted. However, it is not enough to just lock the clients on your site. You have to make sure that you have well-written and further customized contracts with vendors that will ensure that the servers are reliable. INSIST vivid keys and titles on the carts, which let the customers search within products.

You have to keep in mind that you ask a client to provide more information about himself before giving him the order. This sets up a pattern in the client’s mind that you want specific information from him and not general information just like his name, city, and state. This is an essential step in setting up rapport with the clients. If you offer free shipping in your site, it has to be clearly stated in the cart with options of conversion to the next payment options.

Likewise, you can offer an abundant number of payment modes like credit cards, bank transfers, e-checks, and so on.

We all know the importance of describing the products to customers and this should be done in detail. The display and placement of content will make the site attractive for the customers. Place information in a way that it is easy to read. Some people get confused about the order description, and this makes it difficult for them to make a choice. Thus, be straight and effective number of words is must. Some items like product sizes, measurements etc can be hidden to the customers on many sites. You have to let them know the basic information if they ask for it.

Similar to many other aspects, price-tag is another important aspect for successful e-commerce store to make the most of your online store. Customers will be acting either on product prices or upon company reliability. Figure out the prices of the products and adjust them accordingly. For example, you can offer certain products at $10 per item. However, you will be earning revenue with higher end products.

However, it’s not an over-night success. budding ecommerce store owners are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that they must do each and every day. This means that you the store owner may not have time to solve the small problems that just sit there annoying potential customers. This matters no matter how small the problems your store has that customers pick up is an instant detractor signal to buy from your store.

Disclaimer: Owning an ecommerce store is going to be hard work. There will be none of the push button simple passive cash garbage you might see on YouTube. The fact you should be prepared for is that once you solve one problem you will almost immediately face another challenge and another with no end in sight.

Because, different brands offer different products and services, shopping online has become a real stress squeeze. It is three or four times more difficult to shop online than in the traditional stores.

Online shopping includes multiple aspects, such as:

• Shopping online is much more difficult than shopping in a shopping mall because in the online world, it is difficult to see eye to eye with other customers. Therefore shoppers rarely reach their destination without any surprises.

• Online shopping is very vulnerable to fraud and shoplifting among online customers. When your customers commit some serious crimes to enhance their online shopping experience, you will be hurt badly.

• In the traditional business model, the manufacturers of the products have to spend a huge amount on conventional marketing and advertising to drive customers to their stores, but with e-commerce, the manufacturers do not have to make much effort in drawing attention to their products. After all, the products are online and what is the point of any conventional advertising if no one can take a look at the products they are offering.

Therefore, it is wise to prepare strategies to make things easier for your customers and also ensure security and security of the brands and products you have on offer.

Here are easy to follow tips which will simplify your online shopping experience and ensure that all information is presented in a clear and organized manner, so that customers don’t find it extremely difficult to find what he or she is looking for in your online store:

• Always make sure that your store is visual and your labeling is clear. Online shoppers want to feel the sincerity of the company who is offering them the product or service. Hence, consumers want a clear idea about the brand of the company they are dealing with. The better the layout, the better the brand image.

• Every product or service listed in your online store should be categorized in separate category. Don’t lump all your products together to save some money fromoto work for you because when you buy multiple items from your competitor, which you have purchased, you have to invest a lot on advertising to encourage the consumers to buy multiple items, and the process of organizing the products simply is too complex.

• Also, when customers see your online store has a lot of products to select from, it helps them to make their choice and also gives them some information about the nature of the products they are interested in. This in turn helps them to decide which one suits them. • Digital vs. physical. In the case of digital products delivered in the forms of e-books or videos, customers tend to order the same form as required by the retailer especially if it is priced higher. We have seen a rising trend of offering a range of digital products in an online store for better brand image of the brand.

• Make an attractive post-purchase sales offer. Customers like to make an email or a phone call to confirm their purchase. To enhance the sales post-purchase experience of the customers, eliminate any risk of financial loss.

Are these nitty-gritty facts enough to add to your tune-up your online store sites, but think about these too These secrets too will put you on the right track to increase sales through your e-commerce store.