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Alternative Tips For Attracting New Clients To Your Agency

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Client Attraction Tips To Help You Get New Clients Into Your Agency

Clients, not everyone loves working with clients and I hear horro stories about this almost weekly. The end of the day the agency model depends on the clients to continue trading. What this article is about is some alternative ways to attract and sign new clients and some ideas for improving your process around this.

*Disclaimer I am not client facing and do a lot of my work through an account manager or someone who handles that client relationship. I know areas where I am not so strong and that is definatley client relationships.

ClickBucks does not take on clients.

Potential clients need one thing above all others. A valid reason to believe what you have to offer will work for THEM. You see we have all purchased products and services that haven’t lived up to the promises made. So we have become smarter at not getting burnt again.
The easy way to do this is say no.
But what hasn’t changed is our wish to fulfil our wants, needs and desires. So as a business we need to give potential clients a reason to believe that what we offer will live up to the promises made. There are many ways to solve this problem but an easy one is to find something new in your offer.
That way people can see that your offer has this thing and the others didn’t so it may work for them.
One question you can use to find the something new is.
What is something clients can only get from me?
It’s challenging but rewarding work and it is also highly profitable.

Things You Need To Do To Get Momentum

Even doing 1% each day works, but you need to do it more than once.
If you improve something you do to market your business each week by just 1% the impact over a year is enormous.
Here are a few 1% actions you can try:
  1. Do 1% more propspecting.
  2. Speak to 1% more people.
  3. Post more valuable content to social media
  4. Test sticking to one social media channel per week
  5. Contact 1% of your current clients for a catchup
  6. Focus on improving your Ad optimisations by 1%
  7. Focus on improving your website page content by 1%
  8. Improve your tool stack by 1%
  9. Review your expenses for improvement and use that saved $$ on advertising
Like Al Pacino said in the locker room scene in Any Given Sunday, Life is a game of inches. If you put in 1% focus each day you will start moving the momentum on that thing you are focused on.

I’ll stop there as I think you get the idea.
Now please do yourself and your business and take 1% more action on something before the end of the week.

“I’m not really a client facing guy I do prefer the background operations of client work. But I do enjoy the assist where I will help a account manager with a technical pitch or a really unique opportunity where they need some out of the box thinking. In essence the client wants the expert advice from the professional. As long as you can confidently demonstrate that you are the boss at what you are selling they will have confidence to give you their money.”


Would you like to know what I believe the most potent and underused marketing weapon is?
If you didn’t say yes and you own a business please call a doctor and make sure you’re OK. 😂
It isn’t curiosity like I used in the opening line though that is powerful.
I believe it’s a word you don’t hear often.
>> Consistency.
In other words doing the things you need to do to drive your business every single day.
Some days you will do them and seemingly nothing happens. That’s the why life is.
Other days you’ll strike gold. But unless you do the things that matter consistently you will have substandard results.
My number one thing every business should be doing daily is running prospecting systems to bring in new clients.
This doesn’t have to be one of those 60 step sales funnels the gurus are so fond of.
It can be as simple as reaching out to 10 people a day and having helpful conversations with them. 
Multiply that by 52 weeks a year and if you are doing it even half right you will get some decent clients coming in. 

Quick Method To Attract New Clients

One of the fastest ways to get a bunch of new clients is to access other people’s audiences.
That is find someone who already has a great relationship with a group of clients you’d love to have. Make sure they are non-competing of course.
For this to work well you must make sure you have something to offer that is great for their clients and ensures they gain status by passing it on. Not everyone will go for it but those that do can bring you in a ton of new sales.
If you’re stuck for ideas on finding people with your potential audience ask questions on Reddit or Quora and monitor teh comments you will get some unique tactics this way and potentially introductions to new clients or people who have complimentary skills to you.
Make sure you include what you offer and what a great client looks like for you

What Can You Do To Lower The Risk For A Client?

The lower the risk a potential client feels the easier it is to say yes to doing business with you?
In challenging times the businesses that reduce risk the most will perform the best.
What do you do to reduce risk for your clients?
Here are some ideas:
> Provide a minimum result guarantee
> Provide batches of leads upfront
> Provide 1 week of work free
> Provide 1 month free
> Help get them $$ upfront before they pay you

The Key Takeaway

There’s never been a better time to reflect on your unique selling position, systems and offering to take stock and answer some of these key questions.

How can I make it better?

Here’s some examples to get you started.

How can I make my ads better?
How can I make my website better?
How can I make my social posts better?
How can I serve my clients better?
How can I make my product/service better?
You can also apply this powerful question to your self.
How can I make my health better?
How can I make my skills better?
I think you get the idea.
What I am going to do is to ask you to takke stock and take action. Start with your why and then set your self a task to answer the questions raised here and come up with a better offering.
And finally…Which question will you work on today?
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