Why You Should Be Setting Goals

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Setting Goals is Your Big Picture Plan

You SHOULD be setting business goals for success

Are you setting the wrong type of goals?
Goal setting is one of the most underrated activities that you can do to grow your business. My partner and I take an annual retreat to Bali Indonesia at the end of each year to unwind and recharge for the year ahead. Here in this tropical paradise we will schedule a morning where we will focus on our goals. This is one of our fav activities we do together.

In our couples focus goals session we will cover the following:
1 Couple goals > how are we doing as a loving couple, are we having enough date nights, do we give each other enough attention.
2 House goals > we are saving to buy a block of land and build a home that has everything we need as very tall people
3 Finance goals > are we tracking on target for savings, do we have good money management and where are we wasting 💰
4 Family goals > are we seeing each of our families enough, are we being great family members, do we contribute.
5 Work goals > we want to be seen as professionals in our fields, are we being successful, do we get satisfaction from this
6 Business goals > we focus on our business ventures, results, new things, money and satisfaction

7 Individual project goals > we both have individual projects we work on and we update our goals for these and share with each other what we want to achieve this coming year. 

You can do your own goals session but this is what we do every year to align ourselves as a team, as a couple and as business owners. You don’t need to wait a year to do this or visit a tropical island. You can do it anytime you want to and where ever you want to. Thats the beauty of owning an online business.

For this post we will focus more on the business goals and finance related goals.

What would you say looks more attractive to you?

Making $10,000 per month or making 3 sales per day?

Most people would say $10k monthly is the best option. But why do you think that is? well lets say that 3 sales sounds like 3 small sales, and $10k monthly sounds like a lot of sales and is a decent return. 

Now you have $10k in mind as a goal, let’s run with $10k as one of your goals. Now how will you get that $10k? do you have a plan? break it down and tell me what you would do step by step to get there. In my consulting calls when I ask these questions I don’t hear very clear steps from the person Im speaking to. The most common answer is “Ill run ads to get the sales and thats how ill get to $10k mo”. 

Im very scared for the success of the person when I hear this. I need to know that the plan is in place and often it is not and the person has a very clear vision of $10k a month but no clear plan how to get there. 

Here are some guiding questions to help you define the steps:
Q1 > How much are you selling your product or service for?
Q2 > What are your margins from cost to sale?
Q3 > How much are you prepared to spend on Ads to get a sale?
Q4 > Are you using the best product or service as the focus sale?

Why i would ask these questions is because when you break it down it can be A LOT of work that you are doing instead of looking at the path that is most rewarding. The plan can help you get to the goal, if you chunk it down you can get to each milestone of your goal much easier. While it’s good to have the $ figure in mind, sometimes it’s a LOT easier to think of the number of sales that get you there.

What value is there for a customer to buy with you instead of Amazon or Target? If you can answer this then 5 points to you. If you stutter and fumble around for an answer you really need to work on your USP. That is your Unique Selling Position, why you are the go to for this product or service. Then I would ask you to know what your USP is and to review your page sales copy to see if your USP is reflected in the sales copy. Often I see direct copy and paste from a manufacturer or a catalogue 😥, PLEASE use unique and brand or USP focused sales copy. This will directly increase your sales because you went the extra step and created sales copy that speaks about your brand and your USP.


Here are some real world examples

This is Donny’s Goal:
Your goal is to sell $10k of product You are selling a product that retails for $10  Each day you must sell 30-40 products per day to get to 90% of your target goal This is a grind and will be hard work Donny should increase the price of this product or use this an an upsell to a higher price target product where it is easier to sell higher priced items.Ultimately I would suggest Donny try and find a higher priced item he can sell to his audience.

This is Tara’s Goal: Your Goal is to sell $10k of product  You are selling a product that retails for $100  Each day you must sell 3 to 4 products to get 90% of your target goal This is an achievable goal.

Tara should include an upsell in the checkout that helps bump up the average order value.

With the above she is almost at her goal and just needs $1k to hit it where she can add a order bump product that will help her get that missing $1k.

What Steps Should You Take?

