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Affiliate Marketing – Four Good Reasons Why You Should Do It

Build an empire with affiliate marketing
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New Affiliates Struggle First

But they don’t have to, there is hope and there is a lot of money floating around for affiliate marketers that try to build a brand and a voice in the space……..

I love my job. I really like doing my show. But I want to generate more. And affiliate marketing is an excellent way to get to that point. By marketing other people’s products, you can build your business very fast. Successful marketers often make money online with affiliate marketing. Use this article as your springboard to make money online by marketing affiliate products.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Appealing?

Affiliate marketing is simply a business relationship between two people. The two people are the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant has a product or service to sell. The affiliate signs up for a product or service and gets a special link called an affiliate link. This is the link that tracks purchases made by customers who are directed by the affiliate to the merchant’s website. If the customer buys the product or service the affiliate receives a commission.

The affiliate and the merchant have a direct relationship and are competitors, but they are also affiliates. This allows you to sell other products online.

Why is it a good home based business?

Here are eight reasons why it is a great choice for people who want to generate more income.

Ive chosen the angle of comparing Affiliate marketing to Ecommerce businesses.

The Key Reasons Why

  • Uses existing products
  • No postage required
  • No shipping taxes
  • Not dealing with refunds
  • Not dealing with credit card & fraud issues
  • Zero customer service requirements
  • Not locked into any agreements
  • Passive Income

1.I do not need to create my own products. There are thousands of products out there that you can sell via affiliate marketing. All I have to do is select what I want to sell and then start the marketing process.

2.I do not need to post anything. I do not need to create a website or blog, although I would recommend this. You may of course choose to create a website or blog around what ever you are selling.

3.I do not need to ship anything. I forget this one, but it is the most important. You don’t have to worry about getting products shipped either. Most affiliate programs have tools in them to help you with this.

4.I do not need to deal with refunds. Amazon has a fairly high refund rate, but you’ll find that merchants selling via affiliate marketing also have problems with refunds. Of course, you are dealing with the refunds of your referrals, so you will not be responsible for this.

5.I do not need to deal with credit card issues. Credit card companies will hold your commission until you have actually paid your customer. They are not nice about it, however. If you find yourself refunding customers, you may end up losing your money.

6.I do not need to deal with day to day customer service issues. This is all handled by the affiliate program, including questions and refunds.

7.I do not need to sign an agreement. I would recommend that you create a website and join affiliate programs, but you do not have to. You can start selling without websites, but it is faster and easier to join affiliate programs.

8.I do not need to deal with refunds, even though I do handle questions and refunds myself.

What can help you getting started is a specialised set of affiliate marketing tools. In the spirit of this blog topic ill share my affiliate links to these tools and software that have helped me make money in affiliate marketing.

If you want to boost your revenues, affiliate marketing can be both profitable and rewarding financially. Affiliate marketing is great when you want to learn more about your business or to supplement your income. It is great anytime, whether you need to earn some money or create your day.

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Good luck.