Best Shopify Automation Apps

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How Shopify Automation Works

Retailers like me execute hundreds of small tasks every day. These tasks are often repetitive and take more than 5 minutes to complete. However, when executed together, they can consume an enormous amount of time. For example, a single task might involve scanning a barcode, entering product information into a database, printing a receipt, and then manually placing the item in a bag. If you were to add up all of the time spent on each of those steps, you’d realize that the total time could easily exceed 30 minutes.

Today I’ll share an automation app for Shopify I use to save time and money.

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What can you do with an automation App on Shopify?

You can find apps that help automate a lot of repetitive tasks, communications tasks, notification sending and product managing tasks.

In all my consulting experiences, I come across either over structured workflows or no process or systems used for operations within the company.

As a business grows, the demands, complexity and repetition increase. As a result, systems that used to work start breaking down. Companies then turn to time consuming workarounds – time that could be spent on the important stuff is sacrificed for time spent doing the urgent, even when that’s just pushing buttons.

What is ecommerce automation?

Ecommerce Automation is software that helps you automate tasks, processes, or even entire campaigns within your business. It’s a way to get more done with less effort.

Ecommerce Automations can take many different forms. Some examples include tagging customers for segmentation, standardizing visual merchanding, streamlining tracking and reports, and halting high risk orders. Each workflow aims at simplifying tasks.

Here are some examples of reduced manu­al tasks:

Fulfillment: When an item is ready to ship, send an email or text message to the customer

Inventory levels: Unpublish out-of stock products and send a Slack or email to your marketing teams so they can pause advertising.

Best sellers: Re-add out-of stock products to the online store once they’re back into stock

Automatically tag high-value clients for segmentation and notify them when they receive special offers or discounts.

Shopify Automation App Pricing Options

Starter Account – $97 Per Month : 

Unlimited Store Account – $297 Per Month :

Ive been using GHL for automation, marketing and sales since 2019 and have no complaints. Im able to reduce the time Im required to manually do things and the number of people I need working in y business by using smarter workflows.

Not only does GHL help you with Shopify automation you can also use it to help your  Local SEO, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Funnel Building, and more!

Small businesses do not have the time, energy, or resources to filter through all of these marketing automation software options. GoHighLevel has seen the evolution of software adoption over the years and sees that the inevitable next step is the integration of software and marketing agencies into a unified and seamless solution.

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to automatically send info between HighLevel and Shopify.