Here Are The Next Steps To Hit Your Goal

Now the steps to start getting those sales so you can get to your goal.
This is how you start getting traffic to your sales pages:

* Find your audience. Who has a problem you can solve with your product.
* Build your store/product list/sales pages.
* Build your audience by running Ads that gather the right data.
* Build your site out, use SEO to get your pages ranking organically.
* Plan your sales funnel, pricing and sequence of events.
* Build a sales funnel and pay for Ads to drive traffic to your pages.
* Reach out to people who need the solution.
* Make content, images and videos and demonstrate the solution.
* Leverage from others who have an audience.
* Supply and demand being the middle man/person.
* Nurtue your audience and bring people back to your sales pages

Maintain this approach to keep that sales cycle on repeat. THIS helps you get traction and moves you closer to that monthly goal of $10k. You might not get that in month 1-3 but stick with it and you will see results, even if you make $5k thats more than you had last month. Keep your work ethic up and that $5k  will grow in size month on month.

Maintain this approach to keep that sales cycle on repeat. THIS helps you get traction and moves you closer to that monthly goal of $10k. You might not get that in month 1-3 but stick with it and you will see results, even if you make $5k thats more than you had last month. Keep your work ethic up and that $5k  will grow in size month on month.

Why One of Your Goals Should Be Opportunity

Retailers are going under left right and centre due to a number of reasons and some of it is a lack of ability to adjust to the market. For people like us working online we move fast and adjust very quickly. Big brands are going down in value because the competition by the smaller to medium sized alternatives. Software and processes are always evolving making it cheaper for businesses to do things. This makes more competition, and being aware of these changes and having goals GIVES YOU THE POWER to make moves. 

The moves you can make are seeing the gaps and taking action. Your goals should include a growth opportunity of some sort. The openings you see in the market are where you can make that small sprint towards your goal, lets say for example this very website is made with GroovePages a Click Funnels competitor

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The market has been dominated by ClickFunnels for so long as they have GREAT marketing. The competitors only get any traction because ClickFunnels does not fulfil some function that the people not using ClickFunnels need. 

You hear these stories every day. A new competitor has emerged and is getting new interest instead of the industry leading platform in the example here its Click funnels. There are a lot of people who really dislike Click Funnels because of the aggressive sales tactics and highly priced monthly fees for what they get.

Groove Pages is a direct competitor of Click Funnels and partly G Suite by Google. They created the platform to take back some of the market from Click Funnels and while they are just about out of beta testing phase they still have a pretty decent product. My site is 100% built in Groove Pages. 

So how this plays onto goals and why it matters. Using opportunity as a goal to grow your business is a must. What Groove Pages did was to identify an opportunity where Click Funnels past users had complained about features and pricing. Now Groove Pages can slide into filling that gap in between what the users want and what the company was offering. 

This has allowed Groove Pages to gain a lot of traction by offering a more well rounded tool suite and a one time price point of $497 with several upsells if you want to expand on what your standalone product can do. They are creating a full kit of apps to fit into Groove Pages like mail, videos, webinar, automations, affiliate manager, cart, meetings, calendars and way way more.

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This gap in the marketplace has allowed them to start moving towards their opportunity goal. The only thing they needed was a shot, now they have the voice and can raise more people to try their product and sign on as paying customers. The founders have openly said that they wanted to create a long shot goal of being seen asa rival to Click Funnels and by making a superior product. I say well done chaps the beta rollout has been very exciting with so many apps added already.

This should serve as a warning that all you need is a shot. Business will remain the same but the players will adapt and change as trends hit the market. A hot tip from me is to find businesses so set in their ways that its almost impossible for them to pivot or adapt to change like Banks they are so shaken by crypto they dont know what to do although now they have solidified themselves it took almost 4 years for them to adapt.

“Opportunity is everywhere”.
To strengthen your position for growth in your business consider taking a deeper relationship with your customers. Get a deeper understanding of your market and its competitors especially those ones that are so small they are just making a mumur because as things become more available those are the ones that will be coming out of nowhere. Your clients can spend their money on anything and they will, but you need to be the one that has the advantage.

A goal I set for myself under my business objectives, is to make spending money with me more attractive to potential customers. I would rather they spend the money with me where I can write them a value packed email and enjoy them becoming a customer than with someone else. I think you would agree with me on this that the money is better in your pocket.

Look, there’s a tonne of ways to hit your $ goal but if you structure your goals and plan how you’re going to attack it then take MASSIVE action – you will do it! But make those goals easier to achieve by breaking them up into the number of sales it will take to get you there so it’s not as daunting or that out of reach feeling. Again, easier said than done but definitely possible if you put in the work 👌.🍻

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